Tasting Candi 2


Tasting Candi 2
Note: if you haven’t read chapter 1 I advise you read that first. And thanks to all those who left feedback on Tasting Candi 1 they prompted me to write chapter 2.
I watched my little nymph undress as I pushed the play button.
“Yeah hi this is doctor Benton at the Hagenmire hospital” I was barely listening as Candi got bored with waiting and began playing with her self “you coming daddy?” I grinned as I said “not yet” as I walked over the message continued “and I think you should get down here” I bent down between Candi’s legs still grinning and looking in her eyes as I stuck my tongue out for just a little taste “Ahh daddy” she moaned and I stroked my finger up and down her entrance teasing her, with her head back moaning loudly as I continued sucking and licking with expert skill as the machine finished its message “your wife was in a car accident and has slipped into a coma” we both froze Candi was open mouthed staring into my eyes as I stared at her and my tongue still covering her clit.
Two years had passed, at first Candi and I stopped our liaisons while we grieved, the doctors told me that Maggie could never recover but I remained optimistic and visited Maggie in the hospital at least once every week, so did Candi until about 2 months ago when I noticed she was dressing more provocatively and was back to teasing me and trying to seduce me.
She never did anything too bad just little things like wearing revealing clothes and accidentally saying lewd references to sex but quickly apologizing, nothing I couldn’t handle.
“Daddy can I sleep at a friends tonight?” I think she had begun to understand that I wouldn’t break and we were turning into a normal family again.
“Sure sweetie” I had no objections, I wasn’t one of those dads that always worry about my little girl I knew she was responsible and I trust her judgment plus this would give me a night alone.
Once night fell and Candi was gone I locked every door in the house and left the keys in, I was always more careful lately ever since that night when Candi caught me in the act. Tonight was a big deal, I mean I may only be having solo nights but even those are a rarity the last time I had the house alone (and it was only when I was alone) was over 3 weeks ago if I didn’t get some kind of release soon I just might have taken Candi up on her offer.
Once everything was secure I went into the living room curtains closed TV on and DVD in “Naughty sluts 3” should be interesting I thought, it started right away no story a girl walks in and some just pulls her clothes off and fuck her right there, not very original but it will do so I pulled it out I was already hard I had been all day. So there I say ‘tugging’ away letting my mind slip from the very simple movie to images of my wife and me on our honeymoon rolling around in our hotel room in Hawaii I could almost hear her voice:
“Ohh David right there…Oooh!” I was tonguing her pussy
“Mmm Maggie you taste so sweet just like…” the hotel room started to swirl out of existence changing into the kitchen and her pussy seemed to shrink.
“Ahh daddy don’t stop please!” all of a sudden I was tongue fucking Candi I pushed her out of my mind concentrating on my wife.
“David what are you waiting for?” I was still in the kitchen but at least it was my wife begging me to put my cock in her.
I climbed up the kitchen table on top of Maggie and entered her quite roughly earning a grunt from the both of us.
“Mmhm…David harder!” harder she wanted so harder I gave her pulling out 7” and plunging the full 8” into her fast and hard and now I was pumping faster with each thrust, moving at electric speed my wife’s breasts bouncing up and down franticly.

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“Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ughh!” my wife and my grunts were intertwined and just as I started to feel release building up I heard a sweet familiar voice coming from the kitchen counter.
“That’s it daddy fuck Mommy fuck her hard, fuck her for all the whore is worth! You know you want to” it was Candi sitting on the counter stark naked cheering me on with foul language that only quickened my pace as I did as I was instructed.
Candi then lowered her hand to her pussy stroking it gently and staring at me longingly. I wanted her and she wanted me.
“Ugghhh! David I’m Cumming, ‘I’m” the distraction from Candi was annoying me so I ended it with
“Shut your mouth whore!” I didn’t watch for her reaction only turned my attention back to little Candi furiously rubbing her little nub.
“That’s it daddy punish the whore, she doesn’t deserve you seed does she daddy” her eyes where holding me in a trance.
“No, your right this slut doesn’t deserve it” I had stopped my humping and stared with lust filled eyes at Candi only slightly distracted by Maggie’s moans and whimpers.
Candi pulled the finger out of her pussy and began to suck on it seductively
“Mmm…tell me you want it daddy and you with receive it, you know I want it” our eyes locked, Maggie's whimpers long since forgotten and my expression changed into a grin that implied devious desires.
“I want you Candi, not this slut. ” At that moment Candi disappeared and Maggie's body began to shrink but I knew this tune already and watched as Maggie's panicked face merged with and finally changed to my little Candi's face.
“I want you too daddy” we looked at each other lovingly as my cock waited patiently at her entrance.
“I love you baby”
“I love you too daddy”
The moment seemed to last forever as we both knew that the moment had finally arrived and Candi eventually broke the silence with
“Daddy what are you waiting for put it in?” a playful smile had crept upon her face
“Your wish is my command sweetie” is all I said as I started to push slightly in the tiny hole.
“Ahh!” she moaned as my cock head pushed into her. She was so wet I hardly needed push at all It just seemed to slide in like it was always meant to be there and I pushed to the hilt and there was no pain our love overcame all the pain of the hymen being ripped, we now had begun to thrust against each other slowly at first but steadily picking up the pace, faster, harder, deeper
“Oooh daddy, fuck me, oh yes!” her face scrunched up in pleasure her little body wrapped around me. Lust and love overcoming everything as we I humped her like a wild beast and she loved every minute of it.

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“Ahh, yes daddy, daddy I think I’m Cumming!” her hands gripped my back tighter and her pussy started convulsing furiously as she lost herself in a wave of pleasure, and my closing in on my own climax thrusting faster and once my cock plunging into her became nothing but a blurry line Candi could take no more as constant orgasms overcame her and she shook in a pleasure fit.
“Aahhh fuucckk Yesssss! I’m Cumming!” I shouted as I buried deep into my little baby girls cunt and released my hot seed. Nothing but intense pleasure existed now.
Bang, Bang, Bang! “Dad open the door, I’m back!!” I was snapped back to reality and looked at my cum covered belly and the porn DVD had stopped and only static was showing on the TV, I quickly cleaned my self and the room shouting back
“I’ll be right there honey!”
“Hurry up I’ll be late for school!” she was right it was 8:36am and I would have to drive her too school now.
I opened the door and looked upon my sweet beautiful Candi wearing a pink t-shirt and matching pants that as she walked by me I could see didn’t hide the fact that she was wearing a bright red thong, a bit much for a 13yr old but I didn’t think to care at that point as I was mesmerized by her cute petite little ass, my thoughts trailed back to my dream or fantasy I couldn’t decide which and my cock stood at attention. I was going to have her all my parental instincts to stay away were washed away last night.
“Candi, baby would you like to have the day off school?” I asked cuddling her from behind and beginning to kiss her neck.
“What are you talking about? What are you doing daddy?” she started to giggle as she pulled away from my embrace to look me in the face.
“Baby I’ve been thinking a lot lately and remember when I said we shouldn’t do those things?” all the while I said this I was stroking her cheek suggestively hoping she would get the point.
“Yeah?” she said obviously not taking the hint
“Well I’ve decided that its not healthy to bury these desires and would be willing to help you release them” finally catching my drift she pulled away and looked into my eyes in a confused manner, if I didn’t know better I would say she didn’t want it anymore.
“Well I’m glad you have been thinking but I have been doing my share too but my answer is no!” what she must be joking
“But baby I” but she didn’t let me finish
“It’s not right to mom, and you were right daddies and daughter don’t do that kind of thing”
This I didn’t expect she was saying no, what she can’t say no not after all that’s happened. She tried to walk passed me but I grabbed her
“You can’t say no to me, what do you think this is some kind of game, are you just toying with me. ” I tightened my grip as she struggled to break free panic crossed her face as realization that I now intended to fuck her with or without her consent.
“Daddy please, don’t” her voice was but a squeak as I gripped her like a vice refusing to show mercy.
“You will beg for it!” my voice fiery and my eyes darkened I no longer cared that she was my daughter I only saw her as my fuck-hole my disobedient fuck-hole.

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“No!” but I overpowered her pulling her closer bringing her mouth to mine forcing my tongue down her throat thinking about how my cock would soon stuff her face, the I could feel nothing but a sharp pain as I realized Candi had kneed me in the balls and was running out of the house, it took me a moment to get back to my feet and I ran out the door just in time to see Candi being taken to school with her friend Kelly who lived next door her mother was driving. I guess I was going back to school.
Mayhill Primary School population about 1000 students all ranging from 6-18 my little Candi would be in Math now in the west wing I knew all her classes and lessons by heart
“Candi, Candi, Candi you can run but believe me you cannot hide” I said to my self as I walked up to her class room and looking inside I noticed she had somehow changed into her school plaid skirt and white shirt, an evil grin crept upon my face as she looked so innocent but not for long I thought to my self as I chose a hiding spot in view of the classroom door.
I had too wait until she was alone which sadly didn’t happen at break time she just chatted to her friend only stopping every so often to think on what had happened this morning.
Finally my time arrived at lunch time when she wanted to go back to get another chocolate chip muffin she can never get enough of those, her friends said they would meet her outside class “no she wont” I said quietly too myself and at just that moment when she was out of sight of everyone I grabbed her by the waist and making sure to cover her mouth. Pulling her behind the bike sheds keeping an eye out for cameras and other students waiting until the bell rang and the kids would be in class before releasing my hand from her mouth.
“Daddy please let me go!” she was openly crying now but I still couldn’t tolerate her screaming, so slapped her hard across her face leaving a red mark on her and she stopped speaking the only noise from her were the sobs of tears.
“Be a good little girl and everything will be fine. ” She didn’t even acknowledge my existence she was too absorbed in her own sorrow so I gave her another hard slap across the face.
“Understand bitch!” this time she registered.
“Yes what!”
“Yes daddy” I gave her another sharp slap
“Call me Master!”
“Ok…master” this granted me a great big smile which only furthered little Candi’s fear.
“Kneel down now!” she complied without hesitation just like a perfect little sub slave, if it wasn’t for the constant tears I might have believed she wanted this.
“Take my cock out” her hand shake’s as she unzips my pants and pulls my cock out.
“Put it in your mouth” she did
“Mmm…now suck it” she started by suckling the head but with my ‘gentle’ persuasion was soon bobbing up and down 6” of my dick.
“Further” I said as I attempted to deep throat her, she gagged immediately while her 13yr old throat rejected my 8” manhood.

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“Gmgh!” she was chocking on me so I pulled back a little and allowed her to breathe then plunged back into her this time she relaxed and welcomed my cock and I was soon pumping her mouth just as I would her pussy.
“Ugh, ugh, ugh, UGHHH!” I spurted my hot cum deep down her throat while she gagged I pulled back to finish on her face. And just at that point the janitor walked passed and what a sight he must have seen a cute little angel kneeled down in front of a 35yr old man with his dick held out and her face covered in cum.
“Shit!” I said as I put my cock in my pants and zipped up.
“Hey you get the fuck away from her!” the janitor shouted as he went for me, Candi cowered in a corner just as I was slammed against the wall.

    “This is none of your business pal!” I said as I brought an elbow down into his back and he collapsed momentarily on the floor, I proceeded to kick him while he was down Candi spoke up
    “Daddy no you’re hurting him!” I gave her an annoyed look then froze when she was looking up at me with what looked like love.
    “Sweetie?” but I didn’t get a response as the janitor had gotten up and whacked me across the head with his mop, soon scrambled up wanting only vengeance.
    I walked towards his with murderous eyes; he gathered all his strength and swung for me with his metal mop screaming
    “Raghhh!” but I had seen this coming and ducked it and he smashed the window behind me but when I look back at the window damage momentarily I did not anticipate his kick which sent me flying onto the glass the janitor quickly advanced jumping atop me pummeling my face I couldn’t stop him.
    “Alright, alright you win!” he stopped for a moment only to look me in the eyes when I realized the truth, my eyes must have gone saucer size as it hit me holy shit he’s gunna kill me!
    He grinned at my discovery
    “Do you really think I can let a sick freak like you live!” he pulled a pocket knife out of his overalls. But as he went to strike me with it I spotted a sharp piece of glass, and with all my remaining strength brought it up and stuck it in his gut. Now it was his time to get wide eyed as realization ran through him. I pushed him off of me and got to my feet quickly my first reaction was to look for Candi, gone she had ran off in the fight, at least she didn’t see me kill him well he wasn’t dead yet but you could see he wasn’t far from it. My next reaction was to make sure there was no evidence I hid the piece of glass in my pocket and made sure anything I touched was rubbed clean.
    And now I was forced to look at him I tried to look away but he was now dying, have you ever seen a man die its terrible, it seems that at that moment when he gives up and accepts it you can see through his eyes the futility of it all, and right then as I stared him in the eye I seemed all that realization passed to me as he dragged me into oblivion. I pulled away closing my eyes trying to shut it out, I couldn’t, I was crying now none stop.

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    And I began to hear sirens someone must have called the police I looked around there was an old woman across the street with a cell phone looking at me, I looked away but then a thought “What’s the point, what's the point” I had sat down what was the point we are all going to die everything we do amounts to nothing “what's the point what's the point what's the point” I kept saying it as I allowed myself to slowly loose my mind but what was the point.
    “WHAT'S THE POINT!!!” something in my mind clicked just then Candi.
    She needs me, I had it worked out “if nothing matters in the long run the big score then all that matters is right now what we do right now today” I needed to find Candi I needed to patch things up. I left quickly making sure to avoid the old woman, got in my car and drove away.
    I stopped by my house she wasn’t there, but I took this opportunity to clean my clothes as I would be going to friends’ houses to see if she went there.
    ----1hour later----
    Nothing no one had seen her I racked my brain, where are you baby where are you, and then it hit me.
    I entered the Hagenmire Hospital and walked up to the reception
    “I’d like to confirm the room number of my wife Mrs. Tolbert”
    “Are you the father of that sweet little girl?” I knew it
    “Yes she was missing her mother so she ran here I need to pick her up” she looked at me as if to say Aww.
    “That’s so sweet its in room 211 on the second floor”
    As I walked up to the room I could hear little Candi talking to my comatose wife, I decided to listen a little.
    Sniff, sniff she was crying still “Mommy I still love daddy I’m sorry I can’t hate him for you. I did want him but when he asked me I thought it was just to please me and he didn’t really want to, so I said no but then he hurt me mommy!” she stopped to cry some more.
    I decided to take this opportunity to talk to her so I went up to her and gently hugged her, eyes were still closed so she didn’t know it was me.
    “Mommy you’re awake?” she raised her head and saw me the only expression I saw on her face was a mix of shock and fear she tried to pull away and I let her, she must have been too scared to scream.
    “Its ok sweetie you can scream if you want to I won’t stop you” she looked quizzically at me
    “Why?” at least she will give me a chance to talk
    “Because I realize that what I did was wrong and very bad I didn’t mean to hurt you I’m sooo sorry” she looked at me seeming to decide weather I was telling the truth or not then she asked me a question I wasn’t sure I could answer
    “You don’t love me coz if you did you wouldn’t hurt me, you and mommy always said that when you love someone you never hurt them…so you don’t love me” she was crying again.
    “Yes baby I do love more than anything else in the world” hope shone in her eyes then dissipated when she remembered what I did.

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    “No you don’t! Stop lying I don’t like it!” she screamed at me
    “Do you remember your sixth birthday” she nodded slightly in recognition
    “Me and your mom planned you your ideal birthday party, remember it was outside we had clowns balloon animal a barbecue a huge cake, everything we spent a fortune. Do you remember what happened?” her tears started to dry as she remembered the event
    “It, it rained?”
    “Yes is rained the clown got drunk the balloons blew away and all your friend couldn’t come on account of the storm. What did we do to make things better?”
    “You let me open my crissy presents” she smiled as she knew what was coming
    “Now do you remember Mr. …. Froggy?” she squealed with delight as the emotions of the day washed over her.
    “Ha-ha, yeah but do you remember that your mom was terrified of him?” she bobbed her head franticly trying to contain her glee.
    “And what did you do about that do you remember?” she blushed slightly and shaked her head “oh well I’ll help refresh your memory, it involved a pair of mommy’s panties and some glue” she could contain it no longer we both burst out laughing until we were at tears.
    And sensing she was ready to be asked I said while smiling “do you forgive me baby?”
    “Yes daddy” and she hugged me tightly saying “you do love me don’t you?”
    “Yes baby forever and always, forever and always” Candi then did something I didn’t expect she kissed me on the lips and stuck her tongue in whilst rubbing her self against my crotch.
    “Baby are you sure?” all she did was nod her head while removing my shirt.
    “I love you daddy and I want to make love to you” it warmed me to hear her speak those words my entire life from now onwards will be to please my baby girl.
    “I love you to baby and I would want nothing more than to make love to you too”
    We both shared a deep passionate kiss it must have lasted more than 6 minuets but as ironic punishment would show as the point of both ultimate happiness and completely stupid timing, as I heard a voice I had not heard in over 2 years
    “Ughh…David? Candi? Is that you?” Maggie had awoken and sat up and was looking at us. Me and Candi both stared at each other her tongue still deep in my mouth and my hand cupping her breast.
    Please let me know if you want chapter 3. Also constructive criticism is welcome.


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