The sleep over


My neighbour was a very hot woman and a very important person in her firm.   Her husband had left many years earlier when their daughter Kim was only 5 or 6.   Linda was in her late 20s and since her job was so demanding, there were times when she needed someone to care for Kim later into the evening.   Kim and I rode the same bus to school for years.   She was a good kid but a bit spoiled.  
I had been watching Kim for about a year now.   Usually, it was for only an hour or two after school until her mom got home.   But once in awhile, I'd have to stay until 8 or 9 pm.   My parents didn't mind because they knew I was a responsible young man.   I'd just turned 18 a few months ago and for my birthday I received some pretty cool things.   My dad had bought me an old van and my friends and I were doing a really cool paint job.   I am a bit of an artist and love to work on cars and trucks.
Linda had first asked me to watch Kimberly about a week after her husband had left her.   She was very bitter.   She was angry all the time and would yell at Kim often.   One day after she had come home from work late on a Friday night, I could tell that she had been drinking and was very tipsy.

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    I was amazed that she had parked the car in the garage without hitting anything.   This was the turning point of our friendship.   You see, she asked me about Kim and I told her she was asleep and then she says "Good, now I can pay you, fuck you and let you go home"  then she added, "I mean, if you don't mind fuckin' an ugly older chick that no one else wants. "  Well, let me tell you, it was short and sweet for me.   I pretty much blew all over her when she got my cock out of my pants.   She was disappointed and left saying something like "I should have known he wouldn't last long"  I left that night and ever since, she has made efforts to do it to me again.   She told me a few days later that we shouldn't tell anyone or she could get into trouble and I told her that I wouldn't if she would teach me how to last longer.   Well, any night she stays out later and Kim is asleep in bed when she gets home, she teaches me.  
So, Linda and I have a really good connection and she pays me too.   But Kim is older now and stays up later and later.   We almost got caught once and I haven't had any of Linda for 3 months now.
Anyway, two days ago, Linda sees me heading out to my van to go to school when she was leaving for work and asks me if I can watch Kim and a few of her friends Friday night until she gets home.   "Sure" I responded with a wink.   "Listen Dan, I know we were having some fun but it has to stop now okay?" " I know, I guess it would be just nice to have one more good time"  "Maybe, but not this time, Kim is having her two friends over for the night and we'll never have any time together, maybe in a few weeks"
I understand what she means, I mean, she could get in lots of trouble or worse, I could.   I left for school that morning thinking of Linda's perky C cup breasts.

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    So soft yet so firm.   Linda shaved her hot pussy except for one tiny patch in the shape of a diamond.   Her firm long legs and that nice tight assss. s. ss. s. s WOW!! I soon realized that I shouldn't think about her while driving.   Not only did I have a hardon but I had drove off the road.
Thursday evening, the phone rings and it's Kim on the phone.   "Hi Dan, do you mind picking up me and my friends after school tomorrow.   They are supposed to be bringing their stuff and don't want to carry it on the bus?"  "Sure Kim, that's fine, see you tomorrow"  " ok, bye
After school on Friday I picked up Kim and her friends and began driving home.   They were all laughing and giggling, joking around so much I was a bit annoyed.   Of Kim's friends, the one named Susan was the most outspoken.   " Just drive big fella, we'll pay ya later. "  "Ya Dan, we have some surprizes for you.

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What ever, I thought to myself.   This was going to be so annoying.   I am so glad that I only have to watch them for an hour or so.   At least that's what I thought until we got them home.   The answering machine was flashing and when I played it back it was Kims mom Linda.  
"Dan, I hope you don't mind  but I'll be out of town until tomorrow afternoon.   I know this is short notice but need you to stay tonight.   Kim's friends are over because yesterday was her birthday.   She wanted a sleepover and I had already said it was okay.   Forgive me Dan, I'll make it up to you"  and the last part she had said it a little sexier than the rest.
"Oh, she'll make it up to him alright" Kim blurted out.   "She'll suck him and fuck him and make him blow his come all over. " 
"Kim . . .

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  . " I shouted as I listened to the other girls giggle and watched them cover their mouths.
"Oh, Dan, you think I don't know you screw my mom?"  Come here, as she walked to her room.   I watched in horror as she brought up pictures of me and her mom having sex.   My jaw must have dropped to the floor.  
"Where. . how. . . what do you have these for? " I asked quickly.   " to show my friends, they didn't believe me" she said cheerfully.   " but . . .

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   I mean. . . you. . . "
"Oh stop silly" Kim said with a big huge smile.   "My mom isn't coming home because I showed her the photos too"  " What??" I exclaimed.
"Look, I've been watching you and my mom screw for over a year.   Now that I'm 14, I wanna try it too.   So, I invited my friends who want to learn to have sex too and we are gonna have sex with you tonight"  all said with a smile.   Then Kim quickly jumped up and said:  "You, Dan, are my birthday gift and I'm gonna share you with my friends tonight.   Mom's gonna come home tomorrow and pretend she doesn't know anything has happened.   It's a win win for you"
I couldn't believe what I had heard.   I was pretty much trapped but at the same time, the other girls were smiling and it was making me uncomfortable.

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    Actually, I was getting a boner.   I stepped out of the room and was followed by the girls.  
"So, now what?" I asked, with a bit of fear in my voice.  
"Well, why don't you make us something to eat and we are gonna get ready.   Come on girls, lets get ready. "  and off they went back into Kim's room.
As I began creating a few sandwiches for them I could hear them laughing and giggling.   I was a bit nervous.   I mean, Kim had set this whole thing up.   Likely talking her friends into this just so that they could see my dick up close.   Kim's two friends, Susan and Lisa were pretty normal 13/14 year olds.   Lisa had lighter sandy blond hair that was just past her shoulders.   She was very thin and had long legs.   Her breasts were no more than nipples growing though.   A little growth but nothing more than golf ball bumps under a bra.

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    Susan however, she had nice breasts, at least from what I had noticed.   Susan even wore tops that allowed cleavage to show so I knew she had nice titties.   Susans legs were not nearly as long as Lisa's but were firm. The difference was that Susan has one of those nice plump bubble butts.   Lisa really didn't have much of a butt while wearing jeans but Susan filled out her jeans very nicely.   Susan's face was a soft round face filled with a smile all the time.   Her hair was jet black, straight and very very long.   Kim, was much more like Lisa, although her titties were three times the size.   I had seen Kim many times in shorts and bathing suits over the years but I have never really thought about her in a sexual way.   Now I was just finding out what exciting shapes she really had.
Kim and the other two were playing dressup for me, they soon came out wearing some really skimpy outfits.   I have a few photos of Kim and her friends from the next time we all got together and I'll look for them to show you when I have time to write about our next adventure. Anyway, back to the party.   The girls came out of Kim's room and jumped around and teased me in about ten minute intervals then disappeared into her room again to put on something else.
I finally had had enough of this and decided to tell them that their sandwiches were ready and they need to get out here and eat them or they'll be garbage.

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    I yelled it into her room just as the door opened.   There she was, laying on her bed with her friend Lisa between her legs.   Susan was standing at the door and said," we thought we'd have desert first"  then she laughed.   Kim looked up from where she laid and said " want some of this?"  Just then, Lisa jumped back, almost imbarrased that she was down on Kim.
I left the room quickly, with a raging hardon.   Oh, man that was hot.   I went into the living room and sat on the couch just as the girls all came into the living room.   Kim dropped to her knees infront of me, looked into my eyes and says "all I wanted for my birthday was to have you like my mom does. now you don't want to disappoint me do you?  I am pretty aren't I?  You didn't give me anything for my birthday did you?  So, give me what I want and I'm sure that the three of us can make you happy. "
I was tingling all over.   My cock was so hard I thought it would rip my jeans.   "Yes, do what you want. I'm yours, just do what ever you want. "  I couldn't believe I had just said this to three horny young girls.   I knew I'd blow my load in just a few seconds if they touched me.

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Next thing I know, my jeans are off, my boxers are off, my t-shirt is on the floor and I've got three girls rubbing my cock, giggling and kissing each other, and me.   "I'm coming, oh, aahhh, oooohhh, I'm coming" I yelled as I blew load after load of hot come all over the girls.   They screamed with delight as it hit their faces and breasts.
      Susan quickly used her hands to rub the creamy goo all over her perky titties.   Soon I realized that my rock hard cock had softened a bit and the girls were just yanking on me so hard.   " Don't go soft now Dan, please, make it hard again. "  They whispered all sorts of funny, whining, sweet sayings to my cock as it slowly softened.   Then, just as I thought I was gonna loose all of my hard on, a jolt of electricity went through me.   Lisa had knelt right over me and sucked my cock into her mouth.   To my surprise, she was good too.   I arched my back to give her as much access to my cock as possible.
    Kim and Susan wouldn't be out done.   Both of them got right down there and watched.   One of them was carressing my balls and one hand was rubbing across my chest. By now, I didn't know where one girl started and one girl ended.

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        I was in my own world.   A world of hot passion, tingles, tension, and release.   Lisa had sucked on my cock  so well that I came in her mouth in what seemed like a few seconds.   I know it took longer than that but who was counting.   As I slumped back into the couch, I could her Lisa moaning and coughing as she ran to the bathroom.   I smiled as I knew she was going to spit out the come that had just filled her mouth.  
    "Swallow it", I gasped, "it's good for you"  as I smiled.
    "My mom does, doesn't she" I heard Kim say as a pair of hands began rubbing my now soft cock.
    "My turn" Susan yelped as she jumped ontop of me and strattled my hips.
    "I'm gonna hump you till it that dick of yours fucks my pussy Danny boy" Susan purred.
    I watched as Susan licked her lips and began rubbing her hot little body all over me.   Susan had the largest breasts of all three girls.   I watched as her perky little nipples bounced in front of my face.   Susan had one of those nice butts.   So firm and round.


        Not big, just very firm.   Her tummy was tight and straight.   This gave her a very nice hourglass figure.   A tiny tuft of hair just above her firey furnace of a pussy.  
    "Suck on my boobies Dan" as Susan shoved one of her hard little nipples to my lips.
    I greedily sucked her into my mouth.   The sounds of pleasure that I heard from her was exciting.   Humming and mumbling Susan continued to hump at me.   I could feel the heat from her pussy on my stomach so I decided to reach down and find her clit.   I knew it would drive her crazy.   And did it ever.   Susan froze for a moment above me as I shoved my fingers down to her waiting pussy.   Just then, I felt hands on my thighs.   They made their way up to my cock.   Rubbing me, stroking me, hardening my cock.

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        I knew it was Kim, I could hear her talking to me and encouraging Susan to hump me.   In my right ear I heard Lisa whispering to me.   Then nibbling on my ear as I turned to her.   Lisa kissed me right on the lips, hard.   That did it, my cock came to life again.
    "That's my man, oh ya, your cock is getting up there" Kim was purring behind a very quickly humping Susan.
    "Susan, his cock is ready for you, sit down on him" Kim instructed as Susan listened.
    I could feel the tip of my cock touch the back of my fingers as I slid them from Susans hot wet pussy.   Then I knew we were connecting cock to pussy.   Susan kept moving down on my as I slid into her.   Her pussy was so hot, and tight.   Not like Linda's pussy was.   This girl was tight.   Not to let that stop her, Susan pressed down on me letting out a small whimpering sound.   Finally, I was in as far as I was going to go from the posiiton we were in.

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        Susan let out a big moan
    "Yyyeeeeesssss" she moaned
    "This is so great, I have a cock inside me, ohhhh sooo greaaaat" Susan purred
    The other girls began to ask her questions but Susan wasn't answering.   Susan began to move her hips.   Slowly at first, her tight tummy was held in even tighter as she rocked on top of my cock.   Her hands were on my shoulders, digging in hard as she picked up speed.   Susans beautiful breasts were beginning to bounce a bit.   Her nipples were rock hard and pointing at me, yelling at me to suck on them.   I could see her mouth was open as she humped faster and faster.   My cock was rock hard now.   I did my best to lift up to her downward thrusts to gain more depth to her pussy.   Then just as I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth Susan let out a shriek of joy.   Her body tensed, I could feel her pussy clamp even tighter around my cock.   I couldn't handle it anymore, I knew she was having an intense orgasm and it shook through to me.
    "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhggg" I yelled as I came into her hot pussy.
    Both of us were sweaty and hot.   Susan simply rolled off of me and slipped to the floor.

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        I slumped back onto the couch as I felt hands all over me.   I couldn't really make out what the other girls were saying to me as I seemed to pass out from the experience.
     . . . .   Wow, I'll have to finish this later.   There is more and when I can handle writing it I will.   I'll have a look for a few pics from later experiences that will give you an idea of how awsome these hot bodies are.