What have I done?


Babysitting Bobby, part 2 by Fyre
What have I done?
The night before I was supposed to go babysit Bobby again, I could hardly sleep. I lay with my thighs parted and my hand giving my pussy a rather non-committed petting. I played with the inner lips, tugging and pinching at them. I stroked my pubic hair, pulling little kinks out, and looking at the bristly curls that fell away, so different from the loose curls on my head. I grabbed my titties and pinched my nipples and felt a tingle, way down inside. I wished I had a dildo. But where was I going to get one at my age?
What I really needed was a man. What was I doing messing with Bobby? He was all innocent, not really understanding what was going on with his body (not like any of us really did, but it was particularly true with him--he was in Special Ed). He couldn’t help that his body was responding to his hormones, sending blood to fill up that dick--that dick too big for him to fully appreciate.
God, I really needed to shove something inside my cunt! I got up and walked over to the dresser. My hairbrush. The handle had a good shape to it, and I’ve used it before, but afterwards, it was going to need a good soaking to get my pussy juices off the bristles.
I laid back down and tentatively pushed the handle inside. Sometimes my cunt seemed ample, but other times–it was crazy–but it felt like a tampon would rub me raw. The handle of the brush had a bit of a curve to it, but it wasn’t shaped the way I wanted. I craved something not so tapered.

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   Bored, I slid it in and out for a minute. It wasn’t doing a thing for me. Being seventeen really sucked.
For one thing, the hairbrush handle wasn’t nearly long enough! This time--my thoughts on Bobby and his big man-dick--I really wanted something that could prod around in my depths, the parts I couldn’t reach with a finger. I needed a carrot. I needed a cucumber. I tried to remember, but I was fairly certain the vegetable bin was empty.
Restless and edgy, I eventually fell asleep.
When I got to Bobby’s, he ran out to the car the moment his parents pulled up in the driveway. "Dido! Dido!" he yelled.
He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house. "Hank! Hank! This Dido!"
He was introducing me. I put out my hand and smiled. "My real name’s Diane. "
I was looking at a gorgeous young man, probably a year or two older than I was.

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   He had dark, curly hair like Bobby’s, and his nose was a little more prominent.
"I’m Bobby’s brother. I go to Wazzu and I’m home from college for the weekend. "
"Oh. "
"We wouldn’t need a sitter, but I’ve got to cram for a test. I’m gonna disappear in my room. You won’t even know I’m here. "
"Okay. "
Hank grinned, "Anyway, he seems to like your company. " Hank motioned at his brother.
I looked at Bobby. He was wearing filmy soccer shorts and his hard-on jutted out like a rhinoceros in the middle of a room. Don’t notice the rhinoceros!
Nervous, I acted like I didn’t know what the hell Hank was talking about, and I leaned over to Bobby. "You wanna draw?"
Hank disappeared into a room down the hallway. Weird.

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   What kind of a brother would point out his embarrassing boner? I took Bobby’s hand. Maybe he meant something else. I couldn’t be certain.
We went into the living room where he had a desk scattered with his crayons and paper. There were new drawings hanging on his bulletin board. He pointed to one of a girl wearing a black and purple dress. "That Dido. "
"That’s me? That’s great Bobby. "
I pulled up a chair from the table so we could both sit together at his desk. I started making a picture of a race car, Bobby’s favorite sport.
"Aha!" He exclaimed, after a few minutes. With a bold black crayola he had drawn a primitive phallus and a girl with her mouth wide open and her teeth showing. He started laughing
Oh my god!
"Oh Bobby. " Quietly I took his picture and shoved it under my drawing of the race car. What had I done?? Had he been drawing pictures like this since I was here three weeks ago?? I was mortified.

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   "Here, honey," I said, "draw me a picture of the Indy 500. "
He laughed and pointed at the picture that he already made. "That Bobby. "
"Please, Bobby. Let’s draw Mark Martin. "
Somehow I was able to divert his attention and he started a picture of his favorite driver.
Shit! I sat there, my heart racing. I knew the picture was primitive, but it was definitely his penis, all sprung, and it looked like he wanted to insert it into that mouth he had made with the pretty red lips. I was so embarrassed!
I got up for a glass of water and I quickly crumpled his drawing and threw it into the wastebasket.
I had really messed up his thinking! One of the things I liked most about Bobby was his innocence. He was like a ten year old and I hadn’t even realized he was almost my age until I babysat him last time. I cooked chicken soup and we ate it with saltines in front of the television. I sat, my stomach in knots and we watched Hee Haw until it was time for me to put him to bed.
I wasn’t looking forward to this.
"C’mon, Bobby," I said reluctantly, "Let’s get ready for bed.

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Bobby hopped up from the couch, a grin stretched from ear to ear. I glanced down. His pants tented out. The rhinoceros had come back into the room.
No bath tonight. That’s what got it all started the last time. I pulled his covers back and found his pajama bottoms under his pillow. "Let’s get ready for bed. " I said, trying to convince myself he was going to climb right into bed.
He started laughing. I turned and he had pulled off his clothes and was jumping around, his big dick bouncing around. "Ha ha!"
"Bobby!" I said sternly. "You need to get your pajamas on. Here. "
I handed him his pants and obediently he started pulling them on.

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   He awkwardly pulled them up to his hard-on and tucked the band under his balls, his magnificent dick springing out above it. "Ha ha!" He put his hands on either side of his cock and thrust his hips forward. He was admiring how long he’d made it.
And it was fascinating. I had to admit. The head was almost as big as a golf ball, and it was engorged and purplish. Then the scar from when he was circumcised, still a little pinker than the rest of it. Then his marvelous shaft, ridged veins that stood out. Under different circumstances, with a different person, in a different place, I would have been happy to fall on my knees at his feet and to take that beautiful dick into my hands and just stroke its length, marveling at the miracle that can make such a bold erection.
But with Bobby, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. I’d already messed him up. I walked over to him, and I pulled the waistband of his pajamas up and over the huge dick. Oh I wanted to touch it, to stroke it, to bend over and have him thrust it into my aching cunt.
Because yes, I was soaking wet.

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   I could feel the gurgle of juices move around between my pussy lips as I crossed the room. Did my period start? I felt so wet, I wasn’t sure. But it wasn’t the right time of the month. Oh, no, that was my sex calling to me. . . Oh Diane, go ride this beautiful cock.
Bobby wanted me to play with it too. He pointed at it and smiled. "Dido! Dido!" He called, wanting me to notice. "Uhn-uhn-uhn. "
I remembered he made that sound while I sucked him off.
I could sense his disappointment as I took his chin and made him look me in the eye. "Bobby, let’s go brush our teeth. "
We went into the bathroom.

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   I watched the front of his pajamas, and the bulge didn’t subside. He deliberately bumped it against the side of the sink while he turned on the water. He stood with it pressed into the porcelain, and rocked slightly for self-stimulation. I wondered what it would feel like to bob against that hard, springy cock. I wondered what it would feel like inside. Yes, it would definitely reach further than that handle of my hair brush! I felt a trickle as my pussy leaked into my panties.
I handed him a wash cloth. He wiped his face and his hands. "Okay, Dido, Time for bed!" His voice was bright and chipper. I was sure he remembered the last time we’d done this. The last time, when I succumbed. . .
He went in and laid down on the bed, his legs tight together. His dick stood straight up.

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   Bobby pointed at it, and made an "uh-uh-uh" sound like a toddler wanting to be picked up. I knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted me to free that erection, straddle him and teach him how to fly. And oh how I wanted to. But I couldn’t.
I leaned over to kiss him goodnight, and he grabbed my head. "Uh-uh-uh" he said, pushing my head down, right over his cock. He used his other hand to pull his dick up and out of the elastic. "Uh-uh-uh. "
There it was! All hard and beautiful, all in my face. I could smell the soft smell of baby shampoo. I wanted to stick out my tongue and lick it, to take it in my face, to encircle it with my hand and stroke, stroke, stroke it and let him get off. Oh how I wanted to. But I had to set a good example.
"No, Bobby.

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  " I said, with all the resolve I could muster. "I can’t. I just can’t. "
I pulled my head away, blinking away tears. I’d done this to him. I’d taken his innocence! And now, what was left for him to do but to be exasperated and feel incomplete.
"Oh Bobby, I’m so sorry. " I brushed his soft cheek with my lips and left the room. Before I turned out the light and closed the door, I could see that his erection stood as tall as ever. Doesn’t he even know how to jack it off? I felt so bad for him.
I didn’t realize how hard my heart was beating. I sat down on the couch. Oh my god. It was wild to sit there, just thinking that dick was standing there, wasting away. Stroke it, Bobby, stroke it.


The door opened, and Hank came out. He walked into the kitchen to get a beer. "I needed a break. " He grinned at me.
I sat a little straighter on the couch. I’d forgotten he was here! Did he know what just happened? I tried to watch All in the Family, thankful that the laugh track filled up the room with sound.
Hank sat in the chair near Bobby’s desk. Suddenly I remembered the drawing! What if Hank found it in the garbage? I wanted to get up and scrounge in the trash, but I couldn’t do that while he was watching.
Hank started watching the show. I was so glad he couldn’t read my thoughts. I hoped he couldn’t sense my panic. What would he think if he knew I gave Bobby a blow job the last time I was here?
"You know, you passed. " Hank said, after awhile.
"Oh my mom. She had some hair-brained idea that you done something to Bobby.

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   I didn’t have any college homework. She wanted me to stay in my room and listen to the monitor. "
The monitor? What, like a baby monitor?
I couldn’t believe my ears. Hank was here to spy on me! "But you passed with flying colors. " He sounded disappointed. "Bobby’s been doing that to my mom too, pushing her mouth towards his penis. . . making that uh-uh-uh sound. Wonder where he got that?"
"Well he’s maturing. " I said, trying to offer a logical explanation. "He looks like a kid, and he thinks like a kid, but his body’s changing into a man. "
"I know. " Hank said, looking at the can in his hands. "It must be rough on him.

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   He doesn’t understand. Anyway, my mom wanted me to be here tonight, to make sure that you didn’t do anything to–to– you know, to violate him. "
I froze. I felt my lip trying to tremble. I tried to control it. I tried to look normal.
"Hank, I’m interested in teaching in Special Ed. " I said, in what I hoped was my most convincing voice. "I want to help kids like Bobby. I don’t want to violate them. "
My heart raced. I smelled the wetness from where I’d creamed my panties when I saw his hard-on jutting out like the statue of liberty. I wondered if Hank had the same size cock. After all, they were brothers. Oh! I needed a man.

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I was totally uncomfortable. "When’s your parents coming home?"
"They should be home anytime. They just went to a movie. "
I didn’t like this. I’d been set up! Hank purposely said, "anyway he seems to like your company" to make me notice his hard-on, to check to see if I was some kind of perv who would suck and fuck an innocent’s cock! I was outraged. He was spying on me!!
My hands were clammy and my stomach ached. Diane, you were a perv. You just didn’t get caught. You sucked his fucking cock last time and slurped up all his jizz.
"You want to fuck?"
I looked up, surprised at the boldness of his question. "What?"
Hank stood up. "You want to come with me and fuck inside my room?"
Oh my god! Did I want to fuck?
"Oh no. . . " I said, awkwardly.

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   After all, the creep had just been spying on me. I didn’t even know how to turn down a request like that? Was I supposed to say, ‘Oh no, I don’t fancy a fuck right now, but thanks anyway. Thanks for asking’?
I was glad when Hank grabbed another beer from the fridge and went back into his room. I wondered if he could still hear inside Bobby’s room. I wondered if he ever heard Bobby jack off.
I was so grateful when the door opened and Bobby’s folks came home. Hank shot a look to his rather worried mom that must have been something like "oh it’s okay Mom, this isn’t the reason why" and I tried not to see the look pass between them. I tried not to show that I knew this whole evening had only been a test. A test to see if I violated young boys.
I couldn’t help but think, "I would if I could, but I can’t. " And I thought of Bobby. Springing around with his erection banging against his leg. I tried not to think about it.
Think I am stringing out along and you want something more? Stay tuned. Part three will be posted in the "forced sex" section.

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  . .
What a twisted, twisted night this was turning out to be.
I felt the creaminess between my legs and yes, I wanted to fuck, but I didn’t even know this guy. Oh he wanted some more. Oh my god. What had I done?.



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