The adventures of Taboo Pete


Topic: Taboo TalesI suppose I should start by telling you a little about myself, I’m 34, 5’8”, fit, live alone. My home is quite unique, it’s an ex-railway station, I bought it 5 years ago and have been renovating it ever since. I grow cannabis in one of the storage buildings, nothing major, but enough to fund my project, I have a lot of regular customers, from drunks to lawyers. I usually do my rounds in the evening that leaves me free all day to work on my house.  
I like sex just like the next guy, but being in the business I’m in, its not difficult to get laid, but I must admit, the last couple of years I’ve been interested in anything out of the ordinary, if its taboo I’m up for it! 
I’ve tried bondage, domination, Id even tried it with a guy a few times, but I was always looking for something new.  
One of my customers Jackie, she was 28, long blonde hair, really slim, she used to have a body to die for, but that was before she had Lisa, Lisa was 8, she used to call me uncle Pete, she was a good kid, she was a miniature of her mum, her dad had never been there, he left when he found out Jackie was pregnant. Jackie had been buying from me since she was 18, she used the stuff all day, and as soon as she got out of bed she would spark up a joint. If ever she run out she would be crawling the walls, I think it was more in her mind than anything else, but, many is the time I have had a call from her at some silly hour in the morning because she had lost her stash.  
As she was a good customer I always tried to oblige. A couple of years back she used to get credit, but then she knocked me for 200, I’m not the sort of guy who gets heavy with women, so I dropped the debt, but told her, from now on its cash on the nose, no cash, no dope. She had done the same to all the other local dealers, so no one would touch her, but hey, she was a good buyer.  
One night I got a call from her at 2am, I was not impressed, she had been out clubbing and had lost her stash, but like I said, she is a good customer, so under duress I jumped in my car and went round. When I arrived she opened the door and in I went, she was pissed, she was wearing a red dress that barely covered her tits and ass. She thanked me for coming and apologised for the time, she hadn’t had a spliff for two hours and she was desperate, she asked me if she could pay at the end of the week, I went fucking mad, she had dragged me all the way out here and didn’t have any dosh, you know the score, no dosh, no dope, your taking the fucking piss, you knocked me for 200.  
Just a bit then, just enough for a spliff, no chance! I told her, then she came close, started rubbing my cock through my jeans, Ill give you the best blow job you have ever had, she said. I can get blow jobs from anywhere, it’s the money I need, all the time we where talking she was rubbing my cock, it was rock hard, you have never had a blow job like this she said.

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  I must admit, I was interested to see how good she was, and by now I was horny as fuck. OK, just this once I said, but we won’t be making a habit of this.  
She immediately kneeled down and unbuttoned my jeans, she yanked them down and out sprung my cock, I sat back on the sofa and she started licking my cock, fuck she was hot, then she took me in her mouth, right down her throat, no messing, she was up to my balls, all the way, it was fucking awesome. She was throating my cock, banging her chin against my balls, I was just about to come and the lounge door opened and in walked Lisa, I nearly died!Jackie just kept on sucking, Lisa came over and sat on the sofa at side of me and said, Hi Uncle Pete, as if nothing was wrong. This was totally weird, here I was getting an amazing deep throat, and her 13yr old daughter was sat watching. Although the initial shock had made me loos the moment, Jackie had not relented and was still throating my cock like a porn star, so I thought fuck it. If they don’t care I don’t. As I let my self go and started to enjoy Jackie’s attentions, I looked over at Lisa and she was sat glued to my cock, watching every move her mum made. Seeing this 13yr old watching with such interest made me so hot, I wondered how many times she had seen her mum do this, then I wondered if she had ever done it. Just the thought of having an 13yr old girl suck my cock was so taboo my cock exploded in Jackie’s mouth, shooting stream after stream of my hot cum down her throat, she tried to swallow it all but failed, and it was dribbling down her chin and all over my cock.  
Jackie smiled at me and said “well?” I said yes you where good, very good. I gave her a small lump of dope and she immediately rolled a joint.  
I said, don’t you mind Lisa watching, she said no, she as seen me loads off times, she likes to watch, besides I think its good to learn young, that way you enjoy sex more and are not afraid when it comes time to do it.  
I was still there in the same position covered in spunk, I said “are you not going to clean me up” she said, Lisa go and get Pete some tissue, I’m busy rolling a joint.  
Lisa trotted off to the toilet and returned with a toilet role, can I do it mum she said, well, if Pete as no objections I suppose so.

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I said, go ahead. She knelt down in front of me where moments earlier her mum had been sucking me, god she looked so sweet and innocent, she looked like a little angel. She started mopping up the spunk on my belly, taking her time to get it all, she turned to her mum and said “can I taste it mum, please”Jackie by now was well into her joint, she had put it all in. Suit yourself she said. You don’t mind do you uncle Pete, No, go ahead I said, I thought she would pick some up on her hand to taste it, but no, she stuck out her tongue and licked the end of my cock, fucking hell, it felt like an electric shock as she touched my cock with her sweet tongue, she licked the head and then put the end in her mouth and sucked it, My cock got hard in record time, she took it from her mouth and said, “mmm, its salty” do you like it, I said, yes, its really nice. She said, can I have some more, yes I said, have as much as you want, again she took my cock in her mouth, just seeing this cute angel with my cock in her mouth was fucking amazing. I lay back and relaxed as she sucked the spunk of my cock, as she slid over the head I let out a moan, just then Jackie turned and saw Lisa sucking my cock, fucking hell, I didn’t say you could give him a fucking blow job! I said leave her alone, she is enjoying herself, yeah and so are you, this is going to cost you half an ounce. I said to Lisa, what do you think, would you like to do it like mum did and get some nice fresh spunk for yourself, yes please she said. I said to Jackie, you got a deal.  
Lisa immediately went to work on my cock, all the watching had paid off, she was sucking it like a pro, I couldn’t take my eyes of her sweet mouth sliding up and down on my cock, she was really enjoying herself, she looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and my cock in her mouth, I nearly came, she pulled off and said “am I doing it right uncle Pete” I said your doing great, she smiled, I said, try and take it a little deeper, she immediately took it right down as far as she could go and gagged, she coughed and pulled off, I said, that was a little too far and she laughed, then right back to it, sucking it hard as she slid up and down my shaft, I was doing my best to make it last but seeing this 13yr old angel with my cock in her mouth was so hot, I gently took hold of her pigtails and slowly moved her head up and down, I could feel my balls about to explode, as the first gush of my hot spunk shot into her mouth it overflowed and run out of the corners of her mouth, I could feel her swallowing, but she just could swallow quick enough, she pulled back and the second load shot all over her cute face, Now that was the best orgasm I have ever had I thought to myself, I laid there exhausted looking at Lisa knelt between my legs covered in cum, the sight of my spunk on her beautiful red lips as it run down her chin and she tried to catch it with her tongue, that sight will stay with me forever.  
Did I do good Uncle Pete, she said, you did real good angel 
Let me know what you thought, if there is enough interest Ill do a part two.  



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