Topic: UNCLE EXPLORES Uncle explores.
 Yes he did and I loved it. Fact or fiction,you raised a late family,that is she was about fifty at the time of our puberty. Of course back then sexual talk was a taboo as was much else not talked about. Children should be seen but not heard was what would now be classed as the benchmark. Who cares it didn't stop anything,in fact it was just more exciting.
 So a point or two on those way off times. Schools were not co-ed. This meant males of any age were people of mystery to girls,to be spied on and explored when and if possible. Sexually that is! This innocence also applied equally to boys/men. There was a regimented system in school,part of which for clarity in this tales content was only 'Navy blue fleecy type knicker's were worn and these had elasticated leg holes,so we were invisible around our nether regions. Enough of this,so lets get to the knub of the brother, - our uncle,round about mum's age tended to visit often and on these occasions mum took the opportunity to take time off from us kids to do whatever mum's did then. As a girl,I liked this for a couple of reasons. He spoilt me and took notice of my every whim,where as mum I felt favoured the boys. I also liked sitting on his lap as we had music playing. The real reason for this was not the music as such,but more the effect my young woman's body had on my uncle and I knew it.


   That curiosity I mentioned became most apparent on such occasions.
 Alone in the house after mum had commented to her brother, "Watch out for that one,she's becoming a right little vixen" He defending me, - "get on with you,that's just two female personalities clashing like you and our sister used to" - "mmm" was mum's response and off she went.  At other times like now, uncle on letting me sit or more like,lounge across his lap tended to rap his arms down each side of me and rest his hand across my lap. I liked this,because he tended after awhile to drum his fingers to the beat of the music and in turn this made the area his hands were against react by tingling.
 I knew also that this was the same reaction as I got when me and my friend let boys touch us around our pubic area. I was sure uncle was oblivious to the effect he was having on my pussy as his hands were drumming on my pubes rather than my slit. But I just enjoyed the feeling. I also knew that as I in turn moved my hips slightly to the music,I got a feeling of pressure against my bum slit. Having seen my friends brothers hardon,I knew my uncle was being affected by my body moving on top of his penis.
 I was sure we both enjoyed our mutual sensations but no more was done and nothing at all was said until now. This moment arrived like this. I had made uncle stiffen somewhat and I could feel this stiffness pressing harder than usual right against my pussy,where as on previous occasions it felt nice and fat laying along the groove between my bum cheeks. "Ease up lovey,you're laying a bit uncomfortable on me" On me lifting off of his belly some,he fumbled with one hand down his waistband and pulled his cock up his belly. "That's better,okay,back you come" I lay back and felt rather disappointed because the pressure of his cock on my pussy was gone.
 With my head back alongside his face I said in my best innocently sounding voice.

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   "Did I make it do that? you know,go all stiff" - I could see him trying to see me eye to eye before answering. I glanced my so innocent eye's into his. "Did I? I could feel it against me" - "None of that talk young lady,anyway where did you get to know about such things?" - I went for bust. . . "Oh my friend does all sorts,I've watched them" - "Them?" his eyebrows raised somewhat. - "My friend and her brother,she makes his go stiff and she lets him put it inside her's" Uncle's face went blank and for a while he said nothing,then. "who else knows about that?" - me then, - "Uncle,we're not stupid,we know we got to keep it secret. I knew I could tell you because you like the feeling as well,don't you?" - Silence,then. "Christ,for god sake don't let on to your mum or anyone,not even the two you were on about that you feel my hardon pressing against you. I'd be shot at dawn"
 "Uncle,stop worrying,like I said,I'm not stupid" we went back to listening to the music and after a while I felt uncle rather than tapping his finger ends against my pubic mound start gently rubbing it rather than the drumming affect. "You let him do you as well?" - "No,I like watching but I'm scared of mum finding out so I don't do it,not yet anyway" - "Would you like to?" - "Maybe,its not like its big or anything. Yours feels huge by comparison to his" I went back to tormenting his hard cock until I realised his breathing pattern had changed and I was sure he had nodded off.
 Out came the vixen mum warned him about. Gently I started to unbutton my dress from the bottom up.

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   I had a plan,having talked to uncle about my friends,I wondered if uncle would play with mine if given a chance and that chance was now.
    Now with my dress open up to above my belly I placed uncle's hands against my knicker's and waited to see if he started touching me. Spasmodically his fingers did move against my knicker covered clitoris where I'd placed them. This was not enough,I wanted more!
     Now pulling at the waistband on my knicker's I pulled down and out while tingling as his flat palms now rested on my naked belly. Up came the waistband and releasing it onto his trapped hands I tingled even more as I sneakily pushed his hands down until I could feel his fingertips touching my pubes. Whether this triggered his sleeping brain I don't know but he started feeling my pubes and as I lay with my heart pounding in my chest,his fingers were searching ever so slowly downwards until a finger touched my pussy slit. It stayed there with one finger gently sliding ever deeper into it. I had become soaking down there and his finger was getting ever more slippery.
     Almost not daring to breath I waited to feel him touch my little virgin hole. My tiny belly quivered as his large hand and fingers moved at a snails pace over my pubes until he touched my quim. But no,now he just kept sliding his finger against the hood covering my clitoris.   It started to drive me mad as I felt an orgasm gaining pace. Then I came while still his finger slowly tormented me almost to insanity. I had to do something so I pressed his hand deeply into my little tight pussy slit. Disturbed by this,he opened his eyes and gasping realising the sensation at his fingertips.

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       "Fucking hell,sorry! sorry! how did that happen" He pulled his fingers away. I was so disappointed,I wanted more. Putting my head close up, "I liked you doing it,I want somemore, Please keep playing with me,can I see yours?"
     He surprised me now. "I liked it as well,but we'll do it more another time. Better not get caught eh!" I closed my dress and was disappointed until I heard the door open. Fucking hell! It was mum,that was altogether too close for comfort. Uncle whispered, "When we do it some more,I'll let you tell me what you saw your friends do to each other. I'll show you it as well. Okay" I smiled excitedly,this was a beginning,he wanted to do some more with me. I couldn't wait to get started. - "She play up at all Ted?" - "No,course not,she's a treasure,this one" - "Only in your eye's eh?" - We glanced at each other with our secret and smiled secretly.
     Next part soon,someones arrived.
     Bye now.




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