Sweet Marie (Part 3)


Topic: Sweet Marie (Part 3)Mr. Stewart had been thinking a lot about young Marie in the weeks that followed him awakening her sexuality. It was summertime and the neighborhood was buzzing alive with young children playing and making summer memories. Though he had seen Marie many times since their special moment, they did not really have an opportunity for more special moments. Marie was always out and about with her friends, but when she saw Mr. Stewart, she always took the time to wave and say hello, letting him know that she was not staying away on purpose. This did not make it any easier for Mr. Stewart who desperately wanted to savor her young flesh again, and every time he saw her scramble passed his house his cock would throb with that familiar yearning. His mind began to wander over different scenarios that might just work out to favor some alone time between him and 18 year old Marie.
A week later, there was a knock at Mr. Stewart’s door. He opened the door and found Marie’s mother standing there. Of course, his mind instantly thought the worst and he felt himself turn a bit pale at the sight of her standing there, but then she smiled.
“Hello Mr. Stewart. Are you enjoying this amazing summer weather we have been having,” she awkwardly stammered out.

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Now, Mr. Stewart was friendly familiar with Marie’s mother and they would neighborly converse from time to time, but he was still baffled by her being there at his home.
“Oh yes, the weather has been just wonderful, especially for an old coot like me—not too hot, not too cold,” said Mr. Stewart.
“I’m sure you are wondering why I’ve come to pay you a visit, and I feel just awful about visiting with the only reason being that I am in a bit of a bind and need to ask you a favor,” she said.
“You see, my job has requested that I go out of town for a training seminar and they are covering my airfare and travel expenses, but will not cover Marie to accompany me. I do not have the extra money to take her along, no relatives locally that I can ask to watch her, and most of her friends are either leaving for last minute summer vacations or time visiting their grandparents. Anyway, I was wondering if you would not mind watching over Marie for the next week while I am out of town. Of course, I’ll send over foods she likes and emergency cash,” she managed to blurt out without taking a breath.
Not wanting to give away his excitement over this opportunity to be alone with Marie, Mr. Stewart acted like he was not sure he could do this. “Hmm, that’s a big responsibility, are you sure there is no one else that you can get to do this?”
Marie’s mother said, “Not with this short of notice, and I’m really in a bind. If I tell my job I cannot go, they are going to pass me up for a promotion and possibly let me go altogether. I need this job. ”
“Okay, I’ll mind Marie while you are out of town.

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   Make sure you write down all the important information I will need to know and all the contact phone numbers. Don’t worry about sending over food for her, I always over shop and have more than enough food for her. ”
After all the details were discussed and agreed too, Mr. Stewart shut the door and felt the excitement of a little boy who just walked into the living room on Christmas morning. He didn’t have to come up with a plan anymore, the plan fell right into his lap.
Later that afternoon, Mr. Stewart drove to the grocery store to stock up on food and goodies that most kids like. He also made a quick trip to the next town where he knew about an adult ‘toy store’ and video shop. While there, he picked out a few new movies that featured old men and young girls, which seemed to spark much interest the last time from young Marie. He also bought a flesh toned 6 ½ inch long and 1 ¾ thick shafted dildo, which he planned to put in the bedside table draw of the room Marie would be using, thinking maybe her youthful curiosity would lead her to snoop, find, and play.
Mr. Stewart felt his cock aching and throbbing in his pants. All this planning and thinking about what would go on for the next week was enough to make him want to cum right then and there. However, he liked this store because it had convenient ‘whack-off-rooms’ where you could either watch a sex flick, read a dirty magazine, or pay to view a live masturbation show. Mr.

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   Stewart chose some hot live masturbation action.
While he waited for his show to begin, he undid his pants, unleashed his cock, and began to gently stroke it to full hardness. The curtain opened and there appeared a very slender, short brown haired girl who was about 19 years old, if he had to guess. Her tits were small, yet not totally flat chest with perky nipples. Her pussy was shaven smooth and all she had on was a pair of red slinky heels. She positioned herself upon a padded bench of sorts, which was placed very close to the viewing window, and she spread her legs wide so he could see her pinkish red pussy lips and a glimpse into her pussy. How he wished he could run his tongue over her ruffled pussy lips and tongue tease her clit.
The viewing window allowed Mr. Stewart to watch, but retain his privacy—she couldn’t see him. He began to stroke his cock up and down slowly as he watched this hot girl rub her clit between her fingers. Her juices were on cue and began to flow from her pussy, glistening nicely on her pussy lips. Fingers began penetrating, and she slowly fucked herself into a heated frenzy. Mr. Stewart held his cock tighter and stroked more urgently as he felt his balls begin to tighten, the girls moans of pleasure let him know she too was soon to cum. She slid 3 fingers in and out of her pussy, making Mr.

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   Stewart wish it was his fingers fucking this girl, but knowing he would be having so much more fun playing with the innocence of Marie for a week. At that thought, Mr. Stewart felt his cum rising up from his balls, and, just as he was about to shoot his load, the girl he was watching began to cum—she was a squirter. As her juices shot out from between the folds of her pussy, spraying the viewing window, Mr. Stewart shot a thick rope of cum against his side of the window. It was definitely a much needed release for Mr. Stewart, and now he was ready for a week of fun with Marie.
The next morning there was that anticipated knock at the door, and when Mr. Stewart opened the door, there stood Marie and her mother. Mr. Stewart showed Marie and her mother the room where Marie would be staying in, got all the information he needed to have on hand, and then Marie’s mother was out the door and on the go.
Marie was sitting on the couch patiently waiting for her mother to leave, because she was so happy to finally have a chance to be alone with Mr. Stewart. She liked the attention he gave her the last time they were alone, and she was looking forward to feeling that warm special feeling again. After her mother left, Mr.

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   Stewart sat down next to Marie and gave her a quick friendly hug, which she giggled through and smiled from ear to ear.
“Are you hungry Marie, would you like a sandwich?”
“Sure. ”
So, they went into the kitchen to make some sandwiches. While they were making sandwiches, Marie asked Mr. Stewart if he was mad at her for not stopping by or coming to see him sooner. She told him she knew she was not being a very good girlfriend to him and would understand if he no longer wanted to be her boyfriend.
“Oh, my sweet Marie, I will be your boyfriend as long as you want me to be, and I could never be mad at you,” he said. Then, he reached for her and drew her up into his arms and kissed her lips. Marie was so happy that Mr. Stewart wasn’t mad at her, and she attentively let her tongue wander into Mr. Stewart’s mouth, kissing him deeply like he had done with her weeks ago.
He told Marie to go into the living room and find something for them to watch on T. V. while he finished making them sandwiches. He had already put one of his DVDs in the player and put it on pause, hoping that Marie would turn on the T.

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  V. and see the scene that was playing. The screen was froze on a scene with a little red headed girl who was naked and playing with her pussy, while an old grey haired man was watching her, as she laid upon the coffee table.
Sure enough, when Mr. Stewart entered the room, Marie was sitting on the floor in front of the T. V. watching the DVD. Mr. Stewart did not bring any attention to this, and set the tray of food on the coffee table, before telling Marie the food was ready. Marie kneeled at the table and ate her sandwich, all the while, her eyes glued to the T. V. screen. They ate in silence with the only sound coming from the little girl softly moaning and playing with her pussy.
Marie was a bit squirmy as she ate and watched the movie. She could feel that warm feeling she had the last time she was at Mr.

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   Stewart’s house, and it made her long to be touched all over again. She could feel her pussy getting wet and she liked how it felt.
After they finished eating, Marie sat back down next to Mr. Stewart, who encouraged her to snuggle up close to him. Marie finally broke the silence and said, “Why is that girl touching herself like that. ”
Mr. Stewart replied, “Just like I can make you feel good when I touch you and you can make me feel good when you touch me, you can also make yourself feel good. ”
Then, the little girl, as if almost on cue, picks up a dildo and begins to insert it into her pussy. Marie’s eyes were wide with curiosity, but she stayed silent. When the little girl began to thrust herself with the dildo, the old man kneeled over her and began to lick and rub her clit, while stroking his hard cock. The little girl was moaning and thrusting faster, sliding her toy cock in and out of her tight pussy eagerly searching out her climax, while the man delighted in the flow of her sweet juices.
When the movie was over, Mr. Stewart suggested that Marie go to her room put away her things, and make sure she had everything she needed for her stay with him. He really hoped she would explore the room thoroughly and find the surprise in her bedside draw.
About 25 minutes later, he went to the bedroom to check on Marie, and there he found her sitting on the bed with the wrapped ‘surprise’ he had left in the bedside draw.

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   Again, he thought this was working out so well for him. She had already seen the little girl in the video playing with herself and a dildo that hopefully she would be curious and willing to try her new toy out.
He asked Marie if she needed anything else for her room, and she said, “No”, then added, “Mr. Stewart, please don’t be mad at me but I found this gift in the draw over there. Is it for me?”
“I had hoped you would find my little surprise. It’s my first gift for my pretty little girlfriend and it’s something to help make you feel good and special all the time. ”
She quickly tore the wrapping off the gift and with wide eyes exclaimed, “This is like what the girl in the video had. ” Mr. Stewart replied, “In fact, it is the same kind as the one she had. ”
“But Mr. Stewart, I don’t know how to use this. ”
“Marie, sweetheart, I can help you learn how to use it if you want. Sometimes, a boyfriend and girlfriend use a dildo to make special time feel really good. ”
Marie was really curious about how this toy rubbery cock worked and how it would feel. She remembered how good she felt when Mr.

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   Stewart put his cock inside of her pussy and rubbed it in and out of her. Just thinking back to that moment began to make Marie feel hot all over, and she eagerly replied, “Please show me how to use this. ”
Mr. Stewart sat on the bed next to Marie and brought her onto his lap. He began to kiss her lips and she began to dip her tongue into his mouth. He was glad to see that she was so willing this time. Still kissing her lips, he lifted her shirt up and then off to reveal her tiny budding mounds, and with eager hands he cupped them, while the thumbs of each hand brushed lightly over her small nipples. He loved how soft her skin felt and how hard her young nipples from the touch of his fingers. He then began to undo his shirt and removing both his shirt and undershirt. Continuing to kiss young Marie, he allowed his mouth to nuzzle over her neck as he brought her soft naked chest against his out of shape chest and bulging stomach. Marie seemed to melt right into his hug, and in an odd way, she enjoyed the sensation the feel of his coarse white chest and stomach hairs felt against her nipples; so, she began to rub slowly against his body.
Then Mr. Stewart asked Marie to stand up and take her pants off, while he took his own off. They both had only underwear and panties between them as Marie straddled back on top of Mr. Stewart’s lap.

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   Again, they settled into a kiss while their bodies rubbed against each other. Marie began to slightly lift her body up and then back down as she rocked and humped her body against him. He was sure now that she really liked how her body felt and the new feelings he had awakened in her. With the next upward movement of her body, Mr. Stewart hooked the leg holes of her panties and slipped them down and off, with a little eager assistance from Marie, exposing her hairless pussy, and as Marie returned to her down and straddling position her naked exposed pussy slid against the skin of his stomach, leaving a trail of her sweet juices to let him really know she was needing release.
He positioned Marie down on top of the bed on her back, and settled in next to her. “Do you like how your pussy feels when it gets really wet?”
Marie giggled and said, “It feels so hot down there and I think about the last time and how good it felt to have your fingers in there and then your cock and I get warm and wet down there. ”
“Well, Marie”, he said, “I will show you what you can do to yourself when you get that feeling and we are not together. ”
He took one of his fingers and wet it with his mouth and then began to rub her clit. Marie responsively spread her legs, giving him more access to her tight young pussy. His fingers gently rolled her clit between them for a few minutes, and then he let one finger enter her tight wet pussy. Marie drew in a large breath of air in response to feeling his finger fill her hole, and instinctively she began to rock her lower body in a slow thrusting motion against his finger. Her juices began flowing, and Mr. Stewart new she would reach an orgasm fast, but he wanted Marie to do that with her own fingers. So, he removed his, and he could have sworn Marie moaned softly with discontent.


“Marie, I want you to do what I did with my finger with your own finger. ” Marie did not want any disapproval from Mr. Stewart, so, she quickly brought her hand down to her pussy and with her small thin fingers she began to rub her clit. “That’s right Marie slowly rub your fingers over there. Do you feel that small hard nub? That’s your clit and if you rub it gently it will cause your pussy to get really warm and wet. ”
Marie nodded her head to acknowledge what Mr. Stewart had said, but her mind was already beginning to feel that warm lull of excitement and she wanted more. “Now Marie, you can slide your finger into your pussy just like I did to you. ” Again and obediently, Marie followed what Mr. Stewart said, and she slid her finger into her wet pussy. Mr. Stewart was thoroughly enjoying what he was seeing. She began to rock her body against her finger as it went in and out of her pussy, and each time she drew her finger out it would reveal how wet she was.
She was beginning to feel frustrated because her small thin finger did not fill her up enough to make her feel like she had when Mr. Stewart put his fingers into her or when his cock filled her up.

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   Mr. Stewart could sense that Marie was struggling and wanting release, so, he decided to introduce her to the dildo.
“Marie you look so beautiful touching your pussy. Does it feel good?”
Marie was becoming lost in the feelings her body was having, but managed to groan a response, “My pussy feels so hot and like it is ready to explode like you made it do the last time, but it just won’t happen. ”
“Well, Marie that’s because you are still learning how to make your pussy feel good and your finger may not be big or thick enough to make you explode like you did the last time. This is why I bought you this gift,” he said as he began to trace her pussy lips with the dildo. Marie began to raise her pussy and ass off the bed to encourage Mr. Stewart to touch her with the dildo. “Does that feel good Marie?” She moaned, “Yes, MMMM, Yes. ”
Mr. Stewart allowed the tip of the dildo to become wet with the juices running from her pussy, and inserted the tip slightly between her parted pussy lips, teasing the entrance of her pussy with slow advances and withdrawals. Marie was squirming as her pussy was searching out the cause of this pleasurable invasion. “Do you want to make your pussy feel good right now?” Almost in a demanding sort of tone, Marie said, “Yes!”
Mr. Stewart said, “Good Marie”, and he placed her hand around the dildo and allowed her to take control of it. It was amazing that her body’s instincts kicked in and she instantly knew how to work the dildo, slowly inching it between her spread pussy lips.

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   Inch by inch, she worked the dildo in as far as she could, moaning with each introduction into her sopping wet hole. When she had managed to push as much of the dildo into her tight pussy, she began to slowly thrust it in and out of herself. Mr. Stewart released his cock from his underwear and began kneeling between her legs and watching as her wet young pussy slid on the dildo. His cock was hard and his mouth was watering.
He positioned himself to the side of young Marie, and lowered his mouth over her pussy and began licking and sucking on her clit. Marie was losing control and thrusting harder and faster on the dildo the best she could. So, Mr. Stewart took over the manipulation of Marie’s new toy, allowing her to grab the comforter as she began to lose herself totally in what her body was feeling. He slid that fake cock in and out of her with expertise as his tongue lick all around the entrance of her pussy, drinking up any and all the juices that escaped as he penetrated her. Marie could no longer hold back and her body rose off the bed to meet one last dildo thrust as she stiffened and her pussy clamped around the invading cock. She moaned with pleasure. Mr. Stewart kneeled again over young Marie and stroked his cock up and down with urgency as his own body was so turned on by making Marie cum that he too needed release fast. With tightened hand around the shaft of his cock, he pumped and pumped, watching Marie still squirming on the dildo that rested in her pussy as she came down from her orgasm.

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   It was enough to send him over the edge and rope after rope of hot thick cum splattered against Marie’s pussy and stomach.
Collapsing next to young Marie, Mr. Stewart held her close to him and kissed her forehead; while his hand reached down to remove the dildo from her pussy. His fingers began to caress over her cum glazed clit and pussy, mixing his cum with her juices. Neither of them spoke for several minutes as they both were attempting to recoup from the feelings. Finally, Mr. Stewart said, “Marie honey, how do you feel?”
Marie giggled in her young way, and said, “I feel so comfortable here with you and you make me feel so special. ”
“I’m glad we will have this whole week to make special time together,” said Mr. Stewart.