The Girl Next Door


“How about you?” Cheri turned to the girl, asking. “Oh” The mother added in quickly “This is my daughter, Ashley, she’s 11”“I’m almost 12 mom, jeez!” The little brunette commanded. “Yes please, do you have a soda?”“Sure, diet Mt. Dew or regular Mt. Dew?”“Regular”“K, honey, would you like something while I’m going to the kitchen?” My wife asked me passing me by. “No thanks babe, I’m good. ” I answered, trying to get a feel for my new outgoing neighbors. “Oh by the way, this is my husband, Mike. ”“Nice to meet ya, my name’s Linda. ” She replied giving an over zealous smile. “And this is Ashley, my daughter. ”“Yeah, I caught that. She’s very pretty isn’t she?”“She’s my pride and joy, don’t get her looks from me though, probably from her asshole of a father. ”“Oh now, she definitely gets her looks from you. ” I answered quiet enough that Cheri couldn’t hear me, with a smirk. Linda just smiled.

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  “Here ya go Ashley” Cheri said, extending her arm to give Ashley the soda. “Thank you” The apparently thirsty young girl answered while popping open the can and taking a gulp. “Why don’t you ladies take a seat, no use in standing the whole time. ”Cheri and Linda both obliged me and took a seat on the sofa, leaving Ashley with no where to sit. “You can sit here, next to me Ashley, I don’t bite, not hard anyway. ” I said winking to her and patting on the seat next to me on the other sofa. It was at that moment that changed my life forever. Ashley took a seat next to me alright, but not like you would expect. As many girls do without thinking, she sat Indian style, facing me, wearing a mini-skirt. I don’t think I purposely looked between her legs, but that I did as her skirt hiked itself up to accommodate her position. As sure as the world turns, there was the most beautiful, slightly covered in down, pussy lips I had ever seen. Instantly my dick rose to attention and I had to act fast to cover the evidence from my wife and our guests. I don’t remember exactly how long I looked between the preteen’s legs, at her innocent little privates, but I’m sure it was too long. Because the next thing I knew, when I looked up, Ashley’s mom was looking me in the eye. Damn, I thought to myself, I just got busted looking at some preteen’s snatch by her own mother.

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   Well, that’s that, I was sure, I was going to be labeled the town pedophile. What the hell’s wrong with me, how in the hell did I get excited by that. She’s only a girl yet, but damn she’s got big tits. Here I go again. I got to stop this, I’m a grown man, I have control. Cheri and Linda were still chatting away, like women do, and Linda had taken her gaze off me, I assume so that Cheri wouldn’t notice her staring at me. “So, you got a boyfriend Ashley?” I asked with a little rasp in my voice. “No, he just broke up with me, he had to go away to college this year. ”I was about to laugh and say, “no, really, do you have a boyfriend?” When her mother spoke up. “His parents got tired of him mooching off ‘em. Said he had to either get a job or go to college. Hell, I know when I was 25 I couldn’t live at home, I was out by the time I was 15. ”“Oh my god, you let your daughter date at 18 years old to a 25 year old man?” Cheri asked, very nearly in disgust. “The way I see it, if she’s gonna have sex, I can’t stop her, so why should I say who she can or can’t have sex with, besides, older men will treat her better anyway. ” Linda announced in rebuttal, turning to me during the last of her speech.

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   “What do you think?”“Yeah, I guess your right, I mean if she’s gonna do it, what does it matter if he’s older or younger. ” I answered, knowing my wife would scold me later. Like mind control though, my eyes left Linda’s and went straight for her daughter’s young uncovered pussy. I could see her puffy lips and tiny vulva protruding, that’s all it took to put my mind in fantasy overdrive. It took all my will to turn away again and look Linda in the eye, but this time it was Cheri that caught my illegal voyeurism. The look I got from her wasn’t pretty. “It was nice meeting you two, but I got to start getting ready for work, maybe we can get together again sometime. ” My wife blurted out, embarrassing me with her rudeness. After they left and before Cheri left for work, I got the ear full I expected. Oh well, she’ll get over it, I thought to myself. About a week had gone by before I seen or heard from my semi-acquainted neighbors. Lucas had come by and my two kids were taking their mid-day naps. So out of pure boredom, the two of us started passing the football back and forth in the middle of the street. That’s when Ashley decided to come out and join the fun. “Can I play?” Ashley asked in her best little girl voice.

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  “Yeah, if you want to. ” I answered too enthusiastically, before Lucas could say no or something else. Sure enough I got the look from Lucas, like, dude, what the hell are you thinking. But screw him, I just felt I had to be around her. I mean I knew that I could never possibly do anything with her, but her presence alone kept me in a state of perpetual horniness. Besides, it was all worth it for the look I got back from Ashley, the biggest and prettiest smile I think I had ever seen. We played for a couple hours, passing the football around the three of us. I used that time to memorize every feature and minute detail of my new little friend. Her long brunette hair sat on top of the cutest little face, easily a face of a model, her breasts were already a very well B cup, her waist was slim and curvaceous, leading down to the most perfect bubble butt and slim, tight legs. If all that wasn’t enough, she carried herself sexy, as if she knew what she was doing, and oh yeah, I didn’t mention the dark tan skin, everywhere!“Well, I’m going to get going dude. ” Lucas muttered as he carried himself to his truck and then took off. “Hey Ashley, Cheri’s gone to work, you want to come in and have a drink to cool off?”“Sure” She answered reluctantly. Now I wondered if I was taking this a bit too far. It wouldn’t hurt anything though, just allowing her in my house to have a drink. Innocent enough, I thought.

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  “Soda good?”“Yeah, hey, you got any good movies?”“Actually, I just bought American Pie. ” I stated, walking into the kitchen, wondering if that was a good idea or not. “Awesome, can we watch it?”“Are you sure your mom doesn’t mind? Here you go. ” I said, handing Ashley her drink. “Have you ever seen it before?”“No, she don’t mind, I watched parts of it with her. I’d really like to see the whole thing though. ”“Alright, let me stick in it real quick. ”That had the desired reaction I hoped for, she giggled. Ashley took her seat next to me, and soon complained that her feet were cold from the air conditioner, and asked if I had a blanket to put on her. I got the blanket and laid it on her legs as requested as we started the movie and watched with intent. It was shortly after the first explicit scene that Ashley started tickling me and picking at me, me not being a complete idiot to the ways of young girls, knew that she was in fact, flirting with me. Did she really know what effect she was having on me though, could she possibly suspect the ideas that ran through my mind about what I’d like to do with her? God, it was tearing me up, I just had to see how far it would go, just make it look innocent enough. So, I retaliated, I tickled and picked back on the tight skinned, soft, delicate, Ashley. Every time my flesh touched hers, it was like electric. My fingers tickled her waist and legs, sometimes, perhaps, getting a little closer than I should, making it seem like a slip of course.

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   I was only wearing shorts and my cock was sticking up like a tent. I didn’t realize how hard it really was until Ashley went to tickle my other side and rubbed up against my straining cock. It was like I went into shock, my body jumped and my brain no longer controlled the situation. I grabbed the little girl in both of my adult arms as she reached across me and held her down as I tickled her relentlessly. I wasn’t as cautious this time, my ministrations were more directed towards her inner thighs and ass, with the occasional tit feel. Ashley was really getting into it now. In fact, it was fair game for her also, in like to my playing, she grabbed my prick through my shorts and squeezed it as hard as she could. Precum started leaking and my shorts got wet, nearly as wet as Ashley’s own panties that I had been lightly fondling. “Your shorts are starting to get wet” Ashley said, as though she had no idea why. “So are yours” I answered, matter-of-factly right before someone knocked on the door. Without thinking, I got up, ran to the door and answered it with my pup tent protruding in front of me. “Is Ashley here?” Linda asked me, while stepping inside before I could even invite her in. “Yeah, we were just watching a movie. ”“Really, what movie’s that?” Sounding suspicious. I was really starting to get nervous, wondering if I was truly busted for sure.

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  “American Pie, Ashley said you wouldn’t mind, that she actually was allowed to watch it with you. ”“That’s not a problem, I don’t mind, I’m sure she’s in good hands with you. ” Linda remarked, winking at me. Oh my god, what did that mean, was she actually encouraging me to have fun with her daughter, did I have her blessing? I had to find out for sure. “Yeah, she’s a lot of fun, I enjoy having her around, playing with her. ”“Well you guys have fun, I was just checking to make sure you were over here. Where’s the kids Mike?” Linda asked, starting to sound more seductive. “They’re actually taking a nap, they’ll be getting up in a couple a minutes though. ”“Well, if you like, my niece and nephew are over visiting with me for a few hours if you want me to just take your kids over there to play with them, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. That way, you two can finish your movie together. ”“That’d be great, but I don’t really know what Cheri’d think of Ashley being over here with me alone, you know what I mean?”“She wouldn’t have to know, I’m not going to say anything, I know Ashley’s not going to say anything, besides, Ashley really needs a male figure in her life right now. How about Ashley you go wait around back until I got Mike’s kids over to my house, then you can come back in, that way the kids don’t know either. ”“Ok!” Ashley answered, full of energy. Ashley, like she was told by her mom, ran out the back and sat on the porch, waiting for word to come back in. Man, I couldn’t believe it, Linda was actually helping me have time alone with her daughter.

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   I was also pretty sure that Linda was right on key as to my intentions also. It doesn’t get any better than this. At the prospect of all this, I was once again at full readiness in my shorts as I thought of all the things I would like to try with Ashley, to see how far I could get. I was pretty apparent that she wasn’t a virgin, which meant that I could certainly get a lot further with less attentiveness. “You owe me. ” Were Linda’s departing words to me as she passed me, leading my kids across the street to her house. Ever so lightly as Linda passed by me, her hand brushed my strutting prick, causing it to jump and make me jump in turn. This was going to be fun. What a summer, I would definitely remember this one forever. Once Ashley’s mother was gone, I motioned for her to come back in. As if nothing had happened, we got back under the cover and resumed our previous positions. We kind of watched the movie, but really our focus was on playing with each others’ sexual parts. .