The Bus Trip


Topic: The Bus TripHaving paid the fare he noted that the bus was about half full and that the front half was noisy with a group chattering away in some foreign language. Usually he would sit near the front but today he moved to the back to get away from the annoying sounds. Only the very rear seat that extended across the full width of the bus appeared empty so he made his way there, moving to the right to sit beside the window. Not a young man any more, he had never lost the thirst for knowledge and always seemed to have a book in his hand. Seating himself he opened his book and began to read as the bus began to move. The trip away from the city centre was punctuated by many stops as initially more passengers got on having finished their day in the business district and headed on home. He was used to this and able to block out the activity and focus on his book unless someone else took a place on the back seat. Two women sat next to him briefly but moved forward when a vacant seat became available. Gradually the number of passengers began to dwindle down but at one stop a young girl hopped aboard. He looked up as she came to take up a place on the back seat against the window opposite him. He noted that she was a schoolgirl, dressed in her uniform with a small backpack hitched over her shoulder; this she dumped on the seat beside her as she leaned back into the corner and pulled out the inevitable cell-phone to begin texting. He made a mental note that she was quite cute, not stunning or beautiful but not unattractive either before averting his eyes back to his book. As the bus moved off again he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye and noted that the girl who was still busily text messaging had hitched her left foot, the one closest to him, up onto the seat. Her school dress was a long one favoured these days and this covered her bent leg down to the ankle. He got a glimpse of her other leg that now a little more exposed, seeing her socks and around two thirds of her calf. He fleetingly wished that the short skirts of his school days were still in fashion but was soon absorbed in his book again.

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It wasn't long until he caught another glimpse of movement and discreetly looked while still appearing to be reading. The young girl had moved her left foot to the left so that now she had effectively spread her legs apart, one hooked up on the seat with the other still on the floor. The dress still covered all her left leg and he couldn't help but again think of the sight he would have if short skirts were still in vogue. This time the thought held and he risked a quick glance at the girls face. She was oblivious to his look still concentrating on her phone screen and tapping in letters. He wasn't good on aging teen girls but thought maybe 18 or 14, she obviously had developing breasts though the school uniform did its best to hide the fact. He again thought that she looked average but cute in appearance. This time when he returned to his book, his mind was not really in it and he found himself keeping an eye on the young girl. At one point she looked up from her phone and appeared to take a good look round the bus interior including him before looking back down at her phone. This time when he looked he thought the hem of her dress had lifted a little; yes it had, now he could see her white sock. As he continued to discreetly watch, the hem began slowly to rise higher in a steady but slow way. It was clear that this was no accident, the girl was pulling her dress into her lap so the hem would rise higher and higher.
Still from the corner of his eye he was now firmly watching the dress and waiting for what was to be revealed. A flash of white appeared as her panties gradually came into view, simple plain white panties but sitting tight over the young pussy underneath. He was transfixed by the slight crease running down the centre as the panties hugged into her cleft.

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   Two things suddenly became obvious to him; firstly that blood was surging into his member and his cock was becoming uncomfortably positioned in his own tight briefs. The second thing was that the girl was looking directly at him and for a brief moment their eyes met before his swept back to his book and hers to her phone. But her dress was unchanged and his glance was quickly back to the little white patch in the space between her thighs. He knew that she knew he was looking and he also knew that she was taking little glances to make sure he was still watching. The little minx was putting on a display for him safe in the confines of a public bus.
His cock was sitting uncomfortably and he had to do something about it. He grew bold sliding his hand slowly into the top of his pants to move it, noting that her eyes were following the movement. He focussed on the little patch of white as he adjusted his cock so that it lay pointing upwards and slightly toward her against his belly. Removing his hand from his pants he then slowly traced down the length of his bulge with his thumb and forefinger to either side of his shaft. He was hard, very hard and not small under normal circustances but he knew the effect would make him look even bigger in the young girls eyes. Pretenses of not looking were now gone for both but there was still a coyness. He would glance from her panties up to her face and back again while she did the same between his bulge and face. The girl had him like a rock and he was anxious to go further but how on a bus? He grew bold and waited until their eyes met again, then pointed to her, to his other hand and then to his cock. Would she understand? He did it again pointing at her and to his hand two then three times hoping she would catch the meaning and then to his cock. Finally though blushing she nodded and his stomach tightened; out of excitement or fear he wasn't sure.

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   This was crazy, this girl was underage but still he looked around the bus to make sure no one was looking and slid across to sit beside her.
The girl let her left leg fall to the floor and sat with her knees together, her backpack she scooped up and sat it on her lap as be sidled up beside her until their thighs were touching. He whispered to her "You're very exciting. Are you ok?" She nodded yes so he opened his book in his lap and took her left hand placing it on top of her bulge. She was nervous now reluctant, maybe frightened so he whispered to her again. "You are very sexy and have made me very hard. Can you feel it?" She was looking down at her hand moving only slightly over his bulge and whispered back "Yes. " He arranged his book to cover any others passengers looks and lifted the front of his pants outward creating a small gap. "Slip you hand in. " She hesitated but did. "Now inside my briefs too. " She fumbled but managed to slide her hand under the elastic and her small fingers were touching his cockhead. Her initial touch felt cool where his cockhead felt hot. The feeling was electric and he breathed sharply in. "Hold it, feel it all.

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   Touch it. Don't be afraid. You've made me so horny. " Her reluctance gradually lessened and he felt her fingers curl round his hardness and begin to stroke and touch him.
He didn't know how much longer he had before her stop came. This was all naughty and wrong but so very very exciting. He knew this young girl could make him cum easily that was how pumped he was but the fear of discovery was so great as to keep him from giving into the little coaxing hand and so he just enjoyed the teasing frustration of it all. He oozed precum constantly and knew his underwear were very wet. She was using some to help her movements, the girl was not experienced but her little hand still had him rearing to go. He leaned toward her and whispered again. "Can I touch your thighs. " She whispered yes back but seemed reluctant when he moved to pull up her dress. "Don't worry, just a little so I can touch your skin. " She adjusted her backpack in her lap and allowed her dress hem to be ridden up so that half her upper thigh thigh was exposed though covered by her bag. He stroked her soft thighs lightly and commented on their smoothness and softness to her.

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   When her hand stopped moving on his cock he reminded her to continue and his own fingers slowly and lightly worked up until they were brushing across the little white patch that she had earlier revealed to him. He felt a heat there and thought a dampness too.
For a few brief seconds he got to feel the fabric tight against her pussy when she whispered "Next stop, I have to get off. " His stomach lurched 'Oh no'. He thought quickly, so hard and ready. "Would you be afraid if I got off at the same stop?" She said "no" and so they both removed hands and readied themselves to depart. The bus stopped and in moments they were together on the footpath. He noted that it was but a couple of stops from where he was to get off anyway but also that the university grounds were close and a walk through a campus garden. He was pleased that she seemed to want to head that way toward her home and so he walked with her. He wanted to reassure her and not frighten her and all his initial talk was in that vane. As the garden walkway approached he asked if she wanted to go through there and was delighted when she agreed. He felt more confident that she wanted to continue what they both had started. Safely in the gardens he was scanning for a secluded area where they could leave the path and have at least some privacy. The sun was on its way down and so the shadows were lengthening and aiding the cause. He spotted a place and took her hand asking if she wanted to go in there, looking and pointing at the place.

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   She said that she didn't have much time, that she was expected home but made no move not to be led off the path.
Safe in amongst thicker bushes he stopped and turned to face her. He moved her hand back to his bulge and she squeezed him, more confident now. He whispered for her to undo his fly and she readily did so. Soon she had his cock out and he helped by tucking his briefs under his ball sack. He was like a rock pointing up and now her hand had much easier access. "Use both hands" he said and she dropped her backpack and began stroking him and touching him with both. She was inexperienced but so young and the shear excitement of that was enough, a more experienced touch would have had him shooting already. He let his hands slide lightly round her back and just held her at the short distance that allowed her to freely explore his engorged penis. "You've made me so horny, you're so sexy. And your hands are making me feel incredible. " He whispered to her gently encouraging her, trying to make her feel comfortable and not afraid. In the end he pressed again "Can I touch you again like before?" She was quick to say yes and so he moved his right hand to her front and began raising her uniform dress again. Soon his fingers were stroking lightly across the front of her panties and he could again feel her heat and dampness. "So pretty and sexy" he whispered as he slowly increased the pressure of his fingers and he could feel her responding and her breath shortening.

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His breath was shortening too and he knew that he wasn't going to be able to hold out from this young girl forever. His balls had tightened up and a load of cum was just building up ready to burst out. He kept up his compliments and words of encouragement as he worked his fingers in under the side of her panties and then he was there; the girl was soaking, her public hair sparse and her pussy very hot. He quickly honed in on to her clitoris and began tracing circles around. She responded to his touch and he did not mind that her hands had stopped moving for the moment as he concentrated on arousing her. He whispered about her pretty pussy, her sexy body and other nice comments as he moved his hand upwards over the top of her panties and then down into them adding a second finger to the circles around her clitoris. She was responding and humping gently against her fingers. Her arousal was growing and he kept gradually increasing his fingers intensity and speed. He wanted to make this little girl orgasm. Her hands weren't moving on his cock much now but he could feel that was squeezing increasingly tighter as her own excitement grew. He changed tact with his talk "Your boyfriend is very lucky to have a sexy girl like you. " She never stopped humping against his fingers as she responded that she didn't have a boyfriend.
His other hand had slipped to her butt to hold her firm while his fingers worked their magic and he began to feel that she was building up to her orgasm. His mind went back to his own hardness still held by her little hand. "Stroke me sweetie.

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  " he cooed and her hands began working again. He kept reminding her when she stopped as the two remained standing slighly hunched, face to face, working each other off. He felt himself go past that point that every man knows about, his whispers were now urgent; "Don't stop baby, don't stop. You're making me cum. Don't stop. " And she was close too but it was he that grunted out first and humped hard into her hand as his first shot off cum shot out to splash against her blouse. He shot hard again and again, such intensity that this encounter and these young hands had worked. Cum stained her blouse and dress but still she milked him fast, her inexperience showing again as he had to slow her down. He felt elated, exhausted and ecstatic all at once but still kept up his assault on her little clit with his own fingers. Her hands finally ceased their movement and just held him as she humped against his fingers. One hand cupped under her small butt he pulled her closer to him while his other hand remained buried down her panties, his fingers rubbing her soaking wet clitoris. She felt tiny in his arms but still she gave herself to him and for this he wanted to please her. It wasn't long, his touch was knowledgable and her need great; she let out a few whimpers then froze up for a moment before beginning to shudder down the length of her body. Her orgasm ripped through her and he worked it as well he knew. He pulled her in closer to him holding her tight for fear that she would collapse.

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   He fingers remained busy as he felt her orgasm slowly subside away and he tried to slow his movements gradually in tune with her. His own cock still felt surprisingly hard in her hands though she was not stroking him at all. His movements became increasingly gentle as he felt this girl come down until they were both still; close together, listening to each others breath, holding and touching the others sex, but sated and unmoving.
He broke the silence "Are you ok?" She whispered that she was. "That was amazing, you were amazing" he said. She paused silent for a time before saying "that was my first time. " He knew she was unexperienced but was still surprised to hear that. "If I was younger, I would want you to be my girl. " He felt silly saying that but it just came out. Then she floored him "I don't care, I want to be your girl. " POSTSCRIPT - He was 44, she was 18 There are other stories to tell about the two but none ever quite reached the intensity of that first meeting.



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