The Storm


I live in an old telephone company microwave repeater site that at one time was the office for about 30 technicians. There are both an upstairs and basement, so I have three huge living areas. The best part is all the utilities were designed for a lot of equipment, so I have no problem heating and cooling living spaces. I also have a large generator that can supply all my electrical needs for over two weeks without having to get more fuel. The house is cut into the side of a mountain about 30 road miles from the city, the last 20 miles being very rural and mostly dirt and gravel. I have one neighbor about a mile down the mountain from me. The view from my house is fabulous overlooking a valley and river, so I had one wall changed from concrete blocks to glass. One night last week we were expecting a severe storm that was a leftover of a hurricane. I stocked up on groceries, paper products, and wine and knew I could ride out almost anything from this building. Sure enough, the storm hit with a vengeance. After the second day of non-stop heavy rain, the generator started due to the electricity going out. I attempted to call the electric company, and the phone was out, also. I am an amateur radio operator, so I knew I could reach someone if necessary.
About dark, my doorbell rang. At my door was a very wet young woman looking for help. She was the daughter of the neighbor down the mountain, and was very frightened due to the lightening and thunder that echoed around the mountains.

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   Her name was Robin. She said there was no power at her house and her parents had not come home since leaving early to go to work in the city. I brought her in and put her in front of the fireplace I had installed in my living room. After getting her parents’ names and where they worked, I fired up the radio and called a friend in the city. Robin’s father worked for the county and her mother was a pastry chef at one of the larger hotel resorts in the area. My friend connected me with the county office where Robin’s father worked and they said they would contact him and get back in touch through my friend and the radio. They also told me that the road to my area was closed due to landslides and two bridges washed away. It might be close to a week before someone could get back up here.
Robin’s father called about 7 pm and talked to me about Robin’s dilemma. I told him I had many large bedrooms, and Robin could have the entire second floor to herself and I would not mind if she stayed here and I would enjoy some company. He agreed and Robin was glad she did not have to stay at her house with no electricity. We drove down to her house and got her clothes and other items she would need, and returned to my house. Robin decided to stay on the main floor guest bedroom and moved right in. She would have a private bathroom and access to the kitchen. Later, she took a shower and came into the living room wearing flannel pajamas and asked if I had any movies on DVD or tape.

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   She chose a movie that was less violent than most and we made some microwave popcorn then watched the movie. After the movie, she leaned over and gave me a little kiss on the cheek to thank me. I could not help noticing her breasts when she leaned over and the pajamas drooped open at the top.
When I awoke in the morning, there was a delightful aroma coming from the kitchen. Robin was making homemade cinnamon rolls. She also had coffee ready. As we sat eating breakfast, I asked about her and her family. She was 18 years old last month and about to start her senior year of high school. She is an only child of a mixed race couple, her father being African American, and her mother Caucasian. She was born in Paris, France, but they moved to the United States when she was only 7 months old. She plans to go to Paris after graduating to attend University and become a chef like her mother.
She asked about me, and I told her I was 28 years old and was a freelance writer and photographer. I had inherited a lot of money about 3 years ago so I did not need to work for the money, but enjoyed it because it kept me outside a lot. She asked why I was not married, and I explained my wife had been killed in a work related accident 3 years ago, and it was then I discovered that my wife was very wealthy, the only heir to a large fortune 500 company and had millions of dollars. Robin asked me if I had any children, and I told her that I had a very bad case of mumps when I was a child, and could not have children.

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   She smiled a little, looked at me strangely and said, “Oh?”
For the rest of the day, I cleaned up around the house while she baked and explored the house. Finally in the afternoon, the rain quit and the clouds started to break up. We went outside and what a mess. The small stream that ran down the mountain was full of mud and huge boulders and trees were down everywhere. I knew I had my work cut out for me with the chainsaw clearing the trees from the drive and roadway, but that would have to wait for tomorrow. For today, we would enjoy some respite from the storm and watch some movies and television.
For dinner she fixed a fabulous roast and I told her I would clean up. She said she would go take a shower and be back and we could watch a movie. She was a good cook, but did she ever make a mess. She was in the living room with a robe around her waiting for me. I came in and she started the movie. IT WAS A PORN MOVIE. I did not think to hide them. Although I was surprised, she said, “Oh, sit down. I have seen porno before, but have some questions I thought you could answer for me.

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“Okay, what questions?”
“Let’s watch the movie and as things come up, you can explain. ”
“Come UP?”, I thought?
It was a typical suck and fuck movie, interracial, bi-sexual, a little bit of everything except bestiality.
When the first woman went down on the man, Robin paused the movie. “There”, she said, “The guys dick. Why is she licking the underside but not the sides and top?”
“Some parts of a man’s penis are more sensitive than others, and she is working on the sensitive areas. ”
“Show me on yourself. ”
“I don’t think that is such a good idea. ”
“You are 18 and I am 28. ”
“I am not a virgin, but the two guys that fucked me did just that – fucked me like, slam-bam-thank you-ma’am. I have never had an orgasm, and since you told me you could not make me pregnant, I want you to make love to me. Not just fuck, but make love. ”
With that statement, two things happened: 1. She got up and dropped her robe and was wearing baby doll pajamas that were see-thru and nothing on under them, and 2. I got an instant, monster, erection (after all, it had been almost 3 years since I had sex – except for masturbation).
Robin came over to me and gave me a kiss that I don’t think I will ever forget.

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   She glued her lips to me, slightly open, and used just a little tongue. She did not press hard, and it made my head swim. She then took my hand and placed it on her breast. Although I knew this was not right, I ceased thinking about that time and let instinct take over.
I massaged her breast and then raised her top over her head. Gorgeous is the only word to describe the breasts on this young woman - about 32B and no sagging at all. Her aureoles were on the smallish size and her nipples were like a couple of pencil erasers. I started kissing her breasts and kneading them to her moans of pleasure. Slowly I worked my way down from her breasts with my hands and pushed down the panties of her pajamas. When I started teasing her labia with my fingers, I found she had a shaved pussy. It was getting better all the time. Finally, I pushed the lips of her pussy apart and moved my finger down the slit. I went down to the moisture and drew it up her slit where I found her clitoris. As I started moving my finger over her clit, she started pushing upward against my hand.
I could wait no longer, and started kissing my way south while I put my thumb into her pussy and my middle finger on her clit and applied pressure from the inside as well as the outside.


   She had her first ever orgasm. She pushed against me while she shook like she was having a seizure. I released the pressure on her clit and continued to kiss down toward her Venus mound. She put her hands on my head and when I stretched the skin over her clit with my lips and started flicking her clit with my tongue, she pulled my head into her crotch will all her strength and had her second orgasm.
As I let her rest a little, I took off my shirt, kicked off my sandals, as started to remove my shorts. She said, “NO! I want to do it”. She pulled down my shorts leaving my briefs in place and looking at the bulge. She ran her fingernail all around the bulge and ran her fingers back and forth causing me a great deal of pleasure and desire to free this living appendage and let it do the work it was designed for.
Robin then slowly started pulling down my underwear. When my dick sprang from the material, she just stopped and studied it. She said, “I have never seen a penis up close and hard before. It is beautiful. It moves on it’s own when I touch it. What is the liquid at the slit?”
I explained about pre-cum and said it was similar to the wetness between her legs when she is excited. The purpose is lubrication.

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“I want you to teach me to give a blowjob like the women in the porn flicks. ” Needless to say, I agreed, and she was such a good student. After about 5 minutes of instruction, she proved she could pass the final exam with an A+. Deep throat was something she needed a little more study on, but we decided to get past the gag reflex would take lots and lots of practice.
I told her it was time to examine different sexual positions. Her favorite was being on top where she could control how much pressure was on her clit. I especially liked lying there and watching my dick go into and out of her beautiful shaved pussy. The outstroke pulled her pussy partly wrong side out then she pushed back down putting everything right! It did not take long for the stirring in my loins to demand release, and I had a very strong orgasm. My orgasm brought on another orgasm for Robin and it lasted a long time with her controlling it.
She started to cry. “What’s wrong”, I asked.
“I have never had such a wonderful feeling in my life”
We continued this ritual for three days. On the 4th day, we heard a noise from outside and it was an ATV with a Sheriff’s Deputy riding it. He checked on us and told us the road would be open tomorrow. Now we knew we had to make the night special, knowing it would probably be the last time we would be together.

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The next morning I noticed the generator was not running. The electricity was back on. Later, the phone rang and it was Robin’s father saying he was at home. I took Robin home and just before arriving, she kissed me and told me she would never forget me. After graduation, Robin went to Paris to study. About a year later, I went to Paris to see her. We toured France, Switzerland, and Italy and then it was time for her to get back to her studies. I returned home to await her return, since we had such a great honeymoon in Italy.
That was 18 years ago. We still live in the same house and her parents still live down the mountain, and Robin works with her mother, who is the head chef at the resort.