The Hide pt3


My colleague’s pace had quickened and he grunted occasionally as he wanked without ceremony beside me. My memories had got me hard and so I reached down and unzipped my trousers and reached inside. “I wondered if you’d join me” he said “Can’t leave you out all on your own “ I joked. “What other students?” he asked.  “All in good time” I answered.
Watching my brother masturbate became a nightly thing and almost matter of fact. Until one night I plucked up the courage and asked “Can I do it for you?” He looked shocked and said “Fuck off gay boy” I sank my face into the pillow. What seemed like an eternity later he shuffled in his bed to look at me and said “Why do you want to do that?” “Because I want to” I replied. I was about to tell him about Tony. He carried on stroking as he thought about it and then said “just this once” I moved over to his bed and sat astride his legs my hard cock pressed against my bare belly and slowly took hold of his cock. “Lie back and shut your eyes” I said taking control. His cock was indeed thinner than Tony’s and I felt I could control it better. He put his hands by his side and lay back somewhat stiffly. I started to slowly move my hand up his cock and he moved uneasily beneath me. “Try putting your hands behind your head” I suggested. Without a word he complied as if he knew I was right.

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    He then relaxed and I began my practised stroking. The pace was slower than his usual rate and he said “A bit quicker” I speeded up slightly and he settled back grunting occasionally as his cock pulsed in my hand. After a few minutes he looked at me and said “Damn you’re fucking good at that” “I’m the best student “ I blurted out and having realised what I’d said, tried to carry on as if I’d said nothing “What do you mean best student?” he asked. ”I’ve been learning from you” I quickly replied. This seemed to satisfy him. A few minutes later he began to thrust his cock into my hand and said “I’m cumming”. He went to take hold of his cock but I held on to it and said “Let me” with that he gave a loud moan and shot a jet of hot spunk into the air much higher than Tony’s went. It caught me slightly by surprise but I managed to regain my composure and kept stroking in time with each powerful stroke. “Oh fuck that’s great” he moaned as I milked him dry. As he began to soften I released my grip and absent mindedly licked the juice off my hand. He watched eyes wide open and said “You just drank that” “Yes it’s lovely” I replied and still maintaining my control began to clean up his spunk and lick my fingers clean of it. He watch in awe and then filled with courage I said “It seems a shame to waste it, let me clean you properly” Before he could say anything I was licking his stomach and cock clean and he lay there stunned. “You can do that again if you like” he said as I finished. “Thanks I said you taste great. Have you ever had your cock sucked?” “You’re fucking joking” he retorted but the look on my face told him otherwise.

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   “Have you sucked cock before?” he asked.   “Might have” I smiled as I got off him and went back to my bed.   
The next day my brother kept asking me about blow jobs. Had I had one, had I given one, did I like it, who with. I just smiled and ignored him. I felt like I had real power. The night came and he came into my bed and asked me if he could stroke me just to see what it felt like. I lay back and he sat beside me and took hold of my cock. The cold of his hand made a shiver run down my spine and he slowly began to rub my cock. It felt nice but nothing was happening. His pace was ok for him but I needed to be wanked quickly to get the waves to build. Then I had an idea “If we lie top to toe, next to each other, on our sides, we can do it to each other” I suggested. Without a word he swung himself into position and his hard cock was next to my face. I took hold of it and began to work it at the pace he liked. He groaned as I did so and I looked at the tip as drops of precum appeared and ran down the side.

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   I so wanted to taste them and would collect them with my fingers and whilst still holding his cock put my mouth to my fingers to lick them clean. This seemed to work but with each drop my mouth was right next to his cock and I decided to go for it. I moved forward slightly and sank my mouth over his cock and waited for a reaction. He froze and seizing the opportunity I began to suck him off. “Oh Fuck! YES” he called out and began to fuck my mouth. I used the trick with my tongue over my bottom teeth to allow more meat into my mouth and he really started to drive his cock into the back of my mouth. He had given up stroking my cock and both his hands grabbed the back of my head as he fucked me. Within a few moments he began to pump cum into my mouth but his pace differed from my swallowing and the hold he had on my head limited my movement so a lot went to waste as I chocked to swallow. “That was fabulous. ” He said as his limp cock slipped from my mouth. “Glad you enjoyed it” I cockily replied.
The next day, full of bravado, I went to Tony’s garage and as I neared the door that was ajar, I heard him give out an unusual moan and heard him say “That’s it faster and deeper” over and over. I decided to sneak in quietly. He was in the back seat of the car as always and this time there was a head of curly brown hair between his legs. His knees were raised and a girl’s mouth was sliding up and down almost the entire length of his cock.

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   A tight white t. shirt stretched across her back and she had light blue jeans on. She knelt between his feet. Her left hand stroked his cock in time with her bobbing mouth but her right hand seemed to be underneath him. She was sucking at exactly the right pace and he said “Drive your fingers in harder, I want to feel them in all the way” I saw her force her right arm forwards as he arched his back in the chair and gave out a joyous moan “That’s it finger me hard” he responded. She was now sucking and stroking him and every second bob of her head she would plunge her right arm forward. I realised she had some fingers of her right hand up his arse. This was a new one on me!! I watched through the side window and after a few minutes he opened his eyes and looked at me and calmly said to the girl “Andrea, here’s that special student I told you about. ” The girl froze and lifted her head from his cock. She sat up and slowly withdrew the fingers of her right hand. Then she turned and looked at me. “This is Andrea, my niece” he explained. “My parents and hers go away for a week each summer and we normally stay with our grandmother but as I’m now 18 and she’s 18 they decided she could stay with me. Being nearer her age we could do more stuff together. So for the first time in years we have a whole week together rather than the odd Sunday afternoon.

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  ”  She smiled at me, she was quite nice to look at but the fact she had sex made her even more attractive. “Hello” she said. “Tony says you are quite the student, perhaps nearly as good as me!” she looked at me in a way that said that nothing couldn’t be said amongst us. “You really suck well” I replied “Thanks, I need more practise but I’m getting there” she said without any hint of embarrassment or awkwardness. “How did you start?” I asked. She had taken hold of Tony’s cock with her hand as she spoke to me. Her hand rose and fell and she said “The same as you and Gary, he would wank in his dad’s car with the garage do ajar and see how people reacted when they came to have a look. Most run off but some stay to watch. Like you, I stayed and watched. ” “Who’s Gary?” I asked. “He lives a few streets away, he should come to visit one day this week. ” 
Tony lifted his arse off the cjhair and pulled his underpants and jeans up. “lets go indoors and get properly aquainted” he said. Andrea and I followed. We went I through the kitchen and into the lounge.

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   Tony sat on the armchair and beckoned us to sit on the sofa together. I trembled, here I was with a attractive 18 year old girl and our only link was sex and Tony who we both had sex with. I thought sex was likely to be on the agenda. We sat down next to each other and the worn sofa pushed us together so that our sides absorbed each other’s body heat but neither of us went to move. We waited with baited breath, unspeaking for Tony to take the.