The Lesson


by BarondeSade ©

Copyright © 2009, BarondeSade. ALL Rights Reserved.

No portion of this story may be reproduced for profit without the express, written permission of the author. . . .

This story is a work of fiction. The characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. . . .

All fictional characters in the story who are involved in sexual situations and incidents are above the age of eighteen. . . .

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An erotic fantasy from the demented mind of BarondeSade. . . .

Judith was putting away Bobby’s clean underwear when she spotted something pink protruding out from under Bobby’s stack of shorts. What is that, she asked herself reaching down and timidly lifting the stack of shorts? Why it’s a pair of panties, she told herself pulling the pink panties out from under the stack. And they’re my Panties! What in the world is Bobby doing with a pair of my panties in his room. And what was the flakey white stuff on the panties? It was all too obvious, she frantically thought. Bobby had been using her panties to, to masturbate. There could be no other explanation.

Well, he was fourteen and had entered puberty three or four years ago, so why should she find it so strange to know that her son masturbated? Maybe it wasn’t the fact that he masturbated that was bothering her. Maybe it was the fact that he would use her panties to do it. There was something oddly incestuous about that. She didn’t know what to think . .

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   . or to do.

She was no prude by any stretch of the imagination. In fact she and John would be classified as kinky by some if the truth were to be known. Well, maybe not kinky, but unconventional, to say the least. There wasn’t much they hadn’t tried or done in their thirteen years of marriage. And she didn’t want to do anything to her young son that would make him think that sex between a man and a woman was anything but natural . . . and normal . . . and fun. . .

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Well, she would just have to have a talk with John about what to do with Bobby, she told herself as she stuffed her panties into the little apron she wore when she did her housework. Shoving the drawer shut, Judith turned and started to leave. But then she stopped and on a whim stepped across the room to Bobby’s bed. Leaning down over it, she bent down and ran her hand down under the mattress. Feeling around under the mattress, she felt her fingers brush across a magazine. Clutching it between her fingers, she tugged it out from its hiding place. Looking at the cover, she saw that just as she imagined it was indeed an adult magazine. At first glance, she thought it might be one of John’s magazines, but when she read the title emblazoned across the cover page, she didn’t think it was, unless maybe John was a little kinkier than she had originally thought. Mothers and Sons read the title of the magazine and below the title, there was a very suggestive picture of an older woman and a boy apparently in his late teens. The woman was naked, but the boy’s penis was discretely hidden by the chair he was standing behind.

Slowly opening the magazine, she saw that unlike the discrete cover, the pictures inside left nothing to the imagination. Leafing through the magazine, she saw that there were pictures of boys and older women in just about every type of sex act imaginable, and even a few that weren’t that plausible.

Then as she turned another page, she saw a snapshot nestled in the spine of the magazine. It was a picture of her! And she was naked! The first thing that flashed through her mind was that Bobby had found the stash of pictures that she and John had taken of each other.

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   And some of those pictures showed the two of them in some rather compromising positions, she anxiously thought. But then the closer she studied the picture, she saw that it was just a case of cut and paste. Someone, and she had a good idea who, had taken a picture of her face and pasted it on a picture of a naked woman.

Slipping the picture back inside the magazine, she closed it and started to slip it back under the mattress, but at the last second changed her mind. Folding it, she slipped it in the pocket of her apron along with her panties.

Going about her housework, she worked her way back down to the bedroom that she and John shared. Tossing the magazine and her panties on their bed, she planned to talk to John about them when he came home.

After school, Bobby came bounding into the house in his usual exuberant manner.

“Hi, Mom,” he chirped as he brushed by her on his way to his room.

“Hi,” she returned watching him skip across the room and disappear inside his room.

As she saw the door close, she went about her work wondering just what would happen when he discovered that she had removed his ‘fuck book. ’

About ten minutes later, as she was setting the table, Bobby came shyly shuffling into the kitchen.

“Uh, Mom . . .

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  ” Bobby mumbled, his face the color of cooked beets.

“Yes, Bobby . . . ” Judith innocently smiled back.

“Were you in my room today?” he timidly asked.

“Why yes I was. I put your clean underwear in your drawer. Why?” she asked.

“Did you, uh, did you take anything?” Bobby mumbled.

“Yes, I did. I took a pair of my panties out of your drawer. I have no idea how they could have gotten in your drawer,” she told him. “Unless maybe I got them mixed up with your shorts,” she added.

“Uh, yeah, uh, probably, that’s how,” Bobby lied, his face turning another shade darker.

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“Uh, did you find a, uh, a magazine, too?” Bobby stammered.

“Yes, I did. I didn’t think it was anything a boy of your age should be looking at so I confiscated it and we’re going to have a little talk about after supper. You, your father and me,” she told him.

“Oh . . . ” Bobby muttered.

“There’s a time and a place for everything, Bobby. Learning about sex is a very personal thing and learning about sex from a cheap magazine is not the proper way for a young boy to learn about sex. ” Judith told him, returning to the setting of the table.

“Oh . . . ” Bobby gulped.

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Just then the door opened and John came walking into the kitchen from the garage.

“Howdy,” he grinned and then stopped in his tracks when he saw the crimson color of Bobby’s face. “Uh, is something wrong?” he asked, looking back and forth between them.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Judith smiled at him. “Bobby and I were just discussing about how a boy should properly learn about sex. ”

“Uh, sex, sex,” John fumbled, his own face brightening a shade or two. “I see . . . ”

“Bobby would you go to your room so your father and I can talk,” she asked knowing that the question was more in the form of an order than a question.

“Uh, yeah, uh, yeah—“ Bobby muttered, ducking his head and heading out of the kitchen.

“So what’s going on with Bobby?” John asked, stepping up to Judith and giving her cute, little ass a gentle squeeze. “And sex?”

“Come with me,” Judith told him, taking hold of his hand and leading him down to their bedroom.

Closing the door behind them, she led him across the room to their bed.

“I found these in Bobby’s room,” she told him, pointing down to the magazine and her panties.

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“Oh, I see—“ John said. “Your panties, too?”

“My panties, too,” Judith said. “But that’s not all,” she remarked, flipping the magazine open to the picture of herself.

“Wow, I’d say that he had a thing for you,” John said, unable to keep the start of a smile off his lips. “Mothers and Sons, your panties, and a picture of you naked. That’s an awful lot. Not that I can blame him. ”

“It’s not funny, John,” she reprimanded him. “He’s our son and I don’t want him thinking that all sex is about is sticking his penis in a hole. I want him to know about the loving side of it, too. ”

“Well, I guess you’re right. It’s about time for him to learn about the birds and bees,” John mumbled, picking up the picture and studying it closer. “This is not you. ”

“Yeah, I know, but it’s the idea behind it,” she fussed, taking the picture from him and tossing it down on the bed beside the magazine.

“So, I guess you want me to have a talk with him?” John muttered.

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“I thought, I thought we could both have a talk with him and explain it to him—properly—“Judith told him.

“Both of us?” John exclaimed. “Uh, just what, uh, what do you propose?”

“Well, after supper we can sit him down and find out how much he knows about sex and answer any questions he might have about it. ” Judith went on.

“And what if the questions get, uh, a little too, uh, let’s say, uh, too personal?”

“We answer them,” Judith said, “or show him. ”

“Show him?” John choked out.

“Yes, show him. He saw those pictures in his porn book, so we might have to explain some of them, or show him how a man and woman who love each other would do it. ”

“I don’t know about this,” John blushed. “Sounds a little kinky. But if you say so. I’ll go along with anything you say. ”

“Good, now let’s go eat supper,” she smiled, reaching down and groping his cock through his pants. “And after our talk with Bobby, maybe Mommy will give you a little,” she laughed.

“Oh, is all this talk about sex .


   . . sex and Bobby turning Mommy on a little bit?” John grinned, giving her ass another familiar squeeze.

“Silly . . . ” Judith giggled, but couldn’t explain the tickle down between her legs or the heightened sense of excitement she suddenly felt.

Supper was eaten in an edgy silence as no one seemed eager to confront their problem. As Judith was cleaning off the kitchen table, John turned to Bobby.

“Bobby why don’t you go get ready for bed and then in thirty minutes come back to the living room and we’ll have our little talk. ” John told him.

After Bobby had left for his room, John and Judith hurried down to their bedroom. Stripping her clothes off, Judith started for the bathroom as John was undressing down to his boxer shorts which he usually wore around the house at night.

“Where you going?” he asked her, admiring her way her sexy, little ass jiggled and shook as she walked.

“A shower and a little tidying up .


   . . just in case,” she laughed.

“Just in case what?” John wanted to know.

Just in case,” she repeated herself and disappeared into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Yes, what was she doing? She asked herself as she stared at her reflection in the medicine cabinet mirror. Nice tits, Judith, Dear, she told herself as she ran the tip of her finger around one of the big, hard nipples jutting out of the darkened tips of her large, saggy breasts.

Running a little water in the sink, she dipped her hand down in it and pulled out a handful of the warm water. Splashing the water down on her pussy, she grabbed up John’s can of shaving cream and squirted out a dollop of it onto her fingertips. Then picking up John’s razor, she moved her hand-mirror up to where she had a perfect view of her pussy. Slowly running the razor down each side of the “!” of soft, brown curls that sat atop her pussy, she shaved away what little stubble that had grown back out since her last trim. A few more quick swipes here and there and she had everything all prim and proper once again.

A quick shower, a little under-arm deodorant, a couple of dabs of perfume between her big, dangling tits and behind her ears and Judith was ready for whatever might happen.

“You going on a date or something?” John grinned as she came strutting out of the bathroom and headed for the door where her nightgown that she usually wore around the house at night hung.

“Or something,” she shot back, raising the gown up over her head and letting it slip down over her head.

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“Well let’s get this over so we can have some fun,” John joked, gently groping Judith's tight, firm ass through her thin, nightgown.

“Let’s go,” Judith told him, groping his half-hard cock through his shorts. “What’s this? You trying to make Bobby feel self-conscious or something?” she giggled.

“Just thinking about you and what’s going to happen later tonight,” John snorted, lifting his hand off her ass and slipping it up inside her gown to fondle her bare pussy.

“No panties?” John grinned, tickling his finger across her clit.

“No panties, now stop that,” she told him, pulling his hand back out of her gown.

Five minutes later they were sitting on the couch in the living room as Bobby came self-consciously shuffling into the room. They could easily see that Bobby was more than a little nervous as he stumbled over to the easy chair that sat across from the couch. It was his father’s chair, but it was obvious that it was his chair for the night.

Sitting in the chair, Bobby nervously fidgeted as he waited for them to begin.

“So, your mother showed me your reading material,” John sternly said, holding up Bobby’s magazine. “Is this what you think sex is?

“Yeah, kinda, I guess. It’s just the stuff they taught us in Sex Ed didn’t make a lot of sense and I just kinda wanted to see what it was really like, uh, you, know, uh, between a man and a woman. ”

“Well, Darling, there’s a lot more to it than what’s in those pictures,” Judith tried to explain, finding herself feeling more than a little self-conscious.

“Uh, like, like what?” Bobby asked with a curious look on his face.

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“Well, uh, love, tenderness, sensitivity to the other person’s wants and needs for a few things,” she said seeing that Bobby’s curious eyes had strayed down between her legs.

“I know, but I thought that kind of stuff just sort of, you know, sort of came along with the sex part,” Bobby uneasily mumbled.

As Judith saw Bobby’s eyes nervously flitting back and forth between her legs and her face, she purposefully spread her legs a smidgen further apart.

“Uh, Bobby, have, have you ever seen a real vagina?” Judith blurted out.

“Uh, Judith, uh, Hon--, uh where are you going with this,” John uneasily asked.

“Well, if we’re going to teach Bobby about sex, don’t you think he should know about the, uh, the sexual equipment he’s going to be dealing with . . . don’t you?” Judith brazenly asked him. “Couldn’t expect a mechanic to fix a car engine if he didn’t know what the parts are . . . could you?”

“Uh, I, I suppose not, but . . .

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  ” John stammered, looking at Judith with a look of disbelief on his face.

“And since there doesn’t seem to be an extra vagina lying around, I guess it falls on me to do the show and tell, doesn’t it?” she smiled, pushing up onto her little bare feet.

But as she stood, her fingers resting on the hem of her nightgown, Judith stopped and looked deep into Bobby’s eyes.

“But before we go any further, there’s two things I want you to promise,” Judith unsmilingly told him.

“Uh, yeah, uh, what, what, Mom?” Bobby mumbled, his eyes flitting down to her paused hands and then back up to her face.

“First, you can never, ever tell anyone about what happens tonight. Never! Not your friends, not your wife when you marry, No one, Never, Ever!” Judith emphatically declared. “Promise?”

“Uh, yeah, yeah,” Bobby snorted.

“Promise—“ Judith commanded.

“I, uh, I promise, I promise I won’t tell anybody—“ Bobby muttered.

“And secondly, if you have any question—any question at all tonight, I want you to promise that you will ask it, ask us, okay?” she said, smiling this time.

“I, I promise—“ Bobby mumbled, sheepishly looking back down between his mother’s long, shapely legs.

Then with John and Bobby both looking on, she slowly peeled her nightgown up her body. Her view was momentarily blocked by the gown as she pulled up it off over head, but the gown cleared her head, she saw that both men were gawking at her with stunned looks on their faces. Then she stood with her arms stretched above her head letting Bobby leer over her naked body for several long seconds.

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“Okay then, but if I’m going to do this, why don’t we all take our clothes off so I, I won’t feel so self-conscious,” Judith told her husband and son.

“Are you sure about this?” John choked out, looking at her with a shocked look of disbelief on his face.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Judith said, slightly spreading her legs.

John was on his feet in a heartbeat and quickly shoved his shorts down off his hips to let his big, half-hard penis flop out into the open.

As he did, Judith lowered her arms and tossed her little nightgown down onto the couch.

Bobby’s eyes were rapidly flitting back and forth between his father’s big, fat cock and her furry exclamation point that ended at the gash of pink between her legs.

“Bobby, it’s your turn,” she murmured, letting her eyes brush across the obvious lump in his pajamas.

“Uh, okay, uh, yeah,” Bobby blurted out, standing up and quickly pulling his pajama top up off over his head and dropping it on the chair behind him.

Judith didn’t know what had come over her as she expectantly stared down at the crotch of Bobby’s pajama bottoms watching for his penis to appear. While she should have been embarrassed and ashamed of what she was doing, she instead felt a tingle of excitement and arousal tickle through her pussy. This wasn’t supposed to work like this, she told herself. Then she felt the same strange, almost incestuous feeling she had felt in the afternoon when she had seen the picture of herself in Bobby’s magazine.

Hooking his thumbs under the waistband of his pajama bottoms, Bobby nervously pushed them down and his rock-hard penis sprang out of his pajamas standing at proud attention.

Judith was surprised at the size of her son’s penis. She had read an article once, in college, that the average length of a boy’s penis was around two and a half to three inches at puberty and wouldn’t be fully developed until he was sixteen or seventeen.

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   Figuring that Bobby had entered puberty at age twelve, he was well ahead of the curve as she studied his impressive six-inch penis. But didn’t that only stand to reason, she sickly thought, looking over at John’s imposing eight-inch monolith.

“Mom, you’re so beautiful,” Bobby murmured, as his eyes feasted on her nakedness.

“Thank you, Honey, but remember that this is a sex lesson, not a beauty contest,” she reminded him.

“Now, Bobby, what would you like to know?” Judith softly asked easing back down onto the couch as she sat staring at him.

“Uh, uh, where does a woman, like, like to, you know, like to be touched?” Bobby bumbled.

“Just about anywhere . . . as long as the man is gentle and takes his time,” Judith told him, her legs parting almost on their own volition as she felt another jolt of excitement down below. And she could also feel herself growing moist down there, dampened by her strange sense of arousal. Arousal she was bizarrely feeling for her fourteen-year-old son and his jutting penis.

This is crazy, Judith found herself thinking as Bobby sat only a few feet away from her, staring down at her exposed femininity. And asking her where she liked to be touched. This had been a bad idea from the start, she told herself and she didn’t see that it would get any better.

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   But her mind wouldn’t let her stop as it wandered on its own aimless, meandering course . . .

“My nipples are especially sensitive and I enjoy having them touched, of course” she said, smiling and circling a fingertip around of one of her swollen, erect nipples, “and . . . ” she said, pausing as she slowly spread her legs and ran her hand down over her belly, over the exclamation point of kinky hairs to her clit. ”My clitoris. ”

Bobby’s eyebrows arched and his eyes opened wider as he watched her slowly fingering the tip of her clitoris as it jutted out of its fleshy, little sheath.

“Can I, can I touch it?” Bobby murmured, slowly dropping off the chair onto his knees.

Judith couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. Sitting beside her husband rubbing her clit while her son was crawling toward her asking her if he could touch her down there. It was all beyond comprehension. Beyond belief. So far out of the box, it was inconceivable.

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“Yes, you can touch it . . . but later. First you must learn other ways a woman wants to be touched,” John whispered, slowly running the tip of his tongue around the lobe of Judith's ear. “Come over here and sit down on the other side of your mother. ”

“Uh, okay,” Bobby grunted, pulling himself up on the couch and sitting down beside his mother.

Judith sat with her eyes closed, her head resting against the back of the couch as John continued to slowly run the tip of his tongue around the lobe of her ear while he gently nibbled and nipped at it.

“Her ear,” she heard John’s voice say his mouth so close to her ear, the sound was almost deafening as he went on to instruct his son in the ritual of foreplay. “Run your tongue around inside it and gently, gently nibble at it with your teeth . . . ”

In a heartbeat, she felt Bobby’s tongue find her ear and slowly, tentatively circle around it a couple of times before he began to nibble and nip at it. The passion and pleasurable sensations filling Judith's fevered brain were making her light headed as her arousal grew more and more fiery.

“Now slowly, gently kiss your way down her neck,” John coached Bobby as Judith felt John’s lips move away from her ear as he began to kiss and nibble his way down her exposed and vulnerable neck.

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Then Bobby’s lips left her ear and slowly kissed their way down her neck as her son duplicated his father’s moves almost to a “T”.

Judith felt her body responding on its own as the lips slowly descended down her neck, pausing occasionally to gently suck and nip at the exposed, sensitive skin. Her legs were creeping farther and farther apart as her hands lifted and settled down on John’s and Bobby’s thighs, only inches from their hard, throbbing cocks.

Then Judith felt John’s hand clasp itself around her left breast. As he gently fondled and caressed the dangling prize, she felt Bobby’s smaller hand on her right breast. The touches were so different, she sickly thought to herself as the hands gently probed her breasts. One touch, confident, experienced in the art of fondling, the other tentative, exploring, groping, unsure of the next move to make.

John slowly kissed down off Judith's shoulder onto the upper slope of her left breast, his lips moving at a snail’s pace as they made their way toward her swollen, erect nipple. As John’s lips moved down, Judith felt Bobby’s lips move down off her other shoulder as they tentatively made their way toward her other nipple.

“Yesssss . . . ” Judith softly hissed as John’s lips finally closed down around her tingling nipple. Then she felt her hands moving almost on their own as the inched closer and closer to the two thrusting cocks jutting up out of John’s and Bobby’s laps. When she felt her fingers brush against the two hard penises, she felt them both twitch as Bobby’s lips encircled her hypersensitive nipple and begin to softly suck.

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“Lick it too, Honey . . . ” Judith whispered to Bobby as her fingers slowly wrapped themselves around both cocks.

“Um-hum—“ Bobby mumbled out around her nipple as Judith began to slowly twist her fisted hands up and down their cocks.

Then Judith felt Bobby’s tongue replicate the movement of his father’s much-more-experienced tongue as it twirled and swirled around her aching nipple.

As Judith slowly, lovingly stroked the two cocks, father and son fondled her sagging breasts, teasing and taunting her big, rubbery nipples while Judith reveled in the pleasurable sensations that were arcing straight down to her aching clit. Leaning back against the couch, her fists wrapped around their cocks, Judith basked in the incestuous perversion of having both of her breasts fondled and sucked on by her son and his father.

Just then, Judith felt John’s hand drop away from her breast and touch down on her thigh. Anticipating the touch of his fingers, Judith spread her legs farther apart to open herself to him and as she did, she felt Bobby’s hand leave her other breast. Then she felt Bobby’s hand gently clutch her other thigh as John’s fingers moved higher.

Stop this—Stop it now, Judith's fevered brain screamed out at her. You can’t let him touch you down there. Not Bobby! She couldn’t let Bobby touch her in that way. Yes, he had touched her breasts, but that was different.


   He had suckled her as an infant so in a way that was only an extension of that. But to touch her down there was so different. To touch her in her most-secret, private place was, was truly incest, she frantically thought as John’s fingers inched closer and closer.

Then she felt her nipple slip out from between Bobby’s lips as he raised up to whisper in her ear.

“Can I touch you? Can I touch your pussy? Can I touch your clit, Mother?” Bobby whispered loud enough for all three of them to hear.

“Let him touch it,” John whispered as he ran the tip of his tongue around the lobe of her ear.

“No, Honey, please don’t do that—it would be incest—it would be so wrong—“ Judith begged, her eyes boring deep into his.

Judith nervously looked over at John and saw the obvious look of lust in his eyes as he looked back at her. Things were growing riotously out of control and she would have to stop their death spiral or suffer the consequences.

“No—no—can’t touch—“ she somehow found the wherewithal to wheeze out almost under her breath.

“Oh, come on, Judith, he just wants to touch it,” John told her, lifting his hand up and delicately rubbing it back and forth across her clit.

“But—but—shouldn’t do that—look but don’t touch—“ Judith whimpered as she fearfully watched Bobby staring down at John’s hand between her legs.

“Please—Mother—“ Bobby whispered, looking down at her bared pussy as his father slowly rubbed his finger back and forth across the bright pink nubbin protruding out of its little hood.

“Her clitoris?” Bobby asked watching John’s fingertip tease the little nub.

“Yeah, but most of the time, we just call it a clit,” John grinned as Judith leaned back and rested her head on the couch and she closed her eyes.


   That action was a signal of surrender to both males.

“Can I touch it?” Bobby mumbled as he crawled his fingers along the velvety-smooth skin of her inner thigh inching ever closer to the secrecy of his mother’s pussy.

Unable to open her eyes and watch the defilement, Judith gave up.

“Please be gentle . . . ” she softly murmured as a lone tear squeezed out of her closed eyelids and slowly trickled down her velvety cheek.

Bobby felt feverish all over as he watched his father drag his finger down the wet, glistening furrow between her thick, fleshy pussy-lips. Bobby had never been so hard as he watched his father slowly ease a pair of fingers down into the oozing, seeping hole down at the base of Judith's pussy.

“Vagina—“ Bobby heard John mumble. “This is where you came out of when you were born. ”

“That little thing?” Bobby groaned, inching his finger closer and closer to his mother’s exposed clit.

“Yes. Didn’t he Hon?” John whispered as he slowly slid his fingers in and out of the tight, clutching hole.

“Yessssss .

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   . . ” Judith hissed still unable to bring herself look down at Bobby’s hand.

“Why is Mom so wet?” Bobby innocently asked as the tip of his finger gently brushed against Judith's squiggly clit.

“Unhhhhhh . . . ” Judith groaned out as her hips involuntarily jerked upwards and rubbed her clit against Bobby’s inquisitive finger.

“Well, Bobby, when a woman becomes aroused, her pussy, uh, vagina starts making juice, uh, a lubricant so that, that when, uh, the man, uh, when the man puts his cock, uh, penis in her, uh, her vagina it will go in nice and easy,” John patiently explained as Bobby continued to mimic his father’s earlier moves when he had fingered Judith's clit. “If she didn’t and her pussy, uh, vagina was dry, it would hurt her . . . ”

“Oh . . .

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  ” Bobby mumbled as he watched his father’s goo-covered fingers sliding in and out of Judith's vagina.

Just how far was John going to take this insane game, Judith feverishly wondered? It had already gone much farther than she had intended, but John seemed intent on taking it to the limit. Well, you suggested it, you fool, her brain railed at her. Show him isn’t that what you had said? Well, John was showing Bobby how to treat a woman, that was for sure.

“Women like to be pleasured in other ways, too, Bobby,” John whispered to his son as he slowly eased his dripping fingers out of Judith's over-flowing orifice.

What now, Judith frantically wondered? What was he going to do now?

“Move your hand and watch,” John mumbled as he slid off the couch and dropped down onto his knees.

“What? What are you doing? John?” Judith whimpered as she watched her husband crawl around on his knees until he was standing on his knees in between her outstretched legs. She could see that he was still highly aroused as his penis was jutting straight up in the air waving back and forth defiantly. He wasn’t, she hysterically thought. No. Not in front of Bobby!

Then she watched on in a trance as John slowly kneeled down and ran his tongue up the vaginal crease between her gorged lips.

“No—John—please, John—not in front of Bobby—“ Judith wailed, making a feeble attempt to push him away.

But John had passed the point of her control. He was now a lust-crazed animal as his tongue swirled and twisted, touching her in all the places she loved to be touched while Bobby watched on with rapt attention.

Bobby watched his father’s thick, pink tongue as it licked all over Judith's pussy.

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   Then he saw his father make his tongue stiff and thrust it down inside Judith's pussy. As Bobby watched on in a testosterone-induced fog, he saw his father’s tongue sliding in and out Judith's pussy as John thrust it in and out, fucking her pussy with his tongue.

After a few seconds of this, John softened his tongue and this time licked up between her juice-slathered lips to find her clit. Swirling his thick, pink tongue around the jutting nub, John gently sucked it out of its fleshy sheath and began to attack it with a vengeance as Judith groveled in the pleasure that was welling up from her throbbing clit.

With her head thrown back against the couch and her eyes closed to block out the demented scene, she blindly groped for anything she could find to hold on to. And it was her son’s cock her hand found as it jutted up out of his almost-hairless groin. Clutching the cap of the rock-hard pillar of meat, she could feel that it was covered with the slippery goo oozing out of slit in the tip of the barb. Squeezing and clasping the rubbery ball, she smeared the slippery gunk all over the plum-sized head of her son’s cock. As she did, Bobby’s fingers found one of her hypersensitive nipples and roughly plucked and pinched on it, but Bobby’s eyes never left his father’s swirling, slashing, twirling tongue.

The passion and sensations welling up from her clit and nipple were overwhelming Judith and she felt herself slipping toward an orgasm. No, no, you can’t, you can’t let Bobby see you have an orgasm, she ranted at herself. But no amount of censure could check her rush to the finish.

“Oh—oh—oh—no—God—no—“ Judith whimpered, her back slowly arching, raising off the couch as she reached for the elusive prize.

Suddenly, she could no longer feel John’s tongue on her clit.

“What? Don’t stop! Please don’t stop,” Judith futilely begged as John lifted his juice-smeared mouth off her pussy.

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   “John—don’t stop now—“

“I think Bobby needs to learn how to please a woman with his tongue,” John mumbled. “Don’t you, Bobby?”

“Yes—Yes—oh, yeah,” Bobby bubbled, letting go of his mother’s nipple and quickly dropping to his knees on the floor beside his father.

“No! No, please! Please John—not that—Please Bobby don’t—“ Judith implored, but her appeal fell on deaf ears as John shuffled to the side. Judith tried to close her legs, but John held them apart so that Bobby could crawl up between them.

“Bobby, please don’t do this—“ Judith begged, feebly trying to push him away. But as she did, John pushed up on the couch and grabbed hold of her wrists, squeezing tightly and pulling her hands back away from Bobby’s chest.

But why was she fighting this? This had all been her idea hadn’t it? But it had gone millions of miles beyond what she had intended. So stop fighting it! Why not just lay back and enjoy it? She wasn’t strong enough to fend off the two males and she knew it.

“No, please . . . ” she feebly murmured as she felt Bobby’s soft lips touch down on the overly sensitive skin of her pussy. John had left her in such a state of arousal and so close to her orgasm, she knew that it would only be a few seconds before she tripped over that magical moment.

Bobby had learned well from his father, Judith dementedly thought as Bobby’s tongue swirled, twirled and twisted round and round her throbbing clit. Too well, she told herself as she inched closer—closer—closer—

“Noooooooo .

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   . . ” came one last pathetic whimper as Bobby’s little, pink tongue attacked her painfully-sensitive clit with youthful exuberance.

Judith was teetering on the edge, hanging there by the slimmest of threads as a part of her fevered brain still fought on with the last shreds of her conscience.

Suddenly, Judith felt an explosion of pleasure erupt up from her pussy. The fiery waves of pleasure spewing up from her cunt were the most intense, all-consuming spasms she had ever experienced.

Bobby saw his mother’s belly tighten as her ass began to patter up and down on the couch while the muscles in her legs began to quiver and shake.

“Unhhhhhhhhh—Goddddddd—“ Judith gasped out as her hands shot down to Bobby’s head and her long, sharp fingernails dug down into Bobby’s scalp pushing Bobby’s face down against the sopping core of her femininity.

Her whole body was on fire and every convulsion that spasmed through her cunt caused it to contract down on itself and send a gush of cunt-juice out onto her son’s juice-slathered cheeks and chin.

The air around them reeked with the heavy pungence of her fermented juices as they continued to pour out of her in thick, aromatic gushes.

Bobby was ecstatic. He had just made his mother come! He had given his mother an orgasm! How many boys could say that, he sickly wondered as he watched the muscles in his mother’s belly begin to slowly soften and relax.

As Judith slowly reawakened from her overwhelming upheaval of passion and pleasure, she saw that John was sitting beside her roughly jerking his hand up and down his fully primed cock.

Looking deep into her husband’s lust-filled eyes, she knew what was coming next. She knew that look and knew that it always proceeded fucking.

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   There would be no stopping him. Not even if the travesty would play out right in front of their son!

Bobby suddenly found himself being forcefully pulled back out from between his mother’s widely splayed legs.

“Watch and you’ll see how a man fucks a woman—“ John panted as he shoved his arms under Judith's long legs and lifted them up off the couch. Then with a grunt, he pulled her toward him until the big, goo-smeared head of his penis nudged up against Judith's pussy.

John’s hips jerked forward and the barbed head of his penis slipped and blundered all around Judith's slippery pussy, but he couldn’t find the juice-slickened opening.

“Put it in her for me, Bobby,” John grunted.

Bobby didn’t know what to think. He had thought that when you fucked, your penis would just automatically slip inside the slippery, little hole.

“Put it in her—“ John commanded, his voice carrying a panicky sense of urgency.

Bobby lifted his hand up to his father’s hard, jutting penis and grasped hold of it.

“John—Please—“ Judith cried out. It was hard to tell by the tone of her voice whether her imploration was a plea for him to stop or a demand for him to fuck her.

It didn’t matter which though as Bobby tightly squeezed his father’s penis and fitted its barbed head down into the drooling, oozing opening of Judith's cunt.

“Thanks—“ John grunted as his hips flew forward and his giant penis disappeared down inside the big, wet hole.

The degradation was now final, Judith tiredly thought.

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   The thin veneer of morality had been stripped away and they had reverted back to animals from which they had come. Animals seeking sexual gratification in front of their offspring, not caring or concerning themselves with the right or wrong of it. Only mindful of the need to slake the fiery need between their legs.

Bobby was ignored as they fucked, their juice-splattered groins crashing together over and over again. But Bobby was taking in every last vulgar, obscene detail as he stood on his knees beside them watching.

As John held Judith's legs up to spread her and open her wet wound to him, his arms continued on up and his large, strong fingers were clawing at her breasts as they joggled up and down in cadence with their frantic fucking. Judith had her arms stretched out with her hands clutched together behind John’s neck as she held on for dear life.

Bobby saw that his father’s big cock was churning the copious juices in his mother cunt into a white froth that slowly oozed out of the wet wound and trickled down the crack of her ass. But as it did, his father’s big, hairy balls were slapping against her upturned ass splattering the thick, fragrant juice all over her ass. The mat of springy, curly hairs covering his father’s groin was also matted down by the gooey sap.

As Bobby watched on in awe, he saw that the cheeks of his mother beautiful ass were rippling and quivering from the force of the blows his father was raining down on her pussy.

How long would his dad last, Bobby sickly wondered? He didn’t know why the average length of time for intercourse was seven point three minutes, but crazily he had read it or heard it somewhere and it had somehow stuck. How long had his dad been going? It seemed like a long time but he hadn’t timed him as he watched his father’s hairy ass rocking back and forth and his giant cock sawing in and out of Judith's goo-slathered pussy.

Then suddenly John’s ass clenched and jerked forward to send his cock into her as deep as it would go.

“Unh—Unh—Unh—Unh—“ John grunted out as his ass clenched and relaxed over and over again.

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Bobby could almost picture the thick, white cum spurting out into his mother’s cunt as his father kept on thrusting into her again and again. As long as his father was coming, her pussy must be overflowing with cum, Bobby told himself as he watched his mother’s round, little heels digging down into his father’s ass, pulling him deeper and keeping him trapped between her long legs.

“That was fucking fantastic—“ John finally gasped as his breath came in wheezing pants while rivers of sweat ran down his body and dripped down into the carpet below his knees. Leaning back, John eased his big, drooping, cum-covered cock out of the drooling hole between Judith's widely-splayed legs. As he did, a long, stringy strand of cum stretched from the tip of his drooping cockhead to Judith's pussy lewdly connecting them even after the dirty deed had been finished.

“What does it feel like, Dad?” Bobby asked as John pushed up off his knees and flopped down on the couch beside Judith.

“What do you mean?” John panted as Judith picked up her nightgown and shoved it down between her legs to staunch the flow of cum that was dripping out of her cunt.

“You know, to, uh, to have your cock, uh, penis inside a pussy?” Bobby asked, moving over between his mother’s outstretched legs.

“Uh, fantastic—it feels fucking fantastic,” John mumbled, looking over and seeing that Judith was frowning at him as Bobby leaned down and slowly kissed his way up her inner thigh to the bundle of cloth covering Judith's overflowing pussy.

“Bobby—“ Judith fussed, gently pushing his head back.

“Can I, Mom? Can I put, put my penis in, in your, uh, your vagina, just once?” Bobby asked, plucking at the wadded up nightgown.

“Bobby! Bobby, that would be incest, Honey. We couldn’t do that—“ Judith fussed, pushing at his hand.

“Daddy did it—“ Bobby went on, not seeing the illogical difference between what had happed between husband and wife and what he wanted to happen between mother and son.

“Bobby, there are oceans of difference between a husband and wife, uh, fucking, uh, having intercourse and a mother and son doing it,” Judith explained.

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   “That would be incest. And that is against the law, Honey. ”

“Nobody would know . . . ” Bobby reasoned, reaching back down to the bunched-up gown and plucking at it again.

“What could it hurt?” John asked, plainly coming down on the side of his son, his progeny.

“John, how could you even suggest such a thing? What could it hurt? It would change our whole life!” Judith fussed pushing Bobby’s hand out from between her legs one more time.

“Just in and out one time—right Bobby?” John asked looking over at Bobby and nodding his head at him.

“Yeah, Dad, yeah, right—“ Bobby muttered, somewhat surprised that he had found an ally in his competition for the right to possess the secret treasure hidden down between his mother’s legs. An ally in his father!”

“John, you can’t be serious!” Judith declared, scowling at John as John reached up to her big, dangling breast and gave it’s nipple a pinch. “John, stop it. ”

But instead of stopping the insane game, she found that she had only incited it as Bobby reached up and copied his father by pinching her other nipple.

“Now stop it—both of you—“ Judith whined as the two males twisted and tweaked her overly-sensitive nipples between their fingers and thumbs.

Just then John pulled one of the cushions off the couch and tossed it to Bobby.



“Stand on your knees on that,” John snorted as Judith batted at his hand with hers.

“John—“ Judith complained as she watched Bobby shove the cushion under his knees.

As Judith stared down at her son, she saw that his cock was now jutting straight out at her pussy. Its plum-sized head was glistening wetly in the glow of the lamp on the end table.

“John, this, this is on, on, your conscience—“ Judith crossly muttered as she lifted the gown out from between her legs and pitched it on the floor. “And you know what they say about watching out what you ask for . . . it may come back to bite you in the ass . . . ”

“One time, Bobby. One time, in and out, then it’s over—“ Judith murmured.

“Okay, Mom, just one time . .


   . ” Bobby feverishly muttered the excitement obvious in his voice as it cracked.

As Bobby leaned forward, he didn’t know what to do with his hands so he just reached out and wrapped his hands around his mother’s wasp-thin waist. As his cock inched closer to the waiting prize, Bobby watched his mother reach for his cock and gently clutch it with one hand. Then her other hand lifted up and she gently probed the thick, gorged lips of her pussy apart with her fingers.

“In and out, Bobby,” she whispered as she guided the barbed head of his penis down between the lips to the little drooling slit between them. As she fitted the tapered tip of his cock into her pussy, Bobby could see that his father’s expended cum was still slowly trickling out of the wet wound.

Bobby could feel the moist warmth radiating from the very core of her womanhood as he prepared to push into it.

Slowly, savoring every precious moment of the event, Bobby pushed into her, letting the moist warmth of her womanhood envelope his cock with its sticky heat.

His father had been right, Bobby dizzily thought as his juvenile penis drove deeper and deeper into the hot, sucking maw. It was a fantastic feeling. The sheer physical sensation of having his cock surrounded by soft feminine flesh was fantastic, but the psychological and emotional component of fucking his mother was mind-blowing.

“Motherrrrr . . .

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  ” Bobby groaned out as their groins finally touched.

“Bobby . . . ” Judith purred out, thrusting back against him gently grinding her pubis against his as she took him as deep inside her as she could.

As Bobby stared deep into his mother’s hot, brown eyes, Judith reached up and clasped hold of his head between her hands. Pulling his head down, she found his soft, warm lips with hers. The kiss began as a soft, loving kiss, but rapidly blossomed into a fiery kiss of passion as she forced her tongue in between the boy’s quivering lips. Judith tried to speak his name again but nothing came out but a wet gurgle as they kissed with open-mouthed fury, tongues intertwining, twisting, contorting around each other inside their mouths while their bodies ground against one another in incestuous union.

Judith knew that she had told him one time, but now she couldn’t let that happen. She had to feel his hot seed inside her. Had to let him take her as a man and complete the ritual. She was his mother and she had just robbed him of his innocence. Taken his childhood and his virginity. And now she would replace them.

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   Replace them with another precious treasure worth even more. She would give him his manhood.

She felt a gurgle escape from Bobby’s mouth into hers as tears ran down his cheeks and he started to back away from her.

“No—No—Don’t—Don’t take it out—“ she gasped kicking her legs up and wrapping them tightly around his waist. Then crossing her legs behind his back, she locked them together and trapped his youthful body between her gripping legs. She couldn’t let him leave her until he had completed the circle and became a man. She had to take his rich, potent seed from him before she could set him free and let him revel in his new-found manhood.

Breaking their fiery kiss, Judith leaned back and looked deep into his tearful eyes.

“Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck your mother!” Judith whispered as she clutched her tight, hot pussy down around her son’s buried cock.

Bobby had to steel himself to keep from coming, but he was somehow able to control the bubbling, boiling mass of semen that was blistering the insides of his hanging testicles.

As Bobby started to pull back he felt the tight clench of his mother’s long legs loosen ever so slightly to let him ease his cock back down the channel of her clinging pussy. Stopping with only the plum-sized head of his cock inside the warm muck, Bobby slowly pushed back into her and felt her vagina clutch down around his cock again.

“Yes, Bobby, oh, yes, fuck me, Baby. Fuck your whore mother!” Judith gurgled, thrusting her arms out around her legs and digging her long, sharp fingernails down into the quivering flesh of Bobby’s clenched ass cheeks.

Bobby pushed in all the way to the hilt for a second time as he felt his mother squirm and grind herself against him trying to get him deeper inside the fiery core of her womanhood.

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Judith's passion was blocking everything out except for the wondrous feelings Bobby’s beautiful cock was extracting from her inflamed cunt. She had always loved the feel of John’s cock inside her, moving in her, bringing her the pleasure she so desperately needed, wanted. But this was different—so much more different! The added layer of incest brought with it a new, more profound level of physical and mental intensity to the act. Her son! It was her son fucking her, she woozily thought as Bobby’s hips began to slowly rock back and forth driving his penis deep into her on every thrusting lunge.

Judith could hear the depraved sounds of their groins wetly slapping together as the pace and intensity of their fucking steadily mounted. She could see that sweat was beginning to form on Bobby’s hairless chest and run down onto his belly and groin adding to the wetness that was seeping out of her.

How long, she frantically wondered? How long could Bobby last? As she wondered, she felt herself lifting toward that magical plane for a second time. Lifting her hands off her son’s bounding ass, she splayed out her legs and dropped them down slightly, hooking the backs of her ankles around his thighs just below the swell of his little, hard ass cheeks. Then her fingers found his tightly clenched ass and dug back in as she pushed and pulled on him, coaxing, urging him on to deeper, harder, faster thrusts.

Judith could see by the grimace on Bobby’s sweaty face and tell by the gasping, wheezing sounds coming from his mouth that he was rapidly closing down on the point of no return.

Closer—closer—she was almost there—only a few more seconds, she frantically thought as she desperately fought and clawed her way toward the finish line.

Suddenly the dam broke as she felt Bobby’s body stiffen. Then he let out a long, choking whimper as he lunged forward and buried his cock down inside her as deep as it could possibly go. As he did, Judith felt his penis swell up and twitch. Then she felt the warmth spread out from it as a giant gusher of his potent, sperm-filled semen spurted out into her emptiness.

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“Oh—God—God—“ Judith gasped out as her body was consumed by the rhapsody of the incestuous conflagration they had created.

Groaning and moaning, they writhed and strained against one another. They were grinding themselves against each other with such strength, it seemed as if they were trying to become one again. That if they tried hard enough, they could somehow mutate together and become mother and son once again.

As Judith came and came, she could feel every minute detail of her son’s ejaculations. The swelling of his cock, the lurch, and then the warmth of his semen flowing out into her. She could even feel his hard balls as they pressed against her uplifted ass while they emptied themselves into her hungry cunt.

Her back arched, her legs quivering and straining to pull her sweet child deeper and deeper into the burning core of her motherhood, Judith willingly accepted his precious gift. Reds, yellows, and oranges flashed through her fevered brain as she came and came on her son’s bucking, spurting cock. While it only lasted for a few, short, treasured moments, for Judith it seemed to go on and on until at last there was nothing left to share. They were both spent and done in by the fiery passion that had burned its way through them.

Judith could feel Bobby’s spent weapon slowly softening down inside her drenched cunt as her back slowly melted back down onto the couch and her feet eased down onto the cushion beside Bobby’s sweaty calves.

Still woozy from the euphoric high she had just experienced, Judith felt Bobby’s wilted dick slowly slither out of her pussy and drop down between his legs. Slowly turning her head to look over at John who was still sitting beside her, she wasn’t surprised to see him grinning and slowly working up and down on the giant erection that was jutting up out of his hairy crotch.

Giving him a weak smile, she slowly shook her head from side to side in a negative gesture.

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“Why not?” he frowned.

“Not here, the two of you have just about rubbed my poor little ass raw on this couch,” she smiled back at him. “Any more fucking done tonight is going to be in a bed the way fucking is meant to be. ”

“Uh, okay, yeah, sure,” John laughed as his grin returned to his face. “So, Bobby, what do you think? Was it as good as you thought it would be?”

“Awesome! It was just like you said. Fantastic! Even better than I thought it could ever be . . . ” Bobby fawned with a happy, enthralled look on his face.

“And your education is only beginning. There’s so much more for you to learn . . . and there’s so much more I have to teach you . .

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   . so, so much more . . . ” Judith murmured, letting her fingers play over Bobby’s limp, dangling cock. . . .


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