The Sins of St. Sebastiens - Chapter 6


It was just after lights-out when young Johanna emerged from the chamber she shared with Tamara, Jillian, and the new girl Kathleen.   She wore her light green sleep gown that her mentor had bought for her over her plain white underwear.   Short blonde hair topped the 18 year-old's slender body.   Johanna was very plain compared to some of the other girls.   As she padded her way along the corridor and made the turn towards the faculty wing, she began to feel excited that her mentor found her so desirable.   After a flight of stairs down to the ground floor, Johanna arrived at the door to Father Kenneth's chambers.
The Minnesota-born student opened the door and entered, to find the chamber candle-lit.   The small room was unoccupied and Johanna slipped onto the bunk to await Father Kenneth.   He entered just moments later, wearing only his underwear.   He had come from the showers and still glistened with moisture.
Father Kenneth was the Sacrist for St. Sebastiens.   He oversaw the elaborate ornamentation of the Abbey, as well as the decoration of the Halls, the Refectory, and the Oratory.   He was responsible for the care and security of the elaborate and expensive artifacts the Abbey owned.   He was also in charge of the cemetary grounds and the burial of those who had passed on.   For the past twenty years Father Kenneth had held this position.

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Johanna had been a student at St. Sebastiens for three years,a nd as an orphan she had no family to visit during the summer hyatis.   She became something of a protege to Father Kenneth and worked with him often in her free time.   She had become well acquainted with the Abbey's ornamentation and did whatever she could to help Father Kenneth in his duties.   She hoped to work for him, and someday take over as Sacrist.   And one of the things she did for him whenever he asked was to visit him in his chambers.
Father Kenneth was 47 years old, bald, and was putting on more weight each year.   This night he settled into a reading chair without a word to Johanna.   She knew what was expected of her at this point and moved to the floor to give him a foot massage without a word.   She took his feet, one at a time, and rubbed them.   She worked his toes, as well as his ankles and up into his calfs.   He closed his eyes and relaxed under her manual efforts.   The massage was much needed after a long day around the Abbey.
After a few minutes, Father Kenneth felt his cock stir to life and slip from the opening of his shorts.   It lengthened and thickened as blood filled the shaft.

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    When Johanna saw his growing excitement before her, she released his feet and stood.   It was now time for her to please her mentor and she began to peel off her night-clothes.   His eyes opened and he watched in silence as the teen's body came into view before him.   Johanna's breasts were small, capped with tiny nipples that had no color difference from the rest of her pale flesh.   Still, the sight of her nude before him made his cock pulse as it stood in his lap.
Johanna made a slow turn, giving Father Kenneth a full view of her nudity.   Once she had turned back to face him, she slowly dropped to her knees before him, as if in prayer.   But this was her submittance to his desires and she reached into his lap to take his shaft in her grip.   Her small hands began to lightly stroke his cock, and with both around it, it still stood an extra two inches above her grip.   These two inches Johanna took between her lips a moment later.
"Aahh," Father Kenneth moaned as the girl's warm mouth wrapped around his sensitive crown.   For the past two years he had been teaching the girl how to pleasure him with her mouth, and tongue, and she had become a skilled cock-worshipper.   Although she had never been able to get much more than half his length into her throat, he knew she would always attempt to please him to her fullest.   She worked hard at be able to someday swallow his entire nine-inch cock and prove herself to him.   Father Kenneth was not insistant, however, and allowed her to take her time, to savour and enjoy the act as much as he did.

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For fifteen minutes Johanna orally worked Father Kenneth's cock over.   She licked and sucked at his heavy scrotum.   She slurped his pre-cum and tongued at the piss-hole to draw out more.   She kissed and licked up and down his shaft, covering it with her saliva.   And she sucked at his knob in an effort to pull from it the hot, thick, salty cream she so hungered for.
For over two years Johanna had been visiting Father Kenneth, as often as twice a week.   She submitted to his carnal desires whenever he wished.   It was her duty, he had explained long ago, to service him while in service to the Church.   He had taken her in many of the public places of the Abbey, as well as in some very secret places.   He had taked her virginity on the dias where Sunday worship had concluded just hours before, on her fourteenth birthday.   She loved that he gave her so much attention and she would always bow down to anything he desired.
Father Kenneth enjoyed the sensations Johanna gave him with her young mouth, and he began to feel the tell-tale tightening of his scrotum.   But he did not want to cum just yet.   He had another craving that night.  
Gently, he lifted Johanna's face from his crotch and said, "I want you to bend over the footboard, my dear.

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  "  Johanna obeyed without question.   She turned her back to him and draped herself over the footboard of his bunk.
Behind her, Father Kenneth stood and removed his shorts.   His long, hardened, saliva-coated rod stood out from his body in eagerness, curving upward slightly.   He stepped up behind the teenager and lay his hard nine inches along the crack of her buttocks.   He pried open her tight little ass and slowly trailed the leaking head down through her channel until he found the puckered ring of her asshole with his spongy knob.   He leaned forward and pressed his cock against the resistant opening.
"Ooohh!" Johanna gasped as her tight little anus popped open to allow Father Kenneth to insert the knob of his cock.   "Ooowww!" she moaned into the bedding as the long cock began to snake its way into her bowels under his steady, firm pressure.
Father Kenneth liked to prolong this initial entry into Johanna's body, whether it be her ass or her vagina.   As he pushed his nine inches of hard cock into her ass, she trembled within his firm grip.   She slowly began to grow accustomed to his size as he continued to open her up wide.   Although she had been taking his cock up her ass for months, she still groaned as the pain washed through her with every inch he shoved into her guts.   The fullness she felt inside her made her groan in agony.   She felt like a rag doll as the priest began to grind the last inch of his hardness deep into her and settle his heavy scrotum against her naked, leaking cunt.

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Johanna's eyes rolled back in her head as Father Kenneth began to slowly ride his cock back out of her dirty depths.   She felt it vacating her depths as he retreated until just the head remained within her hot ass.   With a more firm stroke he rode his full length back into her guts.
"Aaagghh!" Johanna cried out as he buried himself fully within her clentching bowels before once again slipping back out of her.   The juices of her ass lubed his cock shaft with each stroke and made it much easier for him to fuck her.   It wasn't long before Father Kenneth had settled into his natural rhythm.
Johanna grunted and groaned beneath him as he pistoned his cock in and out of her asshole steadily.   She felt her well-relaxed anal lips fluctuating in and out, gripping at the shaft as if milking it of its own accord.   Her body was limp from her waist down and her feet no longer touched the floor and Father Kenneth plowed her ass with long, deep strokes.  
He relished the feel her entire ass tunnel gave him and he knew that to sodomize a girl, or a woman, was the untimate in sin, in lust, and release.   The carnal pleasures were overwhelming.   The acrid scent fed his lustful fires deep within his groin.   Any sense of decency he had as a member of the Church vanished as his body slammed harder and deeper into the dark, dirty depths of Johanna's ass.
As his drive built towards his climax, Father Kenneth's strokes began to fully vacate Johanna's gaping asshole before slamming back through the dilated ring of muscle.   Her ass gurgled and farted under his powerful thrusts.

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    His scrotum smacked her drooling pussy slit with each thrust and sent chills of delight spiking up her spine.   His hands had found her small breasts and his fingers dug into them in an effort to pound her ass ever harder.
"Oooh, God!  Fuck me, Father!  Fuck my butt!" Johanna cried out as her body quaked through an intense, unexpected orgasm.   "Fuck my ass and fill me with your sacred semen!  Please!  I want it!  I want you to fuck mmeeee haaaarrdeeeeer!"  Her body rocked and bucked beneath him as her orgasm grew ever more powerful.
      She was slamming her tight little ass back at him as hard as he was pounding his cock into her.   Her pussy gushed with its creamy juices and coated the insides of her thighs as well as his heavy scrotum.   The chamber was filled with grunts, groans, and skin-smacking, as well as the smells of sweat, pussy juices, and ass.  
    Father Kenneth felt his balls begin to tighten once again and he knew he was not far from filling young Johanna, his young protege, with his hot load.   He quickly stepped back and disengaged, pulling his throbbing cock from her spasming asshole with a slurp.   Her anal ring was raw and twitched as if crying out to be fed his cock once again.   He took hold of her legs and rolled her roughly off of the bunk and onto her back on the hard wood floor.   He shoved her knees up and back almost to her ears.   The sight of her naked, hairless pussy, coated in her thick cream, and the gaping, twitching anus beneath drove Father Kenneth on.
    He slammed his cockback into Johanna's battered guts with a powerful thrust that caused Johanna to cry out with pain.   He did not care any more for her comfort.

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        She was his to do with as he pleased.   He only felt the letcherous mania driving him to pound his cock in and out of her body.  
    Johanna was pinned beneath the rampaging priest, impaled by his long cock, and being fucked deeper than she ever had by the man she loved and worshipped.   Her guts churned within her bruised body and she felt the head of his cock as if it were plowing through her insides in an attempt to come up through her throat and out her mouth.   Her fingers dug into the flesh of his back and she bit down on his shoulder in an attempt to channel the painful lust that roared through her.
    Father Kenneth fucked the girl with strong, rapid-fire thrusts as the burn of his ejaculation rose within his groin.
    "Aaaagghhh!" he cried out in pleasure and pain as his cock spit thick, heavy blasts of hot semen high into Johanna's guts.   "Take my cock!  Take my seed!  Uuunnngghhhh!"  Her bowels were coated with the warming cream and she screamed into his shoulder through another powerful orgasm of her own.   His cock pulsed deep inside her and she flailed about beneath him, tossing her head from side to side.
    "Ooohh, God!  Oh, God!  Take meeeeee!  Aaaaahhhhh!" she cried out beneath him.   His hips continued to pound down at her, driving his cock in and out of her battered ass as they rode out their respective climaxes.
    Finally, as the last of his cum leaked into her, he began to slow his pace until his cock had withered altogether and slipped out of her.   A dirty mixture of his semen and her shit-juices flowed thickly from her gaping anal ring.   She knew that it would be some time before her ass would regain its strength and close fully.
    After nearly two hours of being sodomized by Father Kenneth, Johanna dressed and left his asleep in his chambers.

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        She made her way quietly to the bathrooms and wiped away the mess that continued to leak from her sore asshole.   Her entire body ached from the pummeling he had given her and she knew she would be very sore for days.   Sitting on a pew would be very uncomfortable for her for some time.   She returned to her own chambers and settled into the comfort of her bunk, hoping that Father Kenneth was satisfied, for a few days at least.