A Late Morning Dream


     Let me begin by introducing myself.   My name is Oren.   I am 17, about 5' 8", with brown, shaggy hair and brown eyes.   I am an average build, but keep some muscle from working out with the baseball and soccer teams.   My story begins around Saturday night after I had gotten home from an amazing birthday party at Hibachi with a couple of my friends and a bunch of sophomore girls.   Despite the disappointed looks from the girls, we decided it was time to head home.   I dropped my friends off at home and returned to my house as well.       Right about the time I was falling asleep, I got a called from Jess.   Jess is about 5' 4" with blonde hair and brown eyes.   She's definitely a hotty with a body, but she has an interesting personality.   She's a 34 B cup with an amazing ass that looks good in anything.   She currently goes out with one of my good friends *tear*.   We spent a good hour just talking about the going-ons of our corrupt and conceited group of friends.       During this conversation, we began talking about one of her friend Julia.   We just talked about classes that we have together and how we used to hang out much more often with her.   Now Julia is almost Jess's twin.

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    She is about 5'3" with blonde hair and hazel eyes.   She's a borderline B/C cup with an awesome ass as well.   Her proportioned size and dancer body make her look real hot in anything.   She has a down-to-earth personality, and always asks the right questions to get information out of someone.   In a word, irresistible.       After that, we began talking about one of my old friends Teddy.   There was a situation in our group of friends where he and another guy like the same girl.   Teddy is about 5'7" with blonde hair and brown eyes.   He is not muscular, but not fat; more like flab ha ha.     After we had exhausted our brains enough, it was time to go to sleep.   We hung up, and I immediately fell asleep.   My internal clock woke me up around 7:30-8 a. m. , but being a weekend, I was too tired to get up and promptly fell back to sleep.   This is when my dream sequence kicked in:        I descended from the fog of transition from reality to dream and found myself in a large house with a big screen TV in front of me.

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    I looked around to find Julia next to me on the leather couch while we watched a movie.   I couldn't tell what movie it was, but knowing Julia, the only movies she would watch were chick flicks or comedies.   I looked out the large window to my right to see yet another large house.   Strangely enough, I saw a giant neon sign posted on the front of the house that had Jess's name and Teddy's name on it with a number next to them.   The number was 121.   Below that were both my name and Julia's on it along with a number next to it.   The number there was 0.       I then looked above both names and saw the title of the sign.   It read "Intimacy Level".   I was shocked!  Teddy and Jess?  Now that was a weird couple!  But looking at my name and Julia's name made me wonder.   Was something supposed to happen?    I turned my attention back to the movie and ever so slightly, put my arm around Julia.   I took a glance back out the window and saw that my number had changed to a 10.     "Wow!" I thought, "What are Jess and Teddy doing to get a number that high!"    Watching the movie a little longer, I decided to bring the sign to Julia's attention.   "Hey Julia, check out that neon sign on that house outside," I said.     "Well, would you look at that," she said, and sat up.

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    When she got up, the number next to our names went back to 0.   "What do you suppose the numbers are for?" she asked.     "I couldn't tell you Julia," I replied.     "Well I want to find out," she stated, "I want to know how to make the number go up!"    This is when I realized what I was wearing.   I was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, hardly what I would wear if I were on a date.   I suddenly found myself on my stomach in a lying down position on the long portion of the couch with Julia's hand up my shorts squeezing my balls.   I let out a gasp of surprise followed by a moan.   "Do you like that?" she asked in a very seductive voice.   "It looks like our number is going up," she added with a smirk.   Sure enough, our number had risen to 40.     "I want to make it go higher!" she complained.   "I want to beat Jess!"  To this, I sat up took her in my arms and kissed her passionately.   She immediately gave in to the invader in her mouth and our tongues intertwined.   I slowly moved my hand up her stomach, lifting her shirt in the process.   We broke our kiss only to take off her shirt and my own, and immediately began making out again.

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    I unhooked her bra and her wonderful tits sprung free.   I stole a glance at the board and saw that the score was at about 80.     Julia must have too because she broke our kiss and said "Aw man, this isn't working!  She's still beating us!"  Then, "I might have a solution!" and proceeded to push me back onto the leather.   She then hooked her slender fingers around the waistband of my shorts and boxers and slid them off revealing my 7" erect dick.   She looked lustfully at it, then, with her eyes on me, lowered her head and kissed the pulsing head of my dick.     I let out a soft moan while she began licking up and down the sides of my shaft.   "Hmmmm, you like this don't you?" she smirked and continued her licking.     "Ugh" was all I could get out between the moans.   I took a look out the window and saw our number to be 105.   If she wanted to beat Jess, we needed 18 more points.   I knew how we could get that easily.   I stopped her and picked up her light body and put it on top of me.   She got the idea and resumed her amazing blow job.   I slid her skirt off along with her thong and gazed at the most amazing sight I have ever laid eyes on:  her beautiful, shaven pussy.   Snapping out of my fixation, i began licking the slit of her vagina and received a moan of approval.

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      Suddenly, she took my whole cock in her mouth, deep throating and swirling her tongue on my shaft for a good 30 seconds before coming up for air. I let out a long low moan as she began to fondle my balls as well.   I was in heaven.     Giving her pussy a nice licking, i moved to her clit.   At the first touch, she orgasmed all over my face.   I happily licked up as much as I could of her juices before continuing my assault.   Seeing as her pussy was wet enough, i began rubbing her slit with my index finger, and proceeded to push it in to her hole.   Holy shit she was tight!  I began to finger fuck her as she screamed "Oh yes!  That feels so good!  Keep going!  I'm going to cum again!!!!!"    I decided to add another finger to her hole.   To this, she went crazy.   She began bucking her hips on my fingers.   "Holy shit Oren!  That feels fucking awesome!!"    I took a second to look up at the board and noticed our score had become 151.   I looked at Julia and she didn't seem to notice, so I didn't point it out to her.     "Ah Oren, I can't take it anymore!  Will you fuck me with your big cock?!"  Then she started to fade. . .


    As my mind screamed "NO!" and I tried desperately to answer "YES!" she slowly faded to a white nothing as I woke up.     It was around 12 p. m. and it was time to get up I suppose.   I tried to get back to sleep to finish my dream, but it would not come.   Don't you hate how dreams work?  You can never call on them when you want to.     What will tonight have in store for me?  Comment me and maybe Julia will appear again, or better yet, maybe it'll happen for real!



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