Violent intimacy


Unusual relationship

Arisa enjoyed her son Darp cock since he was a newborn baby. Sucked his tiny dick when he was drinking milk from her breasts. She felt hot her when nipples were in his mouth. She loved ingesting his shit, piss and vomit,for him she was his toilet. As he grew older, wore no diapers he would shit and she would lick it off the floor or carpet, then lick his ass clean.
Arisa owned a sex shop, behind the shop was her apartment, with two bedrooms with one toilet cum bathroom. She was knocked up, by someone but never knew who the father was because she was in a drunken orgy.
She regularly got fucked, but her best lover was always Darp, because he was always available. He had started going school,he always found some girls to fuck- but none of the girls could be as good as Arisa. Arisawho had chosen to become his slave. He never masturbated because Arisa alwayskept hereye on his dick, she would give him a handjob, a blowjob, or take it in her big cunt or herinto her lusty asshole.
“Take my shit” Darp would shout. Arisa would drop everything, Darp would sit on her face and dump his shit in her waiting mouth. As he was shitting he would be pissing on her regardless of whether she was dressed or not.

Darp grows up

When Darp became a man, Arisa was jealous of the women and girls he was screwing. But she went out after closing the shop to get laid by any man (or men) she could find to screw her anywhere.

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  Even though her holes with all kind of muck, her passion for Darp was even more intense.
So shehadturned intonagging screeching bitch. That resulted in Darp slapping her hard. Instead of feeling hurt, she transformed into his pain slut and sex slave. She kept up her act of nagging, sometimes Darp would go away and drink, pick up girls to screw them athome. The women he brought would who Arisa.
“Never mind her, she’s my slave”
Those bitches would make Arisa lick their and dirty assholes.
“She’s a nice slave, can I keep her?”
Arisa was scared thathe would agree.
“No she’s my slave and start sucking my dick bitch!”
The girl(s) or woman(women) would do that and Arisa looked with envy when his large dick would go inside their mouths. He never neededto work because Arisa gave him money. After they left Arisa was always around to serve his every perverted need.
She was happyatehis crap and loved his insane violence, sheenjoyed having the shit beaten out of her. He bring things from the shop, tie up Arisa and screw her. He would whip her till she bled. Arisa never thought the stuff she sold would be ever used on her, still she was enjoying it.

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“My son, my master” She delighted at the thought.

Degraded in the shop

One afternoon he barged into the shop,people were checking things out in the shop. There was three men standing together, the looked as if though they were joint, they had the middle one squeezed between them he hardly had anything on, they were in thebdsm section looking for torture items. There was one woman there checking out other stuff, she wearing a blackleather trench coat,wore very tight boots, the sole bent in the most awkwardway with narrow and long stilleto heels.
She was standing with only her toe touching the floor. She wearing long leather coat, she had a punk hair style. She hadfairly large nose ring, multiple piercings on her lips and face and spiked dog collar on her neck. She found a fairly large dildo whichlooked like container, the balls of the dildo was the container’s cap. The dildo had the shape of an erect penis. Arisa was waiting for the customersto decide what they wanted to buy. Darp goes over to her lifts up Arisa’sskirt and starts fucking her, she bends over the counter. The woman had picked up the dildo and wanted to pay for it. She was chewing a bubble gum, constantly making bubbles. When she saw Arisa was ‘busy’ she paced around looking around things.
“What the fuck, can’t you see I am working?!” Arisa says
“Shut the fuck up bitch, I want to fuck you right now!” Darp says angrily, he was drunk andthought nothing of screwing her in front of everyone in the shop.

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  But no one noticed. He gets heroff the counter and stuffs his dick in her mouth, she sucks ravenously. When he shot his load in her throat, he pulls up his pants and goes. The woman with the dildo was waiting patiently blowing her bubble gum and blew till it exploded on her face then put it back in her mouth and chewed it again, Arisadidn’t care to wash up
She sold the dildo to the woman, wrapped it up for her and gave to her.
“You know, you reallylook nice with all thatcum on your face,goodthing didn’twashing it off” The woman says, some of it was about drip offArisa’s chin, the woman takes it on her fingers, slides it on Arisa cum covered face, takes it into her mouth. Before left she opens the front of her coat and flashes her wrecked naked body to Arisa.
    Little surprised Arisa but she was taken aback by how much abuse this woman had taken and obviously loved to show it off, her pussy lips had tiny balls metal balls hanging from the. There were more costumers going over the the stuff in the shop. Thethree men come over to Arisa, one of them pulls out the massive butt plug they had shoved up their slave’s asshole, paid for it. The slave was hoodedthe only opening was for his mouth, he was thrust forward towards Arisa,to lick off the cumoff Arisa’s face,.
    Ready for more

    Darp was sleeping naked when Arisa shut the shop, she undressed came in the bedroom.
    “You bastard,you fucked in the shop, how dare you”.
    Darp hated being woken from his sleep and his reaction to Arisa’s words was to pull her with one hand and slap her face with the other.
    “Do you know you’re fucking your own mother”
    “Is that so? Who started it?” Darp barked back.

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    He face fucks her all over again, taking his nice long time. Arisa just sucked as she always did. When he inished screwing her mouth, he pulls out his dick and pisses all over her.
    “Oh yes I love warm piss any time, give me more”
    Darp off loaded all the liquor he had had on and into her. She lies down next to him holding his dick, He had gone back to sleep again Arisa kept onsuckingand licks his balls. As he turns to his side, she cleans his ass out which got out some shit from it,

    Arisa’s revenge

    Arisa changed Darp’s bed, she set up something from the sex shop. When Darp came over and went to sleep naked. A cuff like device, grabbed his cock and balls and latched itself aroung it. Soon his feet were cuffed by seperately as well as his neck.
    Arisa checked. Darp was bound. She got some gays in the shop to follow her inside. They go with her. The men did not know Darp, little did it matter to them.
    “He’s my son, screw him, do as you like.

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       With him”
    Men go over to him. The bed turnsinto cross. On his head was a cock two others on his side. Darp has an erection when he sees them. He sucks furiously. Another addition was Darp wascaught in ring which stretched his dick. His legs moved by the bed right near his head. Another started banging his asshole.
    Arisa had become insanely hot. She could not control herself. Strips and starts masturbating. She loved watching son in this gay orgy. Willingly become gay slave and slut for those men. Who were relentlessly screwing his mouth. He was moaning in joy.

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       One cock after went inside him in his mouth and asshole. His dick and balls were sucked.
    They left after they pissed on him. Ignored Arisa who was sprawled naked on the carpetted floor. In an instantDarp was released. He masturbated wildly. Arisa tried to suck him off, he brushes her asid and releases massive load of cum over his piss laden body.
    He clears his cum and the cum of the others by wiping them clean with his hand and sucking it.
    “Where are they?” Darp says sounding frurstrated. He turns toward Arisa and without any thought bangs her up hard. Arisa was very happy and was excited. The test run of the bed was excellent and Arisa placed it back in the shop. It was quickly bought a few days later, she got ordered another one.




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