Teen Model Surprise


When some people suddenly come into money they get foolish by heading off to vegas, or somewhere else to blow their new found money. Myself, I've always had a plan.
Several times, I had driven past the deserted strip mall. It's in a nice area, but I guess the key to this kind of thing is to find a well traveled area, which it isn't. I located the owner. I told him how much room I needed (not much), and he was happy when I payed him for three months in cash. Then I set up a photographer's studio inside with a mock up of a bedroom and a living room.
Next, I went to her website. She was the most adorable thing I had ever seen. Her bronze skin, long dark hair, and innocent face had made me just love her. I clicked on the "Contact Us" icon and sent an email with a substantial offer for her to model lingerie, including airfare and two nights motel for her and her parents. The reply was not what I expected. The reply, in short, said she only modeled for real photographers and I should go piss up a rope.
Completely stunned, it took more than a week for me to hunt elsewhere. Searching lists and faces, I located a relative newcomer. She was similar in appearance to the first model, and much more a tease.

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   I was especially drawn by her little lips. That kind of thing had always turned me on. I repeated the same kind of offer to her as the first model. The reply was almost instant. Not only were they cooperative, but they were willing to work into my schedule. It took me a couple of hours to set up the reservations, but they would be here for the next weekend.
I had a limo pick them up at the airport in order to give me more credibility. The next morning, I went to the hotel to pick them up. I was surprised to see only the model and her father. "Her mother had a crisis in the family" he explained. I looked at the model. She was shorter than I thought, coming in a little under five feet. She wore a tight blue T shirt that showed little bumps on her chest. Form fitting short pants hugged her tiny butt.
I drove them to the studio.

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   I explained to them I was trying to tell a story through pictures. I wanted her to wear a schoolgirl's outfit, which she would then change out of into the lingerie. It only took a few minutes for her to change and I set up the lights. I had her stand a couple of places while I checked the light and the camera.
Finally ready, I had her appear to walk into the bedroom. Then button by button, I had her pose taking off the schoolgirl shirt, then the skirt. Then I waited a few minutes while she picked out and put on one of the lingerie outfits I had on a rack in the dressing room. I was really surprised when she picked out a sheer babydoll nightie. We could both see her tiny pink nipples through the sheer fabric. My dick was straining against my pants as I directed through several dozen poses. Then I asked her to get a new lingerie outfit.
She returned several minutes later with a black lace teddy. I knew it was a front clasp top, and so this would mean different kinds of poses. I had her pose over her shoulder and with one foot on the bed, then had her open the front clasp an inch while I took several camera angles. I had her open the top a couple more inches and I took several more shots.

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   "Do you want me to take the top off?" she asked, flooring me.
"That's up to your dad" I said, turning to him.
"She's comfortable with nudity" he replied.
I had her tease in several more shots before having her open the top to show me her bare chest. Next, I had her tease me with the ties on her panties, untying one side, then the other before letting them fall to the floor. I had her move up onto the bed. I was on a roll now and her father didn't say a word as I directed her through several poses. The pose I felt was the dealmaker was her on a fours, her butt up in the air with her hairless pussy lips exposed. I obviously took a closeup and still he didn't say a word.
Her next pose was legs spread, then on her back with legs spread. I moved in for a closeup, then had her spread her pussy lips. I saw moisture between her pussy lips, which had become pink and swollen. Then I told her to open the nightstand drawer. I had placed several vibrators in there, not knowing if I could ever get things that far.
    She selected a thin green one.

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    I took a picture of her kissing the vibrator, then sliding it into her mouth to simulate oral sex. She was the most cooperative girl I'd ever met. I had her touch her nipples several times before having her placing the vibrator between her legs. Hevsilent father still said nothing, but I noticed him touch his obviously hard dick through his pants as she started inserting the vibrator in her tiny pussy. I moved in for closeups again and noticed that not only was the vibrator sliding in and out without trouble, but it was very moist. I had reached my point of no return.
    I took her hand and had her take the vibrator out. I pulled my zipper down. She smiled and spread her legs in an inviting way. I moved into position. I placed my dick at her opening. She reached down placing her fingers as to pull me in. She squeaked as my dick entered her, which tuirned into full moan. I was so turned on that I started bunny fucking her with fast hard strokes. Her moan turned into the kind of stoccato moan one hears as an old roller coaster bangs down a track.

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    Her dad walked up just then, fully nude and placed his dick in her face. She turned and took it in her mouth as I shot my load in her. I rested a couple of minutes while she orally pleased her father. "You aren't done are you?" she asked with a smile. "No" I replied as I prepared to enter her a second time.
    This time, I took my time with slow solid strokes. I was several minutes into fucking her when her dad came in her mouth. He stepped back and watched as I turned her and put her on all fours as I fucked her from behind. Her dad stepped up for some more cock sucking. I wet a finger and began to stick it in her ass. "That's nasty" she said.
    "Do you like it?" I asked. She gave me a weird smile. I stuck my finger all the way in. She howled.

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       I felt my cum rising again. I shot my second load in her. "You naughty man" he said as I sat back.
    We didn't take any more pictures that day, although we broke for lunch and dinner. Seeing her leave the next morning broke my heart as I fondly recalled fucking her. Oh well, on to the next model.