Things That Go Bump in the Night


            David clicked the remote off, settling back in his large king-size bed.    The sheets felt smooth against his naked skin, but he just couldn’t get used to looking at the empty side of the bed.   Since Laura had gone back to work nights, their marriage had taken the toll.    They used to have an amazing sex-life, but now it seemed David’s most intimate moments happened solo with a porno in the DVD player or the occasional quick release in the shower before work.    He sighed, debating mentally which of his growing collection of films he would choose for the evening’s festivities.    
            David looked up, focusing in on the small angelic form that had appeared at his bedside.
            “What’s the matter baby?
            “It’s scary in my room”   Kaci’s big brown eyes welled with tears as she climbed up on her parents’ big bed.   
            David patted the bed next to him and held his arms open to his 18 year old daughter.    Kaci was his pride and joy.    To say she was a daddy’s girl wouldn’t quite explain the extent of her adoration.    She doted on her daddy and he indulged her every whim.     He often wondered if she loved him so much because Laura was so absent.   David didn’t care.    Kaci made him feel loved beyond measure and that was a powerful, if not addicting, feeling.
            “C’mere baby.    Did you want to crawl in bed with daddy and cuddle up?” 
            Kaci smiled.

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     Her long hair spilled over her shoulders as she gleefully scrambled over to her daddy, sliding her feet easily under the covers.    David opened his arms to his little angel and pulled her close, forgetting he had gotten back in the habit of sleeping in the nude.   A little panic went through him as she tried to hug him.   He deftly turned her around and settled her into a spooning position.  
            “My little sugar spoon”  a safer position, he thought, as he couldn’t very well put on clothes that were half way across the room.   Well, safer, until he felt Kaci’s little bottom pressing against him as she snuggled in next to him.
            “You have a spoon in here Daddy?”  Kaci giggled.   “You can’t eat in bed…Mommy said so. ”
            “I’ll eat you right up!” David growled, tickling his little girl as he fell into the monster game they’d played forever.    Kaci laughed.    There wasn’t a better sound in the world to his ears.    Her eyes full of life and twinkle.   As his chin found her ticklish neck her bottom pushed harder and harder into him.   Given the interruption of his earlier plans, his body began to respond at the most inopportune time.   He desperately tried to keep it from bumping her, but it was too late.

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            "Daddy something’s poking me"  Kaci said looking over her shoulder, "Is that the spoon?"
            Another panic, as he willed his cock to subside.   David considered the options he had to explain instantaneously.    He decided the best approach was factual.   It was natural reaction, best to just be honest and let it drop.
            “No angel," stroking her hair hoping to settle her energy down to a ‘let’s go to sleep’ level, vainly attempting to put more space between his cock and her panty covered bottom,  “ That's daddy's …. penis"
            There.   Simple factual.   Done.   
            "What's a penis Daddy? Can I see?"  Kaci’s hands seemed to be everywhere at once.    She tried to lift the covers and groped for the offending poking object.    Kaci’s fingers grazed David’s now throbbing cock as he tried to hold down the covers.   Never underestimate the persistence of a curious little girl.   The quality he so adored in her was now run amok as he tried every evasive maneuver he could.   Kaci took her Daddy’s squirming as part of the game.   Maybe he was ticklish too.

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    It wasn’t long before her little fingers finally closed around his swelling member with a stark pull as she tried to bring it to light.
            ”Lemme see Daddy”
            "Ugh, angel, don't hurt Daddy, you want to see it? Hold on a sec. . . "  David leaned over leaning over his daughter, his cock  rubbing gently against her belly as he turned the bedside lamp on.
            Laying back beside her, his cock betrayed him further.   There across his young angel’s little pink nightie was a trail of precum.    The sight of that was so erotic and so terribly wrong, it was the moment his mind began to lose sense and all reason.
            Kaci’s eyes widened, the cutest little furrow forming between her eyebrows full of wonder and worry.   "Ddddoes it hurt Daddy?"  she stuttered, unsure of what to make of David’s purple and swollen member.
Looking at his young daughter, David couldn’t help but stroke her temple and trace her delicate jaw line.     His hand absently caressing her tender neck, playing with the collar of her pink nightie.
            “No angel, it gets swollen like that when Daddy feels very good"
            Kaci looked confused.   How could it look so red and feel so good.    Extending her small fingers, she touched David again.

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     Her touch so soft, so light so as not to hurt it, because, frankly, she couldn’t believe it didn’t.
            David was transported.   Time stopped.   The sheer erotic energy of the incestuous potential almost too much for him to bear.    It was so wrong, but with every vain attempt to control his thoughts…. multiplication tables, batting averages, trying to remember who won the Stanley Cup last year…. his carnal urges increased.    Mind racing with limitless possibilities of debauchery.    It was the tone in her voice that brought him back to the moment, at least temporarily.   
            "Daddy it’s leaking!"  Kaci was alarmed.    Her little fingers moved over David’s wet, smooth head.    He let out a little moan as her fingers traced the outlines of his helmet with the leakage.    
            David leaned over and kissed her cheek, moaning low,   "The better you make daddy feel, the more daddy's penis will drip. "   His cock longed for more, but he didn’t want to scare her.
            It was her innocence that drove him mad.

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    Her twinkling doe eyes sparkled as she asked the question that led to David’s last shred of restraint being thrown completely out the window.    "How can I make you feel better Daddy?"
            "Daddy wants to spoon with you some more baby, but when Daddy's penis is this hard, we have to spoon a special way so it doesn’t poke you,” he lied.
            Her finger tapping lightly on his cock tip, fascinated as a child at play can be, "Okay Daddy. "
            As David reached for Kaci to position her, he watched the stringy precum break as her finger moved away.   “God help me,” he thought.    Pulling Kaci’s body into him made his cock surge.   His hand moved over her belly so close to her pubic mound.   He couldn’t help notice.
            "Mmmmm, Daddy dripped on your little belly too,"  he cooed, playing with the slippery wet spot.
            "That tickles Daddy" Kaci giggled.   She pushed back and bumped her bottom against her daddy’s cock, David’s cum forming a larger and larger wet spot on her panties, not to mention the delicate wetness generated by the first tingling sensations in Kaci’s little pussy.
            “Baby girl, you’re leaking too”  David whispered as his fingers made contact with her soft mound, still obscured by white cotton.   He could feel the surge in his cock.   “Let’s get you out of your wet panties. ”
            As David pulled her panties down, he held his breath.

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     Little wisps of peach fuzz, were a mere enhancement to the pudgy, moist lips of her pussy.   He licked his lips like a cat, but it was the wolf in him that was closing in on his prey.   He took the panties and patted her lips with them, shoving them under his pillow for later.    Kaci began to spoon against him, snuggling in.
            "Wait a second, let Daddy show you how we can fit together" David explained.     He was lost.   David rationalized everything in his head.   It wouldn’t be penetration.   It would be okay. He would never actually fuck her.   He slipped his hand inside his daughter’s inner thigh and lifted her leg up, positioning his cock between her virginal legs, and letting her close on it.     Kaci looked down to see her daddy’s swollen cock peeking out from between her legs and giggled.
            “It’s popping out Daddy!”  the musical laughter caused Kaci’s body to move delightfully against him as her legs squeezed his cock tighter between them.
            David grunted, feeling another gush of precum oozed from his tip.   “How far out is Daddy sticking?”  he wondered.

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     His hands reaching down to hold himself against her baby cunt.
            "About this much" holding her fingers like so, Kaci turned to show David.    His cock twisting with her as she moved, sending primordial impulses through his body.    His shaft feeling the hot wetness of her labia as it worked between her puffy lips.
            "Daddy look it’s dripping on me!"  Kaci squealed with delight.    Her fingers going down to touch its head again.   So much precum.
            “Ohhh yes angel,” David moaned moving under her, restraining himself from thrusting like an animal.    “You like to play with it?”
            Kaci began to massage the head with all five fingers, grasping it and letting her hand slide off.
            "It’s slippery”  she giggled. There was so much precum she had to wipe her fingers on her nightie.
            David held her by her belly, loving to feel it jiggle when she laughed.    His cock up so far between her legs,  Kaci could play with it as if it were her own.   "Kaci, you're gonna get your nightie all sticky with daddy's cum"
            "I’m sorry Daddy,” she pouted and obediently raised her hands for him to take the soiled clothing off of her as if she’d sullied her dress at the playground.    David made his baby naked.

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            "But can I still play with it Daddy?"
            David shivered as he held her leg open by her soft inner thigh once again.    He couldn’t get over feeling the slippery spots on her smooth skin as his cock bumped its way to nestle between her thighs,   "Oh yes princess, Daddy would love that. "
            To say David was worked up would have been the understatement of the century.    His need to cum growing exponentially with every touch, every dirty thought racing through his mind.    David searched for logical end game solutions  true to his “no penetration” rationalization, but they were fast dissipating.   
            "Goodie!" Kaci’s hands moved down again, holding him between her palms. His precum flowing freely and now evidenced by traces of white cream.   Kaci began to roll his cock between her hands like play dough, producing a belly growl from her father, who was now happily making slow thrusts between the wet crevice between her legs.
            “We’re sliding Daddy!”  Kaci exclaimed before her finger pressed just inside her father’s cum hole.
            “Oh yes baby, hold Daddy right there”  as David couldn’t hold back any longer and began to push Kaci on to her belly, her hands holding his cock underneath her.
            "Daddy my kitty feels funny"  Kaci whined as she instinctively squeezed her legs together.    She held her father’s cock tightly with her fingers just under his swollen mushroom head.   Giving into his lust, David rubbed himself harder against his daughter’s virginal pussy.     He couldn’t hold back.   He had to hump his baby.

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            Kaci’s little clit was tingling.   She loved this new game with Daddy and loved the feeling of his penis sliding against her.    Kaci squeezed her legs together tightly which made her Daddy rub harder against her.    It was like being tickled but better.    She found if she pushed his penis closer to her, it sometimes make her twitch.   
            Hearing Kaci’s little gasps as his cock bounced off her baby clit only served to ignite David more.    He could feel her slick wetness against his cock as he humped her against the bed.    The wetness that must be inside.    He had to know.    David found his hand reaching under her.   He had to at least touch it once.  
            "Oh princess, is your little cunny getting all wet like the tip of Daddy's penis?"   
            Kaci nodded her face buried in the pillows and a faint “uh huh” seemed to come from that general direction.    Pulling his cock back, he positioned it between her little ass cheeks.   There was something so erotic about seeing it lay there so dark against her fair skin.    David found his fingers moving beneath her, parting Kaci’s lips and sliding over her littlest swollen clit.

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     His finger feeling its way to the object of his desire.
            “Oh yes, angel, you’re very wet inside, aren’t you?”
            Kaci shuddered.   Her body now getting electric impulses as her father explored places she’d never considered.    As David’s finger entered her,  she tensed slightly but found herself liking the feeling more and more.    There were such places she wanted her Daddy to touch.     He seemed to know just what made her feel good.   She wanted more.
            While one hand probed his daughter’s tight virginal chasm, David’s other held her little bum cheek open so he could rub his cock head against her anus.    Although his cock was wet from the sliding game, it wasn’t wet enough for moving between her perfectly rounded little ass cheeks.
            "I think Daddy's going to have to get your bottom wet so we can slide on each other better, “ he said soothingly, removing his finger from heaven for just a moment.     Sliding a pillow underneath her, David  positioned himself between her legs and watched as his finger re-entered her pussy from behind.   Kaci moaned slightly.   A little purr from his kitty.
            Kaci didn’t know what to make of feeling her Daddy’s tongue licking her bottom.    He started by kissing her cheeks and then she felt his tongue move lower to her pussy and then back up again between her ass cheeks.


     He seemed to be making yummy noises.
            “What are you doing Daddy?” she asked.
            "Oh angel, Daddy wants to get your little bum all wet,” he purred back as his saliva coated her little starfish and dripped down her crack.   God she tasted wonderful.   But his eyes were transfixed on her tiny ass so wet and slippery.
            What he was doing with his fingers was making her squirm. One seemed to rub her most sensitive spot outside, while the other seemed to push deeper and deeper inside.   Kaci felt empty when her Daddy’s fingers withdrew for a moment, and she let her displeasure be known with littlest groan.
            David couldn’t’ take his eyes off her precious little ass well slathered in saliva.    He withdrew his fingers and took one to outline her little brown starfish, feeling her pucker at the tip of his finger.   Kaci’s voice pulled him back to consciousness.
            "When are we gonna slide again Daddy?" Kaci asked turning her head over her shoulder.
            “Now, angel. ”   David moved back up between her legs and began to rub his cock between her ass cheeks.     Each well lubricated stroke against her fair white skin, made him crazy.

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     “This is insane,” he thought, but the little noises she was making drove him on.
            “Daddy, is it dripping lots?”  Kaci asked, her hand moving underneath her.
            “Oh yes angel, touch your little cunny,”   David instructed, as his hand found hers underneath and pressed her finger to her clit,  “Touch it right here. ”
            As her father positioned her finger on her clit and rubbed it, Kaci’s body jumped.    Her little ass pushed up higher for a second, causing David’s cock to spank against her little bottom.     She loved touching her cunny and was surprised at how much wetter she had become since her last touch.    Kaci thought she’d never stop touching herself.   It felt too good.
            The jolt of his cock slapping against Kaci’s little bum was maddening.   All of David’s justifications and defenses were leaving him.    And her sounds were now growing audibly as she rubbed her tiny clit.   God, he couldn’t get her little noises out of his head.
            “Let’s slide again, angel. ”
            David’s hands slid under her chest, as he readjusted his cock so it could slip right under her wet pussy.     His cock pushed Kaci’s fingers away from her little hole, having made a detour there.

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     “God, she needs something inside her,” he rationalized.    That one thought broke him down completely.    He knew he couldn’t stop now until he had filled his baby girl.
            He turned her over spreading her legs.    Looking at her young body, god she was beautiful.    His head pushed against her little hole, parting her labia.    A little thrust pushed the head in halfway as David held her chest firmly.   No tits, but her nipples fit perfectly between his fingers.   He squeezed them and watched them harden.    Kaci’s breathing changed.    Breathing heavy, the hint of fear permeating her body as his cock stretched her little hole.
            “Daddy. . ” her voice small and gasping.
            David shoved harder, his cock bending, but making its ingress deeper.

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"Princess, Daddy needs to feel our cum mixing together, angel.    It will feel so good baby. "
            "Daddy. . . it hurts. . . "
            The pain in her voice slowed him, if only temporarily.    David couldn’t bear to hurt her.    But he couldn’t stop.    He just kept working it slowly allowing his little flower to open to him.     And she did need opening, he had to open her.   
            "Daddy just loves you so much, baby"
            As David moved  his head inside her, Kaci’s natural defenses only served to work him up more.    The elastic wall of her virginal membrane and the incredible tightness of her pussy created such tensions, he began to grunt and gasp, lathering himself into an animalistic frenzy.

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            Kaci whimpered underneath him,  Kaci closed her eyes.   She so wanted to please him, trying to take him in, trying not to cry out from the pain.    She could feel her Daddy’s love surrounding her like a blanket. She wanted to be with him forever.   He always made her feel safe, warm, loved.   She trusted him, loved him.   He was her daddy.  
            David was on the precipice.    Floating, hanging and then he felt it happen.    Either Kaci relaxed, or her hymen broke, or he finally got the angle right, or all three, but his angel’s tight cunt finally took his cock deep.   It was almost too much.
            Kaci was gasping. . . .

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  crying out David just held it there, his hands sliding down to caress her soft, pliant butt cheeks.    Watching her little body shudder with the intensity of the moment.   The hard part was over.    Now he just wanted to fuck her, his need unconscionable.
            “Daddy, its so full,”  Kaci whispered weakly, turning her head to look up at her father.   Her little cunt clenching at his swollen cock, trying to force it out.    Her attempts at ejecting him only adding fuel to a raging fire.  
            David’s heart melted when he saw the tears in her eyes.   Leaning down he kissed her cheek, tasting her salty drops.     Slowly, he began to extract his cock from the little woman he’d created.     He imagined his daughter thinking it was over, but he needed it all.   He couldn’t stop.   He needed her.   He could feel her body relaxing.   Whispering “forgive me,” just as his tip was about to pop out, he thrust in deep.

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            Kaci gasped, surprised at the second sudden violation.   Her father fucking her with long, hard, slow strokes.   His hands commanding her hips.    As her pain yielded to far more pleasurable sensations, Kaci moaned.   Her breath taken in short little gasps.   Soon she found herself moving her hips to help her daddy.    She wanted him inside her.    Deep inside her.
            David was lost, damned.   The noises she was making.    The tight squishy sounds of her wet pussy.     His cock longing for release.    He could feel her hips move to take him deeper. She wanted him.   She was taking him.

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            “Oh angel, that’s it baby. Take Daddy’s cock,” he groaned.    His cock pulsing as he plowed her with increasingly faster thrusts until his head pounded against her cervix.
            “Daddyyyyyyyy,”  she screamed as her first orgasm over took her.
            Kaci’s body began to convulse.   Shaking, her precious cunt clenching her daddy’s cock rhythmically.   David thrust in hard, his balls contracting as he shot his first load of cum into his willing angel’s sweet contractions.   On his second thrust, he felt her baby juices flood his cock as he released more of his seed deep in his baby’s cunt.    Kaci’s trembling body was so erotic. He watched her cum, trembling, clinging to him, needing him.   A thousand little thrusts and pussy spasms later, he collapsed beside her and pulled her close.
            “I love you angel,” David said, his eyes now welling with tears, looking down at her soft glow and the loving smile on her face.    Kaci had a thousand questions for him, about what she’d just felt, but at this moment nothing was more important than to comfort her daddy.   He was crying.   She looked up into his deep eyes, and smiled her innocent little girl smile.

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            “I’m not scared anymore welcome.




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