A Night at the tub with my girlfriends best friend


So my girlfriend and me had had a couple of drinks and decided that we wanted to go to the pool. I was 19 at the time and unable to buy liquor. I did have a friend that was willing to buy me booze so I called him to ask him a favor. We meet up with my friend and got the liquor. My girlfriend Taylor and I headed for the pool. The pool that we chose was in an upper scale apartment complex in which none of the residents ever spent time in the pool area. Taylor and I stripped off our clothes and got in the hot tube and turned on the bubbles. We started hitting the drink really hard and soon found ourselves really drunk. I asked her I think it would be awesome if we had someone else here to chill with. She quickly blurted out her friend Stacy and her boy friend because earlier in the night they weregoing to hangout. She quickly got on the phone and called stacy. She talked Stacy in to coming to the pool that we were at. After about 25 minutes Stacy and her boyfriend Sean showed up. They quickly undressed and got into the hot tube with us. Taylor and I had a mission to get them to the level of intoxication that her and I were on so we quickly started feeding them drinks. Before to long they both were very drunk as were taylor and I.

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  I always had sex on my mind as a teen and seeing taylor and Stacy in there bathing suits just got me even more aroused. I asked Taylor what first sexual experience was. She told the story of when the neighbor kid use to come over and they would hangout in the basement and touch each other. I was hard as a rock by this time. Then Taylor asked Stacy when she had her first sexual experience. Stacy told a story of her older brothers friend that she ahd a hug crash on and how he would spend the night at her house . She said that she would sneak into the room with her brother and his friend and she would masturbate near her brothers friend. One time she had been rubbing her self off and he woke up and caught er, they both left the room and went to the bathroom where he proceeded to lick her pussy while she sat on the bathroom counter. While she is telling her story I fell a hand on my leg which was inching closer and closer to my crotch. I had a throbbing hard cock listening to Stacy tell her story and I paid no attention to the hand on my leg until I felt another hand on my leg. I then knew that both Stacy and Taylor were touching my dick knowingly as Stacy told her story. As Stacy ended her story I had reached my hand over to my girlfriend taylor and I started rubbing her pussy through her swimming suite. Stacy started kissing her boyfriend sean so taylor and I did the same. I started fingering taylor as she rubbed my dick I stuck my fingers in and out of her pussy as she grinned on my hand. We did this for a longtime both myself and taylor and her friend stacy and sean.

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  I then reached over and started touching Stacy on her pussy. So at this time I am fingering taylor and rubbing on Stacy's pussy. The bubbles come to an abrupt stop exposing what all of us where doing. Out of the corner of my eye I see Sean's hand on Taylor's leg and I see Taylor's hand in Sean's crotch. After see ing Sean's hand on my girlfriends leg I got a bit jealous and stopped fingering taylor. I then pulled aside Stacy's swimming suite and started rubbing her pussy. Sean got out and turned the knob to start the bubbles again. When he got back in the hot tube we all huddled together kissing and rubbing in the center of the hot tube. I resumed fingering Stacy pushing my fingers deep in her tight pussy. We had all moved so close that sean I I were basically back to back except I had Stacy in front of my and he had Taylor in front of him. We both stared kissing each others girlfriends. I still was fingering Stacy and she had now moved right on the top of my dick and started grinding against me. She then pulled my swimming trunks down then moved her bikini to the side and rubbed her shaved pussy against my solid member. This went on for quite a while. Everyone in a while I would peek and see what sean and my girlfriend were doing and basically we all were mirroring each other.

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  So after rubbing my dick against Stacy’s bald pussy I thought I would take a chance and try to put myself in her. I was so nervous as I fumbled to find her tight pussy. I found it and forced my cock inside her. She let out a moan of pleasure. Shortly after I heard Taylor let out a similar moan. So with Sean fucking my girlfriend and me fucking my girlfriends best friend we all fucked for quit a longtime. We all fucked for a while then Taylor reached over and started rubbing Stacy's pussy while my dick was sliding in and out of her. Stacy then looked at me and told me that she was going to have some fun with Taylor. She proceeded to slip my dick out of her move to Taylor and started kissing her. Taylor pulled herself up to the edge of the hot tube and got out with only her legs still in the tube. Stacy then buried her face deep in Taylor's smooth shaved legs and proceeded to each her bald pussy out. They kept at it for what seemed like forever Both Sean and I sat and watched with rock hard cocks. After a bit of time I could not take it anymore so I got behind Stacy and shoved my cock inside her. Sean then started rubbing Taylor's pussy while Stacy ate her out and I fucked Stacy. Stacy broke away from Taylor and started sucking Sean's dick and so I pulled out of Stacy and shoved myself into taylor. 

  Everything was going awesome until a person from the apartment had heard us and yelled out the window "I'M CALLING SECURITY!!!"Sean and I both started to get paranoid and ended up finishing quick. We all grabbed our clothes and left the pool. .



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