The family temptress pt.2


Now with baited breath I was fully awake as again the purring voice said, - "Uncle are you? awake that is!" - I tried my best to keep calm and keep my breathing steady. - Meanwhile I felt the head of my cock getting squeezed slowly but very gently. Now intent on her task she spoke only to herself. - "Fuck,you're a nice fat dicky,I bet I could make you cum off,not like just now,you sulky little penis" - "My mind flew back to another time,a time so long ago when I'd chuckled to myself as she'd talked like this to her imaginary friends and dolls.

"Come on,no more hiding in there. Show yourself!" - This was an act,I was convinced she knew I was awake and took me back purposely,hoping to get a response. This young temptress took no prisoners as I felt my zip being pulled down. A hand fumbled inside,just like she was a pickpocket,until I felt the warm fingers tempting my now hard cock. "Ah! there you are,now that wasn't so hard was it. Out you come,show Ronnie what a big stiff man you are" - I trembled as a kiss was placed right over the eye of my cock. A tickle of her tongue nearly done for my lying. - "You're all salty,is that because you're thinking all sorts of naughty things about Veronica's pussy? Just like your owner did just now!"

She'd busted me, - "Fuck Ronnie,you can't do that to me,I'm your uncle!" - "Dicky,did you hear that voice just then,I think its your owner,the naughty man,he's been awake all that time" - The game was over as she openly pulled my ball sac from my now open trousers. Fondling my cock and balls,she was the now grown up. - "Uncle,no more of your nonsence,from the moment you heard me say I was staying,you knew why and what I wanted. . .

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"You knew I intended making you cum off,but did you realise,before this session ends,I'm going to have this fat old cock of yours just where your fingers were a couple of hours ago" I jerked as she opened her mouth and rolled my hardness into her cheek. Her tongue was like a snake as it wrapped around my helmet and peeled my foreskin back as though it was a small hand. Over the hole it went licking tormentingly at my precum. Her hand played billiards with my balls as she had me very near to cumming. Matter of factly her mouth popped off my cock as her hand took over wanking me so slowly yet intensely.

I thought,she has the mastery of some of the best prostitutes I've ever paid for. - Looking me straight in the eyes, - "After I make this penis of yours spurt your semen in my mouth,do you fuck me or am I expected to fuck you? You did after all carry me all the way,so I suppose you think its my turn to go the whole way with this fuck we're having. - I croaked, "Ronnie,this is not what we should be doing" - "Of course its not,that's what makes it so damn exciting don't you think,anyway you're not going to stop now" - She had my measure as her mouth resumed the sucking and as I tried desperately to hold back from shooting off,the game was lost as no matter how tight my sphincter twitched my cum shot from my cock like cannon fire.

Shot after shot hit her inside cheeks as she took my offerings all in her stride. I became aware she had a finger on my cocks tube just above my sac. - "Goo, you were good - For an old man - I counted nine shots of cum you shot into my mouth then" - I looked at her gob smacked. - "You count,how many have you done it too?" Oh that's not for you to worry about, 'course I always swallow,its so much more hygenic. I figure,swallowing or up my pussy,its all inside me as is intended" - Wow,this certainly is some slut working me out.

I had to go all the way with her,if my own niece was on the game, I'll make a lifelong booking! She was still wanking me but gently, - "Now about our fucking,I think you'll have more satisfaction doing it in bed. Besides if we go to sleep,we're already where we'll sleep best and if you want me again in the morning,I'll be there ready for you.

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   All thought of taboo was gone out the window. I was being seduced and so what. In moments she was naked and running for the stairs,come on get moving,I want it,in fact I need a cock so badly I aught to jump straight on to yours right now.

Swerving back she was at my chest as she had earlier and let herself drop until she could feel my hardon going between her vulvas' lips,by the time I'd reached the stairs she had half my cock up inside her tight young vagina. At the top of the stairs her pubes were entwined with mine as I had my spongy bulbous helmet kissing her cervix. Stopping I rested against the banister head as my orgasm pumped my cum at the neck of her womb. - "I love that feeling when the cum shoots into my womb. Don't move until you stop shooting off"

I didn't need too. As I finished she climbed off my cock and headed in to piss. For the second time I watched as piss gushed from her,but now joined by some blobs of my cum.
    I stood watching as she patted her pussy with some tissue. - "Come on uncle,we're not finished" - She leapt on the bed and kneeling waited for me to join her, - "Just lay on your back,I'm going to do you. You are up to go again are you?" - "I'm sure you'll know how to make me!" - Grinning now she cooped over my pubic area. - "Hold it straight up" - Moving above my hardon while feeling for my end she found her hole and dropped her quim straight down on my penis and came to a squelchy halt as her cunt sat squarely on my full length with her lips pressing against my pubis bone.

    "See! My vaginas deeper than men expect when I do it this way" - Now she bobbed up and down as though on a saddle on a horse.

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       The squelching increased and I watched enthrolled as a circle of cum and love juice gradually grew at the root of my cock and spilled over on to my sac. It frothed whitely the more she pumped my knob into her. She was now getting into her stride and her face showed she was well on her way to another orgasm.

    Her legs suddenly shot out from the squat position and into a kneeling where she pumped at my cock as her tits flipped up and down my chest. I had to respond to this fucking and was meeting her thrust for thrust, until she shuddered and our cum joined together in a juicy romance all their own. She lay panting as my chest rose and fell with her young tits flattened by our mutual exhaustion. . . Not for long, I rolled her onto her back and started pumping her quim in a slow gentle manner until she responded,then we were offf again. We worked our bums at each other until a, what I thought was feeble few shots of cum pumped again into my niece.

    We lay there for an eternity until she lifted up and looking me in the eyes she said, - "Why do all you men fuck me with your socks on?" - We broke down in laughter as we untangled and cuddled into a sleep. The last I heard was, - "Well I only wondered,you know about the socks" - Squeezing her closer,she gripped my soft cock and we were asleep!