The Summer of my 15th Year


The next summer, like the previous, I had several sexual adventures, culminating in an almost two week-long affair with the father of one of the girls in my crowd. He was a wonderful and patient man who loved having sex with me. I learned so much from him that serves me well to this day. He introduced me to oral sex, male to female. In other words, he ate me, and sexed me that way to a crashing orgasm.   What a thrill!  He also tongued my anus, thus demonstrating yet another erogenous zone! (As an aside, at 18 my entire body was an erogenous zone. Come to think of it, it still is!) He also taught me much of male anatomy, especially how to orally service a man. He loved instructing me on how to stroke and suck his lovely penis, cupping his balls or ass cheeks as I pleasured him.   He taught me about the "bridge of sighs", which he told me was what he Japanese called the ridge than runs from a man's testicles to his anus, and how to lick it slowly and lovingly while pulling slowly on his meat.   He taught me that it wasn't dirty to tongue his asshole, and that it gave him as much pleasure as it did when he did it to me.    But, now I was 15!  While I still lean and not fully "womanly", I had filled out some from the previous summer. My breasts were larger, and fuller,  but my hips were still narrow with, what I have learned reading other stories here is called a "bubble butt. " My legs were and still are long and lean, but then were very colt-like. My auburn hair was streaked red and gold from the sun, and I had a nice dusting of freckles over the bridge of my nose. My eyes are a greenish hazel color, and my lips are nice and full, and my skin was, according to my father, golden.    I began to notice that men were beginning to stare at me as I sashayed along the boardwalk more than they had in previous years.

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   It made me very happy and excited to be "ogled" and occasionally whistled at by men along the way. I would walk in such a way that my breasts would jiggle, and it gave me pleasure to know that heads were turning.    I joined up with some of the same kids from the previous summer at Wildwood, NJ, and we roamed the boardwalk in loose clusters of ever-changing mixes of boys and girls.   The boys wore mostly shorts or swim trunks and t-shirts, usually with the logo of some surf or skateboard shop, barefooted or with simple sandals.   We girls wore shorts or bikinis, usually with a t-shirt and flip-flops.     Most of we girls carried fabric or wicker beach-bags with makeup, sun-screen and other female paraphernalia.    I was out of the door by 18 in the morning, and rarely home before Midnight, which was my curfew. My curfew was loosely enforced because my parents were out most evenings and I was left to police myself (with predictable results). My older brother, now 18, was swimming with a more rarely atmosphered crowd of young people in their later teens or twenties doing whatever they did. I never asked him, but I hope he was having as much fun sexually as I was.    But, the morning of the second day we were in Wildwood four our annual two week vacation, I was up and out earlier than usual; about nine. I was strolling by myself along a street about two blocks off the boardwalk. I was on my way to the beach from the house we rented. The day was not yet hot, and the air smelled of salt. With each step along the sandy pavement, there was a small "shussh" from the slipping of my flip-flops.

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    I was happy.      At the far end of the block was a store I had visited once or twice, but each time before I was part of the summer flock of young girls and boys. The sign above the door was an old surfboard mounted to the wall and painted with "Bill’s Surf Shop. "  On a whim, I detoured into the front door.      Pausing just inside the entrance, I took off my sunglasses, which were over-sized to conform with the fashion then.   I popped them into my bag, and paused to get my bearings. There didn't appear to be anyone in the store, so I sort of gingerly began to stroll among the racks of t-shirts, swimming suits and other beach gear.   I stood for a moment looking at the racks of gaily painted boards, when I was startled by a man's voice saying, "See anything you like?"      I jumped and turned quickly to see a nice looking middle-aged man standing behind the counter and in front of a curtained doorway. He had sun bleached brown-gold hair, a nice tan, smile lines at the corners of his blue eyes and nice dimples when he smiled. His teeth were white and straight, and I guessed he had worn braces when younger.      I couldn't help but smile back at him.      I felt a bird-like flutter in my chest caused only in part by being startled, and an every-so-slight tingle centered on my "button" nestled at the top of my sex.   I had to resist the urge to touch myself there. It was by far the strongest initial reaction I had ever had to a man.      "Uh, no," I stammered.

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   I felt my face burn with an adolescent blush.      "You don't like my stuff," he said, smiling even more broadly while spreading his arms wide, while walking from behind the counter. He was about six feet tall, wearing baggy bleached khaki shorts and a faded blue-patterned Hawaiian shirt, with gray flip-flops on his feet. He had sturdy legs and appeared very trim. I could see the muscles working in his upper and forearms as he gestured. God, he was lovely!      "No, no," I exclaimed, waving my hands like I was shaking off sticky spider webs. "No, I mean, what I mean is, I'm just looking. " For some reason I quickly looked around as if to underscore my intentions.      "Have you been in before?" he asked.      "No," I blushed again, "I mean 'yes'," I said. “I’ve been in a couple of times with friends. . , last summer"     "Well, usually no one's here this early," he said, waving his hand in an arc. "Most of my main customers are surfers and they're on the water until about ten or ten-thirty, and the kids don't usually appear until later. "     "I was just walking down to the boardwalk. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

  . . " I looked up as he walked over to me, his hand reaching out.      "I'm Bill," he said, shaking my hand.    I found myself looking up at him smiling at his obvious warmth. His right hand grasped mine in a warm but firm grip, while his over covered my wrist. I could feel the blood pulsing through me.      "I'm Elaine. . ," I said softly.   Without thinking, my left hand drifted up and covered his. Looking at him, I slid my hand softly up his left forearm, feeling the warmth and the firm muscles under his tan skin. "Elaine," I repeated softly.        I felt a heaviness in my vagina, and as I inhaled deeply, I could feel my nipples pushing against the fabric of my bikini top.   I saw as Bill looked down at my breasts.

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   His eyes dilated in appreciation.   I don't know who did it, but somehow we were suddenly closer, our four hands between us, touching each other's midsections.      "Elaine," he said, not as a question, nor as the prelude to saying anything else. It was just to say my name. I felt goose-bumps rise on my flesh as he bend down and touched my lips with his. "Ohhhhhhhh," was all I could think as I pushed my soft lips against his. I opened my lips to his tongue as it slipped into my mouth. His left hand rose up, mine still covering it, and it cupped my right breast through my top. I felt my nipple harden. . , instantly. His right leg slipped between mine, and his thigh pressed up against my sex. I could feel the instant heat of contact as the hard muscle of his leg pressed against the softness of my cunt, pressing the flesh against my public bone.      I'm afraid I began to hump his leg slightly, scratching the itch in my button, my clit. I felt the breath leave my body as we ground softly against each other, while his hand squeezed by tit.

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   It felt just soooooo good.      Slowly Bill's tongue receded from my mouth, leaving behind a wonderfully fresh male taste.   "Wow," he whispered.      "My eyes were still shut when I heard myself say, "Ummmmm. . . " which was all I could come up with. I felt something like a cool breeze between my legs and on my tingling breast as he released me and stepped back. "Ummmm," I repeated.      "Just a sec," he said. I opened my eyes and watched him stride quickly to the front door. He closed it, snapped the deadbolt and turned around the "Open" sign to the "Closed" side.      Returning, and without a word, he took my hand and gently guided me behind the counter, holding one of my hands with the other of his in the small of my back. I could feel the warmth of his firm touch as he sort of "pushed" me along through the curtain and into the back room.   The storage room was dimly lit with rows of shelving containing all manner of things.

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    Near the back were two doors, one with the universal symbols for a unisex bathroom, and another marked "Private. "  Opening that door, Bill lead me into his private office.      The office was narrow with a battered fabric-covered couch, a desk at one end with piles of papers heaped on it, an old surf board leaning at a forty-five degree angle along one wall. The other wall, behind the couch, was covered with surfing competition posters and photographs of surfers "shooting the curl. "     We stood for just a moment looking at each other. I was nearly overwhelmed by the speed of the kiss and the run to his office. I was "nearly" overwhelmed, but not totally. I was excited. My legs started to tremble, not from fear but from anticipation.   Then. . , then Bill stepped close to me again and covered both my breasts with his large hands, mashing them into my upper chest and igniting a fire in me.      I quickly unbuttoned his shirt and began running my hands over his chest and stomach. He reached behind me and pulled the string on my bikini top, freeing my breasts, which were now large enough to "swing" by themselves. I looked down to find his belt and saw myself.

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   My breasts were already red and my nipples were poking out almost half an inch. My aureole were engorged, a dark rosy red and about the size of a half dollar.   I watched my hands pull on Bill's belt as he ran his hands beneath the elastic of my suit bottom, and felt, no, massaged, my ass cheeks, pulling me only slightly toward his groin.      I pulled on his belt, freeing the clasp, and I nervously undid the button and pulled the zipper on his fly down.   His shorts dropped to the floor. When I said earlier that he was "lovely" I had no idea just how lovely he was.   His penis, not yet fully erect, was large, thick, with a wonderfully full head crowning the top. There was a large blue vein running like a wriggling snake just under the skin along the top. His nest of public hair looked silky, and his testicles were large and hung down, one slightly lower than the other. I know I must have gasped as I gazed at his half-hard member.      I thought my lover from last summer was large. But, Bill was nearly as large tumescent. Bending, Bill kissed my neck and began to pull my bikini bottom down my thighs. I wiggled my legs up and down, helping him drop them below my knees and then to the floor.   I quickly stepped free of them, now fully naked to his gaze.

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    He stood back slightly, smiling an evil-looking smile while pulling his shirt from his strong surfer's torso. We stood there for a moment drinking in each other, now dressed each only in flip flops.      "You are sensational!" he said, reaching for my waist. I stepped forward into his hands, pushing my pelvis forward to make contact with his wonderful organ. I could feel the tip pushing against my upper thighs, my cunt lips parting slightly, spreading to include his shaft within my hot folds, pushing my growing clit against him.   Bending down again, he cupped my ass in his hands, and took one of my nipples into his mouth, biting gently on it and then sucking hard! An electric-like bolt of fire lanced from my sensitive nipple through my stomach, exploded against his cock and fired down my legs, causing my thighs to spasm. "Oh," I said in surprise to this rocket-blast orgasm. The fastest in my life!     My hands gripped his sides, pinching his skin over his ribs until my spasm subsided. When I caught my breath I began running my hands over his back as he suckled on my tits, first one, then the other, biting me gently and sucking. He used his hands, one to squeeze the breast he was sucking, kneading it, while the other roamed over my rump and between my legs, wetting his fingers in the outer folds of my pussy. I let my hands drop down to the prize between  his legs.      He was harder now, but still not fully erect. I grabbed his cock with both hands, surprised, really surprised and how thick his member was. I began to stroke him, feeling his penis come alive in my hands. I jumped and hardened under my touch.


   It was heavy in my hands. I felt him moan, the vibrations moving through my breast. I arched my back, pushing my breasts forward and my ass back, giving his hand back there more access to my now dripping cunt, and I could feel his fingertips pushing along my slit from the rear, one slick finger pushing against my anus electrifying my innards again with a series of small, pulsing crashes.
         Cupping his cum-heavy balls in one hand, I started to slide down, kissing his chest and upper stomach. I couldn't wait to suck his mighty organ into my mouth. I wanted to taste his maleness, his sweat and his sea-salt musk-laden cum.      Bill gripped me by the arms saying, "I can't wait. . , I just can't wait," and he pushed me backward onto the couch.   He bent over me, spreading my thighs, running his hands up and down the inside, while his giant cock bobbed between his hairy thighs.   I reached down, and using my finger tips, spread open my cunt for Bill.   He sank down with his knees on the edge of the cushion, one arm holding the back of the sofa, and the other gripping his cock, pointing his blood-engorged penis at my small, pink, slick opening.        I watched as the large, now red mushroom head approached my hole, and I wondered if it would hurt. I hadn't had sex since the previous summer, and he looked just so damn big. (I have to stop here for just a moment to give you an idea of how turned on I was I never even considered asking him to put on a condom, which I was pretty good about.


        In an earlier story I said that being an adolescent is a form of mental disease. )     I watched as he rubbed the spongy head of his wonderful, wonderful cock up and down my crack touching my swelling clit, and causing my hips to begin, quite on their own, to move up and down in counterpoint to his rubbing. He covered the head with my juices, pulled it back and I caught a look at it, all shiny with my sex slime, the skin on the shaft tight and bulging with blue and red veins.   Then. Then he pushed his cock heading into my willing hole, splitting me just a bit as he covered about an inch or so of this shaft, below the head, with my secretions, pulled back until just the tip was in me. I caught my breath, knowing what we about to happen.      Then, he pushed. He pushed deep into me in one giant, filling stroke, his massive tool splitting my cunt wide. My mouth opened in a spasm, as his shaft slid suddenly down and down, deep into my womb. When he bottomed out, his downy covered balls rolling against my rectum, a small squeak came from me. I looked up at him, and smiled down at me, his cock head pulsing within me, resting tightly against my cervix.      He was deeper in me than any man had ever been.   And I loved it.   He remained still, watching me, my hands resting on his forearms, his cock deep in me, our bodies curved with parentheses, and joined only at our groins. He began to breath easily.

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       He waited. For what I didn't know. I began to wiggle. First left and right, then back and forth, trying to get him to fuck me.      "What's the matter?" he asked, smiling slightly.      "Well, ummm," I said, "Aren't you going to. . , you know. . . Do it?" I answered.      "What?" he said, "Do what?  "I closed my eyes and said, "Fuck me," in a whisper.      "What? What did you say," he said,     "Fuck me!" I blurted out, "Fuck me goddamnitall!" I pounded on his arms with my fists and wiggled my middle around his wonderfully filling shaft. I felt it squish inside me, and I clinched my cunt muscles gripping, massaging his dick. "Oh, ahhh, ahh, ummm.

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      . . "     "Bill," he said.      "Yeah, Bill! Fuck me now!"  I said though gritted teeth.      And then.   And then. . , he began to slide ever so slowly and slickly out of me. I could feel my cunt lips sliding along his thick, hot shaft, and the rim of his cock head sliding over the ridges inside my vagina.   He seemed to take forever to pull, pull, pull, pull back, slowly out of me. Until. Until just the very tip of his cock was touching my pussy.      I ached at the void he left in me. My insides felt hollow. Hollow and hungry for his penis.

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        "Oh, pleeeeaseee," whispered, tears stinging the corners of my eyes. "I just wanted to hear you say it," he said, suddenly slamming his cock back into me with such force as it took my breath away. I felt my breasts slide up my chest and then back in reaction to the force of his thrust. I'm sure my eyes opened wide with the power of his cock filling me. "Ahhhh," is all I said as he began a wonderful, rhythmic pumping of his long, fat penis in and out of my cunt. I clutched at it each time we withdrew, and opened for him with each inward movement. In and out. In and out. I could feel his sliding inside me, empty, full, empty, full, my breasts quivering with each slide of his cock. He bent down and covered my mouth with his, all the while pumping, pumping, filling me. His hot tongue slipped into me and swirled in my mouth as he fucked me. In and out. In and ooouuttt. My legs wrapped around him as he fucked me, my hips rising to meet each thrust, our bellies began to slap together with a wet sound as he filled and emptied me, over and over and over, and I could feel his large, lovely balls slapping my asshole like weighted orbs. My breath became ragged as I breathed through my nose, his mouth sucking on my tongue as I began to thrust it in and out of his sucking mouth in rhythm with his cock fucking me. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

       He fucked my cunt with his massive cock, and I fucked his mouth with my hot tongue! I could feel our saliva running out of the corners of our mouths and down my neck, mimicking the juices from my cunt. When he broke the kiss, I gasped for air as his weight fell on me, squashing my breasts against my ribcage. His hips began a rapid in and out pumping, faster and faster. I grabbed him around his back, my heels up in the air as his ass rose and fell, pulling and pumping his cock out and it, out and in. My thighs began to feel on fire, and my abdomen began to feel heavy, heavier, heaviest as his cock swelled even larger in me.   "I'm close," he said, as he pumped rapidly in and out, inandoutinand out. Suddenly he shoved deeply into my swollen cunt, pulled half way out, shove in again, out partway and in again, then, he ground his public bone against mine and I felt fiery spurt and fiery spurt as his cum erupted again and again into my vagina. He shuddered, pulled partly out, and shoved into me again, and again I felt his sperm spewing into me, flooding my pussy with his spunk.   I gripped his ass, pulling him tighter to me, deeper in me as I began to white out in the overwhelming wave of a tsunami-like orgasm. My face was buried in between his neck and shoulder as I lay limply under him. His cock began to deflate, but even as it declined in its size, it still seemed to fit me better and more fully than my previous lovers had while hard. That may be a slight overstatement, but not much of one. I felt our mingled juices sliding out of my cunt and running down over his balls and my anus, hot, slippery and wonderful.   I gripped his cock with my cunt muscles several times, listening to him breathing, catching his breath. I could feel the mingled sweat of our bodies cooling between us.

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       I began to gently stroke, to explore his strong back and wide shoulders, running my hands over his tight ass. Just feeling him, his heartbeat alive against mine as we lay quietly. I felt so small beneith his large frame, but I also felt very, very content. "That," he said, "Was magic. ""That," I said, "Was the best!"And I smiled.        .



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