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The following story is partly true
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I am a 18-year-old boy and I work at a guy’s house doing yard maintenance etc. the guy I work for has the hottest wife her name is treena and she ahs the best body I have seen
I often work by myself and my boss is off working so when I get the chance I sneak into their room and go through her panties she wears the hottest lace panties.
One day when I was mowing the lawn and she came out and she bent over to pat the dog and I could see the top of her g- string it made me so hard so when she went away I went into the laundry to jack off.
Since that day I regularly went into the laundry to jack off in her panties. I came so hard than I ever came before when I wanked over her.
A couple of days later I was washing the windows when she went into the water for a swim she was wearing a cozzie that covered half her arse checks I got hard and she noticed and she had a good look at it.
The next day she called me into the house to fix a towel rail when I was in the bathroom I noticed there was a g-string she then said can you please take that to the laundry I said sure and picked them up right in front of her she had obviously been wet that day coz there was a big wet patch in the front. I knew what it was from but I wanted to put her on the spot and I said is there a leak in the bathroom these panties are all wet and to my surprise she said no I have been watching you work then she reached in my pants and grabbed my cock.

I instantly went hard and she was surprised by the size of my cock. I started groping her tits her nipples were hard.
Then she said fuck me and let me into her room where she took her top and bra off and I went over and started circling her nipples with my tongue. She started tugging my cock, then she sat me on her bed and started sucking me, she started at the tip and went around with her tongue then she started going down the base she continued until I blew in her mouth and she sloshed it around in her mouth then downed it then she said lick my cunt so I went down to her pussy I started at her clit and went up and down her lips she started moaning and bucking then I started thrusting my tongue in her cunt and she came in my mouth it tasted so good she then said Phil will be home soon you better get back to work then she stuffed her wet panties own my pants and said that’s for later. Since then she has been flashing her pussy to me as I work and teasing me so now when Phil is working I leave my hard cock out for her to see.
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