A Day In The Life


I was sitting at home watching the local tv stuff when the doorbell rang. I went downstairs and was a little surprised to see my sisters friend Chrissy there.    Now Chrissy had pretty short brown hair, was about 5'4 and had 36 C tits, and her ass was to die for. Me, well at the time i was 14, and Chrissy was 18. I'm about 5'9, skinny for my age, with brown curly hair. "Hey is Erika home yet??" said Chrissy. "Nah she's on her way home from Sam's right now. . come on in. " I said. She walked past me and i couldn't help but stare at her wonderful ass as it moved past me into the kitchen. " Can I take a shower?? im all wet and dirty from swim practice. ""no problem" I said.

She bends over in her jean mini skirt and i see her black thong sticking out. She sees my staring and smiles and closes the door. Me thinking nothing of it goes back up stares and watches tv again.

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  A little later I had to pee so I go downstairs and Chrissy's still in the shower. As I'm peeing Chrissy says" Hey Ben? Do you mind coming i and helping me. . I can't reach everywhere since my surgery. ""but i dont have any clothes" i say. "oh thats ok just take em' off"Me thinking this is the luckest day ever practicly rip my clothes off and jump in. Chrissy's at the front of the shower completely naked and seeing her right there my dick springs up the whole 8". Chrissy laughs and says " Come here Ben. . I don't bite"I walk over and my dick jutts up her ass. Chrissy says" now ben can you take that soap and just rub it all over my back?" "thanks"I rub all over and move slowly down almost to her ass when she suddenly turns around and im staring at her clean-shaven pussy. "I know you want me Ben. "I nod agreeingly"and you know what?? I want you also. "She picks me up with her hands and kisses me passionately. The water drips down onto us as her tongue touches mine and then caresses it.

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  I move my hands onto her beautiful boobs and start squeezing them. "ah god ben thats wonderful" she says. I then start to eat her out. Her pussy is dripping wet from the water and cum. I lick her clit and then stop. . . and then start it all over again. It drives her crazy. "BEN I WANT YOU SO BBBBBAD!!! FUCK ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!"I do as she wishes. . i lie her down on the shower and insert my cock. It feels so good finally inside her after dreaming it for so long. I ride her for half and hour until i finally burst my load into her. She then finishes me off by giving me a blow job.


  We wash off and get out of the shower. . . and act as nothing ever happened. THE ENDthis is my first time. . all suggestions and comments would help alllot



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