What we did, was it normal?


Ok, so for starters, my name is Niki, and I live in a normal neighborhood in a shoreline town in New England.   I'm 18 years old, and I think I'm a little on the chubby side, but nobody else does.   I have an older brother Eric, who is 18 and like all boys 15, they think they know everything.   He has wanted me to get naked with him for a while, but I won't, it's just sick.   He has even come into my room, and barged into the bathroom on me, naked. He is so nasty.   This story isn't about him though.  
So school is out, and summer is here, and it's another month till my birthday, but, enough about me.    It was early in the day, and I was walking to the center of town to go see a movie.   I was meeting up with 2 of my friends, Katie and Laurie.   We do everything together, and today it was the movies.   It wasn't nice enough for the beach.   So, after the movie, we went to the mall, just to hang around and see who else we would run into.   It was pretty dead so we went to Katie's house, cuz her parents were both working and she is an only child, so we would have the hole house to ourselves.    We decided to play a game of TRUTH OR DARE.   
Laurie started out, daring me to tell about what Eric looks like naked.

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    They know I have seen him naked, and they both thought he was cute.    "He's disgusting,  he's not muscular and everytime I've seen him naked, his dink is always hard and his sack is all wrinkled,  is that good enough?"   Katie said "No, you have to tell us about his pecker, how big is it?".   "It's not big"  I tell them, "infact, I think the dog has a bigger one. "   With that, I thought I was done, but They both wanted more.   "What about his butt?"  Laurie chimed in.   "What about it?" I asked.   "Is it tight?"  "Hell, I don't know, I have never touched it, infact, I have never looked at it. . . I'm done".     "Ok, ok"  they laughed.  
Then I started.   "So, Katie,  I dare you to tell what Laurie looks like naked. "    It wasn't fair, but I know that they have seen each other naked before.   They have invited me to join in, but I never have.

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    I don't know why I asked this, but now that I had, it was too late to take it back.    Katie stood up and stood behind Laurie and asked "would you like to see?"  "No, "  but that didn't matter,  Katie was already stroking Laurie's shoulders and arms, working her way down to her chest.   As she did that, I started to look away, I was embarassed, and really wish I hadn't opened my mouth.  
It didn't matter that I looked away, Katie started to describe her to me.   Initially, I didn't want to hear it, but I was finding myself more and more intrigued, so I listened, and tried not to look, but found myself with that tingle, and the idea of what she looked like naked was getting more and more exciting to me.   I found myself looking without even knowing I was looking.    Katie was stroking Lauries body, and as she stroked, she told us what she saw, she even included the reactions Laurie was giving, the visible chivers, the goose bumbs, all that.   They saw that I was watching and could see my curiosity and the next thing I see, Katie was taking Laurie's top off, showing her flat stomach, and the few freckles she had.   As I followed up her chest, I saw the mounds that would soon grow into breasts, hers were smaller than mine, but her nipples seemed to be bigger, they looked hard to me.  
As I watched and listened, Katie was gently dragging her hands over her chest, and her nipples seemed to grow harder, this was incredible,  I wanted to touch them, to see what hers felt like, now my curiosity was really building.    I felt a tingle in my crotch, and I liked it.   I had to reach over and touch Laurie's breast, gently, I took my right hand and just placed it over her chest.   It was firm, like mine, but smaller, and her nipple felt different, almost sharp against my hand.   Laurie took her hand and put it over my hand, keeping it there.    All the while this was going on, Katie never stopped what she was doing.

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   Her hands had found their way down Laurie's stomach and to the waste band of her shorts.    She was gently rubbing her hands over Laurie's clothes, and Laurie showed her approval with her moans and the way she was squirming.  
I was feeling tingles like I have never felt before.   My crotch was all tingling and I had a feeling that I needed to do something, I had to touch it, hold it, it was intense.   My free hand went to my crotch and it was wet.   I could feel the cool air now.   I had never felt this before.   Katie saw this and took her hand from Laurie to my crotch.    I jumped but it felt good, I liked it.   The next thing I know, Laurie was rubbing my chest, and Katie was patting my crotch. Nobody has ever touched me like that, even though Eric had tried.   I was scared and excited at the same time.   I still had my hand at my crotch, and Katie did too.  
I don't know when, but eventually, I found that I was completely naked, Laurie was, and Katie had her blouse off.   My chest was bigger then both of theirs, but I didn't care.

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    Laurie showed signs of hair growing over her crotch, which really had me excited, I had to touch it, and I did.   I was more course then what I expected, but it was nice, it was just barely there, and the area just above her vagina seemed to be puffed out.   Thats when I noticed her breathing was deep and she was obviously excited.   I looked at her vagina and it was glistening, and wet, like mine.   I had a hand on my crotch and felt my wetness, and moved it to Lauries, and she really liked it alot.   I jerked my hand away, but she asured me it was ok. Katie was all naked now too, but she was just watching.   That made me uncomfortable, but she explained she just wanted to watch.   Laurie said that wasn't fair, so she joined us now on the floor, and all naked.   They both took the opportunity to look me over, all over.   They ran their hands all over me pushing and prodding at my parts that had never felt so good before.  
I got the nerve to look at their's too, and it seems they like it when I did.   We spent about an hour, maybe more just looking and touching each other, it was nothing I had ever thought about doing before, after all, I was always told it was supposed to be a boy that made a girl feel like this, but still, this was sending tingles, it was ok that we did this, wasn't it?