Tami's Tales #1


"Come on baby. " he said, I hated to hear him beg, as he grouped at her melon like breasts and tried in vain to shove his tongue in her mouth. "No Rodney, stop it. " she said, pushing his hands away. She wasn't really trying to push him off her, just being a tease. Later she would call her girlfriends and brag about how worked up she had gotten him. . . Cunt. "Oh baby can't you see what you're doing to me. " Rodney said, pushing her hand down to his crouch. I moved from where I was lying on the floor to Dad's easy chair so I could get a better view of the bulge in Rodney's jeans. The hell with Tom Cruise. "That's enough Rod!" Melissa said sternly shoving away his hand beneath her skirt. She jumped up from the sofa and headed toward the kitchenette at the back of the room, fixing her clothes as she went. "Why don't you just rape her Rodney?" I whispered, leaning in for a better look at the lump in his pants.

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   "If she tells anyone I'll say she's lying. Better yet I'll tell 'em the bitch deserved it. " He stared at me open mouthed for a few seconds. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar. Stuffing it in my hand he said "Why don't you go upstairs kid. " My blood boiled. I hated when he called me kid. I wadded up his dollar and threw it in his face. It bounced off his nose, hit the floor and rolled under the tv stand. I jumped up and stomped across the room and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs I turned to see my sister returning with a soda and plop down beside him. Rodney renewed his assault. Kissing her, squeezing her boobs and dry humping her thigh. "I hope he does rape the bitch. " I mumbled to myself.

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   As usual I managed to redirect my anger to Melissa. Later in my room I was lying on the bed flipping through a porn magazine that I had found in a box in the attic. Dad has porn stuff hidden all over the house. Maybe that's why I'm always so horny? Maybe it's hereditary? This wasn't one of those gentlemen's mags, it was real hardcore stuff. I was studying a picture of a blonde sucking on an impossibly huge black cock. I turned the pages with my left hand. My right hand was busy combing my fingers through the triangle of hair at my crouch and stroking my labia. I play with myself a lot, but I can't for the life of me remember when I started to grow hair down there. It's like one day I was bald, the next I wasn't. Anyway it makes masterbating much more fun. I like to wet my fingers with my juices and slick down the hair. The smell of my pussy fills the room. It's really wild. As I lay on my stomach, working a finger into my hole and studying the picture. The black man's skin, his muscular thigh, the way his buttocks were clinched and that amazing dick.

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   I saw Rodney pass my open bedroom door. I rolled off my bed and went after him. He was headed for the bathroom, the one down stairs wasn't working I remembered. I approached the door and flung it open. His piss hitting the water sounded like a fire hose. His back was to me, I wondered if his dick was as big as the black man's. Rodney looked back over his shoulder at me and said "Get out of here kid!" "She never going to give you any. " I said. "I heard her tell her friend that she was saving it for some football, jock guy. " I had heard no such thing, but I learned a long time ago, the truth seldom gets you what you want. What I wanted was to suck Rodney's cock. I considered just asking, but he might call me kid again, and I couldn't bear that. "Let me see your rod, Rod. " I quipped, hoping he would laugh. He didn't.

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   "I said get the hell. . . " he turned, forgetting himself, with his dick still in his hand. Before he could turn back I fell to my knees on the hard tile floor and slurped his pecker into my mouth. Pain was shooting through both my knees, but I ignored it and concentrated on the swelling member in my mouth. The girls in the movies always kissed and licked it first. I was afraid if I did that he would make me stop, so I sucked him fast and hard. Sucking him in, using my tongue to push him almost all the way out then sucking him in again. I bobbed my head with lightening speed, making no attempt to stop my drooling. His cock was slick with my saliva and slid across my tongue with ease.
    I slid my hand into my panties to stroke my cunnie. It was as juicy and slippery as my mouth. I cum really easy so usually avoid my clit until I'm ready. This time I went straight to it, massaging it vigorously.

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       "Oh god. . . Oh my gggod. . . . that's so. . . gggod. " Rodney stammered. I guess it's not just when he's nervous. I hoped I was doing it right. I hoped there wasn't some secret to sucking cock that can't be learned from movies.

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       My neck was starting to get tired, but Rodney took over for me. Curling his fingers in my hair he pumped my head up and down, maintaining the pase I had set in the begining. Holding suction on his dick and fighting the urge to gag when he went in too far I let him use my mouth to masterbate. "Ohh yess Tami. . . Yess. . . . its so fucking good Tami. . . !" I don't know if it was my fingering myself or that he called me Tami and not kid, but my little cunnie exploded. My juices flowed over my hand soaking my panties and my moans of ecstasy put Rodney over the edge.

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       He stopped pumping my head, his whole body jerked and spasmed, and he filled my mouth with his goo. It tasted salty and a little bitter, but I decided that I liked it. I wanted to pull it out and let him spray my face like the girls in the movies, but he still had me by the hair so I swallowed as much as I could. As the thrill of orgasm faded and we both got control of ourselves again Rodney released me and I let his limp dick fall from my mouth. "You better get back down stairs before the bitch comes looking. " I told him. "Next time you can come to my room and pop my cherry. " Rodney, half running and half stumbling headed out of the bathroom and down the hall to the stairs. Stuffing his prick back in his pants as an after thought before going back down stairs. I stood smiling like an idiot in the mirror. Scooping his cum off my chin and licking my fingers. Reliving the moment when he called me Tami and came in my mouth. Next time I'll tell you about when Dad caught me with his movies. Again. .

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