The Sins of St. Sebastiens - Chapter 1


Father Lukas greeted the two habit-garbed nuns warmly in his office on the first floor of the main wing of St. Sebastiens Monastary, Orphanage, and School.   The ancient, main building of the complex was a solid stone and mortar structure, crafted in the style of mideval Europe, although it was nestled in the western foothills of the Canadian Rockies, some two hundred miles east of Vancouver.   World War II was in its early stages in Europe and the United States and Canada had yet to be drawn in.   Father Lukas had left Germany just three years earlier to avoid Hitler's Nazi evil, although he brought to North America a kind of evil of his own.
Father Lukas' office was carpeted, furnished with a large oak desk placed centrally in front of the large south-facing bay windows.   A small conference table sat along the eastern wall, which was completely covered by bookshelves that held hundreds of old Bibles, Catholic-authored novels, and reference books detailing religion throughout the world.   Included was a collection of leather-bound books from the dark ages of Europe detailing the Inquisition and its many dark secrets.   This in particular was Father Lukas' hobby.
Along the western wall of the office were doors leading into the Abbot's private bath and meditation chambers.   A large globe of the modern world, detailing the nations of 1939, sat beneath an exquisite oil painting of the Virgin Mary, between the two doors.
The main door of the office led out to Sister Naomi's secretorial office.   She had been is trusted assistant since coming from Europe and taking on the role of Abbot at the Monestary in early 1936.   She was a beautiful, slender woman of 29 and nearly as knowledgable about the Roman Church as he was.   She escorted the two nuns into the twin leather-covered chairs facing Father Lukas' desk, then quietly lef the office, closing the heavy doors behind her.
Father Lukas gave a brief greeting to the two women then settled into his own, comfortable chair.

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    He paused to take in the two nuns before him.   Sister Margaret was a woman of 43, of French birth though raised in southern England.   Sister Abigail, a younger nun of only 25 was English through and through, and he could it in her facial features.   He had the sisters' files on the desk before him, and chose the younger's first.
He had read the sinful details of each nun's reasons for being transferred to the isolated Monastary.   Father Lukas was pleased with what he had read, and pleased even more so that both nuns were very well featured.   He despised a servant of God letting themsleves go physically.
He stated, "It would seem you two have been naughty little nuns," with serious tones.   Before they could recover after dual gasps of astonishment, he continued.   "Don't fear, my daughters.   Your past indiscretions, and secrets, are safe within these walls.   I assure you that I understand your desires to experience that which the Scriptures tells us of, and yet forbids.   Here at St. Sebastiens we have a special order of the robe that investigates these things, to better understand then and be able to teach our students about.   How can we teach what we ourselves do not fully understand, correct?  How can these sins balance our world of faith and understanding?"
He stood up and stepped from behind his desk.

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    "Many women, nuns such as yourselves, have sought out the answers to why God gave us these desires if only to fibid there use, and to understand, we must first learn to use them.   Only then can we properly instruct others on how to curtail their own sinful desires, especially those within the Church, but the young ones as well. "  His smile reassured them.
"Yes, Father," they answered hesitantly.   Neither knew what to expect next, not after his initial statements had sunk in.
"Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience," he continued as he began to pass behind them.   "These are our simple laws, our guidelines, in their purest form.   It is in the convoluted realm of Chastity that our problems originate.   And it is when the Obedience factor is added that we get lost in what we should do.   Here, Sisters, should it boe of your will, and you choose to join with a select chosen few of us in this resurrected Order of Querini-Zaccaria, you will not only learn about yourselves, but how to teach what you learn to others of a like mind. "
Both nuns remained silent, contemplating all that he had said and where it could possibly be leading them.   "I would like to learn more, Father," Sister Margaret finally said with confidence.   "I am intrigued, as well as excited, I think. "
"You should be, Sister Margaret," he smiled, and then looked to young Abigail.   Her youthful brown eyes were full of doubt.

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    She looked to her fellow sister of the cloth, and back to Father Lukas' wizened, fatherly gaze.   She only nodded, but it was enough for him.
"Excellent!" he clapped, then held his hands prayerfully.   "We shall get together this evening, after we've dined and you've been introduced to others of the faculty.   I will inform the Mother Superior of your desires, personally.   She will be very pleased.   She is the de-facto head of the Order, you see. "  He then turned to a small cabinet behind his desk and removed two small canvass bags and presented them to the nuns.   "You will need to wear these garments beneath your current wear this evening.   Do not allow yourself to be seen by the others, for not all here are members of this Order.   Sister Naomi will gather you at nine bells and escort you to our meeting. "
As if by pre-knowledge, Sister Naomi opened the door to the office and asked for the nuns to follow her to their personnal chambers to be settled in.   Father Lukas smiled as they left, knowing that he had reeled in a pair of fresh women with little effort.
At a few minutes to nine that evening, Sisters Margaret and Abigail arrived outside a smallish wooden door at the end of a long, dimly lit corridor.   Sister Naomi had left them to travel its length alone and had returned down the long stairwell they had climbed to reach this fifth, and upper-most, floor of the main building.

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    The floor seemed to them to be uninhabited, though many doors led off the corridor.   Only their soft foot-falls were heard by them.  
They opened the door and entered the small room beyond.   Inside was a long wooden bench with a shelf above.   A second door opposite was closed.   They had been told to leave their habits within this room, and they disrobed.   Beneath, they wore the uniforms of the school's student body.   A grey blouse over a plaid skirt with a red waist tie.   Neither wore the white undergarments or stockings normally provided.   They were both uncomfortably embarassed, but once readied, they entered the inner chamber through the door, as they had been instructed.
"I'm pleased you came," Father Lukas said in greetings.   He was seated on a large, padded and silk-covered altar situated in the center of the candle-lit chamber.   He wore an ornate ruby-colored robe, adorned with elaborate gold stitchwork.   Although he was approaching his 60th year, both women thought he resembled a prince from the middle ages.  He stood and opened his arms wide and declared, "Your studies in the Arts of Sin, under the Order of Querini-Zaccaria will now begin.

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Both sisters gasp as his robe opened with his movements to reveal his nakedness beneath.   Equally, they admired the length and girth of his male member, hanging from the thick bush of graying hair hair, as even in its flacid state it was well over seven inches long, and as thick as their wrists.   The purple knob of his cock was blunt.   Both women couldn't take their eyes from his manhood, and he smiled devilishly.
Father Lukas bid they kneel before him and they hypnotically moved into position as he said, "You must first begin by admitting your sins to the Lord thy God, and that you desire lust and sexual fulfillment be your penance, and that you beg for His devine forgiveness even as you beg for His approval to learn, to experience, and to recieve the skills needed to teach others these very lessons that you yourself shall learn, beginning tonight. "
The two nuns bowed in unison and began to pray as instructed,  They did this quietly before the altar as Father Lukas looked lustfully down onto them.   Sister Margaret's blonde hair, hung short and wavy from her head.   Sister Abigail's was long, brown, and straight.   Both women, he noted, had slender bodies with good figures.   He was once again pleased with his work.
As they ended their prayers, both nuns looked up into Father Lukas' face, their eyes wide with enticipation of the guidance and instruction they were about to receive.   He positioned himself a step to the right, in front of Sister Abigail and admitted, "I know your sisn, my daughter.   I know how you have been treated, in your youth.   I know that which you were punished for.   I ask for you to now demonstrate for me, before this altar, you sin.

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He pulled his robe open, presenting to her just a foot away his thickening cock.   The sight before her unnerved her, and Abigail nearly ran from the chamber.   Sensing this, Father Lukas placed a calming hand upon her shoulder.   She looked up into his warm eyes, then reached up to take his cock in her hand.
"Go on, child," he whispered.   He smiled down upon her and she responded.   Her lips parted, her mouth opened wide, her tongue slipped out and Sister Abigail guided the Abbot's cock into her mouth.
Sister Margaret looked on in astonishment.   She knew her own sins, but was completely unaware of the other nun's.   The younger woman began to slowly work her mouth down the thick shaft of Father Lukas' cock, then with tightened lips she drew her face back.   Abigail held the huge knob in her mouth a moment, using her tongue to wash across it, before opening her mouth wide once again and gulping the shaft deep into her mouth.   Although she had had many cocks in her mouth over the years, this one was by far the largest, and she gagged as it banged into the back of her throat.
Father Lukas was surprized at the young nun's oral abilities.   The way in which she was working his cock confirmed what he had suspected form reading her file.   She was cum-hungry and would be ripe for his letcherous deeds.

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    Sister Abigail's rhythm along his shaft sent wave after wave of pleasure through him and his body began to tremble.   Her tongue worked the underside of his shaft, just past the head, before plunging back down its length.   With each gulp she managed to draw just a little more cock into her throat.   She was a master with her tongue and he knew he would indeed spend many hours in the future with her mouth as his recepticle.
He turned his attentions to Sister Margaret then, who he had noticed was all but salivating at the scene unfolding before her.   "Stand up, Sister Margaret," he commanded.
      She quickly obeyed and upon his gesture, she turned away from him.   He found her skirt's buttons and within seconds it fell to the floor at her feet.   He gazed upon and caressed the firm globes of her athletic ass, and the strong thighs beneath.   She was an avid runner, he knew.   His hand left a trail of goosebumps in its stroking wake.
    "Bend over," he commanded, and she again obeyed without question.   She looked back as his hand reached down between her thighs and lay gently across her dampening crotch.   His fingers traced through her trimmed but still thick tangle of blonde hairs as he drew his hand upwards, along her ass crack, and up onto her strong back. He reversed course and ran his fingers down into her crack deeper, across her tightly puckered anus and into her damp vaginal slot.

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        She gasped with lustful desire and leaned back upon his hand, spreading her thighs a little wider as she did.
    Father Lukas felt the older nun's thick juices on his fingers.   He swirled them around her slit, pushing the heavy vaginal lips aside to find the very center of her sex.   "Oooohhh!" she groaned as he pushed his long middle finger high into her cunt.   Her juices flooded out as if the dam had been opened by him.   He quickly forced a second digit in along side the first, drawing a satisfying moan from her in responce.
    Sister Abigail watched through slitted eyes even as she continued to suck Father Lukas' cock.   The salty and familiar flavor of pre-cum juice was on her tongue as she obeyed his guiding hand resting atop her bobbing head.   He was enjoying the sensations the two newest members of his sinful staff were creating within his body.   A warm, willing mouth and a hot, juicy pussy were always welcome within his letcherous chambers.   He began to run his two long fingers in and out of Margarte's cunt, matching the rhythm with which Abigail's mouth bobbed along his shaft.   The night was young and the two women had much to learn in their first session.   He released his grip upon Margaret's wet vagina, drawing a moan of disappointment from her lips as he did.
    "May I pleasure you, Father?" Margaret asked as she returned to her knees before him.
    "Yes, Margaret, you may suck my cock, as your sister has done.

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    Abigail obidiently released his member from her lips, and with it held in her hand, she aimed the huge purple knob at Margaret's opening mouth.   As the elder nun began to accept the cock within her warm mouth, she wondered at the possibility that Mary Magdelene had herself performed this very deed upon the rigid member of Man's Savior, Jesus Christ.   She closed her eyes as she inhaled the Father's man-smell, as well as his cock.
    Feeling the knob against the back of her throat, Sister Margaret began to bob her head along the length of Father Lukas' cock, as young Abigail had been doing just moments before.   Cock-sucking seemed to come naturally to the young nun, Margaret thought, and tried to emulate her tonguing and sucking.   Margaret began sucking his cock with a wild abandon she had never known.   Lust was filling her soul even as his cock filled her mouth.
    After only a few minutes, Father Lukas announced that it was time for Sister Margaret to reenact her own sins.   He stepped back and pulled his saliva-coated cock from the nun's sucking mouth with a plop.   He explained, "You will lie here, Sister Abigail, on the altar.   Sister Margaret, you will perform your sins upon her offering, as I know you have upon other nuns before. "
    Sister Abigail disrobed fully and climbed onto the altar as she'd been ordered.   Margaret gazed down upon the younger nun's naked beauty as Father Lukas removed her blouse.   Lust filled her as images of the women and girls she'd placed in similar positions through her life flooded through her.   Abigail's thighs parted ever so slightly, as if in invitation, and Margaret moved onto the altar herself.

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        She positioned herself between the young nun's feet and her eyes took in the full sight of the dark forest of pubic hair, and the open, moist slot down its center.   She hesitated no longer and leaned down, lowering her hungry mouth to Abigail's hot, gooey groin.
    "Oooohhh!" Abigail moaned.   Margaret's mouth sucking at her cunt was just what she needed at that moment, and the older nun was well adept at bringing girls off with her lingual talents.   She thrust her tongue out to lick the full length of Abigail's gaping pussy, parting the thick forest to reveal the pink flesh of her youthful lip-meat pulsing with blood.   The young nun cried out, "Aaaaggghhhh!", as if in agony, her hips bucking upward to mash the young pussy onto Margaret's mouth.   The sudden blast of orgasm quaked through her body so unexpectantly and so powerfully that she thought it was the very touch of God upon her lustful sex.   Her sweet juices flooded out onto Margaret's eager, waiting tongue and coated her face thickly.   The older woman slurped and sucked noisily at the spasming gash before her.
    The older nun sucked up the girl's juices and mouthed her pussy hard.   She was excited at having set the young nun off so quickly, and wanted more.   Margaret put her tongue to work, diving it deep into the tight, quivering tunnel with rapid thrusts.   She licked from puckered anus to pulsing clit and back again.   She sucked Abigail's labia between her teeth and gently chewed them.   She forced her face roughly into the entirety of the young nun's cunt savagly.


    Both women were writhing atop the altar as Father Lukas gazed on with overwhelming lust of his own.   It had been a long time, he thought, since such a raw scene had been witnessed within his chambers.   The scent of pure, carnel lust filled his nostrils.   The sounds of slurping and moaning echoed in his ears.   Father Lukas enjoyed it so much, and knew it was going to be a very good year at St. Sebastiens.