The Hide Ch2 Pt3


By now I was well and truly hard and I was rubbing my cock through my trousers. “Are you still fucking her?” I asked as I tried not to sound too excited. “Yes once she let me fuck her there was no escape for me”
A couple of days after the bathroom episode I had just got in from the night shift and into bed. It was about 7 in the morning. Even though Lisa’s mum left years ago I still have the double bed and still sleep on the left side. The mattress seems moulded to me nowadays.
As I was lying on my back, about to doze off I heard the door open and someone climbed into bed behind me. Then a soft, warm body pressed against my right side and a slim arm draped across my chest. I decided not to move and felt the hand run down my belly to my cock which was getting very good at getting hard quickly. Her hand wrapped itself around it and she began to stroke me. I let out a quiet moan and she said “Do you like that?” I opened an eye and looked at her. “You know I do” Jem smiled and said “Enjoy it then” and carried on stroking my cock.
Then she shifted and moved to kneel to my right. She took hold of my right hand and put it between her legs and she leaned forward and began to suck me. I twiddled my fingers and brushed her pussy. She didn’t flinch.

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   It was my chance to explore her as she was still closed tight but her slit had a wet line.
I cupped her mound in my hand like a tennis ball and felt its firm softness. Then using my middle finger I followed the wet line and felt her lips slowly part. I then ran my finger up and down to thoroughly lubricate her and was able to hold my hand flat and run my fingertips up and down her slot, my middle finger just slightly probing her hole. Her clit was hard and I rubbed it for a while holding the cover back and flicking the little finger which made her buck and squirm.
I began to introduce my fingers into her. First one into the tightness then, as she relaxed, another. I felt her strawberry build inside her and flicking it brought her to the edge.
She shifted again and moved so that she lay on top of me with her pussy pressed against my face. I propped her up and buried my face into the wet sweet tasting freshness. My tongue flicked her clit and probed her hole. I sucked on her lips and then holding them apart sucked her clit into my mouth. I sucked up and down on it in time with her cock sucking. She speeded up and so did I. she slowed down and so did I.

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   then I began to finger her again and she soon sat upright and climaxed, soaking me with her juices which I did my best to lap up.
Without warning she slid down my body and sat on my stomach. She took hold of me and rubbed my tip against her slit and then she lifted herself up and hovered above it. For a few seconds I just wanted to thrust upwards into her but knew better and waited. She lowered herself until we touched and she adjusted me to line up exactly and then slowly let some meat in. she stopped and moved about as if getting used to it. Stage by stage she introduced me fully to her insides. Once sat firmly down on me she stopped and then leaning forward began to ride me. Her pace was as perfect as her blow jobs and I concentrated hard on things like changing the oil in the car and doing the laundry to try to last longer but all too soon I said “I’m going to cum” and as my first shot came she lifted off and sat back o my belly and rubbed my cock making me cum and cum. Then she wiped it into her stomach as I subsided. She tried to squeeze every drop out.
Again she just said “Nice?” and I smiled and she said “Time for a shower I’ll be late for school” and ran out of my room. Her slim taught body making me want to get hard again.



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