The Wedding


My wife and I were invited to the second wedding of her friend. It had been a long weekend, and I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the occasion. Her friend was a bore, I didn’t really know her groom, and her daughters were a all pains. The oldest was 19, good looking, and knew it. The next was heavy, like her mother, 17, and quiet. The third was a moody 18 year old, at the age you just want to hit them, and the youngest a non stop running around everywhere all the time 18 year old. The ceremony went well, and although I was tired, enjoyed the occasion. The reception was at a local hotel, and although we were both off the next day, we had elected not to stay over, but to drive home. The meal was fine, but with not many guests it was hard to enjoy it much. The bride’s 18 year old daughter and her friend were at our table, and certainly brightened up the occasion. She has always been a sullen moody girl, but today she seemed to lighten up and enjoy it. I’ll be honest and say that the sight of her in her dress, tight at the back, and quite low cut was certainly nice, although I wasn’t especially looking at her. She was up and down to her sisters and mothers tables frequently, and I saw a lot of her from behind as she left the table. She also had a glass of wine, and a champagne to toast the happy couple. We all moved through to the other room, and as I looked outside it was starting to get heavy with rain. I wasn’t feeling great, and the thought of a long drive made me feel worse.

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   As my wife spoke to her friend, I sneaked off to the reception. The girl there was more than happy to sell me a room at a reasonable rate, and I popped upstairs to check it. Decent sized double, nice bathroom, yes no problem at all. I went back down to pay for the room, and tell my wife. On my way back my head started to really pound. I saw my wife and told her we were staying. She was quite happy at the prospect, and then I told her I was going upstairs for a lie-down. I said I’d be about an hour. She was quite happy as she had friends there she hadn’t seen for a while. As I made my way back to the stairs I met Gail, the brides daughter. I told her we had a room, and I was going for a lie down as I wasn’t well. She asked if she could help, and I replied that some painkillers would be nice. She said she had some in her bag, and would get them, and bring them up. I went on upstairs, and unlocked the door. I left the light off, and lay on the bed.

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   A few minutes later Gail knocked on the door. I opened it and let her in. She went to the sink and poured me a glass of water, and brought the pills and water over to me. I took them and sipped the cold liquid. I thanked her, and she left. I lay down, and started to fall asleep. I was feeling really heavy in the head when I noticed the door open, I raised my head and saw Gail come in, and shut the door behind her. “Are you feeling any better?” “Not bad, but I really have a sore head, and feel sleep will be be best. I’ll sleep for an hour and then come back down. ” “OK, I’ll see you later”. I shut my eyes, and thought she left, but a few minutes later I sensed someone in the room. I flicked the bedside lamp on and she was standing watching me. She looked embarrassed to be caught. “I don’t want to go back, everyone’s enjoying themselves, but me”. She stepped forward and sat on the bed.

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   “Are you ok?” I asked. “I’m so lonely at the moment, and feel neglected” she replied. “I’m so ugly and none of the boys at school want to go out with me”. I tried hard not to laugh. She maybe was no supermodel, but she certainly was an attractive looking girl. “Sure you’re pretty, maybe the boys round here are just stupid” I told her. “Do you think I’m pretty?” “In that outfit, you are gorgeous” “What about out of it?” “Sorry” “I want to show you my new underwear” I was shocked, and not sure what to say. She took my silence as approval and raised her dress over her head, revealing a very pretty pink bra, barely covering her small, nearly formed breasts, and pink panties, quite high cut. She also had tights on, but quickly removed them. “What do you think?” “I think you are a very beautiful young lady, but you really should put your dress back on. ” She smiled sweetly at me, leaned forward and kissed me gently on the mouth. It was like kissing a feather, and I was quickly getting excited. She had her hands round my back and was pulling me closer to her. I could feel her small breasts squashed against my chest. I didn’t believe this was happening, and knew I should stop it, but there was no way I could resist her.

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   I rubbed my hand up and down her back, gently caressing her, and she was moaning softly in my mouth. I brought her down on the bed beside me and kissed her neck, with my hand on her bra. I cupped her softly, and rubbed gently. I could feel the nipple hardening to my touch. I eased the cup away and exposed her to the cool air. Her breasts were small, but perfect, and she had lovely hard nipples. I moved my head down and took her breasts in my mouth, one at a time, going from left to right and back again. I reached behind and undid the clasp, removing her bra altogether. She was breathing deeply, and obviously enjoying the attention. I looked at her small frame, she was really beautiful and so innocent looking. I kissed her nipples, and slowly moved my tongue down to her stomach, and then back up again. Her nipples were rock hard now, and looked perfect sticking up in the air. I nibbled on them one at a time, bringing gasps from her. I moved my hand over her panties, and gently rubbed her. I slowly worked my way down the outside of them, moving left and right, touching the exposed skin on either side.

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   I could feel the warmth radiate from her. Her legs were parted, and I moved further down, bringing another gasp as my hand slid over her panty-clad clit. I kept working down, and could by now feel the wetness soaking through her panties. I rubbed gently on her lips, and then back up the way, teasing her, pushing her to the limits. My mouth was working up and down her stomach, every so on reaching one or other breast, and sucking on the nipple. I reached the top of her panties, and lifted the waistband, she lifted her hips, and I pulled them down. My fingers went exploring again on her soft skin, as my mouth worked back down to her stomach and this time didn’t stop there. My fingers reached her wet opening as my mouth reached her clit. I must admit to being surprised how pronounced it was on such a young girl, but it was well erect, and looking for attention. My mouth obliged, as my fingers gently parted her lips, and slid softly inside. She was so wet, there was no friction, but I didn’t want to go too far inside, not yet anyway. I sucked on her clit, my fingers soaking wet by now, rubbing on her pussy lips, and then she started to groan. She was really having a good time, and I moved my mouth down to taste her wet juices, just as she started to cum. Loads of liquid oozed from her young body, as I sucked and dank it all up. She was buckling her hips up and down, forcing her pussy into my mouth.

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   My hands were holding onto her hips, my fingers over her sweet round ass. She stopped her orgasm, and let out a big sigh. “Wow, that was fantastic, much better than when I do it myself” she said. “Glad to be of service” I replied, moved my lips up to kiss her. She tasted her juices off my lips, licking them all away. I moved my hands back to her pussy, and started gently opening her lips. I slid my finger inside, and back out again. She was still so wet, and desperate for more. I slid my shorts off, and moved over her. Promising to be gentle, I held put the head against her opening, and slid it in. I only put the head inside, giving her the chance to get used to the feeling. Her legs opened wider, and she moved her hips up to meet me. I took this as a sign she was in no discomfort, and pushed further inside. I felt a little resistance, and stopped there, once again giving her the chance to get used to it. She was grimacing slightly, and I lay there for a few seconds, not wanting to hurt her.

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   She then nodded, and I pushed in, all the way, breaking any resistance left. She let out a yelp, and her eyes were tight shut. I stayed inside her completely for a while, before slowly withdrawing, then re-entering. This time there was no resistance, and no yelp. Her eyes were wide open, and she was clearly enjoying it. I started to move in and out, and soon she joined in the rhythm. We thrashed together for a while, and I heard her start to cum again. This time she lifted her hips, and crossed her ankles behind me, forcing me deeper in, where I lost all control, pumping my load deep inside her. We continued to move for a bit, then stopped. Both out bodies were covered in sweat. We lay there for a short time, just thinking, then she leant over and kissed me. I must have dropped off to sleep because when I awoke I was alone. I sat up in bed, and switched the light on, had I dreamt it? I looked around the room, but there was nothing to suggest it had been real, or a dream. I went to the toilet, and on the way back stopped at my jacket to get my reading glasses. In the inside pocket was a soaking wet pair of pink panties.

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