The little girl next door part 2


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After the day Laura and I had sex I switched my work schedule so I could be home around the same time Laura gets to my house after school. . As soon as I get home we get naked and start having fun. . .

I record each time and as Laura and I are recovering we watch the sexual bliss we just experienced

Every time we fuck I pull out and shoot my hot sticky load all over her body. . She still wants me to cum inside of her but there is no way I can risk getting her pregnant. . It is bad enough I don't wear a condom when we have sex. . Sometimes I pull out and she sucks me off as I jizz down her throat. . .

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Well One day after an amazing fuck Laura tell me she has something to tell me. . . It seems that Laura has a girlfriend. . It is a girl from her school a few years younger then her. . She then told me she has a few things to admit to me. . First she admits that her girlfriend knows all about what her and I have been doing. . I was furious because I thought about the fact that if this girl tells other people I could go to jail. . Laura insist that her girlfriend tells no one. .

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   The second bit of news she tells me is that her girlfriend, who is named Selena, has been to my house and has watched the movies of me having sex with the woman around town and that Laura and Selena have had sex with each other while watching them. . The thought of my not so innocent angel fucking another girl in my bed room turned me on so very much

Laura then asked me if Selena could join us tomorrow. . She told me that Selena is a petite 5 foot tall Mexican girl with lips that could suck corn off the cob. . She also told me Selena was a virgin and wanted more then anything for me to be her first. . I know I should have said no but the deception of Selena's lips and the thought of her and Laura fucking in my bed was so hot that how could I refuse?

The next day came and when I walked into the house there was Laura and Selena already naked and 69'ing on my bed. . I walk in take my clothes off and say to them "May I join in?". . That is when I got my first glimpse of Selena. . .

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   She was very small and skinny and unlike Laura was not developed at all. . She had Black hair, brown eyes and tan skin. . Laura was right though. . She has lips woman would die for and seeing Laura cum glisten on Selena's chin was so erotic. .

I finished stripping and Laura and Selena got on their knees in front of me. . Laura then started giving me head and telling Selena to watch what she is doing because she will be next. . Then slowly Selena put my girth into her mouth and I shuttered in orgasm. . Selena's lips wrapped around my cock was amazing.

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  . Her lips felt like a virgins pussy and it took every ounce of will power not to cum right then and there. . Selena was a natural and I was in heaven. .

I wanted to bring them both to my bed and finger one as I was eating out the other but Laura said "No this is all about Selena, I just want to watch". . I carried Selena's naked tween body to my bed, spread her legs and started to ram my tongue deep into her hairless virgin pussy. . Like Laura she instantly came to an orgasm. . I notice out of the corner of my eye Laura is on the chair next to my bed and she is playing with her pussy at the site of me going down on her girlfriend Selena. . .

I then asked Selena "Are you sure you want me to do this?" and she replied "Yes please fuck me".

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  . It was so hot hearing that sweet innocent little voice say those words to me. . I started to tease her pussy with the end of my cock. . She begged me to put it all inside of her but I just teased her. . She begged me some more but I teased her even worse. . I then told her "This might hurt" and before she can say anything I trusted my cock deep inside until it his her cervix. . She let out a yelp and started to cry. . I felt so fad but Laura didn't. .

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   She told Selena "Stop being a baby and just enjoy his cock inside of you". . I sat there for a few to let Selena's tight virgin pussy get use to my engorged member that has invaded her private area. . As soon as she stopped crying I continued by thrusting in and out of her slowly

In no time Selena was enjoying her self and instinctively started fucking me back. . in no time I was pounding her like a jack hammer and her sweet innocent voice started moaning to me to "Fuck me harder" and "Fuck me faster". . I was really enjoying my self and soon felt that familiar feeling in my balls. . I pulled out and I shot my cum all over Selena's Flat Chest and face. . It seems a large load landed all over Selena's amazing lips and before I know her Laura was kissing her and sharing my cum with her girlfriend. . .

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I knew I was going to have a fun night but I was not ready for what happened next.
    . Laura pulled out 2 pairs of Fuzzy handcuffs and asked me if it was ok if she hand cuffed me to the bed and pretend rape me. . It was something I never tried before but it sounded fun even though I told her that "you can't rape the willing". . . She hand cuffed me to the bed and then brought out some silk scarves. . She then preceded to tie my legs to the bed. .

    Laura then started to suck on my cock until I was hard again and then mounted me like she has done many times before. . She was riding me hard and fast just how I like it" she then instructed Selena to sit on my face so I can east her out. .

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       There I was with 2 under aged girls, one on my cock and one on my tongue having a wonderful time. . I was having so much fun that I almost didn't notice the familiar feeling in my balls. . I move my head enough to tell Laura "time to get off I am about to cum" but Laura was not stopping. . . She just rode me harder and faster. . I suddenly realized that she had no intent of getting off of me and she was not going to stop until I came inside of her. . i tried to trust her off but that only made it better for her. . i tried to think of anything else so i would not cum but right then and there Laura had an orgasm and her pussy got even tighter and I could not fight it any longer. .

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      Stream after stream of my baby juice shot deep into her unprotected womb. .

    I was furious and demanded that Laura until me but she told me "Not until you cum inside both of us a few times each". . I don't know if I was more mad or turned on. . The both took turns riding me each and every time I got hard and I came into both of them each time". . . I was being raped by a couple of pre-teen girls and even though I didn't want to admit it I was so enjoying it. .

    About an hour before Laura's mom was due home from work they untied me and we all got a shower to clean up. . Laura's mom called me and said she was tired and since it was Friday night she asked if Laura could spend the night here because she just wanted to go to bed. .

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       She didn't even know about Selena spending the night it seems. . I know I should have been mad but it made me so horny thinking what they did and we all slept together naked and fucked a few more times that night. . This time though I no longer pulled out and came inside their cunnies. . I figured the damage was already done and I might as well enjoy my self before the shit hit the fan

    A few months later I was in for a few shocks but that is a story for another time.