Uncle and me


Topic: Going to the GAMEWe live in the country and my family are avid hockey fans who often  travel over  twenty miles to attend the local hockey team home games and sometimes we even may travel almost a hundred miles to  see some of their road games. My Mom drives her van ,Aunt Ann sits in the front passnger seat and her two sons  ( age 5 &7 )sit in the small seat behind the driver  , while her husband Uncle Steve and I sit in the rear seat . My two cousins always are made to sit right behind Mom and Ann because they act out alot and often have to be scolded . Uncle Steve likes his beer so he sits in the rear seat with me and sips away. I always  wear gym pants while traveliing to the game and I slip on my snow pants when we arrive and I  take a blanket to snugle up with when at the rink.
  It all started last January while we were driving to a road game after dark  , I was snugled up in the back seat when I felt Uncle Steves hand that was under my blanket slide over and landed on my thigh. Mom did not allow me to date any boys but at  fifteen I knew about the birds and bees , but Steve was at least fifty years old , my mind stated to race , my cousins were kicking up a noise  so I waited to see what his intentions would lead to . I was on the drivers side next to the window and nobody could notice Steve who started sliding his hand up and down my young thigh  casualy while carrying on a conversation with his wife and my mother. When he became sure I was not going to shove him away his hand slid up my hip and down the waist of my gym pants, his fingers landed under my panty wias line . I did not have the string tied on my gym pants and the elastic wiast band allowed his hand to slide down tp  my vagina and one of his fingers covered my slit and parted my pussy hair. His hand was cool and caused my legs to open and with in seconds he stroked my pussy lips as he chatted away.

I had often slipped my hand down on my pussy for over two years but  Uncle Steves hand were     big and rough and he was cauing me at times to  Brace my bum on the seat and to lift up and after wed rove for a few miles it was one of my bucking movements he reached with his other hands and slid my gym pants and panties down to past my knees. He then took his right hand and adjusted the Blanket so I was covered  but this time he inserted a finger up into my pussy and at the same  time started bumping my clit with his thumb My pussy was on fire and I was seeing stars. I was not making a noise and I heard my Mom saying That I was tired and I must have fell asleep. Uncle Steeve said he was going to leave me sleep because it would be at least an hour before we reached the game and he told her that he was making a pillow for me so I could lay down on the seat next to him. I could feel him shifting about and then he got me to lay so my head was on his lap.

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  He moved his left hand so it slid down my bum and reached my pussy and when I looked i then noticed he had his cock out and my head was being guided onto it with his right hand . I loved how he was making my pussy feel so I opened up and my lips slipped over the big velvet head and he lifted up hauling the blanket  over my head and he pushed up and down with his bum and I felt almost a gag reflex and his cock throbbed and pumped and as it pumped I swallowed  about    four loads of cum  as my legs weakened and I myself felt tingles through my crotch as juices escaped me  and my body got stiff from my first male . This was the first time for us to do such a thing while travelling , but it was not the last



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