The Sins of St. Sebastiens - Chapter 8


Gregor was a 18 year old student from Montreal, an orphan.   He had been sent to St. Sebastiens after multiple charges of sexual assault had been filed against him at the orphanage he had grown up in.   Although he had never done the bad things he had been accused of, at least not the way the Sisters and other women had reported it, he knew that they only accused him to protect their own lives within the Church.   But it had been the encounter with Mrs. Farrell, the wife of the orphanage's leading patron, a man with political aspirations, that doomed him.   He had taken her in the kitchens, where she had volunteered two nights a week, and she had been crying for more when Father Ambrose had walked in on them.   He was packed off to St. Sebastiens on the next train.
Now as a reluctant student, Gregor found himself more of a workhorse.   This school year, his last before being allowed to leave and make his way in the world on his own, he had been assigned to work with Father Jean-Claude, the Sub-Cellarer, in the upkeep of the buildings.   He didn't mind, as it kept his classwork to a minimum.   He also went on the weekly runs down the valley into town to pick up provisions.   This afternoon, he had accompanied Father Richard and Sister Miriam into town.
During the trip, he had sat very close to Sister Miriam, a soft, curvy nun in her late thirties who was very soft spoken.   She worked in the kitchens with Father Richard, along with a handful of others, to feed the staff and students their three square meals every day.

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Once the truck had been backed up to the porch, Father Richard instructed Gregor to unload the crates and take everything down into the cellars.   Sister Miriam would help him in getting things put away correctly.   Gregor was a strong young man, though at only 5'6" tall he was shorter than many of the other boys his age at the school.   He followed the nun down the old stone steps down into the storage cellar carrying the first of many food crates.   For the next half hour, Gregor unloaded the truck and put the crates and boxes where Sister Miriam directed.
Sister Miriam did not say much, outside of issuing directions to Gregor, and began to unbox many of the supplies and put them away for ready use.   The cellar was her personal responsibility and she knew where everything was and how much of everything they had.   She placed the supplies of salt, floor, sugar, tea, cereals, and other food stuffs within easy reach on shelves.
Gregor began to think about what some of the boys had told him as he hauled the crates down the steps.   He had heard that some of the older boys had had sexual relations with some of the nuns, under the Sisters' guidance.   He had never been told which of the nuns acted this way, and doubted the truth of the stories.   Still, Gregor began to wonder if Sister Miriam was one of the faculty with these illicit urges.   Gregor didn't have the slightest idea how to find out, without out right asking her, and he knew that that would just get him into trouble.
When the last of the crates had been brought down, Gregor felt the need to go the the water closet.   "Ma'am, is there someplace I could releive myself down here?  I have to go, bad.

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Sister Miriam looked at the boy, and then indicated a small door just to the side of the stairwell leading up into the kitchens.   "That's a small closet," she said in her meek voice.   "You can use it. "
"Thank you, ma'am," he replied and opened the door to find a very small and cramped bathroom.   The room was dingy and old, and smelled of urine, but was clean.   It also didn't have a light, so Gregor was forced to leave the door open a little to have light enough to see to aim.   He opened his trousers and pulled out his penis.   His heavy piss stream rushed out and echoed in the small room as it hit the bowl.   He sighed with relief.
Out of the corner of her eye, Sister Miriam watched the teenaged boy urinate.   She could plainly see the length of his cock, the pinkish head, and the yellow stream.   She didn't however that Gregor watched her, watching him.   As the stream of piss trailed off, Gregor began to stroke his cock.   It lengthened and grew erect under his masterbatory strokes.   He could see her eyes locked on his groin, and he turned slightly to give her a better view.

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Sister Miriam wasn't one to succumb to her lusts.   She had tried very hard over the past years to eliminate from her memory the events that had gotten her sent to St. Sebastiens.   For the first time in years, she felt the warming within her belly that had led to her being raped by her mentor, and the many times after that she gave in to his letchery.
Gregor boldly let his erection remain exposed as he stepped from the water closet.   It stood out from his trousers, pointing the way, and Sister Miriam turned quickly away from him.   She began to haphazardly put boxes up on the shelves, ignoring the boy as he stepped up behind her.   She felt him close behind her, and then his hands on her rounded butt through the heavy wool of her robes.
"Please, don't," she said softly.   He belly was full of butterflies, exited and frightened by the teen's touch on her body.   Gregor reached up the back of her robes and cupped her butt cheeks through the soft cotton of her panties.   "Please, I don't want you to. . . "
Gregor quickly pulled her panties down to mid-thigh, cutting off her plea of resistance.

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    He knelt behind her and pushed her robes up to expose her pale, naked ass.   He ran his hands over her soft flesh.
"Ooohh, no!  Please, I beg you not to," the nun implored.
Gregor ignored her, his own fires of lust taking control of his actions, as they had so often in his past.   He pried her ass globes apart and then pushed his face deep into her crack.   Gregor inhaled her musky scent deeply, and then began to lick up and down the length of her crack.
"Oh!" she gasped loudly at his warm, wet tonguing.   She couldn't help herself from leaning over the counter to give the boy greater access to her.   His mouth began to travel further down and hesitated at the tight opening of her anus.
"Ooohh!" she gasped again, louder, as he swathed her anal opening with his tongue.   She had never had a man's mouth on her groin, and the wild sensations that Gregor was giving to her made the fires burn hot within her soul.
Gregor ran his tongue around her puckered brown-eye a few more times before sliding further down along the thickening forest of dark hairs to find the hot, musky slit of the nun's pussy.
"Uuummmm!" Sister Miriam moaned when Gregor's tongue parted her labia and began to dance across her vaginal opening.   He licked at her fleshy folds and sucked on the lips before finally centering his tongue upon her hole.   He thrust his pointed tongue up into her and she responded with a gutteral moan and gush of creamy juices.

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"Oooohhhhuuuunnnnggghhhhh!" she groaned as a powerful, long-awaited orgasm poured through her.   Her knees quivered and her body twitched under the boy's oral attentions.   She could feel her body aching for him to take her.
Gregor took advantage of the nun's heated state and stood up behind her.   His rock-hard manhood pulsed with excitement as he aimed it into the center of her sex.   Her pussy seemed to twitch in antisipation.   The lips fluttered as it trying to reach back and kiss the head of his cock, just inches away.   He leaned in and stroked the head up and down the length of her slit.   Her juices coated it heavily.
"Ooohh, please, don't.   Please. . . don't," she sighed, and yet felt herself leaning back in an effort to pull his hard cock into her aching body.   "Please, Gregor, don't.

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  . . don't. . . please.   Please, don't wait. . . don't do this to me. . . don't keep me waiting!"
Gregor leaned forward into her as she leaned back into him.   His cock pried open her vagina and popped up the tight chute.
"Aaagghhh!" she grunted and tried to pull away from the invader, but he held her waist tightly to him.

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    His cock was fully inside her warm depths and he held himself still until the older woman began to relax and grew accustomed to his penetrator.   His was only the second cock to have ever entered Miriam's body and the pain of his entry was nearly unbarable to her.   Her eyes teared up and her body quivered with the agony his hardness had engulfed her with.
Without warning, Miriam's body began to quake as another intense orgasm began to play through her body.   Her pussy walls clamped down on his cock and she groaned, "Uuunnggghh!".   The added juices coated his cock and Gregor began to slowly ride himself in and out of the nun's pussy.
Within seconds, Gregor was fucking Sister Miriam with slow, strong strokes.   Her pussy slurped loudly as he rode in and out of her body.   Her moans trailed off and she lay across the counter in silence as the boy took her.   He slowly picked up his pace as his need for release began to build in his scrotum.
Miriam felt her body, and her lusts, melt on the end of Gregor's cock and her cream flowed freely.   The warm lubrication drove him on and soon he was fucking her with ever more frantic thrusts.   Both were soon grunting in time with the slapping of his heavy balls across her excited clitorous.   Each slap sent jabs of electric shock up her spine and made Miriam tremble with passions unleashed.
Gregor began to get more demanding with ever passing moment and took hold of her habit headwear.

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    He ripped it back to get a hold on her modest length brown hair.   He pulled her head back and demanded, "Beg for my cum!  Beg for me to fuck you!  Come on, Sister, let me know how I'm doing. "
"Ohh, please, stop!  Fuck me, fuck me, ooohh please no!" she responded.   "Please stop!  I beg you!  I beg you to fuck me. . . harder!  Ooohhh, yes!  Yes!  Uuuunnggg!"  Gregor pounded her vaginal flesh mercilessly.   Her body began to collapse atop the counter as he continued to have his violent way with her.   Her legs dangled between them as he drove her harder and harder through multiple orgasms.   Her mind realed and her soul burned under his demanding fuck rhythm.   It had been so long since she'd been raped, and the thrill she had known then, that had been long forgotten, had once again resurfaced itself within her.
Her pussy walls milked at the boy's cock of their own accord, drawing on his hot seed.   Gregor took hold of her left tit and began to squeeze harshly as the fleshy sack.   Her nipples were hard little marbles and ached for attention.   He took hold of one and squeezed it tight between his thumb and finger and the jolt of pain that ripped through her body set off a final, all consuming orgasm the likes of which she had never known.

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"Aaaarrrgghhhhh!  Uuuunnnnggghhhh!  Oooohhhhh!" Miriam cried out loudly, loud enough for anyone outside the cellar to hear plainly.   Her body seemed to explode and her pussy clamped down tight around Gregor's cock, holding him deep within her body.
"Ooohh, fuck!" Gregor grunted as his cock throbbed and spit white hot ropes of cum high into Sister Miriam's body.   Her womb was soon coated in hot boy seed and it warmed her insides lovingly.  
Gregor had no choice but to hold his cock deep within her, as her vaginal grip was so tight.   He panted wildly behind her, locked to her.   His sweat dripped onto her naked ass.   Finally, with a bodily shudder Miriam's pussy fluttered and relaxed around his wiltering cock.   He slipped free and stumpled back from her.   He saw the red, damaged gash of her cunt as his cum began to leak, mixed with blood.
Gregor felt suddenly ashamed, and frightened, at what he had done.   He had caused the Sister much pain in the last hour and regretted it deeply.   He pushed his flaccid cock back into his trousers and said, "I'm so sorry, ma'am.   I'm so sorry.   I don't know why.

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  . . "
Sister Miriam slowly regained her feet and pushed her robes down to cover herself.   She looked at him, feeling sorrow and pain for him instead of anger or rage.   But he did not see her expression of forgiveness.   Gregor turned away and ran up the cellar steps.   Miriam found a stool and took a seat to get her thoughts together.   She realized that she wasn't mad at all, and knew she would not report the incident or turn the boy in.   In fact, she knew then that her self-forced celibacy at St. Sebastiens had come to an end.   She began to look forward to meeting with young Gregor again.