Tasting Candi


Tasting Candi

This story contains incestual relations between a father and daughter if this offends you please do not read.
Note: this my first story so naturally feedback is welcome.
I couldn’t believe it she was doing it again my 13yr old girl Candi was showing me that succulent perfectly petite ass of hers, I am sure it was deliberate she had attempted to hide it by saying she wanted to do the dishes for me which was not unusual of her, ever since the incident with her mother she had helped me out around the house. Now I know she wasn’t very tall I myself was only 5’9 but she barely came up to my chest and we did have fairly high kitchen counters but she knew full well that I had bought her a small stool for just this reason.
I had to stop my stare I knew if I continued for much longer my internal desire would force me into an action that my sweet Candi would innocently embrace not knowing the consequences that would follow.
Without realizing it I had been staring at her voluptuous body for over 18 minuets she must have seen me. But she kept scrubbing the dishes although I am certain I could see her hiding a smile I instantly snapped my head forward looking at my reflection in the blank TV screen (damm I haven’t even turned it on) but my reflection caught my eye(im vain I know that) I am blond, blue eyed well built (not like Vin Disel or anything but I was well toned and personally much better looking that Vin) but what I also noticed is that little Candi has very similar characteristics(im not sure if she is vain or just persistent or both) in fact you would be lucky if you saw any part of her mother in her (other than the obvious) this made her all the more sexy and fed my own sinful vanity.
Candi giggled “must be something good on the telly” I turned to her about to defend my reflection when I noticed her she had finished all dishes and was gliding over to me like the sweet angel she is.
Her face is sooo cute and almost perfectly round I couldn’t believe I had only just noticed that under her pink laced apron she had just let slip to the floor had uncovered a two year old school uniform*oh my god* her skirt covered like nothing. I am certain I could still see her white cotton panties and her tits had grown from an easy A to a comfortable B I guess a lot can happen in two years.
“Whatcha thinking daddy” she smiled suggestively while lightly tracing her fingers over her budding breasts knowing full well that I was following her every move.
*god she’s begging for it take her* “Nothing sweetheart” she was sitting on my knee.
“Ok daddy” and in the most innocent little voice you have ever heard she said “you don’t mind me sitting here do you daddy I am just a little cold that’s all” she had began slowly and gently thrusting herself into my knee like it was almost a reflex. What could make my little girl so*horny* you say.
In truth it started two years ago……
It had been a long day and my wife was at work as usual. My work as a graphics designer means im at home most of the time.

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   I don’t remember what I was doing when the phone rang.
“David im going to need to take the Friday flight instead” my wife was always going on business trips.
“But Maggie that means you won’t be back till Sunday”
“I know can you tell Candi im sorry and that ill see her on Sunday?”
“Sure I think she’s used to it by now”
“That’s not fair you know how busy I am”
“Ok im sorry ill see you Sunday”
“Don’t worry ill make it up to you by wearing that schoolgirl uniform you love so much, you know the one it hardly covers my hot! tight! Body hmmm”
God she was turning me on, my once limp cock was twitching at her slow moans.
“Oh baby don’t tease me you know I wont be able to stop thinking about it”
“Mmm you know ive been such a bad girl, I think I need a spanking”
Oh damm my cock was fully erect “im gunna bend you over my knee and spank you till you beg me to stop” I had began stroking my 8” cock.
“Ohh yeah im gunna…shit! Tunnel looks like we will have to wait till Sunday. ”
“Fuck!! Ok honey ill see you Sunday bye”
“Love you bye”
Well I wasn’t about to just take a cold shower I hadn’t had any in two weeks *you got time she’s at her friends* I practically ran to my bedroom fearful id loose my boner. I put on some porn didn’t matter what kind I was imagining my wife bending over my lap begging me to spank her.
I was so involved in my spankathon that I didn’t realize my daughter had decided not to go to her friends’ house and came right home.
“Oh yeah baby pull up that skirt let daddy spank you, you like it don’t you!” Candi had been watching me through the open door.
My reaction was instantaneous “fuck, shit” I put my still raging cock in my pants “err. . . What do you want baby” i also turned the TV off.
Her face was that of total shock and im not surprised the first cock my daughter saw was her fathers while having a quickie fantasizing about his wife.
I decided to handle this quickly but my cock was still erect “go to your room!”
She started crying and ran to her room.

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   While I was taking a cold shower I realized I was too hard on her she was obviously in shock and needed someone to talk to.
I got changed and headed to her room I could hear her still crying “ok here goes”
Knock knock I entered the room she was kneeling by her bed still in her school uniform (a blue plaid skirt the matching jacket was discarded on the floor a small plain white shirt was tucked into her skirt and if you look hard enough you can see through the material. She was not wearing bras yet. )  Hands in her face crying like her life depended on it.
“Sweetie are you ok” I walked towards her “about what you saw I”
She cut me off with “Daddy im sooo sorry!”
“What, you didn’t do anything wrong baby listen” she cut me off again.
“Yes I did you shouted at me it’s all my fault!” shit she was a wreck I couldn’t believe I was going to have to have the “talk” with her, crap this was gunna be hard.
“Listen Candi it’s not your fault daddy just” her room smelled like rose pettles it surprised me how little I go in my Candi’s room “daddy just needed to do something but I was never angry at you. Im very sorry for shouting at you” I gave her a gentle hug and she wrapped her legs around me her white panties where pushing up against my crotch.
My cock twitched.
“So you’re not mad at me?” I tried to push all impure thoughts out of my head “no baby of course not”
“You promise” she had pulled her face away from me chest and I could see her face it was covered in tears but was beginning to shift with renewed hope.
“I promise” she hugged me tightly and I wasn’t letting go either.
“I love you daddy’ she had said it under her breath but since we where so tightly embraced I could hear her clearly. “I love you to baby” then the embrace became tighter I began to worry that I was squeezing the life out of her but she didn’t complain, she trusted daddy.
5 minutes easily passed in silence then “daddy I was wondering. .

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  . err never mind” she was nervous about asking I could tell.
“Its ok baby I won’t get mad”
“Ok…you know when I came in I saw you doing something I just” she was finding it hard to get it out.
“I was masturbating its something mommies and daddies do”
“What do you do?”
“Baby you know what a penis is right?”
“Yeah it’s a boys thingy right”
“yes well a daddy takes his penis and puts it into the woman’s” I had began sweating she constantly went from hugging me to leaning back and watching my face which to my cock felt like a thrusting motion and had recently sprang to life. *oh yeah keep moving baby*
“Daddy I know where babies come from mommy told me 2 months ago” thank god I don’t think I could have kept a straight face for long enough while I was being straddled, my baby girl didn’t even know what she was doing to me. *sooo innocent*
“oh that’s good baby” I began to get up remembering I had to turn quickly to avoid little Candi seeing her daddy’s cock but she held on tight not letting me go and also stopped moving right on the tip of my cock.
“Daddy what you where doing wasn’t sex mommy wasn’t there”
Oh yeah ok I decided to just lay it out there and let Maggie handle it when she got back
Plus if I didn’t leave soon I think I would burst in my pants “ok baby when a man masturbates he pulls on his penis and that gives him pleasure it makes it feel like it was in a woman’s vagina and it makes men happy” at this point I had immediately began to move but she was very persistent holding me even tighter and now the tip of my cock was at the entrance of my baby pussy only a pair of cotton panties blocking me from her entrance. She must have noticed.
“Daddy what about girls can they masturbate to?” *she’s teasing you, take her, you know you want to*
I had to act fast I couldn’t hold on much longer “yes baby a woman can do it two”
“How?” her face was a picture of complete innocence.
“Err” I was rushing not thinking “a girl takes her hand and rubs it over her pussy and clit” her face was shocked at my tactless words I didn’t care “a she continues rubbing herself until she comes” throughout my quick speech her panties had began to get wet and her face had began to blush.
In her weakened state of arousal I decided to get out of there *don’t* I couldn’t believe I was hesitating. I noticed that out of reflex my unconscious desire had began slowly thrusting into my little girls’ panties and pussy.
“uuggh” her voice was only a squeak but I heard it well enough to be panicked, she began thrusting back, her eyes had long since closed and she had bit into her lower lip. Every fiber of my being from the waist up was shocked by both mine and Candi’s actions but my hips were thrusting faster pushing the tip of my cock deeper in her pussy panties or no.
“Ohh” Candi moaned I remember thinking (no im not doing this my baby girl wasn’t thrusting her panty covered pussy onto my cock and im not enjoying it or thrusting back) but of course I was perhaps If I had handled thing better she wouldn’t have turned out the way she has.

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   At the time I believed that when Maggie came back she would sort all this out…I was a fool.
My vision blurred and Candi’s once heavily pink coated bedroom swirled out of existence as I neared climax and I wasn’t the only one Candi’s breathing had quickened every sound other our heavy breathing was tuned out my body’s denial of the experience forgotten lost in the waves of pleasure and lust my body now ached for hers. Age, blood, relationship all forgotten in my blinding lust I tore the panties away desperate to enter her wet pussy, I don’t think she even realized as her first orgasm was rapidly approaching I placed my throbbing dick at her entrance all of a sudden she stopped rocking and began sinking down ever so slow. Just as my cock tip covered in pre-cum slipped about half an inch in an 11yr old pussy something clicked.
“I can’t do this” my words where incoherent and ragged from my heaving I started to pull out when at just that moment Candi’s pussy started contracting as if attempting to grab my cock and never release it, I knew better she was about to cum.
“Ohhhhhh!!!” her moan was relentless I don’t know how but I managed to pull out without coming, I ran out of the room leaving Candi to climax alone.
Closing the door behind me I slumped down back against the door reflecting on the events passed. I could still smell her sex it was coming not only from her room, but from me also, it smelled so sweet nothing like Maggie’s at all (much better).
I was growing worried when I didn’t hear anything coming from her room so I took a peak through the keyhole she was snuggling her teddy bear when I pushed my ear against the door I could hear her speak ever so softly. “Mmm…daddy” I pulled back a little too fast and cracked my head against the opposite wall and flopped to the floor unconscious.
When I awoke I had a quilt draped over me and a pillow under my head. I sluggishly returned to my feet and walked to my bedroom and noticed the morning light had shone through. Wincing at the clock I saw at was 10am Friday Maggie should be packing for her flight right now and Candi should be at school, and with renewed vigor I marched to Candi’s room and only hesitated when i grabbed the door handle, mustering every ounce of courage I could find I burst the door open like I was expecting to see Hitler hiding in my little Candi’s room and with shock and quiet relief I realized she was not there. After a quick search of the house I finally came to the conclusion that she had left for school. It wasn’t till just after this conclusion that I had realized I was slightly sweating and extremely tensed up, had I been just checking to see if she had gone to school or had there been another reason to this day I could not tell you.

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The next two days where the most interesting mix of hell & arousal, the constant teasing of Candi, and me trying desperately to avoid her teasing. At first Candi came directly to me seeking more of what she got a taste of last night. I had to go through the torment of explaining that “daddies & daughters don’t do that” and continued with “and you’re just too young” and finally finishing with and realizing myself that “I could go to jail” (I may have looked calm saying this to her but inside panic bells where ringing).  This was the first time I noticed that my sweet still innocent baby girl was very mature for an 11yr old, she took everything I said in earnest and seemed to understand every word.
I was beginning to wonder if I needed Maggie to smooth things over at all “Mothers know best huh” my smug self statement continued uninterrupted for the whole of one day.
Then Saturday came I was making me and Candi breakfast when I saw her walk down the stairs I may as well have been cooking for the president and I wouldn’t care, she was a vision her t-shirt was two sizes too small showing her inviting midriff and wearing a training bra made her look much bigger (although it could just be her t-shirt) and half of her glittering blond hair resting just above the already erect nipples (anyone could see them) her tight denim jeans had small flares at the bottom showing her pink cotton socks she was a mini Britney spears,*WOW*.

    She had obviously embraced her sexuality since yesterday.
    She had made her way to the kitchen when she noticed my stare. “Hi daddy” she looked at the coco pops I had left out “making breakfast for mini mouse” she grinned I blushed.
    Finally controlling myself I ceased our stare looking at the table “well what would you like” I was in my best “good morning” tone she didn’t buy it.
    She placed her hand on my shoulder and came as close to my ear as she could and very seductively said “id love a big thick juicy…sausage” as she spoke her hand was running down my shirt and closer to my now hardening cock.
    I was in shock where did she learn to speak this way, but while my head was thinking this my cock had other ideas as it was now fully erect. But as her hand cupped my balls though my pants I let out a small groan and completely lost my thoughts, her hands where so small but as she released my scrotum I let out a deep breath realizing I wasn’t breathing while she held me. My eyes where closed but I could feel her moving up towards my belt and I didn’t make any attempt to stop her or even complain we were both silent as the belt and my pants dropped to the floor leaving my shorts in a tent formation, her hand moved under the waist band of the shorts and gently grasped me. But nothing further happened my mind and cock both disappointed I opened my eyes to find my hand holding hers very tightly stopping her movement somewhere in my clouded mind I had found my fatherly instincts had emerged.

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    “Baby I cant we can’t” my voice was shaky and barely audible
    “…I love you daddy let me show you my love” her voice was also weak I coult tell she was crying.
    After hearing those words those instincts melted away I dropped my hand
    After about a minuet of nothing I began to get worried but my cock was still waiting patiently and just when I was going to turn her hand began to move her other arm had embraced me in a tight hug whispering “I love you daddy” over and over as she gently stroked me I answered her with “baby I love you too, and I will show you just how much I love you” I was also crying I couldn’t believe it I never cry, anyway I turned around and she was looking at me with her tearful blue eyes she continued stroking me at the same pace while my hand to her denim pants and just un-buttoned them and gently ran my fingers over her already wet pink cotton panties, finding her little pea sized clit I slowly rubbed it to match her pace with my cock.
    “Mmm daddy” her tears had already dried up as she closed them in pleasure. I had long ago get my tears under control and concentrated on looking her in the eyes as soon as she began to moan I kissed her as her eyes closed. At first she didn’t know what I was doing as my tongue licked her lips but she soon caught up and opened her mouth giving way to me I searched her mouth for her tongue when I finally found it I slowly massaged it with mine and she quickly returned the favor moaning in the process “uumm” it echoed in my mouth and in perfect timing we both picked up the pace kissing and rubbing both harder and faster as both our breathing became heavier.
    “Rrrriinngg rriinngg!” the phone rang breaking the mood I was beginning to get up to stop the intruding sound when my cock was quickly muffled by Candi’s mouth as she sucked me my thoughts of the phone and where she learned this quickly dissolved as her tongue licked the slit in my dick “ohh yesss!” assuming I was Cumming Candi picked up speed.
    “Where did you learn this?” suddenly regretting my question as she broke her suckling.
     “From one of your porno’s daddy they are be” I didn’t let her finish as I shoved my cock in her mouth once more stating “ohh baby don’t stop” she just smiled as she continued sucking.
    My balls started to tighten “baby im gunna cum!” but she didn’t stop in face she rubbed the base twice as hard and sucked the rest with a vengeance, “Ohh shittt!” I thrust the full 8” down her throat she gagged quite a bit as her throat reacted to the intruder and my love milk squirted all over and down her throat as I saw her eyes widen gasping for air I pulled out squirting the rest on her reddened face.
    Catching my breath as I looked on as Candi licked my essence off her face “how does it taste baby?”
    “Mmm yummy” she beamed at me as I replied “so I guess it’s only fair that I taste you”
    I stood ready too pull Candi up on the table when something drew me to the message on the machine glancing back at Candi I said “hold on for just one second baby” she pouted but didn’t say any thing as she began to get naked.
    I watched my little nymph undress as I pushed the play button.
    “Yeah hi this is doctor Benton at the Hagenmire hospital” I was barely listening as Candi got bored with waiting and began playing with her self “you coming daddy?” I grinned as I said “not yet” as I walked over the message continued “and I think you should get down here” I bent down between Candi’s legs still grinning and looking in her eyes as I stuck my tongue out for just a little taste “Ahh daddy” she moaned and I stroked my finger up and down her entrance teasing her, with her head back moaning loudly as I continued sucking and licking with expert skill as the machine finished its message “your wife was in a car accident and has slipped into a coma” we both froze Candi was open mouthed staring into my eyes as I stared at her and my tongue still covering her clit.
    Please let me know if you want chapter 2.