The Massage - Chapter 5 - The Watching



Hailey inhaled sharply as the large dildo entered her.   What I did not see before was the little switch in the middle of it.   Alisha flipped the switch and I heard the hum of the dildo vibrating inside of Hailey.


 “Oh mommy!  Mmmmmmph” was all that Hailey could say as lied back on the carpet and moved her pelvis up and down, round and round.   She was shaking, no shivering, staring into her mother’s eyes with her mouth open, breathing hard.   That complicated belt with its many buckles jiggling and sliding with her movement.


Alisha moved in closer, putting her left leg on top of Hailey’s right leg, and her right leg under Hailey’s left leg.   Moving in very tightly now, pushing the other end of the vibrating dildo into herself.   Stopping for a second to gasp, and she moved in even more closely until her pubic mound was touching Hailey’s.   She gave Hailey a passionate kiss as she began to grind against her.   Grabbing her nipples and holding them tightly.   Hailey did the same to her mommy.


As erotic as this was, I did not have the energy to bring myself to another orgasm.   But you do reader.   Get out that KY Warming Gel and rub some on your nipples.   Rub it into your nipples as your penis grows very hard.

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    Watch Hailey fuck her mommy, sighs coming out of both of their mouths as you rub your nipples and start to move your hips in a fucking motion.   But don’t touch your penis yet reader.   Only rub your nipples as you watch Hailey and her mommy grind slowly against each other, squeezing each other’s nipples hard.


And as they begin to pick up their pace, and their sighs become moans, you squeeze even more warming gel onto your chest, and let it drip down your belly onto your rock hard cock.   You can touch your penis now reader, but ever so gently.   Just with a couple of fingers to rub the gel around your head.


Watch their complicated belts with many buckles giggle and slide as their gyrations get faster and faster.   Pore some more warming gel onto your cock and rub it in while the slutty latex whore Alisha fucks her slutty, pretty baby’s pussy.   Rub one of your gel covered nipples as you rub the warming gel up and down your cock and onto your balls.   Stroke your cock and balls and rub your nipple while Hailey and Alisha’s moans become panting.   Keep rubbing.   That’s it reader.   Stop every once in a while to rub both nipples when you feel yourself getting close to orgasm.   Rub them both, and fuck the air with your slippery, nasty cock and balls, and Alisha and Hailey get closer and closer.


That’s it reader.

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    You’re so close now that if you just touch your cock the right way you will cum explosively.   Now concentrate on their belts reader.   Keep rubbing your nipples as you watch their complicated belts move up and down, and slide around and giggle with the vibrations from the dildo.   Listen as their panting becomes shouting.   You are so close now reader.   Don’t touch your penis yet.   Keep rubbing your nipples.   Your cock wants to be touched so badly now.   Watch their belts reader.   Listen to their shouts.   They are crying out your name reader.   You are about to make them cum and they want you to cum with them.   Walk over to them and take your cock gently in your hand reader.   Aim it at their belts.   Wouldn’t you like to see your cum all over their belts?


It’s happening reader.

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    You are making them cum.   They are screaming your name as they both gyrate uncontrollably.   “Cum on us!  Please cum on us reader!”  You glance up at Hailey and remember that she still has cum all over her face and in her hair, and dripping down her neck.  You squeeze your cock gently, and you are over the edge.   Your cum is shooting out all over their thick, complicated patent leather belts.   Make them look so nasty with your cum reader.   Cry out as I finally allow you release.   Spray it all over their belts reader.   Then look at them in each other’s arms.   Shake the rest of you cum onto Hailey’s face, adding to mine.


Now, clean yourself up and continue to rub your nipples with the warming gel until you are ready again to read all of my stories.   Come back over and over again, and fuck Hailey and Alisha as many times as you want.  And feel free to add more chapters to this story.   I’d love to see what your creative mind can come up with.  


Thank you for reading.

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    I hope I was able to satisfy you.   Your fellow pervert, GirthGuy.