The Sins of St. Sebastiens - Chapter 7


The afternoon was warm and bright for late summer on the western side of the Canadian Rockies.   Sister Abigale took the opportunity to take a long walk up the valley.   Her duties as the Creative Writing and Speech instructor gave her a few hours each week free, and although she had been at St. Sebastiens for nearly two months, she had yet to make many friends.   Even her chambermate, Sister Luisa, was still something of a mystery to her.   Abigale knew that the Argentine nun was just a visiting instructor for the first half of the school year, but Luisa still seemed to have made more friends.   The Argentine woman was a beauty and was often away on duties outside the grounds with others of the faculty.   Abigale felt forgotten about much of the time.
On this afternoon, Abigale followed a well-travelled trail up the valley, along the creek that fed the river with cold mountain run-off.   She had found the old barn her first week on a walk with Sister Margaret, and after the two women had made love, Abigale had begun to make the journey often to climb into the loft and look out over the beautiful valley.   She brought her Bible with her, and although she seldom read from it, it felt good to her to have it there with her while she reflected on herself and her role in the world.
As she casually hiked around a bend in the trail, Abigale saw two figures far ahead of her.   From their uniforms Abigale knew they were students, a boy and a girl.   She watched as the two ran, hand-in-hand, towards the open door of the old brown barn and enter.   Abigale was disappointed that her destination had already become occupied, and was about to turn around and hike back down the valley.   Instead, she began to wonder why the students had come up the valley, especially when they should have been in classes or at their studies.

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    This afternoon was not a free one for the students, and Abigale brought herself up and strode purposely towards the barn, ready to act the part of a faculty member of St. Sebastiens.
Joseph and Mingxia had both been students at St. Sebastiens for many years.   He was the 19 year-old son of an American Senator studying to become a priest and missionary.   He wanted nothing more than to travel the world and help the needy children of the poorest nations, and bring to them the word of God.   He was now a novice-priest and had duties outside of the classroom that included driving faculty up and down the mountain in the school's sedan.
Mingxia, called Xia by most of the faculty and her friends, was a 18 year-old asian girl that Father Murphy had rescued from a brothel in Manila when she was only 13.   She had been forced into prostitution after her family had sold her for food money to feed the other children of their family.   She had been their oldest daughter, that she knew, but everything else about her family was lost to her.   She had been drugged often, raped by soldiers, sold as a sex-slave to officials, and turned into a whore by the time Father Murphy had discovered her.   The priest had secreted her away to Canada and she had lived at St. Sebastiens ever since.
Xia had become a model student, but she still had a deep craving for the lustful activities she had left behind.   It was these cravings that Joseph had been helping her with for the last year on a regular basis.

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    They had climbed up into the loft and from behind the stacked hay bales Joseph pulled out a heavy woolen blanket, which he then lay out near the loft's door.   They would be able to see the magnificent sights of the valley beyond as they gave in to their carnal desires, as well as spot anyone approaching.   This time, however, they failed to notice Sister Abigale's arrival.
Xia was already stripping out of her school uniform blouse to display for Joseph her rounded, dark nippled breasts.   Joseph loved her dark skin and straight black hair.   Xia awakened within him a strong lust for Asian women that he welcomed with a stiffening cock.   Xia's dark brown eyes glistened with her own lust as she then watched the tall, handsome older boy strip away his own uniform.   She had left her blue skirt, white stockings, and black shoes on and dropped to her elbows and knees on the blanket.   She smiled back at Joseph as she presented her naked backside to him, and his lengthening spear.   Although he was only 6 inches when hard, his cock was thick and spread her wide when inside her.   She loved it!
"Come on, Joey," she said in her thick Asian accent.   "Give me your cock.   Fuck me with that big, hard manflesh.   I want you to make me cum!"  She wiggled her butt and pulled her skirt higher up her hips.   She seldom wore underwear, liking to be able to get a hard cock inside her aching pussy without delay reguardless of when or where she was.

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Joseph knelt behind the younger girl.   "You slut-whore!" he grinned.   "Get ready to be fucked!"  He took hold of her slim hips with both hands and with a gentle prod of his hips his cockhead poked between the gaping folds of her well-fucked cunt.  
"Oooohh, yes!  Fuck me!" she gasped and leaned back into his grasp as he leaned forward into her.   His cock pushed steadily up the length of her vaginal tunnel, lubricated by the thick juices of her cunt.  
"Uuummm, God yeeessss!" Xia moaned as her pussy began to flutter through the first of her orgasms.   Although she had been fucked for as long as she could remember by men of all types, she never failed to have a mild orgasm as their cocks buried themselves within her body.  
"Oooohhh, yeeesss!  Fuck meee, Joey!  Fuck me good!" she gasped and dropped her head down while rocking her head back to begin meeting his frantic thrusts.  
Joseph enjoyed nothing better than fucking Xia.   His cock seemed to fit so well inside her willing pussy.   It had been nearly a week since he'd had a chance to empty his scrotum inside a hot pussy and when Xia had suggested they take a hike after the noon meal, he was all for it.   He pounded his thick cock into her and drove her nearly flat onto the blanket.
"Fuck mee!  Fuck meee!" she demanded as Joseph's cock pistoned inside her steadily.   "Harder, Joey!  Fuck me harder!  I want to cuuummm!"  Her body trembled and she whailed as another, stronger orgasm made her body quake beneath his weight.   Xia could become a raging whore at these times and images of her immoral past would flood her mind.

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    So many of the priests and boys of St. Sebastiens have had their lustful way with her willing body in the past, and she knew it was her place in the world to service any and all who would desire her.   She would always be a whore to cock.
Joseph's heavy balls slapped at her sensitive, protruding clit rhythmically and set off yet another series of orgasms that rocked Xia's soul and drove her to fuck back at him ever harder.
"Ooohh, God!" Joseph cried out.   "So good, so goood!"  He moaned as the fire within his balls built and with a sudden gush, he emptied his semen within her spasming cunt.  
"Uuuunngghhh!" he grunted as he shoved his cock to the very bottom of her pussy and held it there as he fired blast after hot blast of cum into her womb.
"Oooohhh, fuuuuuuucck!" she groaned beneath him.   She felt every throb of his cock, as well as every spurt of seed into her body.   So much cum had been deposited within her body, and yet she never failed to enjoy the feelings the hot semen filled her with.   She trembled through yet another orgasm as Joseph's cock spit its last drop into her.
But Joseph wasn't done yet.   He had built up a heavy load of seed over the past week and one fuck would not satisfy him that afternoon.   Xia was of a like mind, as always, and let him roll her onto her back after his cock had slipped from her aching pussy.   Joseph reentered her with a hard thrust that forced much of the creamy mixture of his and her mutual orgasms from her slot, to dribble through valley of her ass.

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    The wool blanket was soon wet beneath her ass with the sticky mess.
"Come on, Joey, fuck me!  Fuck me again and again!" she cried out as she began to hump her hips upward to meet his downward thrusts.
"Take my cock, you whore!  Yeah, fuck those hips up!  Take that dick!" Joseph grunted as he pummled Xia.   The smacking of their sweaty bodies together, mingled with the demands, grunts, and gasps the two made as they mated with carnal desire, could be easily heard below the loft, by Sister Abigale.
The sounds of intercourse coming from above her in the loft had begun to heat up Abigale's loins.   She knew it was her duty as a faculty member to intercede and report the incident to Sister Eunice and Father Murphy.   St. Sebastiens was a different place, though, and the fulfillment of fleshly desires was almost commonplace among both the faculty and the student body.   She herself had become a member of the Order of Querini-Zaccaria to better understand, and use, her carnal lusts.
Abigale found herself climbing quietly up the wooden ladder to take a voyeur's position behind the bales of hay.   She then watched in silence as the young man whom she knew only in passing furiously slammed his cock in and out of the gaping, drooling, dark hole of the young Asian girl.   Abigale was amazed that the girl could take such a beating and still be begging for more.
Xia's legs flailed about above Joseph's back and her hands dug into his pounding hips as he drove himself on to a second, more powerful, ball draining climax.
"Oooohhh, Gooodd!" he growled as his balls drew up tight.
"Yeesss!  Fuck meeee!  Give me your cuuummmm!" Xia cried out.

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    "I'm cuummmiiingggg!"
"Aaaaggghhhh!" Joseph groaned as his cock began to spit the seed of creation deep into her womb, refilling her to overflowing with hot semen.
"Aaaaahhhhh!" Xia screamed as the heat of his seed sent her orgasm higher.   Her pussy clamped down hard onto her embedded shaft and pulsed around it, milking the juices from him.   Both growled and groaned through the intensity of their mutual climax.
Joseph collapsed atop Xia, exhausted.   Both panted deeply for air from their sexual exhersions.   She held him tightly with her arms and legs and used the muscles within her cunt to massage his softening cock, until at last he slipped from her.   Cum leaked from her gaping slot as Joseph rolled off of her to lay panting beside her on the blanket.
Abigale felt it was time to make her presence known, but she held back when Xia suddenly rolled up to her knees and began to pull her blouse back on.
"I've got to get to class, Joey," she explained.   Xia leaned in and gave him a deep kiss before she got up and dashed off.   Xia didn't see the nun as she quickly dropped down the ladder and ran lightly out of the barn.   Xia was very athletic and a good runner.
On the blanket, Joseph had begun to doze off.   As Sister Abigale stepped from the shadows and approached the teen, she admired his solid body.


    He was only six years younger than she was, she knew.   He was breathing gently as she knelt down on the blanket where Xia had been so recently fucked.   The boy's cock lay spent upon his thigh, glistening with both student' cum.   The smell of sex filled Abigale's nose and mesmerized her.   Before she knew what was happening, she had taken Joseph's flaccid member in hand.   The stickiness of the juices sent a craving into her belly and Abigale leaned over to begin licking them up.
The tastes of Joseph's spent cum and Xia's gooy cream were delicious on Abigale's tongue.   She began to lick, and then suck at the young man's cock until it began to harden once again.   This time it was between her lips.   The thick six-inch cock filled her mouth and she began to bob her head up and down the length.   Abigale's slurping became noisy in the quiet loft as her cravings began to drive her on.
Moments later, Joseph awakened under the oral attention upon his manhood.   But it was not Xia's dark-haired head bobbing along the length of his cock, but the habit-hooded head of one of the nuns!
"Oh, God!" Joseph cried out, startled.   "What are you doing?"  He tried to crawl back away from the nun, but her mouth on his cock felt so good, and she seemed to be insistant upon sucking him to full hardness.
Abigale let the young man's cock slip free of her mouth and turned to look at Joseph's handsome face.

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    He saw her then, and her youth and beauty was startling.   He had seen Sister Abigale around, but had no idea that she could possibly have the carnal cravings some of the other, older nuns had.   He sat up and took her head in his hands, and after gazing into her sparkling brown eyes, he planted his lips to hers.
Joseph tasted the remnants of his and Xia's flavors on the nun's lips and tongue, and it got him eager to fuck once again.   He was, after all, a young and virile man.   Joseph began to pull at Sister Abigale's garments and within minutes he had her naked 34b breasts exposed and cupped in his strong hands.   He leaned forward and began to suck at the tiny pink nipples, and drew moans of lust from the nun.
"Ooohhh, soo nice," she sighed.   He let one nipple free of his mouth and turned his attentions to the other.   "Aaaahhh," she moaned softly.   Joseph squeezed her tit flesh in his hands as he sucked on her nipples.   He twisted the free nub and Abigale gasped at the sharp spike of lustful pain.
Joseph then pushed her onto her back and shoved her robes up to her belly.   Her white panties were soaked and her planted his mouth onto her pubic mound through them.
"Aaaahhh!" Abigale sighed as the boy began to mouth her hot pussy through the fabric.

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    He pulled the crotch fabric aside a minute later and attacked her aching slit with his tongue.
"Oooohhh, yeeesss!"  she hissed loudly.   His tongue lapped away at her groin and quickly brought her to orgasm.   Her juices squirted into his mouth, surprizing him with the power and volume.   He gulped the warm cream down with loud slurps.
Even before Abigale had begun to come down from the heights of her climax, Joseph freed his gooy mouth from her crotch and climbed atop her.   He grasped his hardened cock and found the nun's slit with the tip.   He looked into her silently pleading eyes as he nudged into her vaginal opening.   He pushed his hips down and was surprized not to feel the wall of a hyman within.
"Ooh, my," he grinned down at her.   "Very nice. "  He then rammed his thick cock down into Abigale with a single, violent thrust.
"Oooowww!" she gasped beneath him as her vagina was forced open, wider than she had ever been.   He body trembled and she felt her insides clamp down on him, as if trying to spit his member back out.
"Please, nooo!  Don't hurt me!" she gasped.

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    "Be gentle, be gentle. "  Her legs wrapped around his hips, drawing his thick cock deeper into her.   She pushed her habit robes around his shoulders and begged, "Fuck me, Joseph.   Fuck my body.   Use me as your receptacle.   Fill me with your cock, and your cum. "
Joseph began to suck at her tits as he began to rock his hips against hers.   His cock slipped along her tight, clenching tunnel smoothly, drawing gasps from her throat with each thrust.   He moans became long and drawn out as he fucked her with ever more powerful strokes.   He pussy relaxed and caressed his hardness.   They gasped and grunted as their efforts became stronger.
"Give me your cock!  Give me your cum!  Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Abigale begged.   "It feels so good inside me.   Fuck me!"  Her body trembled beneath him as wave after wave of climaxes rushed through her.   Her pussy walls clamped down rhythmically and soon succeeded in triggering the boy's own orgasm.


"Aaagghh, I'm cummming!  I'm cummming inside you!" Joseph cried out.   He pushed his cock to the very core of Sister Abigale and held it there as his semen pulsed painfully into her willing body.   Her pussy walls milked him, much as Xia's had done an hour before, and his balls ached as the last of the hot seed drained from them.
Joseph again collapsed, this time atop Sister Abigale.   He panted heavily for a long time until his cock had softened and slipped out of the nun's juicy pussy.   She sighed beneath him at the vacancy and warmth of his cum leaking from her battered cunt.   Abigale slipped into a light slumber beneath Joseph's weight.
When she awoke, Joseph had gone and her habit robes had been straightened up.   She had been asleep for a while, she realized, and quickly got to her feet.   She returned the blanket to its hiding place behind the hay bales then made her way down and out of the barn.   Each step of her walk back to the Abby grounds was accompanied by a sloshing between her legs and a deep, welcome ache inside her loins.