Teacher and her students


     In the staff washroom, I bit down to keep from crying out, as my flying fingers stroked a climax out of my throbbing clit, my pussy wrenched and spasmed wildly, my orgasm washing over me, leaving me limp and giddy in its aftermath.

     I liked teaching 12th grade biology, and the hot young studs that made up part of the class would make my pussy ache. I had to duck into the staff washroom at least once a day, stroking out the burning fire in my pussy, imagining having the hottest students fucking me just made me want it even more. Four in particular caught my attention, they were all hunky, well built football players, and I needed to be fucked, and I wanted their cocks in particular.

     The day of my plan, I put on my sexiest bra and panties, black sheer lace, and slipped a dress over, hoping that I would be stripped down to my bra and panties, later this day. They were in the last class of the day, and when the bell rang, signalling the end of the school day, I asked Roger, Tom, Jack and Jerry to stay behind, making up some reason about needing to check an assignment I wanted them to do for me.

     When the rest of the class had departed, Tom asked, "So what can we do for you Miss Belsen?"

     I smiled at the question, and said, "I have a very special assignment, I want you all to strip and fuck me right here and now, I want a gang-bang, and I want your stiff cocks to fuck me every which way but loose!"

     I could see them all, interested but wary, wondering if this was some sort of trick. I smiled again, went over to the door, locked it securely, then unbuttoned my dress down the front, opened it, and let it slip off my shoulders. I could see them all gape at me, dressed in nothing but my black lace undies, I have kept my body in the same trim shape I had in college, at 5'9" tall, 135 pounds and a well shaped figure of 37 - 24 - 36. My tits are full, firm and real, and I like to keep my pubic region completely shaved and bare, for any lovers that want to eat my pussy.

     They seemed frozen, so I teased, "Well, come on boys, is it yes or no?"

     The clothes started flying off, and I was surrounded by four well built guys, all sporting very hard, very big cocks. Must be something about football players, or maybe I just got lucky, they are big. Roger looked to be at least 18 inches, Tom and Jack were packing foot long cocks, and Jerry just about made me breathless, it looked to be a 18 inch monster. The stripped off my undies, and hands, mouths, lips, and tongues were moving all over my flesh, setting off sizzles of pleasure wherever they made contact. I felt my body being picked up, then being placed on the floor, on my hands and knees, on top of the pile of clothes. I spread my legs wide apart, eager for them to open my aching pussy.

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   I wanted Jerry to be the first, whenever I am fucked, I always need to fantasize to reach orgasm, and this time was no different. I had a certain fantasy in mind, and I got it rolling.  

     My mind flew off on the fantasy, I was in a barn, naked, tied up, gagged and blindfolded, arranged on a table in an ass up mating position. There are restraints attached to the table, and my wrists, elbows, knees and ankles are secured tightly to the table, making me unable to move. I could hear the clip clop of animal hooves being led up behind me, then fingers spreading a greasy lube around my cunt lips and right up the hole.

     "Well, how nice, we have another one who is about to find out how good it feels to get donkey fucked!" a voice chuckled.

     I can sense a large group of people around the table, to the cries and catcalls of the group, someone leads the donkey up behind me. There is a frame fastened to the table just above my backside and I can hear them as they lift the donkey's front legs onto this. They must have played with the donkey's cock to make him hard, as I feel the hard stiff prick against my ass as they pull it toward me. I feel the long knob end against the lips of my cunt. It forces them apart and begins to enter my hole as they guide it up me. I let out cries of pain as it stretches the walls of my cunt.

     In real life, at this point, Jerry got behind me, notched up against my opening, and slid it in, I let out a grunt of mixed pain and pleasure as he buried all 18 inches in, I could feel my cervix wrench as his cock forced the tight opening apart and surged in, his cock head buried deep in my womb, I was wonderfully stuffed.

     The fantasy and real life mesh, and as Jerry starts to ride me, the fantasy donkey cock begins painfully moving forward and back, in and out, drawing another grunt of pain from me. The donkey's prick has been well greased, and after the first few abrasive thrusts, the fucking rhythm becomes easier.

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   As Jerry rams my horny cunt, in my fantasy, the crowd holds me still while the donkey shoves his cock up me as far as he can get, in and out, fucking me just like a piston. I am starting to get turned on as I get fucked, now that my cunt has adjusted to the big stretch, and hands and fingers from the people watching start to caress my body, getting me turned on even more. Gentle hands finger my vulva around the donkey's cock and my breasts, squeezing and fondling, stroking my nipples into rock hard excitement, and just as I am overcome with excitement and reaching my climax, the donkey starts to snort. The crowd knows what is happening as the donkey's prick plows deep inside my cunt, and I feel it pulsing in me as he begins tossing off, I can feel the donkey's throbbing prick pumping its hot spunk into me. The donkey has just beaten me to it, as I was just on the verge of climax as he did, my cunt is on fire as his juices squirt up me. I feel Jerry's cock exploding, the feel of his load pouring hotly right into my womb, squirting his hot juices up me, and I howled in real life as my pussy explodes, spasming crazily, sucking and milking his 18 inch sausage for every drop I can get.

     As he pulled out, I got rolled over gently onto my back, and Tom's foot long cock was ready and eager. He plunged it in, drawing a grunt of pure pleasure as I was once again wonderfully stuffed. Another fantasy jumped to mind, I was being taken against my will, a large burly man had kidnapped me, and wanted to use me for his sexual pleasure. He held my arms pinned above my head, and rammed his hard, arrogant prick inside me. I pretended to be outraged, but the truth was, I was loving it.

     He laughed, seeing that I was loving it, and sneered, "Yeah, you love it, don't you, being forced to service my cock? I'm gonna blow my balls right up that tight hole of yours!"

     He rode me, until his cock swelled up, and as Tom's cock explodes, gushing his steaming spunk, I exploded, howling with pleasure as my cunt clamps down tight on his prick, milking that foot long beauty, my horny cunt demanding every drop.

         I was really on a roll, I got Roger to lay back, and I mounted him, so I could ride him cowgirl style. My next fantasy, I was a governess in 18th century England, and I was giving my employer's virginal son my special lessons in how to be a lover. I rode his hard, throbbing cock, feeling the hit of his large cock way up inside me.

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       I varied the speed, and style, so I could make him last as long as possible, I was teaching him how to be a fabulous lover, one that would please his lady love, and as his teacher, I had to make sure he got it right. The hard cock reaming me out in real life felt the teasing, and growled with pleasure as I dragged it out, making his cock work up to a gusher. Finally, in my fantasy, I could feel my young lad's cock bucking wildly, and as Roger pulled me down hard against his hips, humping up into me as his cock exploded, I explode too, my cunt buzzing wildly as he pumps thick streams, gushing a flood deep into my inner recesses.

         Jack was next, and I got into doggy style, for my last reaming and my last fantasy. As I was penetrated, as Jack's foot long monster split me open, my fantasy had me sporting a foot long dildo, and ready to open up the tight, unfucked asshole of my last boyfriend, who had been a real arrogant prick. I tied him down into the doggy style, and with just a dab of lube on the dildo head, I notched it against his tight asshole, and powered it in. His howl of pain filled the air, as I slammed every inch of that foot long fucker right up there. I pulled back, and gave his asshole a real virgin busting ride, ramming into him over and over. I have a friend who is filming the whole thing, and I laugh as I see my last boyfriend's cock start to jerk and squirt his cum all over the place, I imagine the embarrassment he would feel as his macho image takes a hit from being ass fucked, and enjoying it so much he shot his load, without so much as a hand stroking his prick. Jack's cock starts to spray inside me in real life, I howl as I go over the edge, my cunt clamping tightly around his throbbing cock, milking that stiff beauty for every drop.

         I was glad to see that they quickly rose back up, and I had them stand in a line, so I could suck them all. Fuck, it was wild, big, cunt stretching, mouth opening horse cocks, all mine. I quickly ran my mouth up and down Jerry's 18 inch monster, I worked hard, and managed to get in 18 inches before my mouth was totally full, and clamped my fingers around the last four inches, and gave him my best suck job. My fantasy had me being held prisoner, and the ransom was to suck all four guys, and give them the best head ever. And that is what I did, sucking and licking, making my mouth a tight sliding ring of pleasure, and was rewarded as four horny teens filled my mouth with 4 thick, juicy loads, spewing thick streams all over my tongue, giving me big mouthfuls of hot semen to swallow.

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         Then, seeing that I was burning up, they turned the tables on me, and I had the pleasure of having them go down on me, one right after the other, making me writhe and shudder, cries of orgasm filling the room as each one licked me to climax, making teacher a hot and horny cunt, who just needed to cum, and cum, and cum!




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