The Sins of St. Sebastiens - Chapter 3


It was nearing midnight and Father Murphy had just finished up going over the last of the telegrams from the families whose children were do in the next afternoon on the train.   With formal classes due to start after the weekend, his duties as School Master would pick up.   He would personally greet each and every student, be they returning after a summer with family, or entering St. Sebastiens for their first year.   Three of the young ladies to arrive on the next train were recruited personally by him on his springtime trip to the east coast of America.
Father Murphy had spent much of his 43 years doing the church's good work, and at St. Sebastiens his work included making yearly trips to various Catholic Schools to find teen-aged boys and girls who would fit into their curriculum.   It was on one such journey, just six years previous, that he had discovered a young novice nun working in a school in Dublin, Ireland.
Her name was Eileen and Father Murphy had brought her back to St. Sebastiens that summer to be his personal secretary.   Sister Eileen replaced a sweet woman who was to retire that year, and fit in brilliantly immediately upon her arrival.   She was very intelligent and knowledgable in the Church, although somewhat too shy to take an educating role.   She was very beautiful, with long red hair, pale skin and bright green eyes.   She was always smiling and cheerful and loved being around the students.
Sister Eileen was also a nymphomaniac, as Father Murphy discovered that first night he met her, in Dublin.
Father Murphy had finished the last of his correspondences and called for Sister Eileen.

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    She entered his small office and accepted his documents, to be mailed with the next day's train.   He admired her as she turned and left.   Even under her heavy habit, he could see the outline of the 24 year-old woman he craved for.
He stood behind his desk and noticed her move towards the small water-closet adjacent to the secretarial office.   Many of the lesser administrators of St. Sebastiens had their offices along this primary secretarial corridor, with the eight secretarial nuns working at their desks here.   Father Murphy and Sister Eileen were the last to leave that night, and he took advantage of their privacy.
Father Murphy entered the small water-closet and shut the door behind him.   Sister Eileen was seated on the toilet with her habit robes gathered in her lap.   She was not surprized to see him, nor when he stepped up in front of her and quickly unfastened his trousers.   The hiss of her urine echoed in the bowl as he stepped closer and pulled his thickening cock free.
Eileen's mouth opened and she leaned forward to take nearly the entire eight inches of hardened cock into her throat in a single lunge.   The 43 year-old priest moaned in pleasant desire as the nun gulped and slurped on his manhood.   She was a natural cock-sucker from the very first time she'd done him in Ireland, and to that day he craved her talented mouth and tongue.   Eileen loved Father Murphy and loved to give him these great pleasures whenever he wanted or needed them.

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    She was his for the taking.
Eileen sucked his cock lovingly, bobbing her head the length of it smoothly, until her urine stream abated.   She released his cock from her mouth and stood.   She turned around, reached back to take hold of the beautifully veined shaft, and aimed it at her sexual center.   He thrust into her waiting, piss-damp pussy with a solid push.   His full length returned to the warmth of her body, drawing a gasp of abandon from the young nun.   She leaned forward over the toilet and allowed him to fuck her with his strong, demanding strokes, as he had so many times before.
"Oohh, aaahhh, uummm!" she moaned loud enough to be heard easily within the office, had anyone been around to hear.
Father Murphy's need was strong, and although he had quite a few Sisters that he could call upon for release, Sister Eileen was by far his favorite fuck.   Her pussy seemed to know exactly how to squeeze and stroke his cock until he could not take it any more.   He found his loins boiling well before he wanted that night, and with a series of ever forceful thrusts high into Sister Eileen's vagina, he erupted with a wail.
"Aaagghhhh!  I'm cumminnggg!  Yes, yes!" he grunted and pounded even harder into her.
"Oooooo, fuck me, Father!  I feel you cumminggg!" she responded.   His cock pulsed with every shot of hot semen.   His load coated her womb and flowed down her tunnel until it gushed out with his thrusts to dribble down the insides of her thighs.

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    She began to tremble a moment later as her own orgasm washed over her.
Eileen tossed her head back and cried, "Cuuummminngggg!"  He held his cock high and deep within her spasming cunt for long minutes until at last she collapsed onto the seat once more with a deflating sigh.   He stumbled back when her pussy finally relaxed and released him.   Together, they gasped for breath.   The sounds of his heavy load of cum dripping into the toilet water from her well-fucked pussy the only other noise in the water-closet.
Father Murphy leaned in and kissed Sister Eileen warmly then, before tucking his flacid cock away and leaving for his private chamber.   A few moments passed before the cum dripping from her subsided and she too was able to straighten herself up.
Eileen O'Riordan was an orphan in Dublin and had lived in the Catholic orphanage for five years before Father Murphy visited from Canada.   She was seventeen then, and devoted to following a life of service in and to the Church.   When she had first met him, she felt a craving deep within her that could only be described as lust.   She had never in her life been in love, yet she had known lust, and she lusted for the older, handsome priest immediately.   That night, her dreams were filled with sexual images, all including Father Murphy.
After three more nights of the same desirous dreams, she felt that the only thing she could do to end them was to confess them to Father Murphy.   She wanted to confess her sinful lust, and beg for forgiveness.   She was given much more.

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That afternoon, Eileen was able to ask for a moment alone with him.   He agreed to meet her, and she told him of an unused room on the third floor of the orphanage.   Once secure inside, she began to confess her sinful dreams to him.   She continued with admitions of masturbation, imagining not only men, but women having sex with her also.   Father Murphy was very attentive and reassured her that these thoughts were quite nomal for girls her age.
      She relaxed then, and listened as he described in detail events that he had been witness to, and even participated in.
    Soon Eileen was under his spell, and when he asked her to stand and remove her uniform, she did so without hesitation.
    "You are a very beautiful young woman, Eileen," he complimented when she stood nude before him.   Her young breasts were firm and proud on her chest, capped with strawberry-shaped and colored nipples.   Her flat belly led down to a tangle of pubic hair the same color as her long red hair.   The dark line of her vaginal valley was easily distinguished.   She felt suddenly shy, and started to cover herself.
    "No, don't my dear," he said, and stood.   "If it makes you feel more comfortable," he began, and then started removing his our clothing.   Within minutes he stood as naked before her as she did before him.

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    Eileen stared in awe at the first man she had ever seen fully in the nude.   Father Murphy's body was firm and strong, with dark hair on his chest leading down to the dark tangle at his groin.   From that heavy bush of hair stood an eight-inch shaft aimed directly at her, with a large, purple spear-point head.   She was facinated by the sight before her and her heart raced in anticipation of what could be next.
    Eileen felt her knees buckle and Father Murphy took hold of her upper arms to steady her.   Instead, she lowered herself to kneel before him, the sight of his strong manhood before her.   It seemed only natural for her to lean forward and deliver a kiss upon the head of his cock.
    For the next hour, Father Murphy instructed Eileen on how to use her lust to bring pleasure to both herself and her companion.   He had her lick his cock, from base to tip, paying particular attention to the crown with her tongue.   She was shown how to cup his balls and stroke his cock while sucking.   She learned to take as much cock into her mouth and hold it as deep as she could before releasing.   He lay her down and straddled her head, giving her a taste of being face-fucked.   He then turned around and began to lick at her creamy pussy while gently thrusting his cock down her throat.   She gagged often, but soon learned to open her throat for him.   With his balls resting on her nose, he cried out into her crotch and emptied his aching balls into her throat.

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    Eileen felt the cock in her throat pulse and a warmth filling her belly, but it wasn't until Father Murphy backed out a little did she taste the salty flavor of him cum.   She gulped and swallowed quickly as his load filled her mouth time and again.
    Meanwhile, his tongue lashed and thrust into her young, sweet pussy.   He savored her flavor and dug his tongue deep to release more.   The wall of her hyman prevented him from getting too deep, however.   Father Murphy grunted and groaned as his cum gushed into her sucking mouth, muffled by her humping groin.
    He rolled off of her, pulling his cock from her suckling mouth with a pop.   He wanted to very much to take that young woman's virginity that night, but the hour was late and he knew she would be missed soon.  
    He explained, "You must not tell your classmates or any of the faculty of our meeting, Eileen," as he began to pull on his clothing.
    "I won't, Father,"  she replied.   "I want so very dearly to learn everything I can about lust, and sex, and I want you to teach me, Father. "
    He leaned down and kissed her deeply.   "I accept your request, Eileen.   I will teach you to use your body in such a way you can only dream of.   You will make many men very happy, as well as myself, in the coming years.

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        I promise. "