A Day At The Mall


A Day At The Mall

I had gotten my parents to drop me off at the mall for a day of shopping and I ended up with more. . .

Being 18 and starting to gain independence was not easy, it took a lot of convincing to let my parents let me go to the mall by myself. My mom was adamant she tag along but I said “you will get bored cause I will go the stores you don't like. ” So after the lecture of watching who I talk too, they drove me here.

“Now Audrey, call us when you are ready to be picked up” my mom uttered. I wasn't even paying attention, I knew I would only call when I was sure I was done!

The main reason I had wanted to spend my saturday at the mall was my secret. I had been talking and texting with the guy from the t-shirt shop. We had flirted some and after we exchanged phone numbers, he told me he was 20. He was so hot though that I first lied and told him I was 18 I felt so guilty after that conversation, I finally texted that I was really 18 He didn't answer me back for almost the hour, I was sad that I had lost him and he finally wrote back that if we wanted we could keep talking. I just had the most stupid grin on my face and answered back of course.

I headed off to his store, knowing that at this time of day he would be alone until more employees would come on. “hey Robbie” I tried to act casual but I was so nervous! “hey cutie, whats up?” I loved the way he would look at me. Robbie leaned over and said “I like your outfit, its cute”. “Oh” I said “I thank you”.

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   I was wearing denim shorts, they were tight and gave me a good shape. I had a red and white striped Hollister top with a strapless bra. It made my boobs look big too.

“Ok, soon I am going to have a break and we can go get a drink” I said that was fine, I would be sitting at the benches right outside when Robbie was ready to go.

So to compare our physical difference, Robbie is 6'3”, 190 lbs. I am 5'1”, 105 lbs. When I first told him my height and weight, Robbie said that was way cute. HaHa.

Finally Robbie comes walking out of the store. He stands in front of me and says “Lets go gorgeous, I have a big surprise for you. ” I stand up and Robbie takes my hand. Robbie leads me to these double door, reaches in his pocket and pulls out a set of keys.

Robbie holds the door open for me and leads me inside. Together, we walk down both this extremely quiet back hallway. Robbie pulls me closer to him.

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   I am so nervous, my heart is beating in a quick, staccato rhythm.

We stand together in front of another but smaller door. “ok, here we go” Robbie utters to me. With another key he opens the door for me and hold its open. It is a small type room with a table and a couch. Robbie says its kinda like a small break room but no one comes in cuz its also considered a sorta of make out room for employees.

Robbie closes the door and leans me up against the table. He bends down and kisses me strongly. His lips are pressed against mine, with me kissing back hard. I let our tongue tips come together, tasting him with my mouth. “Your lips and tongue are sooo soft, Audrey” Robbie says when he pulls back. He kisses me again, this time holding me by my waist. I feel him pushing his groin into mine, the friction making me so horny.

Robbie runs his hands over my stomach, to my breasts, where he cups my right breast and squeezes with gentle pressure. I can feel my nipples harden under his touch.

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   I breathe more deeply, making little noises in the back of my throat. He removes his hand and lets it wander to my stomach again. Now Robbie slides his hand over the band of my shorts, down between my legs, right over my crotch.

I open my legs for him, letting him know I want his hand there. Robbie's hand covers my groin completely. I grind into his hand slowly, letting him feel me hot and wet there. Robbie takes both of his hands and starts tugging at the zipper and button that hold up my shorts.

He undoes the chrome button and slides my zipper down. I have a white thong on that he slides under his fingertips. Robbie kneels down in front me now, sliding my shorts down my legs. I step out of each leg, now just in my thong in front of him. He holds the edges of my thong in each hand, pulling it down. He pushes it down to my knees, now staring at my pussy.
    “Its very pretty Audrey, your pussy is so pretty” I blush and whisper a thank you. He leans his face into me there, kissing at the very tippy top of my pussy.

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       He follows that kiss down me, until he is over my lips, where he opens his mouth and uses his tongue to taste me. I arch my back into his wet touch, feeling his tongue open me. Robbie sucks my lips into his mouth, leaving me so wet.

    “oh Robbie, oh god thats so good, i want more” i cant even finish my sentences as I quickly moan and rub more into his mouth. He licks and licks me, first going so slow its torture then faster and faster. He finds my clit and sucks it back and forth into his mouth.

    “I think you're ready to get fucked now aud” Robbie explains as he stands up. “Uh-uh” is all i can utter as Robbie reaches down and works at taking his jeans off.

    I can see Robbie is hard. His cock is not that big, average size but the cock head is swollen and large. I don't know what to expect but I am ready for anything.

    Robbie grabs me by the shoulder and spins me around. Now my back to him he bends me over the table. Robbie spreads my legs as I stretch my arms to hold on to the table. He rubs his cock head down and over my lips, making his dick wet with my juices.

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       I let my body relax, and he enters me

    “oh shit aud you are so tight” I just moan in pleasure as his cock enters me from behind. He fills me up so much, then pushes himself further in. I feel myself so full, I just make little moans and am enjoying every second of it.

    Robbie pushes in and out of me, going softly but then quicker with more urgency. “oh Robbie don't stop, keep on fucking me so good!” I know he loves that as Robbie doesn't answer but increases his pace.

    I flex and squeeze my vaginal muscles, trying to hold on to his cock inside me. I can feel the heat and the throbbing of his cock in me.
    After a couple of minutes of doing it, Robbie says he is gonna cum.

    Robbie pulls out and he reaches for my hand to hold on to his cock, I feel his dick throb and start shooting out cum. It spurts on my back and I stroke him for more. I can feel every shot of cum on my back, first warm and quickly drying.