Valerie Growing up


Topic: Valerie growing up Chapter 1 Valerie.   Chapter 1
My story begins, when I was just sixteen years old.
My name is Valerie everyone calls me Val I had left school; I did not get any good grades from my GCSE exams.
I looked for work, and could only get a job as a waitress part time at the local pub.
I went to see my former headmaster, he suggested that I go into the local college and try my exams again.
I needed to earn some money to get through college, I found a newspaper round which paid me over nineteen pounds a week, with the money from the part time pub job and college grant I could just about manage, I would have to save for my clothes and other stuff, but I loved the challenge.
The paper round took me all through the village; I enjoyed the early mornings. I did not have regular boy friend, although I had, had sex once or twice a quick fumble here and there with local boys, but never with someone who knew what they were supposed to do, because I certainly didn’t have a clue, at least until the episode in Granddads pool with my step dad Mike took place.
Everyone commented on my figure, even my stepfather Mike. He was always groping me, and tickling me. When I was younger, it was fun, but now it was making me feel somewhat funny inside, I found I liked the feelings when he pressed his hands in certain places, especially around my breasts and my pert bum.
He used to sidle up to me in the kitchen or in the sitting room, in  fact anywhere in the house and smothered me in a bear like grasp, tickling my sides and with his big hands he would brush over my ample breasts, sending shivers through my whole body. Sometimes I would collapse in a fit of giggles he would bend down with me pressing his hardness into my pert bum and rubbing his hands across my mound, this caused electric like shocks inside me and made me feel very unsettled and sometimes my pussy would become wet.
He always chose his moments when my mum was not in the room or was elsewhere in the house. I remember well when we went swimming at my grandfather’s swimming pool, my mum after a few minutes decided to take my youngest brother out of the pool because he was not feeling to good. She took him inside the house as the pool was a little way down the garden and mainly out of sight of the main part of the house.

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That left Mike and me in the pool together, he swam across to where I was and began splashing water into my face, I also began to do the same to him, and we were having so much fun.
Suddenly my mum came to the poolside, “Mike my dad’s going to run me down to the chemist with Mark and get some cold remedy, we won’t be more than an hour or so, don’t stay out to long in the sun either of you and take care ok”?
She turned on her heel and was gone. Mike immediately began to splash me again and I joined in hooting with laughter, then he pounced on me and pushed me under the water holding me under for about 5 seconds which seemed like five minutes.
He pulled me upwards and I came up out of the water spluttering and coughing, Mike realised he had gone too far. He grabbed me into his arms wrapping them around me and pulling me into his hard body.
He told me how sorry he was for being so stupid and please forgive him, he was smoothing my hair over my head and holding me closer, I could feel his hard body pressing into my breasts and my nipples were hardening as they rubbed against my bikini top. I could also feel his cock jutting into my belly has it became harder, I was still coughing and spluttering, he turned ma around and bent me forward from the waist patting my back between the shoulder blades, trying to alleviate my coughing spasms. I stopped coughing and he pulled me upright with my back now up against his hard body, immediately I felt his hard member sticking into the cheeks of my bum, finding its way between the globes of my pert cheeks. With his arms wrapped around my front, one of his hands fell over my left breast and he gently cupped it tweaking the nipple and making it harder. His cock was now firmly pushing into the crack of my bum as he continued to push and grind his body into me, he now was holding both of my breasts feeling my nipples and kneading my breasts openly. I lay my head back against his chest as he ground his cock into my pert bum his left hand reached down and rubbed my now wet pussy through my bikini bottoms.
I began to drift off into a world of lust and fantasy has Mike manipulated my body with his hands, his lips chased a line from my cheek down the nape of my neck, I was melting with a passion I had never felt before, I could feel his fingers pulling my bikini panties to one side and then he had two fingers inside my wet pulsating pussy. I had stretched my hand behind me up against his hard cock, which was pushing his Speedo’s outwards, my hand rubbed his bulging cock up and down in his Speedo’s then I drove my hand inside the waistband of his Speedo’s and wrapped my small hand around his throbbing member, I began pulling and pushing his cock up and down he gasped and grunted. As did I, Mike pulled my bikini bottoms down to give himself more access to my soaking wet pussy, with no barrier to contend with; he jammed three fingers into my well lubricated pussy.
My hand pulled his cock forward out of his Speedo’s where he slipped it between my legs rubbing against my small budding clit, with his fingers free from my pussy he grabbed my hips with both hands and he began to furrow my pussy with his rampaging cock I gripped the side of the pool as he pushed his cock between my legs rasping the head of my clit, sparks ignited in my head and my stomach churned with such delightful feelings.

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   He found the opening to my pussy and with a massive thrust he penetrated my insides, the shockwaves were too much to take as my body shook with both excitement and fear. He increased his tempo and thrusts each time I surged forward in the water and my hands forced my body backward by pushing the sides of the pool.
Suddenly voices were calling to us, his cock left me suddenly, and he dropped me into the pool as he clambered towards the house. Instinctively I pulled my bikini bottoms up and adjusted my bikini top; I too scampered up the slope to the house.
My mum was in tears and rushing about every which way, my grandfather explained that the chemist was very worried by Marks symptoms and he suggested they take him straight to a doctor’s clinic, who in turn told her to get home and pick up some overnight things for him and take him straight to hospital.
Mike gathered mum and Mark up and bundled them into the car and they were gone in a second.
Later on they called from the hospital to say it was not as serious as first though and they would be home shortly, the next morning Mike ignored me walked right by me without any recognition of the day before happenings, in fact Mike made great effort not to be in the same room as me alone if he could help it.

    One of the extra ways I could earn extra money on the paper round, was by collecting the paper money for the shop, we lived in a village it was better for the shop to have the money collected, they could then pay for the papers early and earn extra money from early settlement.
    During the Saturday mornings, I would first deliver the papers. Quite a number of our customers left the money at the door for me to pick up, and when I had finished the round, I would go backwards around the same delivery route and pick up the money from the ones who had not. Knock their doors and collect the money, it was as simple as that.
    One Saturday, I had finished collecting the money, I took it to Mrs Brooks shop, and paid it in. “You still, have not got Hollybush Cottages money yet Val?” Mrs Brooks remarked.
    “Mr Price is always out walking his dog, so I don’t see him every collecting day. ” I replied.

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    “Well he is four weeks late, if he does not pay next week, I will stop his papers,” Mrs Brooks said a little angry.
    I left the shop with my pay and was walking back home, Hollybush was at the top of the cul-de-sac, and it was beginning to rain. I thought, perhaps I would call at Hollybush, to see if Mr Price was back, and collect the money.
    I ran up the lane of the cul-de-sac, and the rain got a lot heavier.
    I ran up the path and rang the bell; I heard the dog bark, after a little while I was going to leave as there was no answer.
    I turned to go, and the door opened, a very wet blonde-headed man peered around the door. “Can I help you?” he asked a little out of breath? “I have come for the paper money”, I replied.
    “Gosh, you are getting wet,” he said back to me.
    “Please come in and wait, while I go and get it for you. ”
    He opened the door wider for me to enter, and I could see he had a towel wrapped around his waist.
    “Sorry,” he pointed to his towel “I was in the shower, wait a moment, until I put something more decent on. ”
    With that, he scampered up the stairs; his body was not at all bad. I thought, he looked very tanned and he had muscles in all the right places.
    What am I thinking I said to myself, he came down the stairs this time he had put on a long white towelling robe.
    As he walked passed me, he smelled of fresh soap and eu-de-cologne.

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       He came back with a ten pound note, he handed it to me, as he did it flittered to the floor.
    We both bent down together, his robe opened and I could see his manhood, right before my eyes.
    He sort of, grabbed his robe and tried to pull it together, as he did he fell backwards and the robe flew wide open.
    I tried to grab him to stop him falling over, and I toppled on top of him. We both said sorry, at the same time.
    Then together, we both burst out laughing, his manhood was semi erect, and he was pointing at my chest.
    As I looked down, I saw that my blouse had burst open and my right breast was visible. I never wear a bra, and now I was wishing I did.
    He stood over me, his member swinging in front of my face, he offered me his hand to pull me up from the floor, but my hand reached out to fondle his erect throbbing cock.
    He stood stock still, as I wrapped my fingers around the massive girth of his now bursting erection.
    He gulped in air; I could feel the blood spurting inside his massive cock.
    I began to jerk my hand up and down the turgidly thick shaft, he shrugged his robe off standing before me stark naked.
    His lips curled over his teeth suck my cock, he growled.
    I could not believe that I was going to put this monster in my mouth.
    I nibbled the tip of his cock, and then licked the bulging purple top.

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       It tasted salty, but it was nice.
    My body reacted, I could feel my pussy was beginning to get wet; my nipples ached and grew like stalks.
    He placed his hands on my head, pushing my head down onto his shaft. His monster cock was inside my mouth, its head at the back of my throat.
    I gagged, and then I automatically clamped my mouth around his cock and sucked it.
    The solid muscle in my mouth rippled, and grew as I sucked it. He groaned aloud, I felt his hand under my arms, as he lifted me up in front of him.
    He closed his mouth over mine, and our tongues joined in a tangle of juices.
    I felt his hands pull my blouse away; he held my breasts tweaking the nipples.
    My legs buckled a little, as his hands tugged my skirt down, along with my panties.
    We fell to the floor; in a tangle, he opened my legs wide. I saw his massive cock, as he took it in his hand and guided it into my wet inviting sex.
    My body began to buck and gyrate immediately, as he sank his cock inside me. His balls slapped my thighs, as he pulled out, then he rammed back into my wet and throbbing pouch.
    We seemed to go on forever; my mind was alive with flashes of light and sensations I had never had before.

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    Suddenly, like a bolt of lighting, my juices poured out of my pouch, and my body was racked with the most sensational convulsions, that I had ever experienced.
    Through the mists of this feast of sheer enjoyment, I heard him groaning and shaking, and then I felt his seed burst deep into my body.
    This seemed like a catalyst, as the first orgasm ever to explode inside my body.
    It went on forever, and I did not want it to stop.
    Coming out of a surprisingly long relaxed sleep, which felt like days, in fact was only a few minutes.
    I knew that I had experienced my first orgasm, more importantly; I had given a man an orgasm at the same time.
    We were both a little awkward at first, and then we could not stop talking about how we came to be fucking on the floor.
    Authors Note:
    You can be assured; that there will be another episode soon, let me know your feedback and comments, on how you view the story so far?