The Daughter Dilemma (Chapter 2)


Topic: Jamie Shows Her Hand       It is a curious trait of the more beautiful daughters of the upper middle class that, no matter how fortunate their circumstances, they yet regard their lives to be destitute and miserable.    For these indigent princesses their pink and lacey bedrooms are always too small or poorly furnished, their weekly allowances too meager,  their few household chores too burdensome,  and their free time never free enough or time enough.    And as to the cause and culprit of all their feigned adversities they look no further than to their own parents, who, no matter how so indulgent they may appear to the world, are nonetheless viewed by their baby girls as being unreasonably severe.
     Thus while Jack Holland  might be considered a "cool dad" he was not to Jamie's mind a "good daddy. "   A good daddy lets his daughter have whatever she wants whenever she wants it.    A good daddy would never refuse his daughter a sporty, new car for her upcoming sixteenth birthday just because she was flunking  some boring and useless Math class.    See how hard she has taken the news: languidly laying her slender five foot ten fame across her queen sized bed,  ostensibly working at equations with her best friend Melinda, but instead playing a game of "Go Fish,"  her lustrous light brown locks falling over her knitted brow, he deep blue eyes welling up tearfully, and her full, pouty lips pouting all the more fully.
     "My life sucks, " she sighed heavily, "got any aces?"
      "Go Melinda studied Jamie.   What a gorgeous girl!  So tall and slender.   Perfect face.   Rich, golden tan.   Like a freakin' supermodel.   And that little butt of hers!  Any girl would kill to have a little butt that cute and curvy and tight---so tight you could use it for a pencil sharpener.

  And to be so unhappy with a dad so obviously "cool!"
    "You know, it's not all that bad, Jamie. " she said in way of consolation, "Look, I'm passing Math with no problems and it's not going to get me a bright red Mercury.   Any fives?"
    "Your dad doesn't own a car dealership like mine does," Jamie replied as she handed over a pair of cards decorated with five kittens, "So it's really sucky of him not to give me a car.

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    God! It's like a baker refusing to make his daughter a birthday cake!"
    Melinda laid down a quartet of kittenish fives and picked up on the analogy.
   "No, but my dad does run the Savings and Loan.   Still,  I can't get him to give me a fat allowance, like $250 a week---although I'd really love that---I only get the same $75 a week you get from your dad.   And I have to save up for over a month just to get a halfway decent outfit.   Besides, your dad is way cooler than my dad, so anytime you feel like swapping just let me know.    Any tugged at a card in her hand thoughtfully then shot her eyes up at Melinda.
   " What did you just say?" she gasped excitedly.
    "Jacks. . . any jacks?"
    "Before that, something about swapping our dads?"
    "Oh yeah, any time you want. Why?  You mean you'd  really want to switch places with me?"
    "Not exactly," Jamie beamed, "buuuuut. . . .

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   Look, what if I told you you could have your $200 a week allowance?"
    "$250. "
     "Whatever! Make it $350 if you want.   And I  get my "Sure, Jamie, sounds great.   But what do we have to do for it?"
      Jamie couldn't contain herself.
     "It's not what  we have to do, " she laughed deliriously, "it's who we have to do. "
     "You mean 'do' like sex?"  Melinda nodded, her eyes searching her mathematically adept friend's face to see if Melinda  could add two and two together.
     Melinda paused quizzically for a moment.  
     "Ewww. . . . you mean having sex with our own dads?" she cringed, "That's soooo gross!"
    "Not our own dads!" Jamie smiled, leaning forward to whisper in her ear, "I mean each other's dad.   You know,  you and my dad and---"
     Jamie saw that Melinda was blushing a bit too much.  
     "Really, it's kind of obvious that you and my dad are. .

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  .   Well. . . It's nothing more than helping nature take its course,  I'd say.    And I wouldn't mind it in the She waited for the words to sink in as she pulled the requested card from her hand.
    "A jack?  Yes,  I have a jack.   The Jack of Hearts,"  she said, holding it out, "And he's all yours.   Take him"
    Melinda reached out her hand skittishly, not knowing how to grab a treat so gratuitously offered.   Take Jamie's dad?  She'd be insane not to!  Mr. Holland was a hottie and undoubtedly awesome in bed.   Besides, hadn't she always wanted her first sexual  encounter to be the best, mind-blowing sex possible---oral, anal, and straight up?  And who to better have it with than a stud like Mr. Holland?   And couldn't such an experienced master like Mr. Holland must be teach and train her to be the best lover any man ever had?   That is what Melinda Bailey wanted most of all: to be the lay to end all lays, the ultimate lay, the lay that turns major corporations and sovereign states into playthings.   Helen of Troy,  Cleopatra,  Catherine the Great,  Melinda Bailey.

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   She took the jack from Jamie's hand and planted a fond kiss on it.   
   "I'll take him.   But what about my dad and him to me, " Jamie grinned,  "You're not worried are you?"
    "No.    Just horny. "
     "In that case. . . . " 
    Jamie slowly ran her hand up Melinda's soft inner thigh---higher, higher---as she moved her mouth onto hers.
[to be continued]




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