Young Leslie


Here is a stroy about how a 18 year old became a totally slut
Her name is Leslie and she is a white girl with brown hair and green eyes.   She is medium build girl who has a nice rack for her age is in very good shape from figure skating and also very flexable.   She lost her virginty to her boyfrind at thirteen. He fucked her hard but only for 5-8 minutes maxand had a very average size dick.   She was fucking her boyfriend for about a couple of months when she recieve a knock on her door.
I was her niehber Tom who was a 60 year oldman, her parents had asked him to look in on her while they were a way for two days. Tom was a heavy set man who was about 6ft tall so about a foot taller then her andunknowingly to Leslie had a thing for filming underage girls having sex.   He said "Wasn't it your birthday a couple of weeks ago?"
"yes" Leslie replied
"I have a gift for you" He said and handed her a tape
"Go ahead and watch it. "He said
 Leslie put the tape in the VCR and was surpirised to see her boy friend fucking her in the pool and then the spa that had happened last week.
"where did you get this" she said
"I made it"
"Now if you do not want me to show your parents you will make one with me right now"
"No way are you crazy" she yelled.
"Fine let me call your parents right now"
"No! please I don't want to cheat on my boyfrind"
"That little pervert Let me give you another tape"
 this time he put it in and she was surprised to see her boyfriend fucking a blonde girl that she know from school.   Little did she know that Tom had set him up. Tthe blonde girl having been one of his former conquest.   Upon seeing this Leslie heart broke but instead of being sad she was angery and suddenlyshe wanted to cheat on her boyfriend just to get back at him.   This was exactly the reaction Tom was hoping for.
"So should I call your parents, tell you what I'll even throw in some money say $200.

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"Wait if I let you fuck me you will give me this tape and $200 dollars?"
"Yea but you have to let me make a tape with you one I won't show your parents. "
"Okay"  She said it before she really even thought it over or before she know what she was getting herseelf into but she really wanted to get back at her boyfriend.
"Fine let's go to the room" Tom said
Leslie instinctively went toward her room but Tom said "no this one" and lead her to her parents room. He told her to sit on the bed as he set up his tripod.   "While I am fucking you you will refer to my as Daddy okay Lesli said TomShe nodded
The first thing the camera saw was leslie sitting on her parents bed in her tight blue jeans and a blue shirt with push buttonson it looking very nervous.   Tom then walked and sait down next to her and said "Hey baby"
Leslie wisphered "hey Daddy" back very quitely
Tom then lend over and shoved his tongue down her thoat and simutanously reach his hand down the front of her shirt and very greedily began to kiss her andsqueese her breast. He let up enoough to tell her to rub his crotch and then continued to make out with her for about 5 mins.   by that time Leslie buttonshad come undone so her uncliped her front clip bra and sucked her tits and unbuttoned her pants and began to finger her pussy.   It was so wet and tight heloved it.   She had never been touch like that before and was felling like maybe she made a mistake.
"Take off your shirt all the way and get on your knees in front of me" Tom then demanded
Leslie did as she was told as he postioned himself on the edge of the bed.
"Unzipped my pants" Tom said she didi this too only to see the biggest dick she had ever seen.   it wa snice and fat and at leats 9 inches long.
"suck it" he said before she got over the shock.
She put in her mouth and tom tried to shove it down her throat.

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"Relax your throat" her yelled and Leslie did her best.
"Look at me" he said as he grabed the back of her head and shoved again
After a while she got the hang of it and he fucked her mouth for about 5 minutes.   he suddenly stopped and order her to lick his balls fpr a bit.
He then told her to get up and take off her pants. "Turn aorund and lean over the Bed. "
"yes Daddy" she said and turned around and leaned over
Tom grabed her by the tits very hard and then with out warning shove his Dick into her as hard as he could.

    She screamed out "ohh that's big"
    "That's big Daddy" Tom said and shoved his dick from the alomost out of her pussy to all the was in with each word.
    She reapted this aagain as he thrust hard into her at each word. as Leslie scream out daddy she had an orgasm.
    "You are a little slut aren't you" Tom said said as he put one hand one her shoulder and the other around her waist and started fucking her as hard as he couldand as fast as he could.   "Yes daddy" Leslie screamed.
    He fucked her like this for Ten minutes peroidically squessing her tits real hard or slaping her ass saying "Who's your daddy"
    After Leslie  came again he order her to lay on the bed.
    He then went and licked her juice up for a while.   he then lifted his head and keeping her legs on his shoulders bent her in half and started kissing her in a way that can only be discribed as tongue fucking.   and with her feet by his ears he started fucking her again.

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        He fucked her this way for about 20minutes. Leslie just layed there and took it as he fucked her and kissed her.   She lost track of how many times she came. Suddenly he lifted him self up by grabing her legs. her knees were thoching her should herdid very hard strokes he then with both hands grabed her tits and with the force of all his wiegth squeezed them. as hard as he could and shoved his dick in her as hard as he could about five more times as his sweat fell  On Leslie's face. .   he then got up and keeping her bent in half move up and stradeled her face. With one hand he grab the camera so he could get a 1st person view and the other grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth just as hard as he fucked her pussy.
    After a coupl of minsute her grabbed her hair and pull her head back and started cumming all over her face.   He had been holding it back for a while sohe came a lot it completely covered her face and got all over her hair.
    Tom rolled over on his back and layed there breathing deeply.   Leslie to tired to even wipe the cum off her face feel asleep.
    Shw was only a sleep for a little while when Tom grabbed her by the ankle and draged her to the edge of the bed and turned her around so her butt was in the air.   "what are you doing," she said.

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    "I fucking you. "
    "But I only agreed to once. "
    "Your parents are gone every Friday Night," Tom Said" if you don't want anyone to see the tape we just made YOu will let me come here every friday and have my way with you. "
    "You said you wouldn't show it to anybody!" Leslie acream in horror.
    "I said i wouldn't show your parents but i still can post it on the internet. Now do we have a deal?"
    "Yes daddy" was all Leslie could say
    Tom then fucked her as hard as he could from behind and grabbed her hair and forced her down to the ground and as he shoved his dick in her mouth came and Screamed out swallow it all.   Which Leslie did her best to do and was surprised to find she liked the taste.   Next Friday you will be wearing your school outfit when i come over okay.
    lelie said yes daddy as Tom got dressed and went back to his house.