A Girl I Once Knew


Virginia was a nice enough girl, I grew up with her, but we were never really that close to one another, that is until High School. We had always been friends, but more like pals than a couple, but when puberty hit us, she began to look more and more beautiful with each passing day. I was never that attractive in my younger years, and was quite shy. . . but Ginny never seemed to mind. She stuck up for me, and I was glad to have such a kind and caring friend. Eventually, during my Junior year in High School I got up the confidence to ask Virginia out on a date (just to the movies, and with my mother) and would you believe it, she said YES. That night was uneventful, but we enjoyed the show and being close to one another, and we went for icecream afterwards. What followed was a few more mediocre dates, and some holding hands in class, but we dared not take it any further than that (I think she was just as scared as I was)That's when the most heartbreaking moment came for Ginny and I, after a few weeks of being so close to each other, she was forced to move. Her Father was in the army, and he was being re-assigned. This broke my heart, as I'm sure it did was able to keep in contact for a while, but as time progressed we drew more distant. We never got to see each other, and we barely got to talk, and soon, all of what we had was lost to time. I grew older, and I grew more wise. . .

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   After graduating High School, I went for Engineering at the local community college, but dropped out mid semester to work (with the intention of coming back)With all the manual work I was doing, I found myself growing stronger and more toned with every passing week, and my puberty had mostly subsided. My face was clear, I  was tall, dark, and for once in my life. . . handsome. One day, while working at my chores at the Hardware store where I worked, I bumped into someone I recognized. It was Ginny, my heart skipped a beat, and all I could muster was a faint and muffled "hello". We began to talk over my lunchbreak. . . about everything; School, Life, Work, etc. She had moved back here searching for work, and she wasn't having much luck finding an appartment, so I offered her the chance to bunk with me. . . She was just as beautiful as ever, lying there on the couch, eyes closed, oblivious to the world.

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   I hadn't ever been with a girl, but I had fantasized about the day I would get to taste those beautiful lips. I couldn't handle it any longer, so silently I crouched beside her sleeping form, and ever so gently pecked her soft pink lips the weeks past we grew close once more, and I could tell she was interested in me. I had become quite the attractive young man, but she had had her share of "god's gift to women" men, who took what they wanted and left her cold. I wish I could explain what happened that day, but I could hardly believe it myself. After a long day at work, I headed home. . . I pulled my car into it's spot, locked the doors, went inside, checked the mail, all part of my daily routine, but when I reached my door, I heard the most blissful noised from within. I could hear Ginny moaning softly to herself, and I knew that she was touching her soft young cunny. I couldn't just barge in on her, but I couldn't stand out in the hall all night. I elected to give sneaking my best shot, and hope that she would be too absorbed to notice me. I unlocked the door, and  there on my couch was Ginny with her eyes closed, wearing a a low rise skirt, and black tube. . . my god was she beautiful.

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  . . I don't know what came over me, but I couldn't move. . . here was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, masturbating on my couch (most likely to thoughts of me) and I was stunned by it. . . All of the sudden I heard a whisper from those soft lips. "I was wondering when you would get home" I heard her say, "I have been waiting for you" . . . I couldn't say a word. She got up from the couch and walked towards me ever so sultry, and kissed me flat on the lips, even slipping me some tongue, it was almost more than I could handle. .

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  . I could already feel my erection growing in my jeans. . . and apparently so could Ginny. "My my, you are a big boy aren't you. . . I always knew you would turn out"She caressed my chest and body with her fingers, and they found their way eventually down to my belt, where she began to work her magic. . . As soon as my belt was loose, she was down on her knees willing an eager to explore what I had been hiding from her for so long, and as soon as she touched that zipper, 7 inches of uncut manhood popped out and slapped her pretty face. "Oh my, it's bigger than I thought" she said in that sultry voice. I was still flabergasted. .

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  . a girl was about to suck my dick, and not just any girl, but the girlof my dreams. Here it was, the sensation of a lifetime (or so I had thought). Slowly and softly she wrapped her warm pink lips around the head of my now pronounced penis, and began to suck it slowly and gently. I don't know how much head she had given in her lifetime, but I didn't care. . . it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt in my life to feel her warm mouth and hands on my Virgin prick. She had picked up the pace, and I couldn't take it any longer. . . I was going to explode. . . in her mouth; Ginny's mouth.

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  . . . "I'm gonna come, should I pull out?" I questioned, and my query was answered only by the rapid increase of her strokes. . . "OH GOD!!" . . . "Ughhhh" my world was spinning. . . it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt. . .

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   so warm, so moist, so connected to her. . . "How was that?" she asked, a little bit of cum on her lips. . . "Amazing!" I replied,  "Good" She added, "Because there's alot more I still have to show you".



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