The Health Club


While I was having lunch with my lifelong friend and personal chiropractor, Bob (my friend) suggested I leave my job as a physical therapist and open my own health club.   People were starting to become more aware of the need of getting in shape and since 40 percent of our county is obese, it should do okay.   The following week the government announced the closing of several bases in our state and one was here next to our city.   I struck a deal with the government for a building that had been used as a maintenance hanger for aircraft no larger than a twin-engine commercial airliner.   Bob came with me to look at the building and decided to become my partner.   The building was renovated with a health club, restaurant, and chiropractic clinic.   We built two 4-bedroom apartments on the top level.   In the health club, each station had closed circuit TV carefully placed so the view would not have any embarrassing views even through the mirrors (no crotch shots).   We put in a sauna, steam room, and a large pool with pulsating jets for water massage.   The pool was not large enough for exercise swimming, but it was about 18 feet long. In she walked - a huge challenge.   She was in her middle thirties, about 5 feet, 4 inches tall, and very full figured.   She was inquiring about loosing weight, getting into the shape she was in before she married and had children, and restoring her health.   She had a statement from her doctor that she needed to loose weight and her overall health was good.   She measured 53 inches around the bust and 56 inches around the waist.   I told her that if she would allow me to take pictures of her and use her in our advertisements after she lost the first 100 pounds, I would give her and her family free membership.

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    She agreed, and returned for her first session the next night.   She had twin 18-year-old daughters that were also obese.   Since loosing her husband to a freak industrial accident two years ago, she and her daughters have just been sitting on the couch watching TV, playing video games, and eating.   They were eating all the wrong foods with heavy emphasis on candy and popcorn and chips. There were a lot of stares when this 265-pound woman started working out, but she stuck with it and last week we all had a party when she lost a total of 135 pounds.   There are still stares when she and her daughters work out, but now everyone is looking at a stunning redhead with a great figure.   Her daughters have filled out, also, and are absolutely beautiful. As we were about to close, June came to me with her two daughters, Samiri and Samara.   June explained her husband was of Arabic decent and named the girls.   She called them Sam and Sami.   Next week is the 14th birthday for the girls and June wanted to know if we had a place where they could have a party.   We set it up in the old restaurant next door and everyone had a great time!  Afterwards, we went back to my place and relaxed and got better acquainted. Sami asked where Dr. Bob was.   I called him and he came over to join us.

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    Around midnight, June asked if we could all go to the pool and relax and then get a massage.   Since the club had been closed for a couple of hours, we agreed and went downstairs.   Bob and I got into our trunks and got into the pool.   When June, Sam, and Sami came out of the dressing rooms, Bob and I almost choked!  All three of them were nude.   The girls looked like they had an all-over tan due to their skin coloring.   June was much lighter, and we could clearly see she is a natural redhead.   They walked to the edge of the pool and started turning around as June said, "Quite a difference from the first time you saw us, don't you think?"  Standing before us was a beautiful 130-pound woman, about a 36C chest, 24-inch waist, and 34-inch hips.   Her breasts were milky white, light colored aureoles, and nipples like a couple of grapes, fully erect.   Her red pubic hair was trimmed in a heart shape pointing towards a Venus mound that protruded forward in invitation.   Her once-thunderous thighs were now slim with no cellulose that could be seen.   In other words, it was instant erection time.   Then, there were Sam and Sami.   Twin visions of young women like looking at a girl in front of a mirror.   Both had brown hair that just gleamed in the overhead lights.   They had about 32B breasts, 20-inch waists, and 30-inch hips framing two, beautiful, shaved pussies.

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    Oh, yeah!  Instant erection time!Neither Bob nor I could utter a word.   We were spellbound and in a state of shock!  This was totally unexpected. June said, "When I asked the girls what they wanted for their birthday, they both said they wanted to fuck both of you.   And from the very first time I saw you with your shirts off in the pool, I have wanted to fuck you, too. ""June," I said, "We can't do this.   All three of you are clients of mine and patients of Bob.   It just isn't ethical, and with the girl's ages, also illegal. "June replied, "A.   We won't tell, and I'm sure you won't tell, either.   B.   Although the girls are virgins in the strict sense of the word, they have broken each other's hymen using sex toys.   I found out about this about a year ago.   And C.   I have not had a man since my husband died over three years ago and I'm horny as hell.   And lastly, D.

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    The girls should have someone mature and knows how to please a woman and will be very careful to not hurt them when they have sex for the first time.   Don't you think this is better than some 18-year old boy in the back seat of a car?"Such logic could not be ignored. All three of them came down into the pool and June reached down between Bob's legs and said, "See girls, I told you they would be ready. "  With that, she gave Bob a kiss and squeezed his dick. Sam looked at me and said they wanted me to stand up so they could see me.   After all, I had seen them.   Such logic could not be ignored. As I stood, Sami smiled and told Sam this was going to be fun.   June said we should all get out of the pool and go into the gym.   She wanted to be fucked on every piece of equipment and then wanted a copy of the tape.   I asked her if Bob and I could have a copy, also, and she agreed.   I ran to turn on the recorder and draw the drapes on the windows.   After drawing the drapes, I turned on the overhead lights and the recording machine. June said, "Girls, I am going to fuck Bob's brains out.   You can watch and learn, or you can have Jim work with you.

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    Your choice. "  They wanted to watch for a little while, then see what progressed. June sat on the bench of station one and pulled Bob over and started to massage his dick and balls.   Bob finally uttered his first sound - Uhhhhhhhh.   When June sucked his dick into her throat, Bob cried out, "Oh god, that feels good. "  Watching their mother give head to Bob fascinated the girls.   Bob has a great physique.   He is in his middle thirties and works out almost every day.   He is slim but has a washboard abdomen.   He also has a dick about 8 inches long.   I, on the other hand, have a weight lifters physique.   I have large biceps, an 18-inch neck, and 32-inch waist and also have washboard abs.   My dick is about 6 1/2 inches long, but is almost 3 inches in diameter. While June was sucking on Bob's dick, he started playing with her tits, rolling those huge nipples between his thumb and forefinger.   It was strange hearing her moan with that dick in her mouth.

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    Sami asked me to teach her to do what June was doing.   Always the teacher, I explained what part of the male is anatomy is most sensitive to touch and tongue.   As I was explaining this, Sam was starting to rub her tits and pussy getting very turned on watching her mother and as Sami was starting to touch my dick watching it jump and twitch to her ministrations.   Sam said, "Jim, I want you to fuck me.   NOW!"I took her to another station and laid her back on the bench.   I said, "I have to get you ready and give you pleasure before I take pleasure from you.   That's the way it is done. "  With that, I gave her a gentle kiss, slowly parting her lips with my tongue.   When I pushed my tongue into her mouth and pushed against her tongue, she moaned and grabbed my hand.   She put my hand on her breast and started moving it around.   Needing no further invitation, I continued on my own.   I broke the kiss and started kissing my way down to her breasts, kissing one then other.   I worked her nipples with my teeth and tongue while working on the other with my hand.   All the time, Sami was closely watching and was touching and massaging my balls and dick.   I had never had such pleasure in my entire life.

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    I had two 18-year old females nude and about to fuck them both, while their mother was fucking my best friend 6 feet away. I continued working my way down from Sam's breasts to her pussy.   I pulled on the labia with my lips and kissed each one.   I kissed the inside of her thighs while slowly putting her legs over my shoulders and then entered her folds with my tongue while slowly working toward her clitoris.   I heard June shout, "Oh shit!  That feels so fucking good!"  We all three looked as Bob was entering June and starting a slow in and out movement.   I returned to my work and pushed the skin over Sam's clit tight with my lips, then started flipping her clit with my tongue.   She immediately started having an orgasm.   As she started to come down from her climax, I started on the clit again, this time inserting a finger into her vagina.
      Up she went again.   I pushed my finger against her clit from the inside of her vagina while I pushed against it from the outside with my tongue.   She had a huge orgasm this time. As Sam relaxed a little, I moved up placing my dick against her vaginal opening.   I rubbed my dick up and down her slit to get a little extra lubricant and slowly pushed the head of my dick into her opening.   She opened her eyes very wide and said, "Wow.   Easy.

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        That is filling me up. "  I pushed in a little further and asked her if she was all right.   She said to keep going.   I pulled out a little and with each forward stroke pushed in a little more.   After doing this about 5 times, I was all the way in.   "Are you okay""Yeah, fuck me, fuck me.   This is wonderful"As I started stroking, I looked into the mirror and what I sight I beheld.   Bob was fucking June dog-fashion, Sami was on her hands and knees watching closely, and I was fucking Sam with her legs over my shoulders.   And this was being recorded into my computer.   June cried out she was cumming, and that was all it took.   Bob came at the same time, as did Sam and I.   It was wonderful.   As Bob slowly pulled out of June, Sami had her face right there for the full view.   When Bob's dick came out dripping with cum, Sami reached out and took some of the cum onto her finger.   She tasted it, and said it was pretty good.

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        With that, before Bob could prepare she had Bob's dick halfway into her mouth.   It was funny watching him almost fall down then rolling over onto his back, and to Sami's credit, his dick did not get away. Sami continued to work on Bob while he stammered trying to tell her to let him rest for a couple of minutes, but she sucked him dry.   She finally let him rest and continued to stroke his balls and dick.   During this time June came over and asked Sam if she was all right.   She said, "Mom, it was wonderful.   Just like you said it would be.   I had three orgasms and the one with his dick in me was the best.   Thank you, Jim. "  I assured her it was my pleasure. We were relaxing, when we heard Sami say, "There it comes. "  We looked over and Bob's dick was getting hard.   June told Sam to go help Sami and she would look after me.   While Sam and Sami worked Bob over, June and I went to each station and petted, sucked, and fucked until we had some sort of sexual activity on each station.   By the time we were into full fucking, Bob had Sami astraddle him pumping away with Sam on his face.

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        We were all fucking with wild abandon.   When Sami climaxed, she screamed and started crying.   Poor ol' Bob thought he had hurt her with his long dick, but she assured him it just the best feeling she had ever had.   About this time, I was sitting on a bench leaning back against the back rest and June was sitting in my lap facing away from me and we both were watching the show in the mirror.   We came about the same time and just sat there. Bob suggested we all get into the pool and relax for a while.   We all agreed, and headed for the pool.   After we had been there for about 18 minutes, Sami said, "Sam and I said we wanted to be fucked by BOTH Bob and Jim.   I fucked Bob, and Jim fucked Sam, but Jim needs to fuck me, now, and Bob needs to fuck Sam. ""Oh come one now," Bob said.   "We are only human, and both Jim and I have had sex twice tonight.   There is no way we can do it again. ""Perhaps," June said, "but let's see if we can help. "  With that, all three of them started to work on Bob and I.   It did not take long for us to get erections, although mine was a little painful.


        I found that kissing and stroking makes it feel better, though.   Sami told me she wants me to fuck her missionary style, and hard.   Sam told Bob she wanted it doggy-style.   I climbed out of the pool and Sami was already on her back.   "What's the matter?" she asked, as I kneeled between her legs and was just looking at her.   "I just cannot believe this is happening," I told her.   She was so beautiful.   I could not believe I was about to fuck another 18-year old in the same night.   All I could think of was, "Prison, here I come. "  However, the little head won over the big head and I continued kissing and caressing this beautiful body in front of me.   As I entered her she threw her legs around my waist and I started slamming into her like she asked.   It did not take long for either of us to cum at that pace.   I lay on her catching my breath and looked over at Bob who was slowly fucking Sam from behind, watching in the mirrors and June was under him licking Sam's clit.   Sami crawled out from under me and went to her mother and started licking her clit.   Not one to be left out, I went to the pile and started playing with Sami's clit and breasts.

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        In a bit, Sam and Bob both came and Sami bore down on June, bringing her to another climax. We all just lay there for about 18 minutes.   We headed to the locker room and showered together washing each other and having fun, laughing.   We then went to the apartments and all spent the night in an uninterrupted deep sleep.   The next day, during breakfast, June and the girls thanked Bob and I and said, "You understand, this is a one-time thing and will not be repeated.   But it was something I needed and the girls wanted.   Thank you very much for being gentle with them. "  I made 3 DVD copies for them and one for Bob.   Then they left. June and the girls are still members of the club, but we all act as if that night never happened, but sometimes I sit and watch the DVD and remember while I jerk off. .



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