The Massage - Chapter 3 - The Surprise


Chapter 3 – The Surprise

I awakened to see Alisha standing there in front of me, smiling at me in that unbelievable outfit. Her breasts were so beautiful and round, and looked so hot jutting out from her black shiny top, which now had my cum stains on it. I was already starting to become aroused again, anxious to find out what she had planned, when her eyes shifted to the other side of the room. It was then I saw Hailey, her 12 year old daughter standing there in the exact same outfit her mother was wearing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. As hot as Alisha looked in this outfit, Hailey, with her long blonde hair, and her innocent, young face, looked so much hotter. She walked towards me, smiling, looking so innocent yet so seductive in that outfit. When she reached the table, her mother lifted her up and had her straddle my waist, with my now engorged cock pressing up against her pelvic bone. In that position, I could see Hailey’s entire pubic mound. She was completely bald, as a 12 year old should be. Alisha now stood behind me. She reached over my shoulders and began to massage my nipples with her latex gloved hands. I heard her say to Hailey,
“Now do it like I taught you sweety. ”
Hailey then reached down and grabbed my cock in her little latex gloved hand and started to rub it up and down her slit. Between the rubbing of my cock, and Alisha’s rubbing of my nipples, I was now fully erect and ready for what lay in store. I gazed into Hailey’s eyes as she aroused herself with my shaft, making herself moist and slippery with every stroke.

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   Her eyes were slits as they looked back at me. Her mouth open in a perpetual O. I reached up and began to rub her nipples. She hissed in response, and began moving her pelvis in a rocking motion, rubbing my penis against her even more vigorously. And then Alisha said,
“Put it inside!”
Suddenly Hailey rose up off the table a couple of inches, grasping me tightly in her fist, and then she slowing impaled herself upon me, taking me gently and cautiously. The feeling was tremendous. Warm, tight, moist! The look on Hailey’s face was a combination of pain and lust.
“Oh, it’s hurting Mommy!” she gasped.
“Remember what I told you honey. Just a little pain, and then a little blood, and then it will be so much fun!”
When I heard this sentence escape Alisha’s lips I realized that I was to be the first one to penetrate this 12 year old virgin. With her encouraging words, Hailey pushed herself down further, and she cried in pain for an instant. I felt a warm, wet rush of fluid surround my shaft and I knew that I had made her bleed. It felt so wonderful, like nothing I’ve ever felt. Of course, all the while Alisha was still behind me rubbing my nipples. Hailey, now relaxed and confident began thrusting her pelvic bone to and fro, riding me gently and rhythmically.

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   As I gently pinched her nipples, she sighed with delight and pure ecstasy. She looked down, into my eyes, and saw that I was also enjoying this ride very much. I was so glad that Alisha had made me cum so hard earlier, for I would never have been able to savor this overwhelming event as I was able to do now.
“Am I doing this right Mommy?”, Hailey asked innocently.
“If it feels good, and Larry feels good, then you are doing it right baby. ” Alisha replied. “Now, keep up that motion, and reach up and touch Mommy’s nipples. Ooooh, yes baby. That’s a good girl. Making Mommy feel so good!”
Alisha then hoisted herself up, and put her vagina down on my face, hovering millimeters above my mouth.
“Eat me!”, she commanded, and I gladly obliged. “Oh, Oh, OHHHHHOOHHH!”
So here we were. I was inside 12 year old Hailey who was riding me like a pro. I was pinching her nipples, she was pinching Alisha’s nipples, and Alisha was pinching my nipples. I was alternating between licking Alisha’s sweet, pussy and her slightly tart ass hole.

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   We were all moaning and groaning. Saying each other’s names. “Larry, Alisha, Mommy, Haily, Oh Mommy, Yes Alisha, Mmmmmm… Larry, Hailey, Larry”
Then suddenly…
“Mommy, I’m feeling funny! It’s tingling like I have to pee and it’s getting stronger. ”
“Yes honey, that’s OK! Let it build! I’m feeling tingly too honey! How about you Larry, are you feeling tingly?”
“Mmmm Hmmmm was all I could say with her pussy in my mouth. ”
I looked up to see Hailey getting more and more excited. She was panting, and rocking faster and faster on my rod. I looked at the little shiny outfit she wore, and her budding breasts protruding from it. I looked at the latex gloved fingers, manipulating my nipples. I smelled the sweet scent of sex, and we all approached orgasm like a slow moving, but unstoppable freight train. And then it began…
“Oh Hailey, I’m going to cum inside you baby! Ride me baby! I’m going to cum inside your tight little virgin hole!”
“Yes, cum in my baby! Cum in her tiny cunt! Give it all to her while I cum on your face you bastard! Give her a baby! Make my baby pregnant!”
“Mommy, it feels so good mommy! I’m, I’m, Larry, I’m AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!
I starting shooting inside her. So much cum! And she gasped, and bore down on me, wanting me deep inside her womb, feeling me exploding inside her belly, feeling the warmth overtake her, feeding her my seed and impregnating her, wave after wave, stream after stream, all for her tiny virgin womb. “AAAHAAHAAHHHH!”
Alisha exploded on my face! “AAAHAAHAAAHAA!” Dripping down my tongue and cheeks! So sweet!
“Aaaah AAAaHhhhhh Ahhhaahahaah aaaaaahhhahh”
The most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I fall asleep. One hour later I awaken, still on the table, still inside Hailey. She and her mother lay on top of me.

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   We are all collapsed in a warm hug. Hailey moves her hand gently across my chest, rubbing my nipple, and then my penis stirs. Could it be I’m ready for even more?