Trying to Raise My Grade


I walk in; my contemporary living teacher is there grading tests with her back to me. I remember her body well, she is older than me, that is no problem, she has about a 36 b bra size, she is small but has a nice curve on her hips. She is sitting at one of the tables so that she can have room to spread out the papers. I close the door slowly barely making a sound; I stand there watching her. I fight with emotions, emotions I shouldn’t be having but am, I am usually strong willed but against this I don’t want to stop it, but I should. My cock hardens a little, I give in I walk up to her and tap her on the shoulder, she turns to me revealing that smooth face surrounded by her shoulder length brown hair.
“Yes, Jonathan”
My heart jumps as she says my name I love how she says it. When I don’t reply she asks again.
“I have to have you Molly”
“I have to have you, I can’t take it anymore, you are too beautiful. ”
“If you try to do anything I will scream. ”
“Tell me when was the last time you had sex?”
“What I’m not going to tell you that, leave me…”
She notices the bulge in my pants and she looks up at me and I see it in her eyes, she is going to scream. I work fast and lock her in a french kiss as she opens her mouth to scream. I rub her back and start to fondle her right tit. She begins to melt into my embrace and I start to relax my hold on her, I don’t want this to be a rape. She raises her hand and rubs the side of my face as I retreat letting her catch her breath. As she recovers I push the papers to the floor and set her lightly on the table.

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   I put my hand under her shirt and slide my hands up her back as I kiss her once again. She is returning my kiss now as I find her bra strap; she pushes into me as I unclasp her bra. She starts removing her shirt allowing me access to her breasts. I take one into my mouth and I suckle upon it like a babe. I squeeze her other tit massaging the flesh with my hand. Holding her face tenderly in one hand I remove my shirt and she runs a hand down my chest. I run my hands down her sides sliding her pants down along with them removing them from her body. I look at her as she sits there in just her panties, I kiss her once again pushing her back to lie on the table; as I run my hand down her stomach to rest on her panty covered mound I run my finger up and down her valley feeling that it is very wet. I rub her with my hand. She closes her eyes and moans in pleasure as I continue my ministrations. I finally grab the hem of her panties and slide them off her beautiful legs kissing as I slide them off of her. I slide my tongue up the inside of her right leg leaving a thin trail of spit up her leg. I stop at her honey pot wanting to savor the moment looking at her cunt. I finally dive in sucking and nibbling her vulva, sucking really hard on her clit causing her to moan loudly in pleasure. I slide my tongue into her tunnel sliding a hand up her body fondling a tit in my fingers.

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   She is flowing freely now my lips are covered in her juices, I lift my face and go up and french kiss her allowing her to taste herself on me. She licks all the juices off my face slowly and I slip my tongue into her mouth. I slide my hand down and slip two fingers into her cunt, and start to thrust them in and out. By now my cock has grown to its full length and is beginning to demand attention. I get up and her view lands on my cock as it sits there throbbing. She gets up and gets on her knees and takes it into her mouth. She goes to the base and back up licking and sucking on it. When she gets to the tip she nibbles on it lightly and I moan in pleasure. She begins to bob her head rapidly creating a vacuum around my cock causing me to moan in pleasure. I can’t hold on for long having this beauty sucking my cock and I start to reach my climax she starts to massage my balls and I try to hold on but to no avail I grab her head and push my cock into her mouth causing her to gag slightly and release my load into her mouth. A little dribbles out of the corner of her mouth and she uses her finger to scoop it up and put it into her hungry mouth. She stands up in front of me; I let my eyes roam her body all the way from her beautiful hair all the way to her small feet. I hold her in my arms and kiss her tasting her and me on her soft lips I grab both of her ass cheeks and lift her onto the table again. I then aim my cock at her hole and slowly slide her down on to my cock. I feel a piece of hard muscle once I get my cock all the way in.

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   She wraps her legs around my hips as I bounce her on my cock. When I feel a little tired I set her on the table and start to thrust into her, picking up as much speed as I can. She moans as I fill her again and again. I slowly pull out and tell her to lie on the table with her feet on the floor and enter her yet again, this time sliding my finger into her ass, she starts moaning louder and I feel her pussy start to spasm as I continue to pump in her I can’t take it anymore and lose my load into her pussy. I collapse on top of her in exhaustion and slowly soften. I get off of her and allow her to get up she sits up and rubs the side of my face gently.
“You know this doesn’t change your grade, right?”
“Ah man” I smile at her “I know I wasn’t expecting it too, but can’t blame a guy for trying right?”
“No I guess you are right,” she laughs that beautiful laugh.
So please read and send me suggestions on how I can make it better thnx.