Teachers Pet (Part 2)


I was just laying there and she was doing a fine job of fucking me from the top. She knew how far to go and my cock never came out of her once. She had a good rhythm and I could tell she was enjoying herself just by the look on her face and the way she was fucking me. Every now and again there was slurping noise come out of her cunt and she giggled and said that's all the cunt juice in me which is making me sooo wet.
After a while she slipped me out of her and turned around and went down on me again in reverse and all I could see was my cock slipping up and down on her cunt as she gave herself more pleasure on my cock. I can say that I was not lacking from any pleasure and I was enjoying myself being fucked by a girl so young and so competently.
I suppose she had spent about 4 or 5 minutes fucking me and then she lifted herself off me and said OK you can fuck me now and see if you can make me cum.

I have been trying to make myself do it but it isn’t working. I got off the bench and she lay there flat out. I stood beside the bench and looked down at this little naked body spread out on the bench with her legs up and her cunt now quite red from all the friction that had taken place with my cock in her. She was just laying there waiting for me to enter her. I felt like a real bastard for doing this to her. I know she loved every moment but she was so young. Even her immature body with no breasts and only fine hair just beginning to show around her cunt really made her look her age and she should not really be fucking like she was. I know I wasn’t the first and she obviously enjoys the pleasure she gives men and gets herself when they fuck her. .

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