The family 2


After spying on Mum and Dad and seeing what they where getting up to I don't think it shocked me as I didn't really understand
The two kids where locked in a back room store over night it seemed they wanted doth of them again there was lots of talking about what to do with them mum was very keen to keep them in the house
It was a couple of day later I got off school and hid in the roof the two kids where now with the other staff in the house it was covered up bythem being there by given them jobs in the house
I had overheard conversions my peasants had well parts of themit did seem the plan was to employ doth of themso my peasants could use them it seemed as if Dad was fucking the girl a lot and mum had bedded her a few times as well
They both talked about the size of the boys cock I heard Mum say she never had one that size or one go that deep inside her before and his ready to go in a few minuets after his fucked her his a horny basted
The day I got off school I was hiding in the loft and waited it was about midday my came into her bedroom and took a shower and was laying on the bed naked ten minuets laster in came the two kids the boy locked the door as if it was some thing he always did both looked relaxednow and smiled at Mum she pated the bed they striped and got on the bed with her one on each side of her the girl kissed mum full on the lips the boy was playing with mums big
tits the girl moved down the boy held each tit for the girl to suck on the nipple which made mum sigh
She went lower to mums crouch she pared her legs for her the girl started to eat mums pussy the boy moved up
and offered mum his cock which was hard mum sucked on it they stayed like that a few minutes
Mums body jerked a few times the girl looked up smiling they changed positions the boy kneeling between mums legs and the girls and mum looking down as he held his very large cock in his hand they watched as he put it in mum gasped he pushed mum said easy he still pushed mum went MY GOD I watched over half slide into her
she gasped he pushed ones more he was over mum I heated Jesus Christ
Then his lower body started to move slowly at first there was a panting gasping sound as he picked up speed
Mums legs came up in the air and seemed to kick and wave about there was lots of loud gasps from her
He was really moving now going like a jackhammer mum cried out fuck don't stop god I am Cum ming he lifted him self up and went faster mun arched under him and shook taking in very deep breaths and gasped a few times
He went onat that speed then went stiff on top of her he twitched and grunted he must of shot his load inside her
The girl who was holding one tit as mum came lifted one leg over mums face I could see mums tongue come out as the girl dropped over her face as the boys cock came out she dropped down over mums cunt they where doth
licking each other like mad this went on for some time it seemed they both climaxed a few times
When it was over they lay together for a while till mum got holed of the boys dick which looked stiff mum and the
girl ended up both sucking it
Mum got on her hands and knees the boy behind her pointing his cock at her cunt the girl got her self under mums head with her legs open the boy started fuckingand mum licking on the girl at the same time they went at it like that till the boy shot his lot then mum swung her leg over the girls face to let her lick mum out
The boy fucked mum ones more that afternoon with the girl watching
I t was a few weeks before I got off school to watch and it was much the same thing so this must e going on all the time a few months pasted and the girl was putting on wight her tummy was bigger I over heard mum saying to dad she is pregnant she not had a period for months they still used her for sex on a daily basis
About a month later I header them talking I got the end of it so you do it if I get it over here yes yes
It seemed what ever it was it was going to happen the next day in the afternoon you know where I was
The afternoon came I was hiding I watched I knew some one was in the house but didn't know who the bedroom door opened and mum and my younger sister came in my was holding her hand and had a bottle of wine in the other my sister was giggling mum was laughing and joking with her mum had her dressing gown on my sisterhad one on as well this is the afternoon I thought she was at school
They had a glass of the wine as soon a my sister put her glass down mum filled it up she looked quite tipsy she is only thirteen they sat on the bed chatting away then in walked dad with a glass and a pipe he lit it and past it to mumshe puffed on it and past it to my sister with some encouragement she puffed away on it soon she was giggling like mad she had two more drinks as well she was sitting between mum and dad all laughing away
Dad had his hand on sis leg mum had her arm round her shoulder with her other hand she open sis robe slowly
She not got any thing on under it sis went silent the robe was open now mum kissed her neck dads hand moved up her thigh her legs closed or tried to mum had a hand on the other one nearer the knee so her legs parted as dads hand touched her pussy sis said please
Mum said shush relax No please but dad must of been fingering her now she did relax a little mum pushed her back on the bed and was kissing her face she kissed her on the lips but she didn't kiss back dad was between her legs now licking her pussy sis was starting to enjoy the feeling it seemed mum was playing with her small beasts her nipples look quite stiff they where getting harder and she looked to be kissing mum back now
I could see dad pulling his shorts off then pulling on his stiff cock sis gasped I think they made her cum
Dad sough up kicked off his shorts mum fingered sis saying ho you are wet darling sis got a look at dads cock now and shouted No its to big he was a fare size it must of looked huge to her sis tried to sit up but mum held her down Dad moved in holding his cock sis legs forced round him he was moving it a round then he pushed sis screamed very loud as dad said hell she is tight he gave what seemed like a huge shove sis screamed
Mum asked are you right in he said yes nearly all the way take it easy its your dauber one more push and a screamhe waited then started to move slowly sis didn't like it but as as he moved she seemed to relax a little
and it got easer for her it was still quite slow movement after a time she seemed to start liking the feeling it gave her mum had let her go and she didn't try to get away dad pick the pace up a little and sis jerked a little under himthere was a gasp or two from her mum said dose it feel nice sis panted yes good girl she was getting a steady shafting now moving his full length in and out he seeded up sis climaxed then mum told him put it out don't knock her up as well a few more strokes he pulled out he was shooting as he did there was some inside the lips the rest went up over her belly and some on her tits a little hit her face
Mum cuddled her as she panted telling her she is a good girl dad left mum cuddled and talked to sis for a time
then they both had a shower together