uncle and me pt 2


  After the tingling stopped I just lay still on the seat listening to the two boys arguing and the wheels of the van travelling on the pavement, Uncle Steve’s hand rubbed my ass cheeks and I felt very relaxed. I then started to explore leaving my hand travel along his shaft to his big balls and I started rubbing them and his shaft started to move and harden again. I then moved my hand onto the shaft and felt the rib structure and the soft skin that moved up and down the shaft and it even covered the helmet blue head. I could see it at times as we passed by street lamps and due to the blanket had moved it was visible every so often. His cock stood to attention and he touched my head and directed me back over it again. This time I spent at least a good fifteen minutes sliding my mouth up and down the shaft until I felt him lift and just about two squirts shot out. This I could handle so I easily swallowed. I heard him tell my Mom that we were almost there and I felt his hands pulling up my bottoms and he let on he was waking me up. As I was getting up he reached and kissed me on the lips and patted my leg. I then got up and got ready for the game. Before we left the van he whispered for me to forget something and we could come out together and get it if I wanted more action.

 We arrived at our seats and I was going to the canteen with Steve when I told my mother that I must have dropped my small change purse in the van and I insisted I wanted it and overhearing the conversation Steve suggested we better go now and get it before the game started. We hurried down the back stairs taking the emergency exit behind the rink arriving at the van. All the way Steve kept reminding me that we had to be fast and If I really wanted action I had better get my ass undressed and on the seat ASAP. When Steve unlocked the side door and quick as a wink I was on my back with my pants down and off including my boots. When Steve got in the interior light was lighting up my little red haired pussy and I was waiting to receive his big wiener.

sweidish harmony 

   He closed the door dropped his pants and was between my legs and when his cock touched my wet pussy it had no problems edging into it as I started moaning. Three or four times he had to pull back and push harder and I felt a pinch and then he sank his seven inches into me, I could actually feel his balls touch my ass cheeks and roll around on it . Steve started telling me how much he had wanted me and for such a long time and I felt him stiffen and I felt that tingling. He pulled out and I reached down and my pussy was dripping and I told him that I was not on birth control. He then told me if we made it safe from tonight he would use safes from then on. Here I am a year later with no babies but I have had a lot of Steve.
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