Two in One


Part 1
Two fights in one day. That is what Andy had to put up with. It wasn't his idea, but that's how things worked out, so who was he to complain? The first one was done with, and his next one wasn't until later in the night. Because he was had some time, Andy decided to stop at Aria's house for some pre-fight sex.
     Aria wasn't Andy's girlfriend or anything, but she would fuck almost anyone at her school for a favor. It just so happened that at the time Pentaco, another kid at their school, had been giving her some trouble so, in exchange for beating the crap out of him, she and her friend Kelly would gladly fuck Andy and his friend Eric.
     Andy and Eric stood at the door to Aria's house. They rang the bell and Aria, in all her sexy glory, came to the door.
     Aria was slim, with a beautiful pair of firm round breasts. Her hair was long and flowing, and almost came all the way down to her small round ass. Kelly, who stood behind Aria, had a big butt, but and petite little boobs. Togerher they were a pair to die for.
     They all went inside and after exchanging a few words began to remove their clothes. Aria's parents wouldn't be home until the next morning, so they didn't even bother to go upstairs.
     Aria quickly took off the tight pink sweater she had been wearing. She wasn't wearing a bra and her dark brown nipples were sticking out.

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   This got Andy excited and he started getting hard as he took off his shirt. Andy's chest was clearly outlined, and muscular. He had just come from his fight with Pentaco, so every inch of his body was covered in sweat. He quickly slipped off his jeans, revealing his ever stiffening cock. By this time everybody was naked, so they began.
     "Now Aria," said Andy in a buisnesslike tone "I've heard of what you do for beople like be who've just come from fights. "
     Aria had been doing this for a long time. She soon discovered that you can get guys excited by licking sweat off their bodies so, if they were sweaty, that's what she did. Aria began to move her tongue up and down all over Andy's chest, licking up the salty sweat that covered him. Andy had never felt anything like this before, and he was savoring every minute of the warm, tickling sensation he felt as she slid her tongue over his chest and nipples. When she finnished she begal lapping up the sweat that lay inhis armpits. Andy liked this and slowly began to rub his cock which had now grown to it's full 8. 5". Aria finnished both Andy's armpits, and she now moved on to the part she hated. She slowly moved her head toward his crotch and began to lick under his balls.

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   Andy couldn't take it anymore and suddenly grabbed her by her hair, turned her around, bent her over and plunged his cock into her. Andy grabbed her ass and began thrusting himself into her. Aria started screaming, half out of surprise and half out of pleasure. Andy kept pounding her for a while when he finally had an idea.
     "Eric," Andy called to his friend, who he just remembered was in the room "You gonna cum soon?"
     "Yeah" called Eric.
     "Cum on Aria's boobs" He shouted
     Eric listened to his friend, who had never steered him wrong before and did as he was told. Andy layed Aria on the floor and Eric started pumping shot after shot of cum onto her large round breasts. Aria was not exactly pleased about this but, as she was in debt to the two of them, she kept her mouth shut. When Eric was done Andy got on top of Aria and started sliding his cock through her large, round, cum soaked breasts. The sensation was amazing, and Andy loved the feel of his friend's warm cum on Aria. Aria, however, was less that thrilled, as Andy's 8. 5" penis sometimes went up her nose, and she smelled the awful combination of post-fight cock, and lots of cum. Andy soon started cumming all over Aria's mouth and face. Finally he got up, cleand off his cock and went off to his fight.
Part 2
Andy pounded his fists into Tyrone's chest and face.

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   They both had their shirts off and were brawling away.  Andy was bleeding slightly. He felt his balls get heavy as he was winning the violent contest of strength, sweat, and testosterone Suddenly they heard sirens. The two boys, alone at night in the empty lot, turned to see a police car. Two policemen flew out of the car and pulled them apart from eachother. After a bit of slamming them into the car to calm them down, one of the cops spoke.
     "You know," he said "Fighting like this is unnaceptable. If either of you have a record you could both look forward to prison. Isn't that right Murray?"
     The other cop nodded
     "But you know, seeing as we're in a good mood we can let you go if you let us have sex with you.
        "I'd rather go to prison. " said Andy.
        "Well too bad," said the cop "'cause we're not giving you a choice. "
        With that the cop threw Andy on the car and forcefully pulled off his jeans. Andy screamed as the cop rammed his big hairy cock into Andy's ass. He stopped soon though, and asked his partner if he wanted to see some "black on black" action.

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       He  then pointed a gun at Andy and told him to lick under Tyrone's balls, and then suck his cock.
         Andy reluctantly got down on his kneesand put his face under Tyrone's balls. Tyrone, who was a strong guy, still excited from the fight, had exceptionally heavy balls. Andy was disgusted by the awful smell, but he licked away. The balls tasted salty, but Andy licked away anyway. When he was done he put Tyrone's smelly, sweaty cock in   his mouth. He was surprised to feel Tyrone quickly harden to 11". Tyrone moaned in pleasure. He was enjoying it! Still Andy sucked away, until the cops told him to bend over. He felt the head of Tyrone's throbbing, pulsating penis being pushed into his ass. Tyrone kept going in, stretching andy's tiny asshole. Andy screamed in pain and he thought it would never end. Turone finally began to pull out, only to ram his enormous cock back down Andy's ass. As Tyrone's sweaty throbbing cock went into Andy faster and faster Andy felt nothing short of agony. Suddenly Andy felt Tyrone cum as wave after wave of semen flooded andy's anal passages, until his entire ass was covered in it.

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         The cops pulled the two apart after this because it was unfortunately not the end. one cop made Andy lay on the ground as he took a huge shit on his chest. he rubbed the shit all over Andy's chest and crotch, and then his own. He started humping Andy on his balls. The cops dick grew and hardened. He rubbed his cock with one hand, and plunged his other shit-covered hand into Andy's ass. After a while he came all over Andy's balls. Finally he made Andy lick all the cum and shit off of his penis and, when he was done, pissed in his mouth. The cops drove away and as Andy lay there, naked and violated, he realized something: he hated cops.


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