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I was for many years a run of the mill stepdad,so i thought. My first marriage was uneventful. I was married at 18,had a son at 20 was divorced by 25. My son is now in college and i married a beautiful women,Debbie. I am 40,and Debbie is 30. She has two daughters,Mary is 18 and laura is 14. I didn't have any idea how to raise two teenage stepdaughters. Debbie warned me they were brought up not being uptight about showing there bodys at home. When i was dating Debbie i loved seeing her walk around naked at home all the time. Debbie is 5ft4,125,36c,long brown hair,and a very sexy body.
Debbie did not inform me her girls,had the same habits till we were married. I asked her why they were that way,Debbie explained she didn't want either of her daughters to be uninhibited about their bodys. Debbie said she had very strict parents and wasn't going to raise her girls that way. I was more or less their stepdad for three years when i was dating Debbie. The girls were always proper and dressed around me.
The first clue something was different about her was ,Debbie liked being naked at her house alot.

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  As long as her daughters didn't mind i was cool with it. I thought it was fun making out with Debbie,but when her girls were in the same room it felt very awkward. Keep in mind Debbie was completely naked or wearing a see through nighty. As we were french kissing i could feel my 9in cock expanding. I could feel Mary and Laura eyes glued on us. She would start rubbing my crotch. I leaned over and kissed her and said not in front of the kids. I would take her to bed and fuck her silly. This went on for about two years. I finally asked her to marry me.
It seemed the closer to our wedding date,Debbie was getting really kinky sexually. She wanted the door open when we had sex and she wanted to try anal sex. We were all home on a Friday night. The girls were watching mtv. The only light that was on was the T.

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  V. We were on the couch behind them. Both the girls even as teenagers were pretty. Mary was about 5ft,short blond hair,maybe a 32a. Laura had mid-length brown hair,5ft3,about 34c. The style was short shorts and they wore them alot. Hard not to notice they had cute butts. Debbie says you want to try it tonight?As shes kissing my neck. It was pretty dark by us so i rubbed her aroused breasts. Sure baby i said i got the k-y. I was wearing my jogging shorts and a muscle shirt.
I knew Debbie was in a real kinky mood. As she kissed my neck i could feel her wet pussy on my leg. Without warning she reached in my shorts and pulled out my hard cock. Baby what are you doing,what about the girls.

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  Ohhh Lance don't worry they think your sexy,anyways they can hardly see us. Debbie pulled my shorts down and she slid down to her knees. Debbie pulled my hard cock in her mouth. Debbie was out of control. She was bobbing her mouth on my meat as she jacked it farther down her throat. I looked up hoping the girls couldn't see or hear anything.
I saw Mary look back at us. She started to giggle and pointed to us. Laura saw us and asked what we were doing,with another giggle. Debbie they can see what were doing. Better here than on the street she laughed. Debbie went right back to giving me the best blowjob i ever had. Laura got up and asked if they could watch us?I yelled noway,just watch t. v. Just then Debbie waved the girls over as she was frantically wanting to blow my load in her mouth.

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  No i said. Mom said we could, they both sat on the end of the couch and watched us. This is to kinky i thought.
I closed my eyes and pretended they weren't there. Mary asked if i really liked how it felt what her mom was doing to me?I just nodded yes. Mom show us some videos like this. I open my eyes and said really. Mom said we could watch you and her do some stuff we saw in the videos. i could feel my cum bubbling in my balls. I shot my load in Debbies mouth so hard it over flowed out her lips. I held her head on my throbbing cock till i was totally drained. The mom got up and smiled at the girls as she kissed me. By this time the girls already saw me,so whats the point in covering up. Mary asked her mom if my cum tasted good. I said girls how do you know about this stuff.

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  They both laughed and Laura said watching the videos and girls in school. The mom squeezed my cock hard and my last spurt of my come came out. Debbie ran two fingers over my cum and asked the girls to taste it. Mary first,she licked one of her mom's fingers. Mary said it's warm and goooey. Laura licked the other finger and said mmmm kinda salty but they bothed liked it.
This was so kinky my cock was still fully erect. How big is Lance's cock mom?It looks really huge. Debbie looks at both of them and says only oneway to find out girls,go get the tape measure. Really mom can we?Hurry girls he can't stay hard forever. Mary and Laura both ran off. Baby i don't think this is right. Debbie said I don't want my girls to be afraid of sex. So many girls now adays get pregnant because there parents haven't really taught them about sex. The videos were porns they saw, but they were with couples that love each other like you and me.

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They won't be like alot of their friends,pregnant teenagers. Both Mary and Laura are on the pill. I don't know about this Debbie i luv you and the girls but this is wrong. You know we love you Lance. Sure i know that but how far is this going?The girls came back running with the tape measure. Girls i can meaure his cock or you two can. It's really important he's really hard. You trust me Lance. I guess. She took Marys hands and wrapped her fingers around my throbbing meat. Mary slowly moved her hands up and down per her moms instructions. Then Debbie told Laura to kiss me like she saw her do to me. Laura climbed up my body and stuck her tougue in my mouth. I automatically started fingering Debbie's pussy.
 Thats enough Mary,now give your sister a chance to feel his cock.

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  Laura happily move down and jerked my cock just like her sister did. I have to admit Mary was a good kisser. Her mom said ok girls its time he's really hard. She showed the girls how to measure my cock. They both had their fingers on my cock at the same time. Laura said wow mom its over 9in. Is that really big?Listen girls very few men have cocks this big as she tugged on my cock. You may never see or feel a cock this big again. I said girls this will most likely be the last time i will allow you to do this. Awww mom is this true?Debbie said he will be your step-dad soon so we will see. Mom how does his cock being so large fit in your pussy?You get used to it Mary. He makes mom have lots of orgasms.
Well as Lance says this might be your last time doing this. Why don't you girls get naked just like mom. Debbie this is a bad idea.

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  Well Lance i'll tell you the rest later,but their alot like mom. Both girls hurried to get their clothes off.
Until next time,Part 2