The Devil in Devin


Nine years ago I babysat for 7 year old Devin.    I must have been12 years old at the time.    Although I sat for numerous families I seemed to get calls most often from the Dooley’s.   Apparently I was the only one that could handle Devin.   He should have been more appropriately been named Devil because that better matched his personality. Eventually I got a part-time job and did away with the babysitting thing.   That is with the exception of the Dooley’s.   Even though I no longer had the desire or interest in such tasks, they made me the proverbial offer that I could never refuse.   Rarely would I leave their house with less than $50 for only a few hours of monitoring Devin. Eventually as he became older the calls became less frequent and eventually I lost contact. When I was in my junior year at a nearby university, I received an unexpected call on my cell phone.   The number didn’t look familiar so I simply let it go to voice mail.   Later I checked my messages and was surprised:“Hello Jenny, this is Mary Dooley.   Would you kindly give me a call.   We are going out of town for a few days and need someone to look after things. ”I thought what the heck, house sitting is easy money and I was always in need of that.

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   I figured it would be good for a hundred bucks.    I immediately hit redial and called. “Hello”“Mrs. Dooley, this is Jenny.   It has been a long time since I last spoke with you. ” I said. Her response was, “I am so glad you called.   David and I are going out of town for three days and we were hoping you could kind of keep and eye on Devin. ”I hadn’t even given consideration their son.   I inquired, “Gee, Devin must be old enough to take care of himself. ”“Well he his 16, but I just don’t have all that much trust in him.   He only had his drivers license a few week when he had to go to court for drag racing.   Needless to say he is without wheels.    We just want to make sure he gets off to school and is not out running around at night.   His hormones are raging and we don’t want him having girls at the house.

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   ” was her response.    “Mrs. Dooley, I really do appreciate you thinking about me, but perhaps you should consider someone else.   Is there a family member that could watch him?”“Jenny, we have given it a lot of thought and we have the most confidence in you.   David and I trust you. If I have done my math correctly you should now be 21 and a young adult.   We are willing to pay you $200 a day, plus give you money to go out and eat so that you don’t have to cook. Oh, and we will also see that you have gas for your car.   Please Jenny, we need you,” she begged. Holly crap, I thought.   That is $600.   That is like hitting the lottery  I said to myself.  “Well I really could use the money for school and I need some new clothes. ” We confirmed the arrangement and went over all the dates, times and details.   I wasn’t excited in the least about Devin, but the money motivating.

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    Thursday arrived and as soon as I finished my class that morning I head to the Dooley’s. Mrs. Dooley greeted me.   “Come on in Dear.   My you have grown up and turned out to be a beautiful young lady. Let me show you around. ”As she and her husband left she said, “Devin generally gets home about 2:45.   You have our cell number if you need anything”I didn’t have much planned and I was not into watching the soaps.    I sat down at the computer in the family room and went online to fight off the boredom.    I am sometimes naughty and check out porn sites.   While surfing, I stumbled across a site that was dedicated to naked guys.   Looking at all those great penises was such a turn on.   So for the next couple of hours I got myself aroused and masturbated several times using my little vibrating toy that I carry in my purse.  I then noticed it was almost 3:00 and Devin was not home. I started to get a bit worried, but just then he came in the door.


    “Hey girl are you my babysitter?” He blurted. “ I remember you Jenny, but you are really hot now.   Nice tits you have there. ”That comment kind of set me back, but oh my God, that little snot nosed redhead brat had turn into one really good looking hunk.   I am not into young guys, but he was the kind of stud that would have made my panties wet when I was in  high school. Yikes, he was hot!“Devin you are really handsome Thank you for the compliment, but that comment is a bit forward of you. ”“Yeah maybe but if you and me are going to shack up for the weekend, you’d better get used to it. ” He said in a smart ass voice. “Hey buddy,” I replied.   “I don’t know what your definition of shacking up is, but I have no intentions of getting in the rack with you. ”“Hey Jen, chill out.   You and me are going to hit if off OK.   I like you.   Your one cool chick. ”We finally broke the ice and got into one conversation after another.

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   I could not get over how good looking he was and wanted to talk just to keep him in view.     When we went out to dinner I could not keep my eyes off him and envisioned myself as out on a date with him. Other than for one little zit on his forehead he had a great complection.   His hair was a beautiful reddish blonde and his eyes a brilliant green.   He was stone gorgeous.   Damn, why the hell couldn’t he be in his twenties I thought.  Although he kind of had the bad boy image he was a perfect gentleman. Well all most a gentleman.   He opened the door for me as we exited and when we got to the car he opened that door for me as well.   I was impressed until he patted me on the butt and said, “come on sexy lady lets get the hell out of here. ”“Devin, that is not a very nice thing to say and your little love pat on my rear was really not appropriate,” I scolded him. “Hey girl get a life.   You’ve got a cute butt.    I know that guys have done more than just tap you on the ass.   Don’t come on to me like a nun,” he said.

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    Before I could say anything he blurted out, “how many lucky guys have had your pussy?”“Devin, for God’s sake, I can’t believe you and it is none of your business,” I retorted. “OK Mother Teresa, please forgive me,” he smart ass replied. When we got home Devin did some homework and then played some video game on the television.    I read a few pages in a book and then started texting some friends.    Before I realized  it the clock said 10:15. “Devin you had better get to bed, you have to get up for school in the morning and so do I.   I am going to go take a shower and get ready for bed,”Devin replied, “ Yeah, yeah, I never hit the rack before 11:30.   I am going to get on the computer and check my email, Facebook and stuff. ”I proceeded to the guest room.   It was really nice, kind of like a mini suite.   There was a little sitting area with a TV and a private bath.   I closed the door, took my clothes off , grabbed my nighty and headed for the shower.    Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I said to, “Yeah girl you do have a nice ass and the tits aren’t too bad either. ”The warm shower sure felt good and I was in no hurry to get out, but just then the door opened and I could see Devin through the steamy glass shower door. “Devin get the hell out of here,” I screamed and tried to modestly cover my breasts and pussy.

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  “Chill out chick.   I was on the computer and guess what porn site was still on?  Plus you left this nifty pink vibrator out.  Oh my God, I had forgotten all about that. “Have you got a thing for cocks? Maybe you would like to see a high school cock or try the real thing instead of a vibe” “Devin you had better cool your jets.   I am sorry that I was not more careful. ” Before I could say much more I saw him drop his shorts to the floor and peel off his shirt. He opened the shower door and stepped in.   Oh my, I could not believe my eyes.   If I thought he looked good before this was heaven.   His cock was standing at attention. It looked so tempting.   It didn’t appear to be much bigger than average, but his red pubic hair certainly accented his manly anatomy. “Hey Miss Jenny, how do I compare to the guys on the porn site?  Do like it?  How about soaping it up for me”“Devin stop,” I exclaimed.   “Yes you do look damn great, but this has to stop.   Get out and leave me some privacy.

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  ”“Come on Jen, lets have a little fun.   I need to get my rocks off and I might even be able to do you some good to. Would you like me to go down on you?The image of having my pussy eaten by this hunk was almost overcoming, but I thought better and said, “Look I am 21 and you are only 16.   We need to stop this now. ”Reverting to his devilish ways he said, “Look at it this way.   If send mom a text message and say that you are looking at porn on the computer, she would probably come home.   She would be so pissed and you wouldn’t get paid. ”The little brat was blackmailing me.   I don’t know if he would have followed through, but just the thought of it was enough to send a chill down my spine. At the same time in my mind I was thinking blackmail would be justification for anything I did. “You little shit.   You are the same coning and manipulative devil you were nine years ago,” I said with a chuckle. “Maybe, but back then I wasn’t horny.   Now let me lather you up with the soap,” he said with a boyish grin. I resolved myself to the fact that it would be more pleasurable if I were not fighting it.

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    Within moments of him rubbing my tits and pussy all apprehension vanished. My nipples were erect and although my vagina was wet from the shower I am sure I was producing moisture of my own. I grabbed his stiff cock.   Oh my God, did it ever feel good.   As I gently stroked him he kissed me and ran his tongue im my mouth.   The passion was building and at this point.   As the warm water cleansed our bodies, he continued to kiss me and with one hand he slid his finger in and out of my vagina.    The pleasurable excitement was too intense and with in moments I bust with spasms of orgasm. Knowing that he had got me off, he broke the lip lock and said. “Hey Jen, did that feel good?”“More than good.   That was great,” I gleefully replied. “Let’s get out, dry off and get more comfortable,” he said with a smile. We dried each other off and without warning he picked me up and carried me to the bed.   This was like something you would read in a romance novel.   I could not believe it was happening.

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    None of the guys much older than him had ever treated me with such romanticism.    The casual love affair continued as he laid me down on the fresh white sheets.   The moment was only broken when he said, “Hey Jen should I go get a condom or are you one the pill?” With that question I immediately knew what my Prince Charming’s intentions were. The thought of which got me aroused. “I take the pill, but condoms turn me on if you want to use one,” I winked and replied. Devin then turned the lights out and the room was only illuminated by the glow of the street light out side the window.   He then lowered his athletic body on to mine. The feel of his naked flesh against mine only further contributed to my arousal.   His lips nibbles on my neck and then proceeded to my breasts. My nipples became erect and I could feel his stiff penis touching my pelvis. I moaned and the foreplay continued.   I was impressed by Devin’s level of experience.   Most of the guys I had been in bed were certainly not as talented.   It did not appear he was in any rush to penetrate me. Slowly he slid down my body gently kissing and caressing me.


    He licked my belly button and proceeded to my pussy.   I spread my legs to give him better access to my freshly shaved mound.   His tongue was like a vibrator to my clitoris. “Oh my God, Devin.   That feels awesome. You are going to send me over the top,” I moaned with pleasure. He paused for a second and said, “Do you like that?  I’ll make you feel even better. ”Devin then put is finger in my wet vagina and finger fucked me while he continued to lick and kiss my pussy. Within only a few seconds I was wild with stimulation and knew I was about to climax.    “Oh “Devin, you are driving me crazy and I am about to cum. ” I said almost breathlessly. “Let it go baby, let it go,” he exclaimed. My pelvis was in contortions that sensational feeling of an orgasm began.   I tingled all over. “Yow, oh, oh, oh, Oh my God,” I cried out.

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  He continued to finger my pussy as I regained my breath.   I knew it was now time to return the favor.   I reached for his stiff cock and grasp it with my hand.   He raised up on his knees and I turned in anticipation of sucking his absolutely adorable 6" cock.   Even though there was darkness the glow of his red pubic hair was like a beacon in the night.  I was craving his penis and wanted it in my mouth.   Obviously he had other intentions. “Aw come on baby.   Let me put it in you.   I’ll let you give me a blow job another time. Give me your pussy now. ”By his action I could tell he wanted to mount me doggie style.   I turned and assumed the position. He first felt my pussy with his hand and spread my lips.   Then very gently he eased his stiff cock into my awaiting vagina.

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   Maybe it was just the excitement of having a teen age cock in me, but this was the best sex I had ever had.   With every thrust of his penis the exhilaration grew.   It felt so good, I wished I’d met this kid before.   With one hand I reached between my legs touching his balls.   His reaction was positive as I then put several fingers around his cock so I could feel it pumping in and out of me. “Oh Jen, I am about to blow my load,” he excitedly said. Just hearing him say that gave me a sensation and I knew I was about to get off again. “Aw baby, here it comes,” he said in a tone of exhilaration. I could feel the throbbing spasms of his cock as he pumped his creamy cum in me. At that very moment my pussy tingled once again and I went into another gigantic orgasm.  “Damn Devin you know how to make a girl feel good. ” I said. He replied. “ Your pussy made my cock feed good too. Devin continued to fuck me for another couple of minutes until the pleasure subsided.

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      I would have never dreamt of having sex with a younger guy, let along one that I was getting paid to take care of. His young cock inside my pussy was a thrilling.   Rather than feel shame or embarrassment, to the contrary I was embellishing the naughty little tryst.  “Hey Jen, I told you we would get along OK and we did.   Remember you still owe me a blow job,” he said as he departed for his room. “You’re on,” I replied, “but you have to take care of me too. ”The remainder of my stay was filled with many more orgasms.   I think we fucked in every position imaginable.    When Mrs. Dooley paid me I don’t think she realized the bonus I received. .