The Hide Ch2 Pt3


I sat beside him, I had my cock and balls pulled out through the open flies of my trousers and I was stroking one of the best hard-ons I’d had in years as I listened. “You lucky bastard, I started early but you’re getting your fair share nowadays” I commented. “Enough and even more” he laughed “I’m on it all the time and working nights only helps”. I looked at him in the faint light “No wonder you don’t try to get off this shit and work in the light, how does it suit you?”
“Working at night means I’m at home during the day. It’s easy for them to visit me through the day rather than the night. ”
“What do you mean, THEM, don’t tell me you’re doing more than one teenager” I said enviously
“Fucking right I’ve got a small harem on the go”
Once Jem let me fuck her and she saw that I wouldn’t hurt her or make her do things she didn’t want she went mad for it. She’d come round at any excuse and seemed to almost move in. I did wonder if Lisa suspected or knew or even noticed how much more she was at our house.
Jem explained she liked the way I let her experiment and try things out without pressure and that she could ask me to do whatever without feeling awkward, shy or dirty.
She especially loves going in the car to wooded areas and doing it on the back seat or even on a picnic blanket. She loves it in the shower or anywhere in the house. She likes to secretly rub my dick when we’re out in lifts or shops where others might see. All in all she’s randy as fuck and keeping me well serviced.
Anyway the harem began one evening when the gang of girls were at mine getting ready to go out. They were all in Lisa’s room dressing, talking and playing loud music. I was in the lounge watching TV with the door into the hallway open as usual when Ricky came down the stairs.

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   I’d known her since she and Lisa had been in junior school. She started as a slim, tall blonde and then fattened out into a round blonde before growing curves and developing into a very shapely, tall blonde. She gave the impression of being a dirty girl but I was assured by their revelations about who were still virgins that she was untouched except for the odd kiss and careless grope.
She had a towel wrapped around her hair and a towel wrapped around her very full breasts that reached just above her knees. I tried to look up her smooth legs as far as I could as she came down the stairs. She looked through the open door at me and winked her eye and had a smirk on her face. “What’s that look for?” I asked thinking she’d seen me trying to look under her towel.
She stepped into the doorway stood with her feet apart hands on hips. The lights from the table lamp beside her lit her up beautifully. She really was gorgeous and full figured. She leaned forward and said “I’ve heard all about you” I felt the blood rush to my face “What have you heard?” I was trying to give the impression there was nothing to hear. “Jem’s told me all about it” “BUSTED” I thought “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” I asked still trying to keep cool. “I think it’s great” she smiled. She lowered her hand down the front of her towel and pulled the cloth up. It slowly rose and I watched the hem climb further and further up her legs.

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   I watched as the gap between her legs tapered and then her blond haired fanny came into sight. The towel stopped and lingered there for a second or so as I savoured the sight. Then she dropped it. I looked up at her and gave her my best hurt look. “You liked that?” she asked teasingly. “You know it” I replied. She just turned away and said “You are a naughty boy” as she walked off. “You should try it” I called after her. I then heard her get the glasses from the kitchen and as she walked past the door again she looked in and said “Maybe I will”. She then started up the stairs and slowed, pulled the back of  her towel up to show me her round smooth arse and said “Can you see now?” and carried on up.
I was rock hard and decided I needed some relief but the bathroom upstairs was occupied as were the bedrooms as they all fought over available mirrors. I decided to use the downstairs loo for a quick blast and went in. I dropped my trousers and took hold of my self and began to imagine Ricky naked. I had only been there a minute or so when there was a knock on the door and before I could get covered the door opened and Ricky burst in saying “Where’s the loo roll?” She froze and looked at me standing against the wall, cock in hand and trousers round my ankles. Not the most glamorous or sexy of postures.

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   She stared at me “Fuck, I see what Jem means, I though I’d catch you pissing and have to try for a peek not get the full menu at once” she said. I just stood there and she whispered “Show me it all”. I let go of my cock and it sprang up. She looked at it then again whispering said “Let me see you rub it”
Thinking this could be the start of great things I began to run my hand up and down it. She stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. She looked for the lock but saw there wasn’t one and then shook her head as she realised she knew that all along or wouldn’t have tried for a sneak peek in the first place. I was slowly stroking it and doing my best to look like it was the best pleasure I’d ever had. She watched and then pulled open the towel and dropped it to the floor.
Her body wasn’t slim like Jem’s but smooth and rounded. Her breasts were big but firm and stayed where they were, nipples pointing upwards. Her belly was taught but not quite flat but she didn’t have an overlap like so many teenage girls nowadays. The hair on her pussy was a tidy triangle of blonde hair, not thick, just a nice covering. There was a gap at the top of her legs where you could place the flat of your hand and her lips were curved in creating a lovely groove. He legs were strong and showed that she still did a lot of running. I savoured every inch as I looked at her.

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   She looked into my eyes and watched them as I followed her hand to her pussy. She began to run her finger along her slit and said “Cum for me, but be quick or they’ll wonder where I am. ”
I carried on stroking but took a firm hold and watched as she fingered herself as she watched my wanking. I set up a good rhythm and knowing we didn’t have long was soon about to cum. “Here it comes” I grunted. “Let me see you shoot” she said and I began to pump shot after shot of spunk out. It flew forward and landed in strings on the linoleum floor. I bucked my arse and tried to get each shot to go as far as possible as if to prove my virility. She rubbed herself vigorously and moaned with each blast.
As I slowed to a crawl she moaned and shuddered and looked at me with pure lust in her eyes. “That was nice to watch” she purred. She stepped up to me and grabbed my wilting cock. “I can’t wait to have some more” she said and turned to pick up her towel. As she bent down she gave me a great view of her swollen lips between her legs. “Neither can I” I replied full of myself “I always knew you were a dirty girl.

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  ” She turned, tucking the top of the towel in on itself and said “I’m going to be with your help” and walked out. “Ricky” I called after her. She turned and I threw a spare loo roll at her “Don’t forget to wipe up properly and wash your hands. ” She caught the roll and blew me a kiss. I set about cleaning the mess.