The Massage - Chapter I - The Confession


Alisha lived in the same neighborhood as me with her 18 year old daughter Hailey.   Alisha was a masseuse, and visited clients in their home.   After getting a few massages from Alisha, it became apparent to me that if I wanted some extra services performed during a massage this would be no problem.

One day, Alisha was at my house, giving me a massage.   She had finished my back, and was now doing my front.   I was only wearing a towel around my waist, and in a very vulnerable situation.   As she started to massage my stomach muscles, she began asking me questions, like if I thought she was attractive, and which of her features did I like the most.

“I think you have really nice breasts. ”, I answered shyly.

“So if you could have anything you wanted from me, what would it be Larry?”, she asked.   Just hearing her asked this question, and feeling her hands on my abdomen made something stir in my groin, and I started to become erect right there in front of her.   I was very embarrassed.

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    She looked down and saw why I was blushing and said, “Larry, don’t be worried about that.   I get that all the time.   Besides, we ARE talking about sex here after all, and it kind of gets me hot to know that thinking about me gets you hot.   So tell me your fantasy, it’s OK. ”

“Well, we’d be right here like we are, but you’d be wearing a black, latex outfit. ”  I answered with a little more enthusiasm.

“Mmmm…”, she purred.   “Would I be stroking your cock?”  As she asked this question, she moved the towel that was covering my now fully hard erection and started to gently stroke it up and down.

“Ungh!”, was all I could manage.   I looked down at her hand moving up and down on my cock, and I realized that I was coming dangerously close to orgasm, dangerously quickly.

“Mmmm…”, she answered back.

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    “Would you want me to get up on the table and ride you?”

She didn’t get up on the table at this point, and the way things were going there probably wouldn’t be any time for her to get up there before I blew my load.

5in" class="MsoNormal">“Yes!”  I hissed.   “I’d want you to ride my cock while playing with my nipples. ”

“Oh, so you like your nipples played with do you?  How about sucked?” and then she bent down, still stroking me in her left hand as her right thumb and forefinger grasped my left nipple, and her lips tasted my right nipple.

I couldn’t control myself anymore.   “I’m cumming Alisha!  Oh God I’m cumming!” my cock exploded, shooting sperm all over her arm, and she continued to do her work on my nipples.   Load after load erupted from my shaft, and it felt better than I had ever remembered.

“Are you cumming all over my black shiny latex Larry?  Cum all over my latex. ”

“Yes!” I almost cried.

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    With that I began to calm down, and she moved her mouth to her arm, covered in my cum, and licked up ever single drop.

“Well, fantasies sometimes come true you know. ”  I had a strange feeling this one would.   What actually happened was totally unexpected though, but much, MUCH better.